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Part 45: Final Bonding Events (Part 2) – Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio

Bonding Update XXI: Final Bonding Events (Part 2) – Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio

No CG for Mahiru, but I do remember her final event going on for a long fucking time. Although maybe that was just because I don’t like her a lot. Let’s find out.

~Star God Academy Classroom~


How’d you know? Did you use Star Energy?

It’s just my intuition. You came to ask me to walk home with you, right?

It helps when the guy is a simpleton.

Seems like it could even surpass Star Energy.

But you have a bunch of stuff with you today.

Oh, this? I took some of the ingredients from the cafeteria. So… I want to suggest something today. Will you hear me out?

Are you gonna cook for me?

So I’m right then? A man’s gut feeling can be pretty powerful too.

She just said that she borrowed a bunch of ingredients from the cafeteria. What the fuck else was she going to do with them? Throw them at Narcisstes? …Because I would be on board for that.

But if you don’t want me to, you can tell me.

I told you before, didn’t I? I’ll taste-test your cooking any time you want.

Whew… That’s good.

I see some turnips, Granvania carrots, onions, and a flank of meat. So, considering the ingredients… You’re making curry, aren’t you?!

I wanted you to try a new dish today, so I practiced any chance I got.

Well, as long as there are none of those Golden Apples in there, then it’s fine. …Someone did tell you about the Golden Apples, right?

And… The dorm I’m at doesn’t allow boys to enter, so can I go to your room?

Sure, you’re more than welcome. I can’t wait to try it out.

*Fade to black here, although I’m pretty sure it’s just a scene change*

~Inn: Itsuki’s Room~

Itsuki, how many times have I come to your room now?

You’re here pretty often. You always come over to kick me awake.

How rude. I don’t kick you, I’m very gentle.

You jump on me every time.

I can’t imagine that he does.

Having your childhood friend wake you up in the morning is like a rom-com.

So is Alfie’s route, except Alfie’s route doesn’t have the lingering specter of incest.

Your room is always so clean, Itsuki.

I don’t own anything, and I only come back here to sleep.

But there should still be dust. Is someone else cleaning it for you?

No way. The only ones who come here are you and Mana.

And Alfie… and Yuzuha that one time.

What about the other Star Maidens?

They rarely stop by.

I see…

They don’t want to get eaten by someone hiding smut mags under their bed.

Oh, you’ve said it now. If you doubt me so much, then check under the bed.

I’d say go right ahead. Mirei probably already beat you to the punch somehow. She seems to have access to Itsuki’s porn stash, judging by her little question session a while back.

No way. If I did find something, it’d get awkward.

Don’t worry. Even if it gets awkward, I’ll still eat all your delicious food. Speaking of, how about you start cooking soon?

Oh, look at the time… Okay, you can go and get hungry now.

*Another fade to black happens, but I think it’s just a time skip*

Here you go! Mahiru’s special “Chunks of Meat and Veggies in Gooey Demi-glace Stew!” Eat up!

Don’t mind if I do! *munch munch*! *chomp chomp*!

Oh, so alcohol is fine now, huh? Finally give up on those drinking PSAs?

It’s delicious! *munch munch*! *chomp chomp*!

Did I recreate the Konatsuki-recipe right?

I think you did! *munch munch*! *chomp chomp*!

Okay, he’s eating, we get it.

Hey, are you even tasting it?

*munch munch*! *chomp chomp*!

That’s a no.

Oh, geez~

Mahiru, can I have another?!

… Oh, well… There’s plenty, so eat up, Itsuki.

*Another fade to black*

That was good! So good, I totally overate!

You can now fill up hungry people anytime! Good job, me!

You seem rather excited.

Really? I’m just acting like I normally do!

Speaking of which, you said you used red wine as a secret ingredient. I think I’m getting a bit dizzy…

It can do that? So this world has fucking Google now? You couldn’t make long distance calls until a little while ago, but you can fucking check Granipedia for wine info?

This world doesn’t make any sense.

What are you snooping around for…? Hey! D-Don’t tell me! You’re looking for dirty videos right in front of a girl?!

He just told you what he was looking for. Also, this world has fucking porn sites?!

…Found it.

What?! You found a dirty video already?!

N-No… I’m talking about Granvania’s different types of wines. It seems their alcohol content is pretty high. So even if you try cooking out the alcohol, a little always remains.

A different set of rules that are never clearly defined and change constantly.

*yawn*… Say, Itsuki, do you think I’m drunk?

