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Part 43: Final Bonding Events – Capricorn and Libra + Summaries of #8-13 (Part 1)

Bonding Update XIX: Final Bonding Events – Capricorn and Libra + Summaries of #8-13 (Part 1)

Two more to go. I wonder how much more freaking out Farun is going to do in her final few events.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Just wondering what you were so deep in thought about.

Hehe. Take a guess.

Would it be me by any chance?

…Hehe. It’s like ya know how to read minds. Or were my thoughts leakin’ out? You’re correct. I was thinkin’ ‘bout ya.

I’ve been thinking about how weird a direction Farun’s route took. I never thought she’d end up being the “giddy schoolgirl in love” character. Was sort of expecting a more emotional route revolving around her leaving her hometown to spend life as a wanderer and that thing about her keeping radio silence with her parents for some reason.

…Do ya remember when we first came here? I was really nervous back then. I was so scared. I didn’t really know how to deal with men… An’ I didn’t know ya all that well either… That’s why…

Yeah, it was pretty easy to tell that you were nervous about this whole thing.

What? It was? I guess so, huh. Ahaha.

Yeah. Hard to believe it’s been slightly over 2 months.

…I’m bad at keeping deadlines. In the opposite way than people normally expect. Remember me saying that I’d stick to 1 update a week? HA! Ahh… memories.

…How about we get started with the ritual?

Oh, right. But… can ya wait just a little more? *inhale*… Whew… *inhale*… Whew…

You still need time to prepare? After all we’ve been through? I kind of thought there wouldn’t be anything else for you to be nervous about at this point.

That’s not true… I’m still nervous… My heart’s racin’ right now… Itsuki…

But… I’d appreciate it if ya were gentle.

You know, you all say shit like that, but I don’t think there’s been any indication that Itsuki is even capable of being “rough”. Femiruna basically had to force him into it.

I promise…

…Let’s go.


Huff… Huff… Huff…

Farun? You okay?


I asked if you were all right.

Big Sis Farun is now in pieces cuz of ya.

You’re not really acting like your usual self.

I don’t know. I think this is pretty typical of Farun. At least, her recent self.

Hehe. You’re so calm ‘bout it. But who cares? There are always times when I’m not feelin’ like myself.

I see… Oh! That’s right. Farun, I need to head out soon.

Oh… You’re goin’ already…

Please don’t make that face. It’s not like I don’t want to be with you.

…Then be with me.

Well, the Ophiuchus Labyrinth has been jutting out of the countryside for the past couple of months. That’s probably an issue that needs immediate attention. Also Itsuki needs to start planning his final Star Child teams since the thread doesn’t seem to be interested in coming up with anything themselves.

I wanna spend more time with ya. Ahaha! Just kiddin’! I know you’re a busy man. You’re working hard for the sake of our world, right? Ya have my support, Itsuki!

*Farun then leans in for a kiss*

Here’s a good luck charm!

I wanna do more, but I’ll stop right there!

Th-Thanks, Farun. I appreciate how you feel about me.


But there are some good things about that. Things you’d like.


Huh? What could it be? I can’t wait to find out.

Thanks to you, I’ve managed to make more progress in the labyrinths. It’ll all end soon.

I’m letting official dialogue happen right now because I’m a little unclear how this conversation is transitioning.


Are you not happy about that? You’ll be able to go on your travels again. I thought you’d like that. You’ll still be a Star Maiden, but you’ll probably have more freedom than you do right now.

Wait, what? But it’s all you talk about. Why?

C-Cuz… Who cares about that?! …I thought ya were leavin’. Ain’t ya in a hurry?

Are you sure about this?

Ya gonna change your mind if I said no? Ahaha! Sorry! I’ll be fine! Good luck out there! Ya can do it, Itsuki! See ya later!

Oh, sure thing.

*Itsuki then leaves, I think. I’m assuming based on this next line*


Hey, Farun.

All right…

Is that another letter from your family?

Yeah. I wrote ‘em a letter the other day, an’ this is their response.

Mind telling me what it says?

I’m happy to hear that. I’m glad you finally got in touch with them.

