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Part 34: Ophiuchus, Aries, and Leo + Summaries of Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio (Part 2)

Bonding Update XVI: Ophiuchus, Aries, and Leo + Summaries of Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio (Part 2)

Back to the grind. Let’s get these Level 4 Bond Events out of the way so that we can-

Oh… right. We’ll still be doing side stuff… Also I soon have to watch at least 3 episodes of the Anime in order for us to have an intro review/summary of that supposed dumpster fire.

~Day Camp~

Listen up, all of you!

So keep your guard up at all times!

Hey, it’s God’s Gift!

I miss when the Star Children would call the MC “dad” or “father”…

All right! Five minute break! Be sure to rehydrate!

Hey, Alfie. How are the Star Children coming along?

Great! The search team is doing their mission without incident! It’s all thanks to the arrangements made by Mirei.

It’s thanks to your work too, you know.


That sounds like a good idea. I’ll wait until you’re finished with training though. Don’t feel like you have to rush.

Last time, we watched movies together with the lights off. What will happen today…?

…I mean, I have no way out of this one. Awful presumptuous of you, Itsuki. Whatever, let’s go for the tamest option, because we’re not creeps (at least, the thread collectively is not. Can’t speak to individual readers).

Usually at this point, things move on to… well… you know, “first base”.

Y-You mean… kissing? Uh-oh… B-But, considering the mood… it may not be out of the question…

Listen, I’d normally be on board with Itsuki taking the initiative at this stage of the bonding routes, but we have to remember that Alfie only recently developed “emotions”, at least as far as love is concerned. She’s new to all of this and she hasn’t been as obvious about any developing feelings for Itsuki. Maybe it’s just me, but this really seems like the one instance we’re Itsuki should be taking the slow approach.

The instructor’s face is all red!

H-Hey! Don’t tease your instructor!

We’re not teasing!

We were just asking!

See? That’s the general understanding that Alfie was working with when we first met her. They genuinely have no idea why Alfie is blushing, or potentially even what blushing is.

Just go rehydrate and take your beak!


*The little Star Children trot off for recess*

Whew… They’re such problem children…

Looks like you’re handling the romance thing better now.


I mean, you’re not as hesitant about it now. Are you?

I think… those feelings are completely gone now. I was afraid of it just a short while ago…

I guess that means our bond is really growing.

And… A-Actually… never mind.

…You’re acting kind of weird. What were—Oh… I got a message from Mirei.

Oh, me too…

*The two take a moment to check their texts*

They found it! The search team tracked down the Bond Eater! She says that they’re out in a deep part of the forest. She wants me to get there as fast as I can. Don’t need to tell me twice.

She said for me to stay here…

Alfie… Listen, I know how you feel about this…

But… you still won’t take me?

Sorry. I’m siding with Mirei. I want you to stay here where it’s safe.

Don’t worry about me. I’ve gotten a lot stronger compared to the last time we fought that thing and so have the Star Children. We can do this. I promise. We’ll go on our date when I get back.


I get that you have history with the thing, Alfie. I really do. But we’ve got the thing cornered, you literally cannot harm it no matter how good of a fighter you might be, and you are therefore nothing but a target. Gonna have to agree with Mirei and bench you for this one.


Over there! I see it!

Sweet, it sounds like it’s already injured. Bonus.

[Bond Eater]: Huuurgh…

Good job, everyone! Fall back and leave it to me for now! Come on, Bond Eater! You’re mine this time!

The intelligent thing to do would be to box it in and attack from all sides with help from the Star Children. But that doesn’t quite jive with the Wake Archus School of I’LL KILL YOU! So… one on one duel it is!

For glory!

[Bond Eater]: Huuurgh…

*Itsuki goes on the attack and the screen flashes white and there are various grunts and “Gah!”s and “Raaaagh”s and all that sweet action stuff that fills in for the fact that we can’t actually see what’s happening*

It’s over!

*After some back and forth, Itsuki delivers the finisher. The screen goes white at this point*

[Bond Eater]: Graaaagh!

