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Part 44: Final Bonding Events (Part 2) – Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra

Bonding Update XX: Final Bonding Events (Part 2) – Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra

Here’s the last of the Bonding Events. After this, the only Maiden specific events that are left are the endings and some side stuff (like the Beach Events and Flower Viewing).

Because these are the last events of each Maiden’s character arc (and also because many of these events are shorter than what we are used to), I’ll throw out the polling results and give every Star Maiden a full event. There will be no summaries this time. Everyone gets a turn in the spotlight.

That said, we’re still going to follow polling order. Alfie is up first. Oh, and I won’t mess with Itsuki’s dialogue for these. I don’t want to inadvertently ruin anybody’s “big moment” with my personal biases or head-canon. I’ll save that for my snarky in-between commentary.

~Day Camp~

You look happy. Did something happen?

Ehehe… The Day Camp is taking the day off.

Slackers. I need new Star Children. Get them back to work, now!

And Itsuki, you came to visit me, just like I thought you would!

Didn’t you send me a message earlier? You said it was your day off, so you wanted to deepen our bond.

A-Anyway, let’s go to the beach.

Fair enough. You apparently don’t get a Seasonal Beach Event like everyone else because your inclusion was half-assed, so this is really your only chance to show up in a swimsuit.

I’m fine with it… but how’s the scar on your back doing?

Ehehe… Don’t underestimate the healing properties of a former Star Child.

So it’s gone already…?

…Would the scar have made it a problem? I guess it’s kind of embarrassing for people to see, but still.

I see… Oh… but if we go now, we’d get there in the evening. It’ll be too cold to wear a swimsuit then.

Leave that to me! I’ll take full responsibility… I’ll take you to the secret beach that’s warm 24 hours a day!

Is there really such a convenient place?

Yessiree! Now let’s go to Sunset Beach! I can’t wait!

~Sunset Beach… I guess?~

This is the usual beach… But it sure is warm… Actually, it’s pretty hot.

Ah, of course! Star Energy! The answer for literally everything you can think of except curing Yuzuha’s fantasy illness, or Reone’s brother’s disease, or Alfie’s shortened life span. Cobra’s Weather Dominator though? No sweat, apparently.

She said it was to atone for everything that happened, but… Ehehe… I’m really thankful for her.

I’m glad you two were able to make up.


It usually empties out around now, so we can relax all by ourselves.

How about I go and get changed now?

The dressing room’s over there, so I’ll go and get changed too.

Oh, and…

No peeking, right?


Just because we’re along together…

…Is that really the right pose for that line?

*After a brief changing clothes time skip*


Nice. I was waiting for you.

At the very least it’s not insanely revealing. Granted, most of the swimsuits in this game are fairly modest, even Reone’s.

Super cute. It’s a great look for you.

Ehehe… Look at this too. Ta-da!

That’s great, although we don’t really have a reference for how it looks because we never saw how bad the scar was.

Alfie… I’m so glad you’re better now. I feel much more at ease.

Ehehe… Now I’m fully recovered!

Let’s go swimming. You’re wearing a swimsuit, after all.

Well… to tell you the truth… I can’t swim.

It’s the typical thing to do on beach dates at sunset.

All right. Let’s do that then. But I’m surprised you can’t swim. You’re so athletic.

It’s not that much of a surprise. Doesn’t seem like something that Star Children would have to learn.

*Time skip again. Not entirely sure why since they are just sitting down to talk*

The sunset is pretty… Sitting here together like this… It really makes it look like we’re lovers.

Are you worried about any illicit activities occurring between us?

N-No! It’s not that… *sigh*… I wonder if that God’s Gift and Star Maiden went on dates like this back then.

Speaking of, that God’s Gift enshrined the Star Offering and went back, right?

They can do that no problem? Then why are the Maidens getting so downcast about not being able to stay with Itsuki? I mean, for some of them it makes sense (Collette and Farun would be leaving their families behind for example), but I’m not sure what’s holding down someone like Reone now that her whole hospital thing is complete and she plans to quit being the Palace Physician. I sort of figured there would be some Star Maiden force that would prevent them from leaving Granvania.

