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Part 36: Toutes celles qui rentrent dans le jean slim en taille 34

Update XII: Toutes celles qui rentrent dans le jean slim en taille 34
Song Title Reference: Ça m'énerve (Engl: “It Annoys Me” or “It Gets on my Nerves”) – Helmut Fritz

Heads up: This is a real short update, even with some padding from me. Story Content blew its load early and has now decided to just wait for us in the car until we’re ready to leave. Meanwhile, we’ve already cleared all of the “Introductory Zones” of each Seasonal Labyrinth, so the remaining dungeons will just consist of 5 floors filled with enemies that we’ve seen before at some point or another.

I’ll do what I can to show off anything of interest that happens, but these updates will mostly be about documenting Boss Fights from this point on. On the plus side, at least they won’t slow down our march towards the rest of the character story stuff.

We’re going to Taurus, because we haven’t been back to the Spring Labyrinth since the beginning of the game. I pick Taurus specifically because Tarua is dead last in rankings and Arie is already done. No, I don’t have any particularly solid reasoning behind what I’m doing at this point.

The Taurus Labyrinth has design elements from Tarua, although I think it’s a bit boring compared to the Femiruna Hair Columns from Leo.

Stone Traps will be my bane for this entire Labyrinth. Well… traps in general, really. This place is lousy with them. Alternatively, RNGesus is a big Tarua fan and hates the fact that I’ve been ragging on her. Who knows?

This is immediately after that first Stone Trap. Not why I took the screenshot, though. I just wanted to point out some of the enemies we’re dealing with in here. It’s a lot of Wind-based Horse and Wolf types.

Here’s something we haven’t taken a look at in a while. I guess we’ve got all the space we need for these now, so I’ll start showing them off whenever a new one appears.

It’s Ruka.

Well, here goes. I wouldn’t want you complaining because I didn’t send you a message. Just beat up those Impurities and come back safe. Staying in a place like that will only make you feel even gloomier.

I think that’s about all I want to say. I’m not good with this magic transmission thing, so I’m ending it here. I’ll send you another message when I feel like it. Good luck out there. PS

That was… a message. I guess. It’s Ruka, so I suppose it’s fairly standard because she’s doing her “Whatever, it’s not like I like you or anything” thing.

At one of the Item Shrines, I offer up a pair of Storm Talons (Berserker weapons) and get Wind Clothes+ in return. Wind Clothes can only be worn by Ninja Star Children, which we still don’t have. So I guess this is getting shoved into storage for a while.

We also get an Elven Vest+ for Manitoba, who has been in desperate need of new armor for a long time. Different types of armor can be worn by different classes of Star Children. Archers have a pretty limited variety to choose from. Manitoba has been rocking the outdated Rigid Armor since birth (the other armors you see listed all had fairly heavy negative stat drops compared to Rigid). Elven Vest drops luck a little bit, but the increase in Defence is worth the trade-off.

Itsuki also scores two new weapons. First he gets Gram, which is like a sawblade, but shortly afterward he gets hold of this beauty. On top of having Poison, Bio Gauche+ is also vastly superior to everything else we currently have. That’s an increase of 1330 ATK over the Gram, which was in itself an increase over Second Break. Itsuki’s attack has shot up by roughly 1500 in the last two floors. It also looks awesome.

The Water Element will be helpful in some places and hurtful in others. For this dungeon it won’t really make much of a difference. Whenever we head back to the Summer Labyrinth, it will decimate everything in its path. And of course if we take a trip to the Autumn Labyrinth it will probably hold back Itsuki’s offence (I think Autumn is the one mostly filled with Earth enemies).

Here is where I picked up Tyrfing, which I showed off in Arie’s last event. However, that was in a different save where I was experimenting to try and bring Alfie back (the database tracks everything across all save files, which is how I was able to get the screenshot of its description despite not possessing it in my main save). This is the first time I’ve picked it up in my main save and now it’s been greatly outclassed by Bio Gauche.