*Then the screen fades back in to the forest CG, thereby disguising the game’s inability to have the Bond Eater vanish in a way that looks halfway decent*

Huff… Huff…. I… I did it… I won!

Yeah! Great job! Now go over and gut it for item drops. It’s got to have something cool on it.

Is everyone okay?


Good… That’s good. Come on, we need to report back to Mirei and Alfie.

[Bond Eater]: Huurgh…

Oh, come on. Dammit, Itsuki. This is why you double-tap… or whatever the sword equivalent of double-tapping is.

God’s Gift, behind you!

What?! How is it still alive?!

[Bond Eater]: Huuurgh! Huuuuuurgh!

*Bond Eater then rushes Itsu-*

Watch out!



Alfie! No! Dammit! I’ll kill you!

*Itsuki delivers the finisher to the Bond Eater… this time for real, I mean. The screen fades to white again while this happens*

[Bond Eater]: Urgh… Gah…

*And now we fade back to Alfie*

Alfie! Alfie, are you okay?!

Ehehe… I’m sorry…

It’s fine! Just come here, I’ll carry you to Reone!

Please… listen… There was one time… I returned to the Matryoshka… This feeling… is just like that… *cough*… *cough*…

It’s different! You’re stronger now! Just stop talking and save your strength!

That’s why… I know…

Shut up! You’re not done for! You’ve got 10 more years to live! Don’t! Don’t… don’t die…

Itsuki… … I can’t… see your face very well… Ugh… I don’t want to… I don’t want to say goodbye…

Alfie?! Stay with me! Please!

*Alfie turns from left to right a little*

I’m here… I’m right by your side…

My memories with you… are my most precious treasure… You’ve taught me love… even though I’m only a Star Child… Thank you… so much… I…

*The screen flashes to white here for a brief moment*

God’s Gift…

You’re not gonna revive the instructor like you do with us?

Oh crap… Here’s a talk that I’m sure every parent loves having with their kids…

Official Itsuki has some more dialogue here about not having time to grieve and having to go back to the Labyrinths with the Star Children and tears purging his sadness, but I’m cutting that. I feel like it really ruins this scene.

Yes, it ends there… Uh… Okay, hang on a second.

…Okay. Maybe—

Huh… Oh! I got it! Just need to think outside the box here.

Let’s just select Mirei for Classmating and…

Nope... Ok… Tri-Mating! Tri-Mating with Mirei and—

Oh. Revive item?

……..I may have fucked something up somewhere.

Welp… I’m at a loss. I really thought that “Classmating with Mirei and selecting ‘Alfie’ as a Star Child class” idea would work. Was less sure about the other stuff I tried, but when the first plan fails you try the backups.

Let’s just move on with Arie while I attempt to figure out what the hell I did wrong, or for that matter if it was even possible to do things “right”.


Hey, Arie? What exactly are we doing out here?

I wanted to be alone with you in a place with no one else around. I was too bashful at first, but I gathered my courage to ask you out.

Why did you have to gather up courage for that?

Um, Itsuki… I have a favor I’d like to ask.

…Sure? I don’t really have a problem with that. Why, though?

I’ve always wanted to… Ah, you’re so muscular. You’ve gotten bulkier and even more in shape since we first met.

We definitely went too far with unleashing Arie. I don’t like using newfangled internet lingo but daaamn, Arie has become thirsty. Farun had the dialogue, but Arie has the look.

I’ve always wanted to touch your arm… It would be so beautiful to see you swing weapons with these arms…

You mean my sword? Really?

Yes. A weapon’s true beauty isn’t shown while it lies motionless on display. I’ve secretly wished to see this… Itsuki, would you please swing the weapon in front of me?

Well, I don’t mind. Just make sure you stay back. This thing isn’t dulled like the weapons you have… also I think there’s like a curse or a spell or something on it.

It’s badass is what it is. I grabbed this awesome thing from one of the other Labyrinths.