…Yeah. I tried writin’ it in the way ya suggested. I was so scared to write it, but I finally put myself to it. I’m so glad…

Afraid? What were you afraid of?

Hmm… Well, when all’s said an’ done, I’m a pretty bad daughter. I felt guilty. I love my parents, the village I was born in, an’ my home. But I left ‘em behind. I really do feel sorry ‘bout that.

Jesus. What the hell prompted that outburst?

But they still wrote back sayin’ they’re happy hearin’ from me. Aha, how sweet.

…You’re not going to tell us… are you?

Sorry… I think I’m gonna cry. Haha… Yeah… What a relief… Seriously…

I’m happy for you.

…Yeah, thanks.

So what did you write back to them?

Huh?! I-I don’t really wanna say…

Wait, me?

Wait! No! Stop! I’m kiddin’! Oh, no…

Moments like these are always weird when you’re in a route where the two characters are kissing openly and easily. Maybe I just don’t get it because I’ve never been in a relationship.

Man, Itsuki just cannot restrain his rabid need to pry.

Ugh… Well, I did actually… Wh-What should I do… I can show it, but… D-Do ya wanna see it? Do ya really?

Of course. I want to know more about you. Like what you think of me.

… Y-Ya know! Ya always say those things while lookin’ at me right in my eyes! That’s not fair! I can’t say no to ya now…

Well, that’s sort of a me thing to do. You like that, don’t you?

G-Gah… The clincher… Wh-What should I do now…

Okay… then… can I?

Wait! I changed my mind! No no no! Ya can’t see it! It’s too embarrassin’! I can’t let ya see it!

Why not? There’s no-one else here. It’s just the two of us.

… R-Right… It’s just the two of us…

What’s the matter with that? We’re alone like this pretty regularly.

Yeah, I know… We’ve always been alone together… Look… I’ve been thinkin’ this for a while, but…

*Farun then leans in and just stares*

…What? What’s wrong?

I wanted to get closer. …All right, caught ya.

H-Hey! What are you doing?

Y-You’re always so level-headed an’ passive ‘bout stuff… An’ I’m supposed to be the beautiful Big Sis Farun, ya know? I’ve always been a li’l… dissatisfied…

It just makes me worried that I’m not attractive…

For god’s sake Farun, what do you want from him? To start nailing you on the counter of a public bar? People get drunk here! Show some respect and cool those booty shorts.



I can’t put your beauty into words.

…N-No way. You’re teasin’ me! Ya always tease everyone like that.

I’m not teasing you.

I know you’re lyin’… You’re teasin’ me like ya always do. But… maybe I’m okay with ya teasin’ me some more right now… I want ya to say that to me more…

Farun, you’re gorgeous. I mean that.

Hehe… Hahahaha… Now this was worth all the embarrassment…

Wait a second, Farun. Someone could walk in.

Oh… right. Say… How ‘bout ya come over after the tavern closes? Then we’ll have all the time in the world to talk an’ stuff. I’ll… I’ll even tell ya what’s in the letter. I want ya to know everythin’.

Sounds like a plan.

M’kay, see ya later. Come by after the tavern closes.

Sure thing.

Oh well, at least we get to find out what kind of juicy Itsuki details Farun was giving to her parents.

One more to go.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Mirei, we should start the ritual soon. Are you ready?

Of course.

Are you going to record data about me again?


I get the feeling that that is the shortest route in getting to know you.

There are some things science just can’t explain… like love… or how Itsuki thinks.

Let’s go, Itsuki. Help me enjoy this…

*Sciencemating Classmating happens*

Huff… Huff… Huff…

Are you feeling okay? You’re usually not this out of breath.

Yes… …

It happens during games like these. You get used to it.

What is this emotion…? I still cannot gather my thoughts… I don’t understand it in the slightest… But I have this desire to give my entire being in to this emotion. My sense of logic is falling apart.

Itsuki, what do people who fall in love do?

What do they do…? Uh… Well, there’s not really any rules or anything.

What do you mean? Are you saying there’s no definitive answer?

Depends on the person, I think.

I have no theory or knowledge when it comes to love. I don’t think I’ll be able to find my way to the correct outcome.