PrEdward also finds an upgrade to his Life God Necklace+. Accessories can have ++ variants, although they are obviously harder to find than ‘+’ versions. I’m not sure if it’s only Accessories that can get ++ versions, or if it’s possible to get weapons/armor like that as well.

Also, just like in CII’s Aterra, this world apparently has a Life God, a Dance God, and a Body God. We have accessories from all of them.

That’s it for this Labyrinth in terms of interesting shit. Yeah, it was largely uneventful. We did get a handful of new upgrades though, so I guess it’s not all bad. Although I am disappointed that we didn’t get our hands on another “Book” item. I think we’re only 2 shy of getting the complete set, which will unlock a new Star Child Class.

We must defeat it and enshrine the Taurus Star Offering!

Don’t worry. I won’t let the offering that Tarua made for us go to waste.

Let’s do this!

Damn it. Bio Gauche+ already being neutered. Oh well, the massive jump in ATK should still give it the edge over other weapons, even with the reduced effectiveness of its element.

It’s [sic] regular attacks deal massive damage! But it’s vulnerable to magic!

Plus, you know, we aren’t really going to need physical attack all that much. “Weak to magic” and “Earth element” is music to the ears of our current crop of Star Children.

As usual, we’re dealing with the boss and two elemental helpers. It’s sort of strange that these helpers seem to have ditched their support spells as of late. They used to have healing spells and status recovery and all that good stuff, but now it seems like they are largely acting as fire support. I may have jumped the gun a bit on praising this game for having better enemy synergy.

Oh well. Not like it would have mattered at all. Itsuki and the Star Children immediately fan out and pick apart the support enemies before they get the chance to take their first action. Team Psycho Knight nearly kills the Fire Crater in a single shot. Team A(wful) drops by to finish it off.

Then Team Canada 2.0 helps Itsuki poke the Earth Crater to death.

By splitting up, Medaciorum is forced to waste a turn moving into attack position. Itsuki, as well as Teams A(wful) and Canada 2.0, then get a chance to take a swing at him before his next turn comes around.

As mentioned, Itsuki’s new Bio Gauche weapon isn’t living up to its potential in this fight. Of course, that’s still impressive damage considering Medaciorum’s defence.

Team A(wful)’s Cyclone spell is much better, though. It’s just too bad that they only have access to the base version of the spell.

Medaciorum’s first chance to actually do something in this fight results in him charging for a big swing. Team Canada 2.0 won’t have a chance to get out of the way. Spoiler Alert: It’s going to hurt.

I mean really hurt. A charged critical attack is more than enough to wipe out the entire team. The one positive outlook here is that at least Medaciorum didn’t target Itsuki. A standard attack from physically oriented bosses is usually enough to reduce Itsuki to slightly below half health, so a critical charge attack would have likely ended him even at full health. Keep in mind that I’m still using “outdated” armor for Itsuki in order to maintain a Speed advantage. I could give him some that has much higher Defence, but then his Speed would drop by over 800. I’m not quite ready to make that sacrifice just yet.

I have Itsuki defend during his turn, just in case. However, Medaciorum decides to stick with what works and go for another charge attack. Team Psycho Knight is the target this time and they’re going to have to tank it-

-because I wanted to get Team Canada 2.0 back on their feet. Their revival leaves Team Psycho Knight with nowhere safe to go (Medaciorum’s physical attack hits 2 zones and Star Child teams can’t double up in a single zone).

I have them defend, which is thankfully enough to withstand the attack (which is also thankfully not a critical this time).

So we’re back in largely the same situation we found ourselves in during the Leo fight. The boss is sticking to heavy physical attacks, which have a small turn delay. Meanwhile, most of our offence is concentrated in Magic, which have a longer turn delay. Getting through this will require spamming recovery items and waiting for a good moment to strike, usually when you get 2 or more character turns before the next boss turn (one team heals, the other takes a swing).