Thank you. I’d like to have you swing it as seriously as possible. Please do so like you are fighting in the labyrinths with a sharp glare. Ah… I’m so lucky to see you like this, Itsuki…

*Some time later*

Huff… H-How was that?


… So… beautiful…

You’re talking about my sword, right?

Yes. Your weapon… was wonderful. Ahh, the edge was shining so bright. I’m ecstatic… Itsuki, please swing it more fiercely.

You mean like this?

More. More, more, more… Show me your beautiful form!

Arie… My arm is getting really tired. Isn’t this enough for now?

H-Hey! Arie! Watch it!

*Arie then knocks Itsuki to the ground*

You’re so wonderful, Itsuki… You’re so brawny, and your arms when swinging such a wonderful weapon… Just looking at you brings me joy.

I… um… I think you’re overstating it…

Are you surprised to see that I have such a hobby?

I’ll be honest. Not what I was expecting, personally.

Well, it’s definitely not something I expected from someone like you.

I’m surprised to find myself falling for you like this.

I want to keep watching your weapon… I want to touch it with my own hands… I kept thinking about all that, and I can’t take my mind off your arms…

I’m not sure I understand what we’re talking about here… You’re still talking about my sword, right?

Yes, your weapon, Itsuki. But you swinging the weapon is even better…

I’m lost…

She’s hot for you, Itsuki! Stop alternating between not picking up on obvious signals and thinking you’re on your way to first base.

I love your arms, Itsuki. Your warm hands…

Well, if that’s the case, then why don’t I pat your head?

Stop head patting! It’s weird, Japan! It’s even sort of weird when grandparents do it to kids.

Oh, but… If you do that, I’d be overflowing with happiness.

Too late. Here I go.

Ah… You’re so warm… You’re too kind, Itsuki.

…A-Are you talking to my weapon or my arm?


User Polsy pointed out that in the Japanese version (at least of Conception PSP), Arie had earlier said “I have feelings for you” rather than the explicit “I love you” that she says in the English version of Plus. Not sure if that’s the case this time.

*Anyway, some time later*

I’m sorry for making you do so much today.

It’s okay. I don’t mind.

I was so worried the whole time… You told me to be honest about myself…

I wouldn’t dislike you for this, Arie.

But weren’t you hesitant toward my hobby? I’m afraid that our relationship has changed. I’m afraid that you will grow to hate me…

And then the event ends, which is kind of a weird spot to leave it. Oh well, at least she doesn’t appear to be the stabby kind of weapons fanatic. I guess we’ll have to wait for Bond Level 5 to figure out where the hell this is going because I’m sort of lost.

What’s the deal with Femiruna this time? I like the sound of “Happier.” We definitely need a sustained dose of happy right now.

~Star God Academy Field~

Oh, Itsuki. Good day.

You sure seem to be in a good mood. What happened?

Ohohoho. It appears I was unable to hide my jubilation.

Stop that laugh. It’s holding you back.

It is true that something good happened today. What do you think it is? I am sure you would know.

Well, the last time I saw you like this… I guess it’s something related to your parents?

You were really excited when you had dinner plans with them that one time.

That is correct. You seem to know more about me now.

You are not a difficult book to read.

Soon, I may be able to schedule another dinner with Mother and Father. We will bring a first-rate chef to the manor to prepare a lavish dinner.

And I’m sure they both meant that… at the time they made that promise.

I’m happy to hear that. You were heartbroken about it last time.

It has been a while since we last met, so Father must be bringing me a present. There are so many things I want to tell Mother and Father regarding the academy. Ever since I began attending the academy, so many things have happened.

Aw… Femiruna’s horizons have been broadened and she’s not a spoiled brat anymore. Good for her. Could have been worse. Some people need to be partially responsible for the destruction of an entire city and then get shit on by everyone else in the cast for 70% of the game while excusing all of their garbage behaviour before they’re allowed to have that kind of character growth.

I have… differing opinions on Tales of the Abyss. Not a fan.

I do not even know where to start. What do you think?