To be honest, I’m a little tipsy myself…

I researched the wine too, but didn’t think it’d be like this.

Is Itsuki going to burst into flames now that he has committed the unforgiveable sin of breaking Japan’s minimum drinking age laws?

But it tasted great thanks to that, so I’m satisfied.

I guess all’s well that ends well.

Mahiru, it’s getting late, so how about you spend the night? You can use my bed.

Yeah, what’s the big deal? We already did that with Yuzuha, and Farun, and Reone, and Sue, and… okay, probably not the right time to be mentioning this.

I mean, if you wanna go there, we’ve been doing that forever now.

It’s different back home… We’re all by ourselves here…

There were times we were alone when your folks went on trips. It’s okay. I’ll sleep on the floor.

That’s not the problem… I’m going back.

Yeah, Itsuki sure does sound like he’s trashed. Perfect speech and thinking clearly enough to know when it’s not a good idea to go out.

Just spend the night here, Mahiru.

Ugh… Then I’ll sleep on the floor.

Don’t worry about me. I usually play games and end up dozing off on the floor anyway.

They have game sys—Actually, never mind. We already know about that from Mirei’s festival event. Carry on.


Well, do you wanna sleep together then?

I-I don’t…

I’m kidding.


*Mahiru wanders out of frame*

Mahiru, I’m turning off the lights.

*The screen goes black at this point*

Hey, Itsuki…


I-If we do sleep together…

…What? What rules are you referring to exactly?

I don’t know.


Yeah. I don’t know how I’d handle that. I’ll sleep right here. Good night, Mahiru.

Cousins, cousins talkin ‘bout banging, oh yeahhh~

Your bed smells exactly like you… Goodnight, Itsuki…

And that’s—

Itsuki, good morning.

…Never mind, I guess this scene is still going.

Morning… You’re awake already?

I woke up pretty early, so I went out to take a walk. I didn’t know they had morning stars in this world. They were so bright.

Guess I was sound asleep, huh.

I was going to head back in the middle of my walk…

What’s that?

I… like you, Itsuki. Now, and probably forever too. I have feelings for you. Even if we were to break the rules of Granvania…

I won’t let anyone say it’s the White Impurity’s fault…

*There’s a weird pause between lines here where the dialogue box disappears as if the scene has ended, but then it comes right back*

That’s all I wanted to say. So, shall we meet up at the academy?

Yeah. Let’s do this again sometime.


There, finally. Scene. How long was that?

Word Count (All of these include the simple head image tags [not url] and my commentary)
Farun = 895 words
Mirei = 600
Ruka = 750
Femi = 680
Arie = 580
Alfie = 1,150

Mahiru’s? 1,400. Keep in mind that I was doing a fair amount of pondering in Alfie’s compared to the others. Mahiru’s event dwarfs all the other Maidens so far and I believe all of the Maidens that follow. Not sure why she got such detailed attention.

Anyway, let’s just move on before Mahiru runs back on to screen and starts yammering again. Yuzuha is up next.

~Yuzuha’s Workshop~

*The screen is black at the moment*

Yuzuha, I’m coming in.

Man, the devs got a lot of mileage out of this CG.

…Oh, Big Brother. No, I’m fine. I was just about to nod off though… I’ll get up right now…

*At this point the CG cuts and we’re in 3D model realm*


Yuzuha… Did you take the medicine from Reone?

Y-Yeah… It hurt a little, so I was laying down in my coffin. It’s a medicine that keeps the drowsiness away… Oh, but you already heard from Reone, right?

I’ll try to hold out until you can go back to your world…

Is there anything I can do…?

It’s okay. I’m doing this because I want to. You’ve already given me so much… So I don’t want anything else.

I don’t wanna go back to my world if it means sacrificing you…

Please don’t say that. You have to go back. I’m sure you really want to.

Even the pain from the medicine is fine so long as I give in to it.

This route took a really depressing turn at the last second.

I really like you, but I’ve given up on having my feelings reciprocated. That’s why I hoped to at least be helpful to you as a Star Maiden.


Big Brother…?

Don’t give up on yourself… I’ll do anything for you, so please… don’t give up.

…Big Brother. … …I gave up. I finally gave up… I really thought I did… That I couldn’t live for very long… To draw the outside world… And my feelings of loneliness…

Ugh… *sniff*…

Everyone having a good time with this one?

…But… But I just can’t give you up! *sniff*… *sniff*… Waaaaaah!