Another option is to go for a Chain, which will slow down the boss for a while and allow you to get some good hits in. I didn’t make use of this, mainly because setting up the Chain would have taken more turns than simply waiting and nuking Medaciorum with magic.

Like so. Medaciorum goes for his third charge attack this fight, but in doing so he’s paved the way for Teams Psycho Knight and A(wful) as well as Itsuki to dump on him with everything they’ve got.

Team A(wful) deals the killing blow and caps the Taurus Labyrinth for us.

Experience is okay, but levels are not particularly concerning at this point anyway. I believe the difficulty curve has plateaued now that story content is taking a break, so the remaining Labyrinths are likely going to be increasingly easy (at least until we change the teams again and I have to train everyone back up from Level 1). We’ll see if our eventual trip into Ophiuchus causes the curve to start rising again.

Come on, Itsuki. Let’s go back to the surface.

And that’s that. After this, we’re brought straight back to the Granvania map without pomp or circumstance.

Because we’re dealing with shorter dungeons and don’t have any main story stuff to look at, I’ll use the second half of these dungeon updates to start looking at extra stuff that there hasn’t really been room to show.

Quests are something I haven’t really shown much of, or even checked for that matter. I usually only stop by here when an exclamation point appears and even then I just go to “Submit.” Let’s have a look at what kinds of items we should keep an eye out for.

Although first we need to turn in the Taurus boss quest. There’s one of these for each of the Star Labyrinth bosses and they all appear in the Quest List at the same time, so I’ll have to skip over those in order to avoid slightly spoiling the boss appearances.

As for Medaciorum, killing him gets is 10k in gold and a few Matryoshkas (AT=Attack boost, ET=Earth Element, and Star=A general boost to stats/Maiden mood).

The other quest is a repeatable one. You turn in 10 potions in order to get 1000g and 2 Bond Shards (minor revive items). This quest is a good one to keep in mind for when you’ve been training Star Children and need to burn off the excess Potions you pick up. The item limit is 99 and it’s easy to hit that during level grinding, because you’ll mostly be God’s Poking early enemies or otherwise slaughtering them with Itsuki/your high level weapons and equipment (Star Children also get a full heal when they level up, so you won’t need to do a lot of healing while training a fresh group). At least this way you can earn a little more money and some Bond Shards (which can be sold) instead of leaving Potions lying around in the dungeon.

With that out of the way, let’s see what quests are actually available.

Some of them are gift related, usually giving you two or three gift items in exchange for one of a different kind. There’s also a few Monster Hunt quests that give you weapons, although the weapon rewards are old and not worth it (one quest wants you to kill 5 Cassiopeias for a High Gladius. You can find better swords than that just by running around the labyrinth for a little bit).

The other quests you see above this one are the Star Boss quests, so skip past those if you don’t want to be partially spoiled on what they look like (the quests give a little picture of the boss to the side). Anyway, what I want to point out in this screenshot is the “Winter Clothes” quest. Not because it gives you especially cool rewards (although Dalmatica+ is still pretty good in terms of mage armor), but because the quest says that it’s ready despite not showing up in the “Submit Quests” section.

If you scroll through the quests and see “Ready”, it means that one of your Star Children is equipped with the weapon/armor/accessory you need. It might also mean that you can turn in a different quest to get the item that you need to complete this quest, but I haven’t tested that.

Then there’s this quest. What the hell is a Polyoshka? The icon means that it’s a Matryoshka for creating Star Children, but it has a unique name instead of just being called “Matryoshka AT” or “Matryoshka ET”… weird…

…Wait, do we need that for Alfie? Is that how it works? Either way, I want to know what that Polyoshka does. Unfortunately, we need 5 Sheer Lingerie items to complete this quest. Sheer Lingerie is a gift item that I haven’t come across in the dungeons at all. The Gift Shop also doesn’t sell it just yet, although it eventually will once it’s leveled up enough. I guess I’ll have to train up some City Level fodder so that we can find out.