You mean about the academy? Well, why not start by talking about me?

Huh…? I-If I mention you out of the blue, Mother and Father would be shocked.

Shocked that you mentioned God’s Gift? Why?

E-Even I am not ready for that yet…

Wouldn’t they want to know how you’re getting along with God’s Gift?

Oh… You were referring to that? Y-Yes, of course… I will talk to them about you as God’s Gift.

I cannot wait to see Mother and Father. I suppose I will let you know what we talk about.

That would be nice, thanks. I want to hear about how it all went.

You can look forward to it. Good day to you.

Okay. Not an especially long event, but it was sweet. Let’s just hope we don’t get a repeat of the last time Femiruna’s parents promised a dinner date.

~Bottom 7 Summaries: Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio~


In Mahiru’s second Level 4 Event, Itsuki finds her out on the Academy Field—

This game loves using certain Character Portraits a single time. Why in god’s name have these two character sprites not been used for the various Female Students we’ve encountered so far?

Apparently along with her groupies. The teacher tells everyone to cool off and the screen fades to black momentarily. I should mention that “fade-to-black” transitions happen 7 or 8 times during this event. I’ll be mentioning them in this summary so that Polsy can hopefully check for any patented “Old Mahiru cuts”, should they feel compelled to do so of course.

Anyway, the groupies hand Mahiru a towel and a drink then proceed to get creepy about it (squealing over the fact that Mahiru’s sweat is on one girl’s towel and Mahiru’s mouth was on the other girl’s straw, respectively). Mahiru tells the two to wash that stuff and Itsuki butts in to ask if Mahiru joined the track team. Mahiru mentions that she was just filling in. The groupies ask if Itsuki is Mahiru’s boyfriend, but she just says “I don’t know about that.” Groupie A then goes “Oh, Mahiru!” and the screen fades to black for a suspiciously long time. When it comes back, we’re in the Classroom. There, Mahiru and Itsuki start talking about their recent promise again and Mahiru suggests that the two of them go to the hot springs now, since Mahiru is all sweaty from the track event. Another fade to black happens and when we come back the pair is already at the hot spring.

Itsuki notices that Mahiru brought along “Keychain Man”, which he thinks is a little weird, but later admits that he sort of owes Keychain Man for reminding him of the Festival promise. Mahiru makes it even weirder by saying that “It’ll just be the three of us at the hot springs today.”, as if Keychain Man is a person. Itsuki says he’ll go somewhere and change, which prompts Mahiru to wonder about what a male bathing suit is like (she apparently hasn’t seen one before).

Itsuki shows it off and judging by Mahiru’s reaction (as well as what we know about the Maidens’ swimsuits so far), he is rocking what I can only imagine is a banana hammock. Mahiru asks if it can “hold everything in” and Itsuki admits that he’s kind of worried about that and probably should have tried it on first. Mahiru doesn’t seem too embarrassed about the idea of seeing Itsuki’s junk and says that she’s seen it multiple times in the past anyway, so he doesn’t need to be embarrassed about it. Itsuki fires back that the last time she saw it was before grade school and then another fade to black happens. When we come back, it’s hot springs time.

This one isn’t too bad, but I’ll take the safe route again. Unedited.

Also, I wanted to get TCG in appropriate attire. Too bad I have such terrible shop skills (and low quality art assets).

Mahiru mentions that the hot springs get cold at night and the undercurrent could drown a person if they weren’t careful. Itsuki asks if drowning is some kind of event flag and Mahiru tells him that if she does start to drown, she’ll be relying on her dear knight to save her.