That doesn’t sound much like the Mirei that I know.

This is completely different from my research.

I wouldn’t hate you for trying your best.

Heheh, you’re too kind.

I don’t really know what the right answer is… but I think you should just do what you feel is right.

What I feel is right…? All I want is to be with you…

Then why don’t we try going somewhere together? Like a date.

A date… I see…

We have with everyone else. Might as well complete the set.

All my life I’ve done nothing but research. I don’t know anything else. I don’t know of any fun places to go, and I can’t talk about anything other than my research. Even if we go somewhere together, you would just end up bored beyond belief.

I don’t think you’re boring.

Really now? That worries me…

I want to be with you too, you know. I wouldn’t get bored of being with you.

Heheh… That tickles me, Itsuki.

It gives me pleasure. It makes me want to feel it more and more… Let’s go on a date, Itsuki.

Right. It’s decided, then.

Yes. But first, I want to ask you something?

Not sure why you phrased that as a question. That was a statement. Oh well, proceed.

Is it true that we must hold hands during dates?

It’s not a rule or anything, but it is a pretty standard date thing to do.

What is it? Something wrong?

I-It’s nothing. Well, I will be looking forward to it.

All right. Date time with Mirei, here we go. What are we doing? Hot springs again? Science exhibit?

~Star God Academy St.~

Hmm… Mirei is late. What happened to her?

*The screen shakes a little*

What was that?

Oh, Itsuki. Sorry I’m late.

Mirei? Why don’t you have your glasses on?

Oh, um… I lost them in the middle of yesterday’s research.

Should you really be walking around without them?

There’s nothing to worry about. Let’s go on this date.

Ah, the whole “heightened senses” thing again. You know, you could have just tucked your glasses into your pocket when you were approaching Itsuki. You didn’t have to come the whole way here without them.

Right. Here.


Something funny?

It’s nothing. Now let’s go.

~Outskirts Lake~

Yay! The Bob Ross lake again! I like this place.

Oh, apologies… It seems I’ve been talking nonstop. I usually don’t talk this much, but a date brings out a different side of me…

Honestly, I wish we could have heard part of that. I’d be interested to know how the hell star energy actually works.

Apologies for talking only about my research. Are you enjoying this date?

Yeah, I’m having a good time.

I’m relieved to hear you say you’re enjoying it.

You don’t have to worry so much, Mirei. Just relax. I wouldn’t be here with you if I didn’t enjoy it.

Thank you… Heheh… You’re like an educator. You teach me everything I don’t know. Now teach me how to have a proper date. Let’s go.

*Mirei then leans in… or falls forward, it’s hard to tell*


You okay?


You really should have your glasses on. What if you fall?

Hm? What’s wrong?

This is the first time anyone has embraced me like this…

Oh! Sorry! I—

Wait, don’t. Don’t let me go. … I can’t believe I’ve made a terrible mistake…


I’ll be honest…

That was obvious. To everyone but Itsuki, I mean.

I remember the time I removed my glasses and touched your hand… That sensation left a strong impression with me…

I wondered how I’d feel if I touched your hand in a situation such as this… So… I wanted to test it out… I felt the warmth of your hand… but another problem has come about… This is my blunder…

Eh, I still think glasses Mirei is better.

Mirei… you’re really close now…

Yes, I know. I’m doing it on purpose. It’s my mistake that I cannot see your face well… I have to get closer or else I can’t see you.

You’re acting really strange today…

When you’re close to me, even I become strange…



I, too…

[Old Man]: Oh, is that you, Mirei?

Oooh! Cockblocked by the Old Man! …Wait a second… what the fuck is he doing out here?


[Old Man]: You are Mirei, aren’t you? The palace mage…

Who might you be?

[Old Man]: I was the one who thanked you for fixing the magic transmission device… …Was I interrupting something?

Yes, you old fart! You were young once, don’t you know how to read the room?

Y-You weren’t. Pay it no mind. This man is, you know…

How do you expect me to answer that?

J-Just make something up… Please… I can’t think straight right now.


We could complete destroy the mood here by saying “I’m no one special” or “I’m her research specimen”, but let’s choose the best answer since these are the final bonding events. Never know who is going to end up being the canon choice after all.

