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Part 46: Final Bonding Events (Part 2) – Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus

Bonding Update XXII: Final Bonding Events (Part 2) – Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus

Only a few more left. Sue is next. Sue’s final scene is… well, it’s going to start out a little weird.

~Sue’s Home~

Sue, are you there?

Oh, you’re inside. Where are you, Sue?

Um… A new animal came to my home, so I want to show you.

Name it Bahamut!

You’re getting new animals? What kind?

Of course. I wanna know what type of animal she is.

She gets lonely really easily, so be careful around her.

All right. Where is she?

I’ll bring her out right now.

So, what type of animal is she again…?

*Sue wanders into frame*


…Name it Battle Cat!




She gets lonely easily, so you have to give her attention. Itsuki… will mew take care of her?

I love cats!

Really? That makes meow so happy. But if mew don’t give her enough attention, she’ll sulk.

This sounds like a really needy animal. Are we sure we want that hanging around the house?

She pouts, huh? Then I better be careful.


So… did you understand what I was trying to say?

Yeah, I did.

I want to tell Papa and Mama about you… I want to go to their graves with you… Will you come with me? They’re buried in the forest.

Please god, don’t.

…I’ll get changed. I’ll only wear this in front of you.

Good. That was going to be a weird moment for the spirits of her mother and father to witness.


This is the first time I’m meeting them.

Do you come see your parents often?

…I come here when I’m lonely. Like when an animal dies or whenever I feel sad.

They must have been a great help whenever you felt sad.

Yeah… But I’ll probably visit them less and less… I think I won’t be as sad or lonely from now on. Itsuki… I’m scared that you’ll go away.

I don’t want you to go to the labyrinths anymore. I don’t want you in danger.

But… I won’t run away. I’m scared that you’ll go away like Papa and Mama… But I’ll wait for you to come back. I won’t let my worrying take over me.

Sue, I… I’ll never leave you.

Really…? I feel so afraid while I’m waiting…

I won’t let you be afraid anymore. I’m not going anywhere. If you’re gonna wait for me, I’ll always come back to you.

When my heart feels prickly, it’s suffocating. When it feels fuzzy, it’s warm. I don’t want to lose that warmth. I don’t want to let you go…

I promise. I’ll come back to you, wherever you may be.

Don’t just say it. Promise me properly. Itsuki… Promise me.

All right… I won’t go anywhere. I promise I will come back to you, Sue.

*Sue then leans in for a kiss and the scene fades to black*

So I guess that implies that Itsuki will stay in Granvania in a Sue ending, right? Unless she’s able to truck all her animals through that gate as well.

All right, let’s see what Collette’s got for us.

~Collette’s Sweet Wheats~


…Neehee. I was waiting for you, Itsuki. I know it’s you from the way the bell rings when you enter the bakery.

That’s something you can learn to distinguish?

How’s your grandfather doing?

You’re just going to jump right into it, huh. Shouldn’t you be praising me first?

I don’t even like Collette, but I’ve gotta agree. That was fucking cold, Itsuki.

Or are you actually after my grandfather?

Better too high than too low. Let’s be real Collette, if I wasn’t LP’ing this game, you’d still be sitting at 0 Bond Level right now.

Yeah, like that’s even a possibility… I just wanna know how it went.

Oh, I guess I haven’t told you yet.

Oh, come on! That was a prime opportunity! “…let’s get down to brass hardtack”! Brass loaves isn’t even close to being a play on words. You’re just substituting a random word for “loaves”.

When my grandfather ate the “Ultimate Breadwinner”… He mumbled… “This isn’t fresh enough”…

Well, Itsuki did give Collette a clover that had been sitting in Mahiru’s wallet for god knows how long. That’s not surprising.

In other words, I failed.

That must have been rough to hear. So it didn’t work out…

…Oh, please don’t get dejected like that.


Yes, “Huh” is actually the best response here.