Oh well, that’s a task for me. Moving on, the other type of quest is an upgrade quest. If you pick up a bunch of the same kind of weapon, you can turn them in to get a + version of that weapon, or sometimes just a better tier of that weapon (3x Glory+ can be upgraded to 1x Glorious+ for example). Some of them also take weapons or armor and give you the opposite in return (such as 1x Genius+ armor rewarding you with 1x Thirty Arrows bow).

That’s all we’ve got for now. I actually haven’t been clearing these quests out like I should be, so there are probably higher level quests that we don’t have access to yet. I’ll have to take some time to focus entirely on knocking these out at some point.

That’s it for new stuff (the Shop had new stock, but it was just weapons and armor that we’ve already outclassed with Labyrinth drops). In the screenshot above, you can see the problem that arises from throwing out too many Level 1 Star Children. The Scavenger has been rendered largely useless to us because most of the Star Children we’ve released into the wilds of Granvania are Level 1.

…Okay, so I released them into the wilds of Granvania at Level 1. But it was done because I had to clear Classmating Events in order to move the Maiden Routes forward for the LP. The point is, while I could send the Level 1s out into the big scary Labyrinths to search for items, the chances that they bring back anything even halfway decent are next to nothing. Reshuffling the selection of Star Children until a higher level one pops up would require time skipping and constantly checking the Scavenger, so it’s honestly not worth it when I could just scour the dungeons myself during my spare time.

On the way to the last part of this update, RNG finally decided that Team Psycho Knight must be stopped. A new Star Child turned up at the Inn, so I’m unfortunately required to slot them in to Team Psycho Knight as per the rule I made for myself for some masochistic reason. Let’s see what we’re working with here…

All right… Could be worse I suppose. The level cap on Katie is 39, but that’s roughly where everyone else is at anyway. Plus, the Teams will likely be getting restocked after the next Labyrinth so there won’t be time for her to fall behind.

Mirei is the lowest in polling out of the Team Psycho Knight moms, so I guess Luna is taking a hike. Too bad, I liked Luna.

So many Magic Knights… They’re taking over.

After some upgrades are made to Katie’s equipment, we get a look at how her addition has changed Team Psycho Knight. It’s not a huge drop, but they do go from being the strongest of the current teams to being the weakest. Not one of their stats is better than Team A(wful)’s or Team Canada’s.

Part of this is of course down to the fact that Katie is sitting 10 levels below everyone else. I will level her up along with the City Fodder Star Children I’m planning to train. We’ll see what that does once the next Labyrinth rolls around.

One thing I forgot to do (that I’ll show in the next Labyrinth update) is how Katie has changed Team PK’s skill set. That could be a total mess for all I know.

We’ll finish off the update by going to the Database and having a look at some character models. The Database was added for Plus, so I don’t think it’s possible to see everyone’s full 3D model in the original PSP game.

Now, Itsuki is someone we’ve seen a full profile of before. We’re always running around the dungeon as him, so his full 3D model is nothing new. His design is also pretty boring because he’s just wearing his school uniform.

The Star Maidens are a different story. The game usually shows Star Maidens from the waist up and facing the camera during events that use their 3D models (it’s because the “camera” in those events is Itsuki, so we only see the Maidens from Itsuki’s viewpoint). Occasionally there are brief moments where the Star Maidens appear at a distance or turn around, but you still don’t get a full profile shot of them. The Database fixes that by having a gallery mode.

We’ve seen most of Alfie’s outfit from that CG where she mounted Itsuki and nearly caved his head in with a training sword. The 3D model doesn’t reveal a ton, but there are a few minor details that players don’t normally see. I think that weird panty/midriff thing she has going on kind of ruins her outfit a bit, personally. She also has a buckle at the bottom of her coat for some reason. The coat doesn’t look like it can close up, so what is the buckle even meant for?

Wait… It’s not even a buckle, it’s a full belt. What the hell is the point of that? Is that coat designed to tie a person’s feet together? Anyway, from this angle we can get a look at the various pouches and bags that Alfie lugs around. We could see the storage pouches on her sides from the front, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen that fanny pack she has.