I’m her lover.

[Old Man]: Oh, is that so? What a joyous thing.

Wh-What are you saying all of a sudden?

Dammit, old man! Take the hint and go away! Itsuki’s trying to get some scientist action here! Why are you even out here in the countryside? Weren’t you the one bitching about not being able to travel to talk to your grandchild or something?

Yeah, I think so too.

D-Don’t speak such nonsense! Stop it!

Mirei, just play along with it. You told me to come up with something.

Sh-Shut up. Stop this. When you call me beautiful in public…

[Old Man]: Anyway, Mirei… I hope you’ll continue developing new magical tools.

You’re getting on my last nerve, Old Man. You got what you wanted from her, so leave her the fuck alone. Did you follow her out here just to nag for more inventions?

[Old Man]: Everyone in town is supporting you. Farewell for now.

Everyone in town can go choke on the corpses of their deceased loved ones. They’re assholes and I hate them.

Y-Yes. Goodbye… Whew… What am I doing outside…?

Ahh… Heheh… Heheheheh…

Why are you suddenly laughing?

No, I merely found myself to be funny just then… about how much I’ve changed. Talking about loving and hating… and even showing emotion.

Plucky young JRPG protagonists will corrupt you eventually. It’s sort of impossible to avoid.

It’s all your fault, Itsuki.

Sorry about that…

I didn’t ask for an apology. I don’t feel bad. I didn’t realize showing my emotions could be such a refreshing experience… Itsuki, you’ve taught me so many things.

You’re kind of embarrassing me now…

But that is what I truly feel. I’m happy to have gone on a date with you today.

Me too, Mirei.

Well, that was sweet. Too bad that doddering old idiot had to show up out of nowhere and ruin the mood.

~Bottom 7 Summaries: Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus~


Yuzuha’s Classmating event has her talking about how she “belongs” to Itsuki now and that she hopes he’ll take care of her. Yuzuha still gets embarrassed by the ritual. It should be noted that despite her last event where she talks about no longer being the “little sister” and instead being Itsuki’s Star Maiden, she still refers to Itsuki as “Big Brother”.

Anyway, Classmating happens and the event ends shortly after. Most of Yuzuha’s Classmating event is just her talking about being embarrassed or nervous. Actually, now that I think back on it, most of her Classmating events are basically just that.

Yuzuha’s main event is something a little different. It’s not going to be a fun time, I’ll tell you that right now. Itsuki visits her at her house and finds that Yuzuha is looking really dizzy and out of it. She says that she figures she hasn’t been sleeping well, then collapses on the floor. Some time passes and when the screen fades back in we find Reone standing in the room. She says that Yuzuha is fine for the time being and that she’s currently sleeping. Reone then comes clean about something that both her and Yuzuha have been hiding from Itsuki:

Reone says that Yuzuha spends most of the day trying to fight off a strong drowsiness. It’s not quite as simple as narcolepsy though. Reone says that the Sleeping Spell illness is dangerous in a different way. Specifically, Yuzuha’s life is shortened by the amount of time she sleeps. People afflicted with this illness apparently never live past the age of 20. Itsuki asks if there’s any way to cure it, but Reone says that there is currently no way to do so. She says that there’s nothing even close to being able to treat it yet. The only positive thing about the illness is that Reone says it isn’t painful. People afflicted with it simply die in their sleep when their time comes. Although, Reone does admit that she wonders what it feels like to go to sleep not knowing if you’ll ever wake up again. She also asks Itsuki why he thinks Yuzuha sleeps in a coffin. She immediately answers that question by saying that Yuzuha does it so that she won’t cause trouble for anyone when she does finally die. It’s also why she avoids interacting with others.