Why are your eyes as wide as saucers? I’ve wanted to say this for a while. I just never had a good opportunity. It was a struggle just coming up with a way to say it… I wonder what’s gotten into me…


Oh, you don’t need to respond just yet. I feel overwhelmed just having said it… Ah, sorry, I went completely off topic. Um… going back to my grandfather…

Then my grandfather’s stomach started hurting and he went to bed.

Wow. You know, Itsuki, now might be a good time to point out where you got that clover from. Just saying. Might want to pass the buck now before we find out Collette’s grandfather died of food poisoning or something.

What a horrible way for things to end up…

Not at all. When he was moaning about his stomach pains… He briefly regained his memories.

Is that the power of bread?

Actually I think that’s just something that happens to people with Alzheimer’s. Memories can sort of come and go for brief flashes of time.

I believe so. Then he said… “Don’t be bound to my bakery. Home is where your bread is”… Then he forgot all about bread again…

Did he mean you shouldn’t stay at this bakery?

That’s how I understand it.

…Itsuki. Please take me with you to your world! I want to find a four-leaf clover and complete my “Ultimate Breadwinner.”

Just grow the damn things! Clovers take like a week to grow and their patches are multiple layers deep. I’m pretty sure I can see a grow plot just outside the window. Just yank that shrub out and plant a bunch of clover over there.

I want to start from scratch with you. I’ll do anything… S-So… please take me with you!

That makes me happy to hear.

R-Really?! If that makes you happy, then I can do my best anywhere. I’m a girl who gives it her all, so this won’t be a bad deal for you.

…I understand, Collette.

D-Do you?! So then, I can go with you…?

But are you really okay leaving your grandparents here? I’m worried about them.

I can convince them.

He didn’t ask if you could get a permission slip, Collette. He asked if you were okay with never seeing your grandparents again and them never seeing you. This isn’t a damn field trip we’re talking about.

I guess, but we still have some time. Keep thinking about it.

…I understand. Until then, I will continue training here.

…You know, that’s actually a very horrible thing for you to say given what you just said you wanted to do. “I want to go back to your world with you! But before then, I’ll make sure I put those fuckers down the street out of business and force the people working there out of a job!”

I’ll show you my full bake-off mode.

Listen, you can staple Reone or Arie’s knockers to you all you want, but unless you find a way age up by about 5 or 6 more years (at least), then you’re not going to stop being the creepiest choice in this game. And yes, that includes Tarua. At least Tarua isn’t constantly drawing attention to how young she is as a way to be a tease.

You should focus more on baking…

I see. So that’s your type. In that case, I’ll leave it as is.

No, I just meant that you don’t need to try so hard.

That’s how genetics work. Of course there’s also a chance that genetics simply keeps you at your current size. Basically, it’s not up to you is what I’m saying.

Neeheehee. In any case, Itsuki, you can’t just return to your world without telling me.

Yeah, that’s not until later anyway. Help me with the ritual in the meantime.

Of course, Itsuki.

Please don’t phrase it like that…

Anyway, there’s Collette. I hope all you Collette fans out there are happy.

And there are apparently more of you out there than I would have thought according to this popularity poll that Polsy dug up on the PSP game’s old site. This really depresses me. The rest of the poll is no better, with characters like Mirei getting beat out by Tarua.

Anyway, speaking of characters that I can’t believe broke the Top 5 in a popularity poll, it’s time for Lillith and Lillie.

~Fortune-Teller Manor~


Hey, Lillie… What are you doing?

We haven’t seen game Mana in ages. Not to any significant degree anyway. It’s been pretty refreshing, not going to lie.

Sh-She’s not… What are you so afraid of?

She always goes around hitting me randomly on my head! I’ll kill anyone who touches my head! You better remember that. I’ll never let anyone hit me on the head again!

So, what exactly are you doing…? Hm? There’s a memo on the ground…

Hey! Don’t read it!

“Hey, shut up! You went on dates with him how many times?!” “I won’t give you Itsuki.” “That’s my line!” …Are you two fighting?

I decided… not to give this body to Lillith anymore…

Don’t be so reckless… How did it come to this?

