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Part 33: Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra + Summaries of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus (Part 1)

Bonding Update XV: Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra + Summaries of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Do you feel like doing the ritual today, Ruka?

H-Hmph. I had a feeling you’d pick me. Just do what you want.

You’re being a lot more cooperative than usual.

I-I’m just giving up, that’s all.

Even when I tell you not to stare, you still do it. Don’t think I don’t know about that.

Do you really have anything to lose by me looking during the ritual?

I have tons to lose! All your staring will flatten me out…

Can I just say that “take responsibility” might be my least favourite anime-ism? It sounds so stupid in just about every context.

What does that even mean?

J-Just think about it yourself and take responsibility! …Anyway, so long as you don’t stare, you can do what you want. I’ll help you make strong Star Children so we can get you back to your world. A-And it’ll help the future of this world too.

Right. Let’s work hard to save this world together.

Ugh… How can you say cheesy things like that with a straight face… *sigh*.. All right. Hold on. Let me go get ready.

There’s no rush. I’ll be right here.

Jesus Christ, just hurry it up! This dialogue doesn’t advance any aspect of your character! It’s just space filler!

*Anyway, Classmating happened*

Huff… Huff… I think you have too much Star Energy…


But I think that’s a good thing. The Star Child will probably be really strong.

…I hope they’re a cute one.

Again with this future tense stuff in relation to Star Children. They’re supposed to show up right away. I’m pretty sure that even the anime has them appear right away.

B-But, since it’s our Star Child, I’m not worried about that… I-I’ll be going now.

That was a whole lotta nothing. Let’s move on to Ruka’s first event in this batch. At least we know that something will happen in that one. She has to have had her little talk with the barefoot girl by now.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hey, Ruka. Are there any club activities today?

Oh, there you are, Vice President Itsuki. Let’s start the first regular meeting of the After Hours Maiden Club.

I thought we agreed on just “Maiden Club.” Don’t go making this even more convoluted.

It doesn’t really matter to me. And since when are we doing regular meetings?

Geez… Why are you like this? Leave it to you to split hairs… You seem like you’re not even aware of your role as the vice president. Hmph. Just because the problem is solved, don’t let it get to your head.

I think you’re the one getting overconfident.

Oh? So you can tell, huh? I see, I see. But I guess you can’t say I’m not feeling full of myself.

Well? Which is it then?

That just means I’m in a good mood today… Haha.

If that’s the case, then I’m guessing your talk went well?

Um, so how much do you know exactly?

We don’t know anything. We’ve been sitting here for a third of this event waiting for you to get to that part. I sort of thought that we would just jump right into it.

Well, I guess I can start from the beginning… She was lying because she wanted attention from me.

Fishing for sympathy, huh?

After seeing her like that, I didn’t care about being a Tsukuyomi anymore… So I hugged her with all my might.

Her head promptly exploded.

I hoped my love for her would reach her heart… Then her feelings of loneliness inside her… turned into feelings of happiness. While I can read minds… Thoughts can still be changed right then. How did I not understand this…

Because you acted like you knew better than everyone else?

…Well, that’s the gist of the report.

I’m glad that you finally managed to reach an understanding.

It’s not so much making up since we weren’t really fighting. It was just me being unable to believe in her. Being born as a Tsukuyomi makes you suspect everyone. It makes you think people will lie every time they open their mouths.

So it makes you paranoid, then.

Oh yeah, Reone told me something about there being two kinds of lies. One is a heartless lie that hurts others.

Oh? What’s the other one?

I think she was talking about a lie filled with love.

I got goosebumps just listening to that…

Hey, it was Reone that told me that stuff.

Whatever. That’s just a lie to cover for your embarrassment. Your ears are bright red. You make it so obvious. If it were so embarrassing, you shouldn’t have said it in the first place.

Okay, both of you guys have ruined this moment. Shut up and move on with the conversation.

…Oh, look at the time. I need to get home soon.

The meeting is done already?

I promised to teach her how to make fried chicken. H… How about… you come with me? I’ll treat you to some.

That’s okay. I don’t want to get in the way of you two. I’ll just head home.

I wouldn’t think of it as you getting in the way. I want you to eat my food…

Come on, Itsuki. It’s free fried chicken. What’s wrong with you?