Itsuki is understandably upset by this. Reone gives him the medicine that Yuzuha wanted (it’s a stimulant to keep her awake longer). She says that Yuzuha hasn’t given up on life just yet and that Itsuki should support her. What’s more, the medicine that Yuzuha wanted Reone to make will keep her awake, but it does that by continually dealing out pain in order to fight off the drowsiness. Reone has reservations about prescribing something like that, but she also points out to Itsuki just how far Yuzuha is willing to go in order to keep living. Reone then takes her leave. Itsuki goes to check on Yuzuha and she wakes up and apologizes for losing consciousness. She also figures that Itsuki heard everything from Reone. Yuzuha then makes Itsuki promise her to treat her the same as always and not as though she was sick. He makes that promise. Itsuki gets ready to head out and Yuzuha tells him not to worry about her. She also says that she doesn’t use the medicine that Reone gives her all the time, since she doesn’t like pain very much. The event then wraps up there.


After that uplifting moment, we follow up with Reone herself. Reone is down for the Classmating ritual right off the bat, telling Itsuki that they can get started the moment their eyes meet. Itsuki says that he kind of needs to prepare himself and Reone mentions that talking to him like this before the ritual makes her heart beat faster. Itsuki is a bit surprised that Reone would get nervous about this, but she says that all Star Maidens feel that way before the ritual (mostly).

Reone reveals that apparently one of the big causes of nervousness for the Star Maidens is that Itsuki might eventually cross the line with them (I assume she’s talking about going full-on sex, which would make more sense in the Anime’s depiction but is kind of confusing if we look at this from an emotional/mental context. Stop waffling on this topic, game. Come right out and tell us what happens during this ritual thing). Anyway, Reone says that just because she would let him doesn’t mean he should go all the way. Itsuki says that he’ll be more considerate of the Star Maidens’ feelings in that regard. Classmating then happens. Afterward, Reone says that apparently Itsuki was hovering on that line (which… what? What does that mean?). Itsuki points out that Reone is the one that took the lead this time and she asks if he is trying to say it was her fault. After that bit of playful back and forth, the event wraps up with a bit of “I’m sure the Star Child will be powerful” and “It’s thanks to our deep bond” and all that typical stuff.

In Reone’s first event, Itsuki finds her in a good mood and asks what happened, only for Reone to reveal that apparently Shang found out about her little stunt with the hospital since, you know, there was a big-ass explosion in the middle of the fucking city.

Despite telling her off, Shang agrees that a hospital in the slums is something that the nation should support (it’s almost as if Reone should have just fucking asked for the government’s support in the first place). In the end, she was let off with a scolding instead of any kind of punishment. She figures her being a Star Maiden and Itsuki being involved are probably why she got off so lightly. To help thank him for saving her, Reone takes Itsuki along for a walk to the park as part of a date.

In the park, the couples from Mahiru’s event are apparently still littering the area. Reone asks if Itsuki has gone on dates like this with the other Star Maidens, but Itsuki sticks to “a gentleman never kisses and tells”, which Reone thinks is admirable. Reone then goes on to mention that the hospital in the slums will be built soon and that her role as palace physician will probably be over at that point. Itsuki asks why she plans on quitting, but Reone says she won’t quit while he’s around. As for what she plans to do once Itsuki’s job is done, she isn’t sure. She thinks that maybe she can open a clinic in the countryside and just take things easy, or possibly research treatments that haven’t been discovered yet. She says that it would be perfect if Itsuki were by her side, which causes him to apologize, but Reone tells him not to since he’s working so hard for his own sake (to get back to his world).

Reone thinks God’s Gift can be so cruel because they go around making strong bonds with Star Maidens only to eventually leave them. She says that he should do his best to make good memories while he can and suggests that he start by stealing a kiss from all of the Maidens, starting with her. Itsuki is a little hesitant, because he feels he can’t do something like that with someone he won’t get to see again (but I guess Farun is totally fine?). Reone goes in for the kiss herself since Itsuki chickened out and then she asks to walk back home holding hands, since she wants to enjoy being lovers until the very end.


For Sue’s Classmating, Itsuki wonders why Sue still wants to do Classmating since she figured out what the nostalgic feeling was and why it was causing a “prickly” sensation (memories of her parents holding her). Sue asks if Itsuki doesn’t want to do it with her, but he says that he does. Sue says that she wants to as well because she likes him, even if her heart still feels a little prickly during the ritual. Classmating then happens.