One thing I want to briefly point out: You can view all of the different poses/animations that the Star Maidens do during bonding events. However, you can’t zoom the camera out to get a full look at the Maidens when they’re doing different actions (so we can’t see Alfie’s stance when she’s doing her idol pose or “shocked” animation). It’s kind of annoying, although completely understandable. You don’t see the Star Maidens from the waist down. If they gave the player the ability to zoom the camera during these animations, they would have had to rig things like clothing/legs/accessories for essentially no reason.

Arie’s full body shot shows off the design at the bottom of her dress.

We also see that her normal stance has her hunching over a bit with knees slightly bent. She also has heels on her boots. Combined with her hat, it’s difficult to tell just how tall she really is. That being said, I think she is one of the tallest Star Maidens. I’ll show a side-by-side comparison of these models at the end which will give us an idea of how tall everyone is. Unfortunately we can’t do a side-by-side with Itsuki because his 3D model is tilted at a different angle than the Star Maidens (you can’t adjust the tilt of the camera in the Database).

The back view of Arie shows us a bit more of her dress design. It also gives us a full view of how her hair is tied. We saw during the festival event that Arie has a ribbon or something tying her hair together around shoulder level, but I don’t think we’ve seen this portion (you can see it a little bit in her anime sprite though). This view also suggests (along with the side view) that her dress is in two layers/parts. It seems like she’s wearing a long skirt or something underneath.

Femiruna’s outfit is one we got a pretty good look at during the picnic event CG. Still, the 3D model gives us a better look at the fanciness of her dress (it’s also more detailed. The gold trim along the bottom is not present in that anime CG).

Femi’s hair curl situation is ridiculous. Also, she’s wearing heels of her own. Femiruna’s heels are more like stilettos though. They also seem to be a little taller than Arie’s.

Femiruna’s back view doesn’t give any new insight into her design. Some people might say that it would be overly busy looking, but I think that empty space could have been used for a cool design of some sort. Maybe her family crest or something? I just think it’s a bit of a waste of space to leave it empty like that.

Also, we still can’t tell if Femiruna has an animal tail or not. The model viewer has a “Change Costume” button, but it doesn’t do anything (except for Lillith/Lillie). Unless it’s unlocked in a New Game+ of some sort, then there’s no way to do a full 3D view of Femiruna’s swimsuit which would answer that question for us. Our only chance now is that Femiruna turns around and walks off during the Beach Event.

Ruka’s full body shot gives up quite a few aspects of her design that we don’t normally get to see. Despite the Miko stylings of her outfit, she doesn’t wear a full skirt/dress. Instead she has the front part cut out to reveal a shorter skirt underneath as well as a leggings+suspender combo (I don’t know what the actual name for that fabric is. The one that ties a skirt to leggings I mean). Unlike Arie and Femiruna, Ruka is wearing flat boots/shoes.

She also has some weird golden ring hanging by her side, which I guess is a ceremonial thing that’s part of the whole Tsukuyomi deal. She also has a square pattern at the bottom of her outer skirt-

-which runs all the way around it. I don’t know if it’s supposed to represent something or if it’s just a random pattern.

Farun is someone we’ve seen a lot of because of the “dance” CG we recently ran into. I don’t think we’ve seen the full bellbottom leggings though.

Her side and rear views don’t offer up much in the way of new design details. The only thing I can see is that the choker she wears his strings that go down past her knees with some kind of beads or something at the ends. She’s also clearly rocking the Rikku look from FFX/X-2, where her g-string is hiked up like crazy.

Mirei’s front view shows us that she’s a pants kind of woman, although we technically just learned that from her last event (she asked Itsuki what he thinks of pantsuits). I’m disappointed to see that she doesn’t have cool designs on her pants legs like she does on her sleeves.

Mirei is also rocking heels similar to Arie’s. Unlike Arie, Mirei is standing up straight, so we can get a better idea of her real height.