It’s… It’s your fault. That’s why…


Don’t you think it was strange when we kissed? About why her personality returned…

That’s because kissing someone she likes will shock her back to normal. You said it yourself, Lillie. That Lillith likes me…

But I’m the one who kissed you! Not Lillith! Even Lillith noticed, but you didn’t… You’re so dense. Why won’t you realize…

I want you all to myself, Itsuki!

Exhibit #2 as to why Harem Endings are not good.

Oh, brother. I hear the loud voice of a fool in here.


Man, Mirei really gets around in these events. She gets a surprising amount of screentime in other Maidens’ events.

What are you doing here?

Convince me of what?!

She knew you would do something like this someday. Lillith is worried about you. Stop this foolish business of keeping control of your body.

Shut up, four-eyes! You’ve got nothing to do with this!

Oh? Is that a challenge?

I’m on board for that. Honestly I think Lillith’s “fortune-teller worried about possible futures” thing would probably be enough to carry her route by itself. What’s Lillie bringing to the table exactly?


Wait, Mirei… Are you serious?

They’re fighting because there are two personalities residing in one body. Erasing one of them is the easiest solution.

Whoa, hold the phone. We were talking about getting rid of Lillie. I actually don’t mind Lillith all that much.

Wh-What are you saying?! Why would I ever want to erase Lillith?!

It’s the same as you keeping control of that body. You want Lillith erased, no?

She’s got you there.

I can erase her, so come over here.

To hell with you! Lillith is part of me! If she has to vanish, then I’ll vanish first!

…What? Oh, come on. Of course I was considering that if it meant getting rid of Lillie. Listen, you Lillith/Lillie fans might not like it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t entertain the idea.

Oh? So it’s you I’ll be erasing?


Stop it, Mirei!

Both of them are necessary. Lillith may be two people, but they’re one and the same. That’s why I like Lillith.


Hm, I see. Then there’s no need for me to convince you any further.


I’ll take my leave. See you around.

*Mirei leaves*

She had to come in and play bad cop because everyone else in this room is a fucking moron.

Phew… I seriously thought she was gonna kill me.

After saying my thoughts out loud, I’ve realized… Both of you have to be here. I don’t want either of you to be gone.

No, you just said you wanted to imprison her for the rest of your lives in a “I have no mouth and I must scream” situation. That’s all. It’s totally different. One is lifelong torment and the other is instant release.

I know. I know the bond you two share.

Why are you so quiet? Say something.



I’m glad you understand.

You thanking me like this actually scares me…

…I do say it sometimes. Listen up, because it’s a rare occurrence. We’ll probably cause you more trouble in the future…

Listen, I don’t wanna repeat myself…

… You’re the only one who’d say that to us… Itsuki…

*Lillie leans in*


Shut up. Just be quiet and don’t move. Shut up and stay right there. …This is the first and last time I’ll ever say this. So perk up your ears and listen. And never forget this. I’m glad… that we were able to meet… and…

*Lillie goes in for the kiss and the screen turns white*

Y-You kissed again…

But… I’ve never felt Lillie have such warm emotions before.

I’ve checked out by the way. Just letting you all know.

I’m happy for her, but also a little jealous… …

…Something wrong?

Itsuki… Did Lillie tell you how she feels…?

Yeah. She did…

I see… So that’s why her emotions feel so warm… I want to feel that way too.

Lillith… What’s wrong?

I want to tell you something too, Itsuki. It’s very important… Will you listen to me?

Of course.

…Do you remember the time when my personality wouldn’t return? It was when I said my memory left me…

Yes, I remember.

I remembered everything… I’d read a fortune then… And seeing the results, I felt so shocked… But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you…

Why not?

Because I was too embarrassed… The fortune I had was…

We aren’t dating, yet I made a reading for this fortune… I felt so embarrassed it made my face feel like it was on fire. But even Lillie told you how she felt… That’s why… I also have to… I… I love you, Itsuki…

Yeah… me too.

Uuu… I feel so happy… now that we’ve reciprocated our feelings… I feel so happy… yet…

Was there something else?

The result of the fortune was…

What did it say? Tell me.