I’m sure they’re in that world together now… How lucky.

I wonder if any of the former God’s Gifts have ever tried to find others like them? I’d definitely immediately start googling shit like “Granvania”, “Star Energy”, or “God’s Gift” after getting back home. Then again, I guess since it’s only every 10 years, there probably aren’t a ton of former God’s Gifts around that would be heavily involved online. Internet has only been around commercially for a few decades after all.

Do you want to go to Sora?

No. I intend to stay here in Granvania. But the God’s Gift at the time… He did say what a wonderful place Sora is.

Huh…? Is it not?

I mean… I think it’s better than Granvania, because the people in this world suck ass, but Sora’s got no shortage of its own problems.

I don’t really know… The adults of Sora say the modern world isn’t as good as it used to be.

That’s because they’re old. Every generation thinks that things were better when they were kids (except maybe the generations from 1910-1950 I suppose).

But I don’t dislike Sora. You like Granvania too, right?


It’s so hot right now… Hey, Alfie. The sun’s about to set. Do you wanna take a dip in the water before it gets dark? If we stay in the shallow parts, it’ll be fine even if you can’t swim.

R-Right… Maybe just a little.

*It’s splashing time!*


Hey, Alfie! Get ready!


*The screen starts shaking a tiny bit, which I guess means Itsuki is splashing water on Alfie*

O-Oh, please! Stop that!

No way! Come on! Do it back to me!

U-Um… Let’s really stop this… Ahhh!

*The screen then fades to white slowly for a moment. When it fades back in, Alfie is slightly closer than before*

That was a spectacular fall, Alfie. Are you all right?

Ugh… I’m drenched now…

Sorry… I didn’t know you’d hate it that much. Here, give me your hand. … Wait, what’s on your back…


The scar…

Oh… D-Don’t look!

This is from back then…

I-I’m sorry I lied! I… You seemed so worried about the scar ever since… So I wanted to ease your mind…



I’m sorry… It’s my fault that I made you feel this way…

It was kind of a dick move.

It’s really not, Itsuki…

Alfie… Can we… stay like this, just a little longer?

Yes… I wouldn’t mind staying like this forever…

Aww. That was sweet, wasn’t it?

Gonna warn you right now, not everyone gets a CG or that length of a final event. Alfie’s was a little longer than the others, probably because she generally has less screentime than the other Maidens. Mahiru’s is also weirdly long, which… I don’t actually know why she gets to have an extended final event. Anyway, for the most part the following events will be shorter and only a few CGs will pop up.

~Star God Academy Church~

Itsuki, how about we pray together today?

Are you sure he’s watching? He seems like kind of a lazy asshole.

Much time has passed since we first met… And I think the distance between us has significantly closed.

I think so too.

I can feel your heart is closer to mine. Itsuki, I love you.


We get choices here, although I’m not sure why. The options are “I like you”, “Thanks”, and “I love you too”. No matter what you pick, I’m pretty sure the event ends basically the same way.

I love you too.


And that’s not from my duty as God’s Gift either. I really do love you, Arie.

That’s wonderful, Itsuki. It’s wonderful how our hearts seem to be beating together. Now I can swear an oath upon the Star God.

What kind of oath?

That my heart shall never leave you side.

Another choice pops up here. Choices are slight variations on the same answer: “Let’s make that oath right away.” (Best choice), “Do we really need an oath?” (Probably the bad choice), and “I’ll allow it” (Probably the neutral choice).

Let’s make that oath right away.

Oh? Then… can I assume you’re fine with it? Itsuki, this makes me so happy.

…Is homeboy getting married right now? Is that what’s going on?

Then… Itsuki, please close your eyes with me. …

All right.

*The screen then goes black for this part*

that no matter how apart our bodies may be, our hearts shall always be one. In sickness and in health… I pledge my love to you. Itsuki, please say the same.