The rear view gives us a look at the sigil on the back of Mirei’s jacket, but we’ve gotten to see that a few times already because Mirei turns around in events fairly often.

We’ve seen Mahiru’s design before. We get a full body shot of her during the intro cutscene where her and Itsuki are sucked into the sky. She’s also wearing her school uniform, so there’s not a lot to say about the design of it.

The one interesting detail here is that apparently Mahiru carries a pair of glasses around with her, even though we never see her wearing them and she never mentions them in her events. Strange.

Nothing of interest from behind. I guess you can get a look at how long Mahiru’s hair is, although I’m fairly sure we’ve seen that before.

I should mention that this is slightly zoomed in for visibility purposes. Mahiru is actually surprisingly short compared to the other Maidens we’ve seen so far.

We saw a sort of full body shot of Reone in her last event CG, but this is a more detailed one that doesn’t have Itsuki going full bodyguard. Her outfit looks closer to a cheongsam than I think is appropriate for a doctor, but that’s kind of Reone’s whole deal. Her magic stethoscope thing also just dangles there without swinging around to her back.

Reone has heels as well, so her height is not quite what it appears to be. She also has some kind of case or something attached to her leg.

Not really sure what that is. They look segmented. I thought syringes at first, but they are sticking out at an angle instead of straight up, so that can’t be it. Maybe that’s what the “Magic Transmission Devices” look like? Sort of looks like it could be a communicator or cellphone-like object.

The only thing from the back view is how her hair swirls together at the end.

I like Sue’s outfit so much, I just wish I also liked her character more. The full body shot shows us just how long her coat really is (not to mention her scarf).

I’m not sure if those are boots that she’s wearing or some kind of leg wrappings. Or maybe a combination of the two. We can also see that her crazy long scarf goes down both sides of her. More interestingly, Sue has some kind of logo on her left sleeve.

Like with Itsuki/Mahiru’s school uniform logo, the text on this appears to be gibberish. Not sure what the logo is supposed to be. Possibly the logo of the research/veterinary business that her parents ran?

The rear view shows that the back of Sue’s outfit is the same as the front. There are two rows of those black dots on her white coat (front and back), but looking directly at/behind her has her scarf covering one of the rows.

Another thing to note is that Sue’s coat in her 3D Model is completely closed. Her anime sprite has her wearing it unbuttoned and slightly open in the front.

Not a whole lot to say about Collette’s outfit. I think the striped stockings are new, although we might have seen those in her “betrayed by the part-timer” CG. She’s wearing bloomers underneath the dress, which fits with her “I’m an innocent child” shtick she likes to throw out sometimes.

She has some kind of logo on her skirt. Not sure what that is. It looks a little like a pot or a jar. I guess it could represent her Zodiac sign, since Aquarius is the “water-bearer”. Some of the other Maidens have accessories or designs on their outfit that match their sign. It just seems weird in this case because it’s not so much the symbol of Aquarius as it is a symbol associated with Aquarius.

Also worth noting about this angle, you can see that Collette is standing on her toes as if she were wearing heels. I’m pretty sure she is easily the shortest of the Star Maidens, but this shows that she’s actually even shorter than she appears.

The rear view just gives us a look at the bow that Collette’s apron is tied with. Also we get a clearer look at her rattail haircut style.

Yuzuha looks to be only slightly taller than Collette. Also, it’s difficult to tell if she’s wearing full stockings on both sides. Her left leg is the same color of her skin, but the black diamonds near her ankle seem to imply that it’s actually a white stocking, kind of like the black one she wears on her right leg.

Her side view doesn’t show anything of note, but the back view shows the full craziness of her mermaid/dolphin hairstyle.

There’s not a lot to say about Lillith’s full body shot. She’s using her hair like a full-body cloak and has some sort of star accessories clipped to the front. Still not sure how this is supposed to work, unless she found a way to fuse all of her hair together into one unbroken sheet.