She said she also wanted to thank you for the time you carried her home. As for me… I-I guess I would feel more at ease if you weren’t there…

Then it’s better if I pass. Maybe next time.

O-Oh… Well, all right then. I have my sisters even if you’re not there, so it won’t be too lonely.

Good to hear.

Well then, my sisters are waiting for me. …

God dammit, Itsuki! She’s hot for you! It’s free food and she clearly wants you to go along!

Well, do you really want me to?

N-No! I don’t want your stupidity to spread to my sisters. Just go wherever you want! How about you go visit another Star Maiden? Jerk…

Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s go check in with Farun. God, I hate tsunderes.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

… Oh, you wanna go already? Hehe. I wanted to enjoy the pregame a bit more.

It’s a ritual after all.

Please don’t start down that road. We only just managed to break Arie out of it.

Big Sis Farun has become such a bad girl.

So…. Are we going to do this?

Yeah… U-Um, Itsuki…

I honestly don’t mind either way. So… what do ya want?

Let me take the lead.

…Hehe. Then it’s all up to ya. You can do as ya wish to Big Sis Farun.

Uh… Farun…

Whoa, calm down! Listen, I know we’re getting close to the final bond events, but try and keep it in your pants. Everyone is starting to get a little too carried away with this stuff.

FARUN! Down, girl!

F-Farun, wait! We’re talking about the ritual, remember?

…Ah, was I getting’ outta hand? Ahaha. How embarrassin’. But, I wasn’t lyin’… So… just take me… Please. Hehe…

I’m going to have to get Itsuki to start carrying a spray bottle or something.

Let’s just get this done. Are you ready?

Y-Yeah… Yeah!

*Classmating happens. ONLY Classmating*

Huff… Huff… Huff…

Are you okay?

Huh…? Uh… Y-Yeah… I’m fine… You’re always askin’ if I’m all right… You’re so kind… Thank ya… I’m actually worried about ya too.

Of course you are. Why would you think otherwise?

Oh… I’m just worried is all. I wanna do more for ya. This is the first time I’ve felt this way. I wanna help ya, Itsuki. But there’s nothin’ I can do. I ain’t that pretty, an’ I can’t fight alongside ya…

Oh yeah, you are just homely as fuck, aren’t ya? Come on Farun, don’t try and pull a Fuuko.

I put on a façade tryin’ to be a strong girl cuz I’ve lived alone for so long… But I have nothin’…

Farun, you don’t “have nothin’”…

Don’t say that.

You’re talking about yourself like your whole life has been a waste. That’s not true at all.

…Thank ya… for sayin’ it like that. …I wanna do somethin’ for ya.

…What can I do for ya? What do ya want me to do? For ya… I’ll do anythin’…

Please free me from having to type your accent or whatever the hell is compelling you to drop letters.

…Say, Itsuki. Can I ask ya to make some time for me? I wanna meet ya at night, where the moon shines brightest…

There’s an awful lot of secluded meetings with the Star Maidens being planned.

Can we meet then? Sorry, but… please don’t say no. This is the first time in my life I’ve seriously asked anybody for somethin’ like this. Please…

Okay. Just let me know when.

…Thank you. It doesn’t have to be right away. I need some time to prepare. Thanks for today. I had so much fun.

Right. I’ll check back later then.

Yeah… Until then… See ya.

Man, that sure was a one-sided conversation. Give Itsuki some room to respond.


Let’s see what Farun has in store for Itsuki.

I’ve traveled the world, but this is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen it…

*Farun then turns around to face Itsuki*

…Hehe, I’m sorry for takin’ ya out into the dark like this. Is your heart racin’ from bein’ with a pretty lady all alone? Ahaha.

Well, a little bit. Not going to lie. What’s the occasion this time?

Um… Well… I’m very nervous right now… So, sorry, but please lemme talk at my own pace.

Oh, okay. I’ll shut up.

…First, thanks for doin’ me this favor tonight. I was so happy when ya agreed. I’ve been able to change thanks to ya. We’ve talked so much, an’ that trip to the hot springs was fun. There have been so many firsts for me.

I kind of hope he does, because the alternative is that the people of this world are the sole reason for why it’s fucked up, and I already hate the people of this world enough as it is.

When I first visited Granvania, I was suddenly chosen as a Star Maiden… Then ya arrived, an’ now… I’m standin’ here before ya. I’m filled with gratitude for everythin’. … …Ya see the round stone behind ya? Please sit down an’ watch… Come on! The show’s ‘bout to start! Today’s Big Sis Farun’s special stage in the forest!