It said that… That I must be separated from you… I suppose it’s only natural… One day, you will return to Sora… But… I can’t bear to think that we must part ways… Uuu…

I wouldn’t have done the reading if I knew it would end up like this! Waaaaaah!

Don’t cry, Lillith. You’re the one who taught me that fortunes teach us how to change the future.


So let’s change our future together. I won’t be separated from you.

Itsuki… I… I… I feel so happyyy! … Itsuki… I have to say it’s not fair that Lillie got all the benefits…


*Lillith goes in for the kiss and the scene fades*

God dammit that took forever. And it still wasn’t as much as Mahiru’s event! It’s even less when you think about it, since that was technically the final event for 2 characters, not 1.

Ugghhhh…. Who’s left? Right, Tarua. Let’s do this, I guess.

Maybe something will actually happen in this one.

~Star God Academy Field~


*Tarua runs into frame*


*The screen flashes white very quickly, so I guess she rammed into Itsuki*

You seem happy, Tarua. Did something happen?

Yup! I was doing deliveries and something great happened! I found you!

Finding me is a great thing to you?

Of course! It makes me super happy! That’s why I came running here! Hehe, Itsuki!

I’m happy too!

I mean… after that huge Lillith/Lillie event, yeah, I’d say you’re a sight for sore eyes. Happy might be a little too strong of a word, though.

That makes me even happier! I’m way happier than you are!

Hey, this isn’t a competition…

That said, is this going anywhere? I’d like to start getting the ball rolling on making Star Children based on the goons in the thread.

Itsuki, there’s something I want to give you.

What do you have for me?

I-It’s kinda embarrassing here… so come here!

*Tarua wanders off screen, apparently pulling Itsuki along*

H-Hey, don’t pull!

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Here ya go!

Nope. This is my letter to you. See? There’s no stamp on it.

That’s improper postage. I’m gonna have to send that back.

You wrote this for me?

Yup! I’ve had so many happy things happen thanks to you.

So, here you go, Itsuki.

Thanks… Do you mind if I read it?

Augh?! N-No! Do it when I’m not around… You shouldn’t read it now, okay?

Let’s look inside…

N-No, don’t!

But if you poured all your feelings into it, I wanna open it right away.

Augh… Ugh… I-If you really wanna read it… G-Go ahead… But… Augh… This is so embarrassing…

Here goes…

Augh… Okay…

…That’s it?

Man, even Tarua’s big love confession is short on details.



Hey! You laughed! You didn’t have to laugh! Grrr!

Hey, I’m not making fun of you. I’m laughing because it’s totally like you.

That’s actually not very funny when you think on it.

Like me…?

Yeah. It’s straightforward. And your emotions run into me at full force. I like that about you, Tarua…

Why wouldn’t I?

I can think of reasons why. The list is short… and that’s half the problem.

Augh augh, Itsuki!

*The screen flashes white again as I guess Tarua rams Itsuki*

I love you! But it’s different from before. My chest feels so fuzzy! Just thinking about you makes me love you even more. I like being watched, patted, and carried by you.

Augh augh…

What’s the matter, Tarua?

I… want to give you a smooch… I really, really want to… But a smooch has to be out of thanks… Augh… I can’t think of anything to thank you for…

Who said you had to thank me to kiss me?


So long as you have feelings for the other person, that should be enough.

Of course…

*Tarua goes in for the kiss*



Itsuki… I love you.

*Tarua then moves even closer to the screen than she was before and the screen fades*

Listen… it was sweet, okay? It really was! But there’s just nothing there… There’s no character. There’s no attachment. Tarua likes to run, she likes Boss, and she wants to be a postman. She’s a kid. There’s no rationalizing your way around that fact. How many of Tarua’s events do you even remember? The one where she lost the letter, right? That’s basically the only time something happens in her freaking route.

Anyway, that’s it. No more Bonding Updates. All that’s left are the remaining Japan Events and those small scenes that happen after the next big story update. I’ll open the Ending Vote soon, but it will stay open until the final update, so there will be more than enough time.