Lillith’s angel wings aren’t attached to her, they just float. I think we’ve known that for a while now, though. She’s also wearing heels and her hair is cut shorter than the sides along the back. You can also see the back of her weird headband.

Lillie’s design has a lot more going on, including an acid-trip taking place on the inside of her hair cocoon. There are also parts of her hair that defy gravity (these aren’t even the worst offenders, just look at the side view below). Those arrows running up her legs from her boats look painted on as well. There’s no sign of any indentation that would imply they were clothing. Then of course you’ve got the unzipped booty shorts and suspenders combo. I’m not kidding, I think Lillith/Lillie’s swimsuit is more modest than this.

Here’s what I meant about gravity defying hair. I can’t even begin to describe what’s going on at the bottom of her hair. Her elbows are also sticking out of the hair, which further complicates the idea of how Lillith is able to form a cocoon around her like she does.

And finally there’s Tarua. I don’t think we’ve seen the blue socks/leg warmers before. I sort of like that, because it adds a splash of colour.

Here’s her letter bag. I think we might have seen parts of it during CGs. Of bigger interest here is what’s hanging off the back of her.

She has an outer hood with holes cut in to it, then an inner hood that has rabbit-ear looking extensions. I like the idea behind it, but it’s a shame that we don’t get to see her with the hood up.

Lastly, let’s have a look at some height comparisons. These screenshots were taken without any camera adjustments made. It’s difficult to tell how accurate this is, since the default camera position might shift a little depending on the character model being shown, but it’s the best we can do (unless there’s a CG somewhere where everyone is standing side by side).

These are the “shortest” Star Maidens. Collette is by far the shortest of the bunch (remember that she’s on her toes in that shot, so she’s a tiny bit shorter than how she appears).

Tarua has a very slight advantage over Yuzuha, although Yuzuha could be the same height if she straightened out a bit more (Yuzuha’s knees are slightly relaxed whereas Tarua’s are completely straightened out).

The jump from Tarua to Lillith/Lillie is more noticeable. Although they appear to be the same height, I gave Mahiru the edge over Lillith/Lillie because they are wearing shoes with heels (Mahiru’s are flat). Take off the heels and I think Mahiru would probably have about an inch over Lillith/Lillie. Lillith and Lillie appear to be the same height, as they should be. Lillie just has the appearance of being shorter because she has a wider stance.

Finally, Alfie is shorter than I thought. Or I guess the better way to phrase it would be that I thought she was taller than people like Ruka, Farun, and Femiruna. We have a rough side-by-side of Alfie and Mirei, and Alfie only seems to be a little bit shorter than her. Sue is also way taller than I thought she was. She comes in roughly the same height as Alfie and a little taller than Mahiru.

Here is the bridge between the first side-by-side and the next, just to give you an idea of the difference. Even without heels, I'd give the height edge to Femiruna.

The tallest Maidens are a bit harder to distinguish. I didn’t think Femiruna was that tall, although I’m pretty sure that Farun has her beat (Femiruna is wearing heels and Farun is in a relaxed/wide stance). I’d probably guess that they are the same height.

I was also surprised by Ruka. I thought she was closer to Mahiru’s height, but she comes in about equal to Arie. Arie’s exact placement in this lineup is very difficult to pin down. Remember, she’s wearing heels and her hat (which makes her look taller), but she’s also hunched forward. I think if you took off the hat and the heels, but had her stand completely upright, she’d stay about equal to Ruka, maybe a hair taller.

Mirei and Reone are similarly difficult to judge. I definitely think that Reone is the tallest of the Star Maidens, but how close both her and Mirei are to Arie and Ruka is hard to tell because they are both wearing heels.

Here's the gap between the tallest and shortest, by the way. It really drives home how much of a child Collette is.

Anyway, we’ll call it quits there. That was just some unimportant stuff from the Database to help flesh out this update. Next up we’ll be taking a look at the Starmas Events and then we set our sights on the anime adaption (after blowing through another Labyrinth, I mean).