This is the dance for you an’ you only. The feature program… is what I told ya ‘bout the last time. A special dance. A very special one. A dance I thought I’d never dance in my life… A dance… for a lover. Itsuki… watch from there… This is the most I can do now… This is just for ya… … Here goes…

This is pretty and all, but I feel like the scene is sort of ruined by the fact that Itsuki has just been standing here in complete silence basically the whole time. I’ve joked about this before, but it’s getting kind of ridiculous now.

Are ya watchin’? Are ya watchin’ me, Itsuki?

You’re the only thing I see, Farun.

Good… I’m happy that you’re watchin’… Am I… beautiful? Do I look beautiful… when I’m dancin’…?

You’re gorgeous, Farun…

Hehe… That’s great… I like how you complimented me… Hey… Itsuki… Thank ya for meetin’ me… For bein’ with me… You’re… my…

*And I guess the dance comes to an end here, because the CG goes away and we’re back to 3D land*

Huff… Huff… Huff… …Hehe, that was so nerve-rackin’! I wasn’t as nervous like durin’ the Classmatin’ ritual or that hot springs trip. My mind went completely blank there. How’d I dance? Did I mess up anywhere?

No, you were perfect.

As if Itsuki would be able to tell even if it weren’t.

Ahaha. That’s great. Phew. I’ve never danced so seriously in my life.

Aha. You taught me this. …Really, what did ya think of my dance, Itsuki?

I think you made your feelings perfectly clear.

Really…? Really?

Yes. I understood you… I know that dance was only for me.

Man, is this going to be awkward when/if Farun doesn’t win the ending vote.

How wonderful… That makes me so happy… So, so happy! It really does! Happy happy, joy joy!

Are you really getting that worked up about what I said?

Cuz, that’s the one thing I wanted to hear the most right now… I just feel so happy that I… Itsuki!

WHAT?! He’s standing right there! That’s not me accidentally leaving in dialogue that appears in a screenshot by the way, she really does say “Itsuki! Itsuki!!!”

H-Hey, Farun… Calm down a little.

Oh, s-sorry. I couldn’t help it… Hehe. But I really do feel happy. The most I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I can’t hold it in. I feel so happy I wanna cry… I’m so glad I practiced that much… That I was able to do the dance well… Itsuki…

Farun, thanks for today. I feel a lot more motivated thanks to this.

…Yeah. All right! I’ll give ya another bonus from Big Sis Farun! Itsuki…

*Farun leans in for a kiss, although it’s not clear where she gives it. Most of these have been cheek or forehead kisses so far*


Although I guess with this reaction it must have been a real kiss.

Please, think of it as my good luck charm for ya, won’t ya?

I will…

That’s the level of emotion that Itsuki is mustering for this by the way. I told you, Official Itsuki is all over the place with shyness. Sometimes he’s getting hot and bothered by a hug and other times he’s kissing as if it’s no big deal.

Now then, shall we go back home? Oh, right. Itsuki. I really like you.

…Me too.

I left the official dialogue in because wow… I am not feeling the emotion in that, Itsuki.

Mm. Now let’s get home. We can chat it up on the way back, Itsuki.

So yeah, that was a thing. Listen, I was kind of mocking the event a lot, but I legitimately thought it was sweet. But between Itsuki barely being part of the conversation and the lack of emotion in those final bits, I feel like the event failed to live up to its potential.

Oh well, there’s still time for something with a little more punch from Farun. Let’s just get to Mirei and then wrap up this first part of the Level 4 events.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Are you ready for the ritual today, Mirei?

Yes. I will be noting your data again as well.

Okay. Well, let’s go then. Come on, give me your hand.

We’re… going to hold hands?

…Yes? That’s nothing new. You okay, Mirei?

Oh, right. You’ve got your glasses on today. I guess I don’t need to guide you like I did before.

Oh yeah. Still, that’s kind of a weird reaction to just simple hand holding.

No… For today…

Oh. Well, if you’re sure. Okay, give me your hand.

R-Right… Hold on… I’m quite not ready yet.

”Quite not”? Wait… Mirei, are you getting shy?

Of course not. Why would I be? There’s no reason for that. If there were, then do explain such logic. Tell me why I should feel shy.

