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Part 50: Day at the Beach Part 1 - Aries, Leo, Cancer

Special Events IV: Day at the Beach Part 1 - Aries, Leo, Cancer

It should go without saying, but this update is all swimsuits. None of it is censor worthy in my opinion, but if it’s something you think you’ll be embarrassed by then consider this your warning. If it doesn't embarrass you, then keep in mind:

We’re finally at the last of the Japan Events for the game. We’ve seen the Autumn Festival, Starmas, and Flower Viewing. All that’s left is the beach. Strap in for sun, swimming, swimsuits, shaved ice, and whatever other things happen at the beach that don’t start with the letter “s”.

However, unlike the other Japan Events, there are no unique CGs for this one. I thought Ruka’s final CG was part of this, but it turns out that her last CG is in her “Final Unique Side-Event” that just so happens to also take place at the beach. Because of that, we’ll be going in regular polling order for this update.

~Star God Academy Field~

Yeah, although the way you’re dressed is probably making it worse for you.

Oh, this? It’s fine. Enduring the heat can be part of my training.

That’s Saitama approved. Don’t use the AC in the summer and don’t use heater in the winter.

Well sure, but don’t you ever relax a little and take a break from that? Why not try going to the beach and cooling off a little?

Well… it seems going to the beach is quite a popular thing to do.

It is now that Narcisstes has created some magic barrier that stops the horrors of the deep from killing everyone. Before Itsuki got here, not so much.

Would you like to go with me?

With you? I’m not so sure…

But I am interested in going to the beach.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a swimsuit.

Sort of depends on what the swimsuit looks like, I think. Everyday swimsuits? Nothing to be ashamed of there. Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball swimsuits? Now those are a different story. I’m pretty sure wearing those would get you written up for indecent exposure.

If you’re interested in going, then just do it.

Keep in mind that these events can occur at any time because they aren’t linked to Bond Level, so Arie still has her “What would Star God say?” attitude where we have to twist her arm into having fun.

If you insist… I will.


It’s the beach! …I hate the beach. Heat, stepping on broken glass or random litter, and mentally scarring everyone within eyesight with my fat disgusting body. I’ll stick to my ice coffin, thanks.

Um, Itsuki…

Well we’re here, so it would kind of be a waste not to.

But… this is too embarrassing…

I’m sure it’s fine, Arie. Come on, I won’t say anything.

R-Really? Do you promise?

Of course.

Then… here goes…

That’s… Huh… It’s very plain, which makes sense given that Arie is a nun. She doesn’t like flashy things after all. Plus, her colour scheme is black and white, so this matches.

On the other hand, that is way more revealing than I would have expected from a nun.

Ah… The Star God won’t forgive me for coming out in front of a man in this…

He does not care, I assure you. He’s probably passed out drunk right now or something.

If I weren’t with you, I would never do such a thing…

Don’t worry so much. I think you look amazing.

Really…? I don’t look funny anywhere, do I?

Of course not. Try and show some more confidence, Arie.

Show more confidence in what?

Well… yeah, kind of.

Maybe I really do look strange…

Why don’t we go out into the water, then? You won’t be embarrassed that way because nobody can stare at you.

R-Right… I just need to go into the water…

*To the water!*

It’s okay, you’ll get used to it in a little bit. Are you feeling nervous at all?

Y-Yes. It’s my first time swimming at the beach, so I’m a little scared…

So you can’t swim then?

How deep a river are we talking? Because if you pulled out a drowning child from a deep river, then that takes some decent swimming ability.

Then I think you’ll be just fine.

But the river and ocean are very different in size and depth… Ah, Itsuki! Behind you!

Ah! A wave!

*The screen flashes white as a wave crashes into the pair*


Arie! Here, hold on to me!

O-Okay! L-Like this?

That’s good! Hang on!

That wave crashed in so suddenly…

It’s fine. As long as you hold on to me you’ll be fine.

Please don’t let me go. Please, please don’t let me go. Promise me.

Jesus, you two. Those waters look completely calm. You’re not riding out a hurricane.

It’ll be fine. I’m not going to let you go.

*Another flash of white*

Ahh! Another wave. Phew… The ocean is so scary…

I was going to say not to be such a baby, but apparently beyond that magic barrier that Narc set up there are various horrifying deep-sea monstrosities, so… yeah. I guess it is pretty scary.

Oh man, what if these crazy waves were the result of some Granvanian sea creature trying to sweep beachgoers out beyond the barrier?

Please, Itsuki… let’s go somewhere else.

W-Well, if you want. But… uh… I can’t really move when you’re latched on to me like that.

Please… Let’s return to the sand.

Okay, okay. Come on.