Yep, sure looks like a marriage is happening.

Of course. My Lord… I, Itsuki, swear to Arie… that no matter how apart our bodies may be, our hearts shall always be one.

Itsuki, thank you. You can open your eyes now.


Now we will always be together.


Jesus, Itsuki. You essentially got married. Could you summon up just a tiny bit of emotion for this?

My heart is filling with even more love for you, Itsuki. I’m happy to have pledged this oath…

Is that all we need to do?


Shit… uh… Wait, no! I’m pretty sure we’ve got a Diamond ring or something in our giant pile of items. It’s cool. Itsuki should be prepared.

Proof? What do you do in your world after this?

We… kiss…

Or I guess you could to that, too. The item horde is right over there if you change your mind.


… I-I do not have any experience with this… So I may become too nervous and do something rude…

That goes for both of us.

Right… but…


Arie suddenly goes in for the kiss and the scene fades out just as it happens.

That’s more like what you can expect from the rest of these events. Alfie’s and Mahiru’s are just kind of exceptions. With the bar now set, it’s on to Femiruna, who also does not get a CG for this event.

~Femiruna’s Home~

…You there, Femiruna?

*The screen fades to black for a second to cover for the fact that they can’t make Femiruna appear on screen directly ahead (she walks towards Itsuki when the screen fades back, implying that she came down the stairs, but the game can’t show her walking down them and she can’t walk in from the side like usual)*

Good, you have arrived. I felt like talking to you for some reason today. Itsuki, do you have a dream you strive for?

That came outta nowhere… I wouldn’t call it a dream. It’s more of a goal. I wanna fulfill my mission in this world and return to mine.

Right. You have had that dream since coming here.

It is to become a proper lady and make an elegant debut in the association. That has been my dream ever since I was small… I have no other path aside from that.

That sounds like something that your parents brainwashed you into.

But being a Star Maiden, I began attending the academy… And I met you… Something within me changed because of all that.

What’s your dream now, Femiruna?

I want to leave the manor and see the vast world around me. I want to learn more than I already know… That is my current dream.

So you wanna fly from the nest. Then when I’m able to return to my world, do you wanna come with me?

Huh…?! I-I cannot do that!

How you feel is far more important.

My own feelings…

Slow it down, Itsuki. Listen, I get the sentiment, but you’re not telling this girl to run off to Europe or some shit for summer vacation. You are asking if she wants to leave her entire life behind, including her parents, forever. This decision isn’t something Femiruna can undo once it’s made.

Even if the Gate of Light or whatever does reappear in 10 years, you sure as fuck don’t know where in the world it’s going to open and it only seems to appear for like 30 seconds, at best.

I want you to do what you want. Can you really leave things as they are now?


I want you to do what you think is right. If there’s something you wanna do, do it. Holding back isn’t like you.

I would appreciate if you did not imply I was egotistic. I consider many things. My true desire is to experience the outside world, but…

I do not believe I can survive by myself if I were to leave this manor behind.

Then… do you think you’d be all right if you were with me?

Huh… Th-That could work…

I’ll help any way I can to ease your anxieties. Let’s do this together.

I-I must not do so. That cannot be allowed.

I’m sure everyone will understand. There’s nothing to fear if we’re together.

No, I don’t think everyone will understand. You’re talking about her parents never seeing their only daughter ever again because she ran off with some teenager from a different world.


Fine, whatever. Let’s play into this girl’s masochistic fetish and separate her from her parents forever.

Stop thinking and just come with me!

Ahhh! Wh-Why did you shout so suddenly?! You scared me! Why are you always like this…

Because you told him to be like this?



I will make you happy. Just follow me.

Oh… Um… But…

You’re still worried?

I, um… would like for you to prove it with your actions.

All right.


*Kissing happens*

How’s this?