You don’t need to give up. You don’t have to give up anything…

But… But I can’t live for much longer. Even if you returned my feelings for you, it’d be too sad…

…Yuzuha. Come to my world with me. It may be impossible to cure you of your illness if you stay here. But in my world, there may be a way to treat it.

…Really? Is that really possible?

…Fuck it, I’ve always been the pessimist. I’ll just go ahead and say it: The odds that doctors on Earth will have any fucking idea what to do with a girl suffering from magic fantasy death narcolepsy are slim to none. We definitely haven’t created any methods of removing the need for sleep permanently. I guess you could load her up on trucker’s speed and Red Bull, but that’s only going to delay sleep for a couple of hours (not to mention it would completely destroy her health in other ways). Honestly, I think the odds are just as good that Reone or Mirei discover a way to treat the disease.

Yeah, I’ll take you there. I promise.

Big Brother… I’ll go. I’ll go to your world.

It’s much better than simply giving up now…

Yeah. Let’s go together, Yuzuha.

*The CG cuts at this point and it’s back to 3D*

I’ll be waiting for you. Until you find a way to return to your world. I’ll cooperate in the ritual like I always do until then. Please let me do that. Is that okay?

Of course. Let’s do this together, Yuzuha.


Oh well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking in this case. Maybe Sora really does have some cure for that. Who knows?

Reone gets her second CG here. Her third one is part of the Flower Viewing event, which we’ll get to eventually.

~Star God Academy Clinic~

Reone… something smells sweet in here…

That saves me the trouble of looking for you.

Were you gonna invite me to a snack party?

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough for you. I’m about to go to the church, and I want you to come with me.

Is Itsuki going to get married in this event, too?

Of course not. Let’s go.

That’s the right attitude. I like how cooperative you always are.

I’m just scared of seeing you get so mad when I say no…

N-No, nothing. I’ll go with you.

Is that a thing Reone does now? I guess it could be a reference to when she beat the shit out of all those thugs. Either way, don’t do it again. The “characters are terrified by the wafer-thin character” thing is rarely funny. When it is funny, it’s usually because there’s a sight gag to accompany it, which this game doesn’t really do.

That’s for the best. Careful not to put your foot in your mouth. Haha… Setting the jokes aside, you will be coming with me regardless. I really need you to…

All right then, I’ll go.

Yes, now let’s head over there.

~Star God Academy Church~

So what exactly are we doing here?

When I became the palace physician, I had him buried here…

Oh… Sorry, I didn’t know that. Then why come here all of a sudden?

You can’t be that dense. Can you?

I came to report to my brother that his dream has finally come true.

He really loved these…

Why does it have to be the last?

I recently remembered… Whenever my brother ate my baked apples, he always said…

”An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Eat enough and he’ll go away forever!”

“I’ll protect you until then… But when that happens, it’ll be his turn to protect you… My job of protecting you will be over then…”

He was a good brother.

Yes… He was too good for me… …Are you watching me up there? I’ve finally found someone I love… So you don’t have to protect me anymore…

I was such a bad sister… But this time, I won’t leave any stones unturned… It’s taken such a long time, but please… forgive me with this… This… will be the last time I apologize to you… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… Ugh… *sniff*…

I now feel kind of bad for making light of this incredibly somber moment. …Oh well! Too late now. What am I supposed to do, edit the text directly above me? If SC isn’t going to bother doing a second pass then why should I?

Your brother as my witness, I promise you, Reone: I will always protect you.

Yes… Now he can finally rest in peace…

*Back to 3D world*

…Itsuki, thank you for being by my side and listening… You saw my pitiful crying face…

Your beauty never left your face.

Well at least he didn’t bust out the old “You’re beautiful when you smile” chestnut.

It’s proof of all the hard work you’ve put in for your brother. There’s nothing pitiful about that… I won’t let you cry anymore…


So long as I’m with you, I will never let you cry. I promised to protect you after all.

R-Really now… But… I won’t be with you for much longer…

My role to build the hospital has ended… But my duty to exorcise Impurities still remains. I’ll see you off cordially as you return to your world…

Right. I’m counting on you till then.

Do continue requesting my assistance with the Classmating ritual. Don’t be shy. I’m sure we can make strong Star Children together.

*And then Reone leans in to kiss as the scene fades out*

That’s it for the next batch of Maidens. This update was a little short because of Mahiru. I could have split this entire thing into two updates, but Mahiru’s event drags on twice as long as everyone else’s. It ended up being just a little too much for a clean 50k character break.