Afterward, Sue says that her heart feels warm and also a little prickly, but that that sensation goes away whenever she thinks about Itsuki. She then says that she loves him and wants to be by his side. The event ends there.

In Sue’s event, Itsuki finds her doing some spring cleaning of the animal hut. Itsuki offers to help and lifts up some heavy equipment to get it out of the way. Sue is impressed by how light he makes it look and how strong he is.

After Itsuki explains that he’s not quite strong enough to carry a freaking horse, the two of them proceed to cleaning. A short time skip happens. Once it’s done, Itsuki tells her that he can always help her out again, but Sue gets a little sad about that and says that she can’t rely on him like that all the time. If she did, she feels like she wouldn’t be able to live by herself anymore. She also says that she feels weaker now because of all the help she’s been getting and that she feels useless when Itsuki spoils her.

Itsuki asks if that’s really such a bad thing, but Sue says that she’ll only cause trouble during the times when he’s not there. Itsuki convinces her that it’s okay for her to depend on him and Sue asks him to be by her side. Itsuki agrees and Sue then asks him to not go to the labyrinths anymore, but Itsuki tells her that’s not possible.

Sue tells him not to forget that him going to the labyrinths makes her afraid and the event ends there.


Collette’s Classmating event opens with her asking if she can go take a bath first. Itsuki says that if she’s going to do that, then he might as well do it too, which causes Collette to do her “Are you trying to say that you want to bathe with me?” thing that she always does to make Itsuki sound like a perv. Collette says that she’ll just wait and have the bath after the ritual.

She eventually says that because she’s doing this for him without having washed first, she’ll do something special. She makes him kneel down so that they are both at eye-level, then has him close his eyes. Itsuki wonders what the soft sensation against his lips was, but Collette says that it’s a secret (she kissed you, Itsuki. Don’t be that dense). Classmating then eventually happens.

A little more back and forth happens with Itsuki denying that he was teasing her and Collette trying to find out what he said and all that stuff. She then says it’s time for a bath and offers to wash Itsuki’s back, which causes him to question if they are going to bathe together. Collette says “Why not?” since they are close enough to do that ritual all the time. Itsuki then quickly makes up an excuse and fucking books it.

For Collette’s event, she gets Itsuki to run out and buy her a bag of sugar from the store. During his shopping run, he runs into Mahiru and decides to ask her if she knows where he can get a four-leafed clover. Mahiru says that she carries one in her wallet (she put it in there just before they wound up in this world… for some reason…). Itsuki head back to the bakery and shows Collette the clover, which nearly brings her to tears (I should mention that Itsuki doesn’t say anything about Mahiru giving it to him. Douche). Collette says that she needs to close up shop and get to baking that bread right away, but that she wants him to stay with her the whole time.

Yup, that’s a triple comma in place of a question mark. SC gonna SC.

Collette is happy that Itsuki remembered what she hopes her grandfather will say, then asks him to hold her hand during the baking since she wants to build up happiness to put into the bread. After some time has passed, Collette thanks Itsuki for staying with her and says that she’ll take the bread to her grandfather right away. The event wraps up around that time.


Lillith is on board for Classmating, although she says that Lillie would hate it if Itsuki disliked her (Itsuki assures her that he doesn’t). Lillith then wants to apologize for the Golden Apple incident, even though it’s kind of late for that.

Itsuki says that it’s because of what she did that he was saved, which makes Lillith happy. Classmating then happens. After that, Itsuki mentions that he was noticing how much Lillith has changed and that she’s a lot more assertive now. Lillith talks about how she’s never felt this way and that her heart is so full of worries (okay, that part is a little different compared to how these usually go). Lillith starts talking about how it’s a bad habit of hers to worry like that and that she’s happy when she’s with Itsuki, but is afraid of not being with him. Itsuki says that he understands how she feels and reassures her, which makes Lillith happy, but she admits that the bad thoughts still cross her mind. When Itsuki leaves, Lillith mumbles something about still being worried about what might happen between them in the future.