Mahiru then starts talking about how she can communicate with Keychain Man and holy shit that thing looks creepier than I thought it would be. Mahiru then starts having Keychain Man talk and telling Itsuki to be careful in the Labyrinths and that Mahiru is actually a crybaby despite how she looks and needs protection. Eventually Mahiru starts getting flustered because I guess Itsuki’s man thong isn’t covering all the bits (he’s clearly sitting in the water, so I’m not sure how she can really make anything out). Just as she’s about to say that she’s not flustered because of that but because of something else, the screen fades to black again. This one seems to be intentional, as Itsuki starts shouting to Mahiru and the screen cuts back to reveal that it’s now night time. Itsuki says that Mahiru got dizzy in the bath and passed out for three minutes (just how fast is this world rotating that we can go from broad daylight to night in 3 minutes?). Itsuki says that he got her dressed again, but didn’t touch her in any weird way. However, Mahiru is more concerned with the whereabouts of Keychain Man. Itsuki says that he lost track of it while trying to pull Mahiru out of the water and Mahiru immediately says that she has to find him. Itsuki doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Mahiru insists. The screen fades to black again and then we’re back at the hot spring. Itsuki mentions that the water is really cold now, but Mahiru is insistent on finding Keychain Man. Another fade to black happens. When it comes back, the pair still haven’t been able to find Keychain Man. Itsuki checks on Mahiru, who is getting very distressed, but then Itsuki finally spots it and Mahiru is happy to have Keychain Man back again. Then the event wraps up.


Yuzuha’s second event opens with her waking up just as Itsuki drops in for a visit. Yuzuha says that there’s actually somewhere she wants to go and when Itsuki asks, Yuzuha clarifies that she’s talking about his bedroom. She continues to play up the Little Sister/Big Brother dynamic. She also mentions that she was hoping that they could share the bed. The two then leave for Itsuki’s place, but a rainstorm happens along the way.

In Itsuki’s room, Itsuki goes to find a change of clothes for Yuzuha and pulls out one of his dress shirts for her. Yuzuha comments that the fabric seems kind of thin and Itsuki says that he had been hang drying his other clothes, which are now all wet, so this is all he’s got.

Eh, I’ll let this one stand as is. It’s not bad enough to warrant TCG in my opinion.

However, it’s interesting to note that this does not appear to be Itsuki’s room. We can see paintings to the left of Yuzuha that match her style. Also, Itsuki’s room is octagonal, not square or rectangular. Communication between the teams broke down somewhere along the way. It’s definitely not a translator thing, because the 3D Model part of the event is clearly happening in Itsuki’s room.

Yuzuha asks if it’s okay for her to stay the night because the rain doesn’t seem to be stopping. Itsuki says that it’s fine (Yes, they keep mentioning the Little Sister thing this entire time). Yuzuha then ups the unsettling-ness by talking about being able to smell Itsuki’s scent from his shirt and how it’s making her heart beat really fast. Then-

Yeah… Moving on, the night passes and then we get Yuzuha waking Itsuki up in the morning. Yuzuha is happy that she slept really well and also got to see Itsuki’s room. Yuzuha says that it’s more than enough for her, which Itsuki asks her to clarify. She says that she meant these memories are enough for her as a “Little Sister” and that from now on she’ll only support Itsuki as a Star Maiden. The event wraps there. It’s not especially long. Seems as though Yuzuha decided to pick up Reone’s share of “creepy incestual vibes”. It remains to be seen if she’s really given up on the Little Sister thing from here, though.


Reone’s event is all about the big hospital confrontation. She tells Itsuki that she’s finally got confirmation of the funding being complete. She’s gathered enough to stop them from trying to brush it off and that the volunteers contributed so much (so I guess this stupid place does have a few halfway decent people in it after all. We’ll just never meet them). Reone is getting prepared to go to the meeting, although she admits that it’s a bit nerve-racking because she doesn’t want to mess it all up at the last second. Itsuki reassures her by saying he’ll be right by her side. Reone makes Itsuki promise to run away if there’s any hint of danger and that the other Star Maidens can always take her place if something happened to her, but Itsuki is too important to lose. Itsuki says she worries too much, but Reone insists that he promise her.