Beats me. But you’re kind of mixing up your words like you’re nervous or something.

I thought so. How foolish…

Then let’s go.

Right… Let’s do the Classmating ritual… …

…Now you’re just staring at me. Do you want to say something?

No, it’s nothing… Let’s just begin…

*Classmating time*

Huff… Huff… Huff…

Are you all right, Mirei?


Well, not really. You just seem different than usual. You’re not as calm.

How am I not calm… Oh no! I forgot to record the data on today’s ritual…

See? You are acting strange. That’s not like you.

I-It’s fine! There’s no problem at all! I would eventually need to conduct a ritual without data anyway.

So what’s the result?

I… I don’t know.

You’re starting to worry me a little…

I told you there’s nothing to worry about. There is nothing wrong with my health. And my mind is just as functional.

Okay, okay! I believe you.

Whew… Oh, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about. Do you remember those letters that called me strange?

Unfortunately. Kind of hoped we could forget about that whole thing.

Yeah. What about them?

They all seemed to stop after I developed the new magic transmission device.

Sounds like everyone has a better understanding of you.

Yes. And it’s all thanks to you. I want to thank you for it.

I don’t really need any thanks.

It wouldn’t feel right to me otherwise. It took me three all-nighters to think of a way to make you happy.

…You’re kind of bad at the interpersonal thing, Mirei. Itsuki is a teenager. The list of things that would make him happy are sort and simple.

That conclusion… is that I want to invite you to my secret place.

Yay! More secret places!

Your secret place? What’s that?

I told you a little about it previously, but there is only one thing I enjoy doing… My secret place is where I do that. I’ve never told anyone else about it. I want us to go there together, alone.

Stop inviting Itsuki to secluded places! I’m always on edge in these games when the MC gets lured out like that. In this case it’s Mirei, so there’s even more reason to be suspicious.

Together? So… is that a date?

A date…? Would bringing you there count as such? Mainly, what is the definition of a date?

I’m not really sure how you would define a “date”… I guess it’s just when a man and a woman who like each other go to a place to have fun together?

Don’t spread the idea of heteronormativity, Itsuki.


Itsuki, you… um… No, never mind.

No, what were you going to say? It’s not like you to change your mind like that.

No, it’s really all right… A conclusion that is rushed is almost never accurate…

…Are you really okay?

I’m only slightly agitated… Do not worry about it. Just leave it to me. I promise I will make you happy then.

Okay. I’m looking forward to it.

Mirei is being weird. Slightly concerning. Still, we’re on our way to see another big secret reveal, so I guess I can’t complain too much. Although I’m pretty sure we already know this one because the character profile thing spoiled it like 2 event levels ago. I’ve had to avoid checking those ever since. I went back to an earlier save after Arie’s recent “Secret Room” thing, and yes, that is spoiled in her character profile as early as Bond Level 2.


This forest is getting a lot of use lately.

Hm… This way…

I’m fine. I just didn’t think we’d be going this deep into the forest.

Apologies. You’ll be able to see it very soon.

Are you not going to tell me where we’re going in advance?

I want to keep it a secret to retain the surprise. “Surprises are needed to make boys happy!”

…is what I read.

Uhh… where did you read that stuff?

I borrowed some magazines the students at the academy were reading. I didn’t know what needed to be done to make a man happy, so I researched it.

At least you were smart enough to not go to Lillie for that.

Oh. Well, thanks for going through all the effort just for me.

Hm…? I haven’t done anything yet.

So why are you thanking me?

You don’t normally read magazines like that. So I’m thanking you for going out of your way to do that just for my sake.

O-Oh… So, is that how it is? Have I done this “surprise” correctly? I see… This is quite deep and interesting… I don’t understand, but so long as you like it, I’m happy as well. Now let’s proceed. You should be able to see it soon, Itsuki.

It’s the Hot Spring that apparently everyone in Granvania knows of but never visits!

Come, Itsuki. This is my secret place.

Oh, a hot spring. Nice.

I like to imagine that Itsuki is pretending to be surprised here, just to be nice. This is like the third time he’s been to this place and it won’t be the last.

Heheh. This is the only way I can relax. Bathing in the hot spring gives me ideas for my research.

No problem. Why tell me about it though?