For the event, Itsuki walks in to find Lillith giving a fortune reading, although it’s quickly revealed that this is actually Lillie impersonating Lillith again. However, Lillie isn’t doing this for the sake of a prank this time. She says that she hasn’t been able to switch with Lillith since yesterday and she’s not sure why. Lillie says that apparently Lillith read a fortune about something (Lillie found Lillith’s fortune telling stuff in front of her when she flipped. She could also feel some residual emotional shock) and ever since Lillie has been stuck in control. Itsuki asks if it’s even possible for that to happen and Lillie says that there’s no other way to explain it. She’s been bashing her head repeatedly to try and change back, but it hasn’t been happening. Itsuki gets her to calm down and Lillie says that she’s just worried about Lillith. She says that maybe something equally shocking as what Lillith saw would be enough to force a personality switch again, then says that there’s only one thing left that she can think of: kissing.

I’ve always liked the term “snogging”. It’s a funny word.

After some back and forth where Itsuki tries to go through with the kiss but Lillie is being really shy about it and doing things like turning her face away, they finally manage to kiss.

Lillie says that she’ll bite his tongue off if he sticks it inside. Barf.

The kiss does the trick and Lillith is brought back out. Itsuki tries to find out what was so shocking that Lillith wouldn’t come out anymore, but she says that it was so bad that her memory of it is gone. Itsuki is still concerned about it, but lets it go since Lillith says she can’t remember what it was. When Itsuki leaves, Lillith mumbles “Itsuki… I…” and looks kind of upset. The event ends there.


Tarua is embarrassed about doing the ritual but she wants to be useful to Itsuki, then Classmating happens. I’m not really skipping much, it really does happen that quickly. Afterward, Itsuki offers to pat her on the head, but Tarua declines and says that there’s something else she wants instead. She wants him to hold her up instead, because being patted on the head makes her feel weird.

Huh, she does have that snaggle-tooth. I guess the anime didn’t make that up.

Tarua is having fun, but then Itsuki pats her on the head as well and Tarua starts melting like butter. Itsuki eventually has to put her down since his knees are going numb (wimp) and then Tarua starts asking about whether or not Itsuki finds her cute. She’s apparently worried that Itsuki doesn’t see her as a girl, since he doesn’t seem to get nervous around her. Itsuki reassures her that she’s cute, but Tarua says that she still wants to be more feminine since she wants to make Itsuki’s heart race like other girls do. Tarua tries to figure out what causes that, whether it’s hugging or kissing or while being on a date, then locks into the date thing and says that she wants to do that with him. Itsuki agrees and Tarua is determined to make his heart race and be more like a girl.

In Tarua’s event, the date happens. Tarua is stocked about it, but she isn’t sure what you actually do on a date and never really thought of anything to do. She asks Itsuki what to do and he suggests (in the best choice) that they walk arm in arm.

Tarua says that up until now, she loved running more than anything in the world, but she admits that slowly walking around with Itsuki like this is really fun too. Itsuki also buys her some sweets that she spies and Tarua seems to be loving the date (Itsuki actually says that it feels more like he’s taking care of a cousin than going on a date. Tarua doesn’t catch that comment though). After the date, Tarua says that it was a lot of fun but that it’s different from the ones she knows of. Specifically, she says that the ones she knows of are when a man and a woman make out and are lovey-dovey and stuff. Also that the man carries the woman and they kiss. Tarua starts freaking out a bit about that since the thought makes her really nervous, but Itsuki tells her not to rush things so much.

Itsuki says that she already made his heart race, but Tarua isn’t buying it since her face goes red and her mind goes blank when it happens to her. Itsuki points out that not everyone reacts in the same way. Tarua still wants to make Itsuki more nervous like he does to her, so they promise to go on lots of dates.

There, that takes care of that. Now all that’s left is everyone’s final event, where it all comes together and permanent deep relationships are formed and we can all pretend for a few more labyrinths that everything is great until the inevitable time comes for me to pit the 13 Maidens against each other and force the thread to select just 1 of them for the canon ending. Fun stuff.

Also I guess we’ll find out if Alfie and Yuzuha are going to die in the next few years or if some magic anime bullshit will save them at the last minute (even though they are Star Maidens and are supposed to be permanently youthful for the next 120 years. Which is honestly something I think the writers may have forgotten about).