And that’s all. Listen, it was still a sweet scene (at least I think so… mostly… kind of), but I can’t help looking at this and going “Her parents are going to wake up and find out that Femiruna disappeared into a different dimension with a teenaged boy she met like a year ago.” I had the same problem with Inuyasha. Kagome abandons her family (including her widowed mother) and close friends to run off with some boy she barely knows. For all intents and purposes, she essentially commits suicide. I cannot look past that aspect and focus on the “I love you” stuff.

Then again, I am a jaded and cynical adult now instead of an impressionable and short-sighted teenager (who would definitely be looking at shit like this and thinking it was the most beautiful ending that could ever be imagined). That might explain it.

Oh well. No need to dwell on that, I guess. Plenty of time to rant about it once we find out what actually happens in Femiruna’s ending. Maybe Itsuki ends up staying with her (which presents a small problem of its own, I will admit).

Ruka time is go. Ruka is one of the lucky few to get a CG for her final event. I should clarify that everyone gets a CG for their ending, so this isn’t the last chance for more artwork of the Maidens.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

The club got disbanded, so I guess that’s to be expected…

…Why are you here?

*Ruka enters, stage left*

I just felt like coming here is all. What about you?

Same for me. I just felt like it. Class was over, yet I found myself here… I feel like I still have some things left undone for the club…

Like to deepen our bond?

Yeah… You told me that when we first made the club.

I just remembered that right now… … I was thinking… We’ve deepened our bond so much…

How you feel…? Do you mean…

We can finally hear the sounds of gears in Itsuki’s head starting to turn.

Lean over and stick your forehead out first. I’m actually really annoyed at you. You barged your way into my heart, but you never let me see what’s inside yours.

Well that’s because you can’t, because your powers have only ever been implied.

I’m always at my limit, but you probably never even notice.

I’m sort of reaching that point as well. I miss Wake. LP Wake, I mean. Official Wake is kind of dense in his own right.

I won’t be satisfied until I flick your forehead as hard as I can.

So that’s how you thought of me, huh… All right then. If that makes you happy, do whatever you need to.

Close your eyes and clench your teeth then.

Go for it.

*The screen then goes black*

…How’s this?

Hmph. You’re playing it cool as usual. I’m going to go all out on you…

This is a good CG for height comparisons. Ruka looks to be about half a head shorter than Itsuki (she’s standing on her toes in this CG). If we go purely by this CG, then Itsuki looks to be as tall or taller than Reone.

Mm… …

*And now the CG disappears and we’re back to 3D models*


O-Of course it was a lie about how much I hate you. Now do you understand how I feel about you…?

Loud and clear.

Hehe… If you want to know my feelings again, I’ll do this again for you.

Hmph… It’s stuffy in this classroom. I feel like my face is on fire. …Okay. Now the club is disbanded for real. You should focus on fighting the Impurities and getting back to your own world. Even when you’re not around I won’t… I won’t feel… lonely… Ugh…

Now see, Ruka’s ending I think would be perfectly fine for a “Come with me to my world” deal. She’s an orphan and she feels alienated in this world because of her Tsukuyomi thing. Who wants to bet that Itsuki stays in Granvania with her in her ending, though?

Ruka… I’m sorry….

D-Don’t apologize to me… *sniff*… It was already set in stone that you’d be going back to your own world.

This really loses emotional impact now that we know that Star Maidens can totally go with God’s Gifts to Sora. Before Alfie’s final event, there was always some question about whether or not anyone other than God’s Gifts could pass through the return gate. Now we know that there’s apparently no barrier to doing that, though.

I-It doesn’t matter to me at all! Ugh… *sniff*…

Ruka… I will save the world. I promise you.

It’s all right. I’ll be with you till the end.

There’s also the fact that Itsuki seems to invite some Maidens to go with him back to his world but keeps silent with others whenever they start talking about having to be separated. Weird.

I’ll try to send you off with a smile… The after hours club is over, but I’ll wait for you at the church next time. I don’t want to, but I’ll still do the ritual with you, so stop by anytime…

Yeah. Thanks, Ruka.