In the slums, which is a location that we almost never get to see in this game (It’s sometimes used as a setpiece for “encounter” events, which are just very small bits of dialogue that occasionally pop up whenever Itsuki tries to go somewhere), Reone and Itsuki wait for the thugs to show up for the meeting. Reone then tells Itsuki to be careful, as they’ve been surrounded. The most stereotypical gang leader shows up (He’s labeled “Mafia Boss” and says “Reone. Did you bring da money?”) who proceeds to berate her for being a disgrace to the other people that grew up in the slums (somehow). Reone doesn’t particularly care and just tells him to sign the contract. Mafia Boss then does what anyone with a brain would expect and tells Reone that they want triple the amount for the land. Reone finally pieces it together that they had no intention of actually selling the land. Itsuki butts in to call out his bullshit and the Mafia Boss initially tells him to scram, until Punk A (the purple/pink haired dude) realizes that Itsuki is God’s Gift and his picture was all over the newspapers (which I guess has only happened recently, since they didn’t recognize Itsuki the first time they encountered him). Itsuki tells them that Reone got the money they agreed to so man up and sign.

Itsuki? Eh, I sort of doubt it. Wake? Wake would totally crush an army. Alec and Feene were the only ones ever able to match him (Maybe Triche as well, but I think he tells us that he’s not as good as Alec is).

They wonder what God’s Gift is doing with a woman from the slums and Itsuki says that Reone is a very precious Star Maiden to him. He says that if the thugs don’t accept the deal then he’ll fight back with everything he’s got. Mafia Boss then tries to side-step the problem of God’s Gift preparing to kick his fat ass by offering Reone a deal: Defeat his bodyguards and he’ll sign the contract, but lose and he gets to keep the money and the plans for the hospital are dead in the water. Itsuki points out how unfair that is (Mafia Boss apparently has over a dozen bodyguards with him), but Reone takes the challenge anyway. Itsuki is worried because of how messed up she got last time, but she says things are different now because he’s by her side. Reone proceeds to beat the shit out of Punks A, B, and C (the three portraits we saw during the bar event) and also I guess the other nine or so bodyguards that are allegedly present (there’s no flash of white or grunts or dialogue boxes for anyone else). Reone goes for the Mafia Boss now that his flunkies are down, but he triggers a Star Energy Circle trap (I’m gettin’ real sick of people making up Star Energy shit on the fly).

Itsuki jumps in and saves Reone from being blown up, then tells her not to worry about him and just go kick that guy’s ass. Mafia Boss quickly offers to sign the contract, after which Reone knocks him the fuck out anyway for daring to hurt Itsuki.

The scene then transitions back to the clinic sometime in the evening where Reone finishes giving Itsuki some first aid. Reone talks about Itsuki being reckless and Itsuki says the same about her, but all’s well that ends well since neither of them got seriously hurt. Reone thanks Itsuki for all of his help and offers to let him fondle her breasts as much as he wants so that they can call it even (this is still Reone we’re talking about after all). Obviously the choices here are all variations on “No”, but the best answer has Itsuki saying that he doesn’t want to hurt her since she has some injuries of her own. Reone says that Itsuki’s are way worse than hers and that he should stay on the bed while she tends to his wounds overnight. Itsuki says that they’ll just heal on their own if he rests, but Reone says that’s a dangerous way of thinking because a bunch of tiny cuts could result in infection happening somewhere. All of this is really just a set up for Reone to say that she’ll use her Star Energy to heal his wounds through bodily contact.

She says not to stare and seems a little embarrassed about the idea, then says that incited emotions would make the healing less effective (Yes, she’s telling a teenaged dude to supress his boner while a hot woman spoons him for the night. Good luck with that). Itsuki is understandably hesitant, but Reone insists and then she turns the lights off.

The next morning, Reone checks on Itsuki who says that all the scars are gone. Reone says she put her heart into it and even emptied her Star Energy reserves (I don’t know how Star Energy works anymore. Is it lifeforce? Is it magic? Can it be refilled? But it’s also bad if it’s taken from you? Apparently all of those are true). Anyway, the event wraps up there with Reone talking about how she finally feels she can move on for her perceived role in her brother’s death.