In the magazine, it said the two of us needed to share a secret. I-I mean, I told you, didn’t I…? I wanted to thank you.

Well, it’s definitely a surprise to find out it’s a hot spring.

Shall we take a dip?

H-Hold on, you’re not going to get changed here, are you?

Of course I am. Do you bathe with your clothes on? Oh, right. Apologies for not noticing. Today is the day I entertain you.

Hey! That’s Reone’s thing!

That’s not what I meant! What I meant was, are we really going to go in together?

Of course we are. Today is the day I will be servicing you. I’ll wash your body for you. I thought long and hard about doing it this way… Do you not like it?

Uh… w-well… I guess I don’t not like it…

Heheheh… Thank you, Itsuki. I can tell I’m acting a bit strange based on your reactions. But despite this, you still accept me. I’m thankful for your kindness.

A-Anyway… I’ll handle my own clothes. You go change somewhere I’m not looking. And please, make sure you’re wearing a bathing suit or something.

O-Of course.

Really? Because with the way you were talking earlier, I sort of thought that’s something you wouldn’t care about.

Nah, that’s more of a Reone thing.

Of course I would… But, if you desire it, I may consider…

N-No! No, that’s okay! You don’t need to consider it!

I see… Then I won’t.

What is there to be embarrassed of? This is an expression of my thanks to you. Now, come here…

Ehh, that’s actually not that bad considering what we saw for Farun and Mahiru, but I’ll still censor it anyway just for the pose aspect. Still, it’s sad that Mirei is wearing nothing but a bath towel and is still more covered than Lillith/Lillie (Hell, Lillith/Lillie’s swimsuit covers more than their typical outfit).

Anyway, here is the unedited.

Heheheh… Does it feel good? Let me know how much pressure I’m putting on your back. Is this all right?

Yeah, it’s just right.

Hm, I see…

Ahh! Hey! What are you doing?! That tickles!

Oh, apologies. I’m not wearing glasses, so I can’t see very well. But you have a surprisingly nice body, Itsuki.

Very surprising indeed, considering he apparently spent his free time eating chips and playing video games and hasn’t been mentioned to be active in sports or anything.

On the other hand, he has been running and fighting through dungeons for months now. I guess he’d build up some bulk during that time.

H-Hey! You’re tickling me again!

Itsuki, endure it. This is probably the only opportunity I’ll get to touch a God’s Gift.

Play your cards right and it may not be.

Hm? What’s this? I can’t see, but it’s…

Nope! No! Don’t touch there! I thought you were thanking me, not experimenting on me…

Apologies. It was a force of habit. Let’s do your front next.

Wait… if that was his back… then what was she reaching for that got Itsuki so freaked out?

That’s okay! I already understand how thankful you are, Mirei. I’ll handle the front on my own. Trust me.

*After some fun time in the hot spring. Also the CG finally goes away so I can screenshot again*

Phew… You are so strange.

It’ll be a waste if you don’t at least relax a little.

It’s kind of hard to do in this situation… Still, thank you for everything. You really went out of your way to please me.

Heheh, what a ticklish feeling. But, so long as you like it, I’m happy. It was certainly worth doing. Itsuki, there’s something I want to tell you…

What’s wrong? You got real serious all of a sudden…

Quite strange, I may add.

What do you mean? Strange how?

Why not think of that on your own? You should try researching me every once in a while. Anyway… Shall we return?

Is that really all you wanted to tell me?

Yes, that’s right. That was all.

There we go. All done with part 1 of the Level 4 events. Well… almost. There’s still a bunch of summaries to get out of the way.

~Bottom 7 Summaries: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus~


In Sue’s Classmating scene, she’s enthusiastic about doing the ritual because she feels that she’s close to understanding the weird feeling she’s been getting. Classmating happens almost immediately. After the ritual, Sue says that she remembers the weird feeling from when she was a child. She would sit on her father’s lap and her mother would pat her on the head. Sue figures that’s the reason the feeling is warm but also painful which… I kind of thought she would have figured that out during the last event when she told us about her parents. Anyway, Sue insists on still doing the Classmating ritual, because she says that the warm feeling keeps getting stronger and the prickly feeling is fading. The event wraps up around that point. There’s not much to it.