Y-You’re welcome! …Now go. Even though we’re destined to be apart…

Please, don’t forget that.

Farun’s turn. Farun also gets to have a CG for this event. In case you’re wondering, everybody seems to get 3 CGs + 1 Ending CG. They aren’t all evenly spaced out though (2 out of 3 Tarua CGs are in her Level 5 Events. Same for Yuzuha). Some of them are also shifted to side events (which is why Collette got that Festival CG). I think Reone and Ruka have their 3rd CG during the Beach Event (Reone’s second CG will be during her final event coming up in a little bit).


…Heya, Itsuki. Welcome.

There were so many people here drinkin’ an’ makin’ merry a li’l while ago… It’s like the reverberations are still here. I like it when it’s like this. It just feels a li’l sad an’ heart wrenchin’. But it’s still fun…

Yeah, it sure sounds fun to listen to rowdy drunk people for hours at a time.

It makes me think… that the fun stuff will come again.

Oh, don’t forget to lock the door.

*Itsuki presumably locks the door*

…Now then, Itsuki. We have plenty of time. Let’s chat. We can talk ‘bout tons of stuff. So, what do ya wanna talk ‘bout?

We were promised an explanation of what you wrote in that letter to your parents. Cough it up.

About you, Farun.

Ahaha! I guess ya would wanna talk ‘bout Big Sis Farun.

…Just kiddin’. Itsuki, thanks for talkin’ with me all these times. But I’m sorry… Please lemme talk ‘bout myself one more time. I want ya to know everythin’ ‘bout me…

Sweet. Start with what the hell happened when you left home and basically disowned your entire hometown. I’m curious about that.

Um… Where do I start…

Just go at your own pace. I’ll be following along.

Yeah, thanks… …As ya know, I’m a travelin’ dancer. I go from trip to trip, place to place, all alone an’ free.

I went to many places, saw many vistas, an’ had tons of fun. That ain’t a lie. But… is that all? Is that really all I wanted to do? I asked myself that. I couldn’t find the answer, which is why I couldn’t tell my parents.

Aw, I was expecting something a bit more dramatic behind the “I don’t want to write to my parents” thing.

So… did you find your answer?

…Yeah. I think… I was lookin’ for someplace just for me. No matter where I was, I always felt a bit lonely an’ restless.

Everyone goes home after this. To where they can unwind. But I don’t have that. I was always lookin’ for it. I was lookin’ for a place to feel at ease. My very own place I can call home.

Your very own home, different from the home that you had but left behind. I’m not being snarky, just clarifying that Farun wasn’t some vagrant or orphan.

Did you find it…?

Yeah. Right there.


It’s right here. This… is where I can feel most at ease in the whole wide world… This is the final stop on my travels… I wrote that in my letter. There was much more to it, but, simply put…

Hehe. That’s what I truly feel.

I… also like you, Farun.

Reminder: I’m not rewriting Itsuki dialogue for these. He really does just say “like”. It’s not a choice thing either.

…Thank you. I didn’t think I’d ever experience this moment. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Ever since I met you… My life’s full of so much happiness… I hope we’ll continue on like this.

Of course.

Hehe… Say… I’m gonna say somethin’ weird right now. I wanna say somethin’ special.

What’s that?

It’s a phrase I thought would have nothin’ to do with me as a traveler… I wanted to say it once I found a place that put me most at ease in the world… I wanna say it while I’m in your arms…

What is it…? Tell me.

M’kay… …

I’m home, Itsuki… In the place I feel most at ease in the whole world… Bein’ in your arms is my home… This is where my travels end… Itsuki… Itsuki… I won’t ask ya to always be with me. It can just be for right now… I wanna be together even if it’s only for this moment… …

*A time skip apparently happens that spans the entire night, because when we come back…*

Mornin’, Itsuki!

Huh…? Oh, it’s already morning…

That’s right. It’s a wonderful mornin’. Hehe. Ain’t ya goin’ to the labyrinths today? Ya sure ya can do it when you’re such a sleepyhead?