In Sue’s first event, Sue asks Itsuki to let the teacher know that she’s leaving school early. When Itsuki asks why, Sue says that Eisenbach (a goat) has caught a cold and Sue has to take him home to nurse him. Sue is worried about him because he has a weak constitution. Itsuki then gets worried about Sue because she looks pale and he questions if Sue has been looking after him the whole time. Sue says that he caught the cold three days ago, which causes Itsuki to say that that isn’t good for health. Sue says that she’ll make sure he gets rest, but Itsuki clarifies that he’s talking about her.

Itsuki convinces Sue to let him help her and she asks him to go into town and buy a lot of hay so that they can make Eisenbach a bed in Sue’s house (he can’t be kept with the other animals because he’s contagious).

Later, at Sue’s house, the two have managed to get Eisenbach sorted and Sue talks about how his mother died after giving birth to him. Itsuki compares Sue caring about Eisenbach to himself caring for Sue. Sue is happy about this-

…maybe too happy (how the hell does that work? Those things are just cosmetic). Anyway, Sue tells Itsuki that he can go now, but Itsuki resists. Eventually she convinces him that she’ll be fine caring for Eisenbach on her own and promises not to overexert herself. The event ends there.


In Collette’s Classmating event, she opens by saying that she’s been hearing some rumors about the ritual. Apparently they say that doing the ritual too often will result in you not being able to get married because you’ll be too soiled. It’s… listen, I’m going to gloss over this part. Here’s all you need to know about this section of conversation:

Itsuki asks her where she even heard that stupid rumor and Collette just responds that she can’t ignore the 1% chance that this rumor is true (she says 99% of rumors are nonsense). Itsuki promises not to do anything dirty and eventually they get the ritual done. After the ritual, Collette is exhausted and sweating like crazy, making her wonder if she’ll lose weight if she keeps doing the ritual (which, come on. I bench twice her weight as a warm-up and trust me, that is not a brag. I am most certainly not “jacked”. Point is, Collette doesn't have any weight to lose). The event ends after a little more back and forth about Collette being young and Itsuki being dirty and all that stuff that I’m sure someone out there loves.

In Collette’s first event, she enlists Itsuki’s help to come up with new bread types. She asks to know about the bread from Sora and Itsuki mentions stuff like fried noodle bread, croquette, and curry bread. Collette is not impressed, since she says they sound like they’re made up entirely of carbohydrates (that’s bread, Collette. You should know that). Either way, Collette says she can’t make good fried noodles, croquettes, or curry anyway. Itsuki helps her give them a shot anyway and the scene skips to the Cafeteria at the Academy. They don’t exactly sell out. Itsuki wonders why, since they don’t taste bad, but Collette points out that bread, croquettes, and curry are all served on their own at the academy. They decide to head to the park and eat the unsold bread and Itsuki suggests that it’s a date. Collette objects by saying that dates are supposed to be well planned and Itsuki just tells her to loosen up for a change. There’s also some talk about Collette’s butt and other uncomfortable commentary about this character that is clearly a child, business owner or not.

In the park, the dating and holding hands thing eventually leads to the conversation changing to how Collette’s bakery is holding out. Collette says that business is doing down as the customers check out the new rival bakery. Collette isn’t giving up though, as she still has the loyal customers. It does increase the need for her to create the “Ultimate Breadwinner” however. That’s about all that happens in this event.


Lillie is once again present for the Classmating ritual. Itsuki asks her how she hurt her arm and Lillie says that Lillith apparently got really excited about doing the ritual and wound up falling when she tried to skip. Lillie tries to push back Itsuki’s concern, but something he says strikes a chord with her.

Lillie doesn’t elaborate on her reaction though and instead allows Itsuki to check over her arm. Itsuki goes off to find a first aid kit and Lillie talks about how this is the first time anyone has ever treated her like this. Itsuki comes back and treats her arm while asking about what happened after that time a bucket of water fell on them. Lillie says that she wound up getting a cold from it, but that she also got a better understanding of Itsuki because of it. Lillith apparently told Lillie that Itsuki had protected her. Lillie manages to muster a thanks and the Classmating ritual eventually happens. Afterward, Lillie gets angry and defensive because she’s embarrassed about the ritual. Itsuki calls her cute, Lillie says she’ll kill him, then says she’ll go and prank someone to let off steam. Itsuki once again tries to get her to stop it with the pranks and Lillie asks if they really are getting Lillith in trouble. Lillie finally caves and agrees to stop with the pranks (I still hate her). That’s the end of the event.