Eh, it’s mostly committing monster genocide by God’s Poking every living creature on Floors 1-10. He’ll be fine sleepwalking through that. I’m just grinding up new Star Children after all.

Right. I better go…

Come on! Up ya go! Cheer up! I know. Big Sis Farun will give ya a cheerleadin’ dance! Here goes! A one, an’ a two…

Hey, it’s better than what you did in the anime adaption.

Ta-da! Ahaha. Feel better now?

Yeah, thanks, Farun.

Hehe. Take care.


Hey, Itsuki. Hold up. Um…

…Ahaha. Good luck. Take care now!

Yeah. I’m off.

…Yeah. This is enough for me. Thank ya, Itsuki. I’m glad we were able to meet.

That was a sweet event, although personally I think it dragged longer than it needed to in places. That CG portion of the event should have cut at “I’m home.” I think that would have been the perfect moment to end that part on.

Mirei also doesn’t get a CG, which is a little odd now that I think about it… Where does her 3rd CG show up? We had that Bath CG, then we had the glasses off kiss CG thing from the last event, but where’s the other? …It wasn’t the festival… pretty sure it’s not the beach… it wasn’t Starmas… I could have sworn that I already completed the Flower Viewing events… Huh… Did they really shortchange Mirei on CGs or am I forgetting one?

~Mirei’s Laboratory~

Oh, Itsuki. You’re here.

We’re doing research today, right? What will it be today?

All right. So an interview then. I’ll sit down. You can bring out the restraints.

No, Itsuki. I want to talk to you normally.

Are you sure about that? I thought you got more “accurate data” when I was restrained.

Blasphemy! Data is the most important thing in Anime! …Or maybe that’s just specifically combat data.

You’re so fascinating… Your whole existence is charming to me. But the compilation of your data doesn’t explain your charms. I have to look directly at your face and hear your voice…

So Itsuki is a pretty face and not much else, basically. Is that what that means?

So I want to talk normally… That is how I want to experience this.

I have fun just talking to you too.

Heheh… My old self… My old self would have thought it to be a waste of time… I know, Itsuki. There’s something I want to tell you.

To my world?

Yes. It will be the most difficult research I’ve ever done.

…There’s a portal that opens whenever a Star Offering is enshrined (normally). I guess you’re talking about a permanent way to Sora? I would heavily advise against that.

It’s not going to go well for the Magic Fantasy World.

But I think it’s worth doing. Though, the goal seems so far away…

You can do it, Mirei.

Heheh. Of course I can. Who do you think I am?

I have new motivation now compared to the other times.

Why look into this now of all times?

When everything ends, you will return to Sora. When you do, I won’t be able to continue my research. There are no other research subjects like you. I must continue to research you.

Mirei… In that case, let’s go together.

See what I mean about this? Where was all Itsuki’s talk about “coming with me” when Ruka was basically in tears?

But… Why would you want me? I don’t have interesting topics to speak of, and I only know how to research.

But I like that about you, Mirei. I wanna be with you.

… You really are strange… Oh, Itsuki. I’ve just thought of another piece of research.


I suddenly want to learn that. This is rooted in my desire to research. So this… is just research… You understand, right?

Wh-What? Why… are you getting so close?

Don’t move.

*Mirei goes in for a kiss*

…What do you think?

I’m… surprised.

You’re so mysterious… No matter how much I learn about you, I want to learn even more. I don’t think I’ll ever know everything about you. But… that makes you the best research specimen there is.

So, I’m still a research specimen?

I don’t know of any other word. I don’t want to lose you. You are that important to me.

I feel the same.


Of course…

Ah… You’re so warm… Itsuki… I’m glad I met you… You taught me so much when I knew nothing… Nothing of this warmth… of these emotions… Please… hold me gently…

And that’s the last of the Focus Maidens. I did say I would continue with the others though, so let’s keep the sentimental train rolling in the next update.