In the event proper, Itsuki walks in to the Fortune Telling Manor to find a few Female Students in some kind of shouting match with Lillie. Itsuki plays peacemaker and asks what this is all about. Female Student D explains that Lillie has been pranking and they’ve had enough. Apparently she spread a bunch of fliers around that made fun of Seiya (he’s the school idol. We saw a “gift” item a while back that was a photobook of him). Lillie says that he’s got a pretty face but that his head is completely empty. Lillie keeps egging the group on, but Itsuki makes her apologize by telling her to think about the trouble this will cause for Lillith and her business (the students are a major part of her clientele). Lillie backs down and Itsuki asks everyone to leave, saying that he’ll straighten Lillie out. When the angry mob of fangirls leave, Itsuki asks Lillie if she really did break her promise to him not to prank anymore. Lillie tries to pretend that she was lying when she made the promise, but Itsuki figures there must have been some other reason behind her breaking it (besides fun). Lillie tries to put up a front, but eventually caves and reveals that Seiya had supposedly been smack talking Lillith. Seiya apparently hit on Lillith but was rejected, so he started spreading rumors about her. Lillie figured she’d repay him in kind.

Itsuki asks if Lillie really thinks that Lillith would want her doing something like that and Lillie admits that she probably wouldn’t. Lillie then gets pissed off because of the guilt Itsuki is making her feel, then barks out something about how she’s not needed anyway. She starts talking about how much Lillith loves being with Itsuki and Lillie is getting jealous about that (she feels like a third wheel). Lillie then runs off and hits her head (implied to be intentionally). Lillith wanders back out and asks Itsuki what he did to make Lillie so upset. Itsuki starts explaining, but that’s when Seiya himself shows up.

Joke’s on you, Conception. This is a summary, so I don’t need to make a portrait for this asshole.

Seiya says that he has heard something about Star Energy being capable of cutting Lillie off from Lillith. He figures that the reason Lillith rejected him is because of Lillie, so getting rid of her would solve the problem (is there anything that Star Energy can’t do? Also, I’m 99% sure that the government would hang you if you tried some untested experiment on a Star Maiden like that). Lillith obviously gets pissed off about that idea and orders Seiya to go away and that she hates him. Itsuki signals that it's probably a good idea for him to leave while he can. When Seiya leaves, Itsuki mentions that Lillie felt like she was getting in the way, but Lillith says that she loves Lillie. The event then ends with the two agreeing that they need to find a way to make Lillie understand that.


God dammit… Okay, Tarua is still feeling nervous about the Classmating ritual. Not because she’s scared or anything, but because she’s not feeling like herself. Being with Itsuki is fine for her while in town or at the Academy, but when Classmating it’s a different story and she gets really nervous. She asks Itsuki what to do, because she really wants to help him, but Itsuki doesn’t have an answer. Instead he just tells Tarua to close her eyes and let Itsuki handle everything. Classmating happens. Afterward, Tarua feels relieved and Itsuki offers to pat her on the head, which-

Spike Chunsoooft! Yes, they really did attribute what is clearly Tarua dialogue… to Itsuki… I just… I feel like the lifeforce is being sucked out of me every time we run into this shit.

Itsuki pats her on the head anyway and Tarua gets kind of freaked out. She’s not sure what’s gotten into her lately (it’s love). She then makes an excuse that she needs to get back to her deliveries and then darts off.

In Tarua’s first event, Itsuki finds her fast asleep out on the Star Academy Field. Itsuki tries to rouse her and she does wake up for a moment, but then falls asleep again shortly after. Itsuki lets her get some sleep and a time skip happens.

When she wakes up, she starts freaking out because the letters are gone, but Itsuki calms her down by saying that he finished the deliveries himself. Tarua is a little upset that Itsuki did her job for her, but he says that he wanted to make sure they got to their homes as a way to thank Tarua. Tarua is happy that he did something like that for her, but also mentions that Boss would get made if he found out that Itsuki helped with the deliveries. Itsuki tells her not to shoulder everything on her own, but Tarua says that she has to work harder until the Boss gets better. Tarua eventually comes around to Itsuki’s line of thinking that asking for help is okay because it shows you care. She then decides to go to Mirei for help by asking her for some medicine for the Boss. The event wraps up there.