*Back on the safety of the sand*


Are you okay?

Yes, but that was so frightening…

Everyone around us appears to be enjoying it anyway.

There’s no need to rush it. Just take it slow.

Yes, I’ll do just that. Will you accompany me? If we have another chance, I’d like to come here again, together.


I hope I can get used to the waves by then… and the swimsuit too.

You could always just buy a more conservative swimsuit, you know.

As well as your gaze…

My gaze…? Am I looking at you in a weird way or something?

It will take some time for me to get used to it is all.

Good stuff. You’re up next, Femiruna. Whatcha got?

~Star God Academy Field~

What about you? Don’t you feel hot wearing that heavy dress?

Of course I do. But it is always nice to relax by the pool in my manor on days like this.

So you have a pool at your house?

How would this be a surprise to you, Itsuki? Of course she has a fucking pool at her house. Her family is loaded and a pool is a status symbol.

I have everything there. The best way to get out of the heat is to stay at home.

Then why are you standing out on the Academy Field?

Oh, well… I was going to invite you to the beach with me, but I guess you’d rather go home.

Huh…? The beach?

Yeah. But you’ve got a pool, so I guess there isn’t a reason to drag you out there for that. I’ll check in with someone else.

Of course. It’s the ocean.

I want to go! I have always wanted to swim in the ocean! I will have my servant prepare a swimsuit immediately. Wait just a moment, Itsuki.

*And Femiruna heads off to grab a swimsuit*

So much for that stuff about being a fool for going outside.


Femiruna briefly appears further back before walking up to Itsuki, so we can get a more complete shot of her swimsuit. She’s wearing a skirt that has frills along the bottom edge and her top is also frilly. It matches her, but I was sort of expecting something more elaborate or flashy.

Hehe… I can see you are charmed by me. But of course you would be. My perfect body and this swimsuit makes me nothing short of marvelous.

All right, let’s dial back the vanity a little bit.

I welcome you to try expressing just how beautiful I am. Now, do I not look good in this swimsuit?

Hmm… What if I described you as a goddess of beauty?

Ohohoho! I will accept your compliments, but you will get nothing in return.

I knew that laugh would follow after a line like that from Itsuki, so I pre-emptively blocked my ears.

Nevertheless, that is an adequate way of describing me.

Careful, Femiruna. That’s how people in ancient Greece wound up getting all of their children murdered, or turned into spiders, or struck with a thunderbolt… the point is, you don’t boast about being better than the gods, even if it’s true (Arachne).

The ocean is so vast. I am deeply impressed by it. My pool is not as splendid as this. Now then, let us go swimming!

*Femiruna then tears off for the water*

Femiruna, don’t run like that. The beach isn’t going anywhere.

”I will swim even more swiftly than Poseidon himself!”

Don’t go out that far! It’s dangerous!


That didn’t take long.

Dammit… she was heading deeper… did she drown?

Itsuki… *glub*! Help!

Femiruna! Here! Grab on!

Itsuki… *glub glub* Help…

Come on! I’ve almost got you!

Itsuki… I can’t…

Got you!

Not today, you trident swinging dick!

How are you feeling? Are you okay?

Oh… Y-Your face, it is too close!

Oh, sorry about that… I was just worried.


Hey, come on. You’re safe now.

The ocean gets a lot deeper as you go further out. You need to be careful.

I… I! Ugh… Waaah…

It’s okay… Come here.

*After a brief brush with death and a good cry*


Feeling better?

Itsuki, you will forget what happened today. Understood?

I’m not sure I can forget a memory like this.

I-I said to forget it! Otherwise I will never forgive you! Goodness…

*A time skip happens*

The ocean is so deep… I learned something new today.

Try and stay closer to the shore next time.

That is not what I meant. I was speaking about something much more complicated.

I will continue to learn even more about them. Itsuki, I permit you to invite me out to other places.

Well, okay then. I promise to teach you more stuff the next time we go.

Then do what Itsuki just told you and don’t go running out into the deep like a reckless idiot. This is the second time in this game that you’ve almost gotten yourself killed.

~Star God Academy Hallway~

Something to do with the axis of the planet and how close to the equator you are which determines how much farther or closer to the sun…

Forget it, let’s just say that it’s because of Star Energy. Summer is long because Star Energy.

I get the feeling this world is already broken beyond repair…

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Ruka. Granvania is terrible and nothing we do will fix it.

*Itsuki presumably moseys on up at this point. Usually he’s just silently standing there*

Hey, Ruka.

…There you are. This eternal summer… Dead brain cells…

Well fine, fuck you then. We could always go spend time with one of the other 12 Maidens vying for our attention. Or Narc. Or maybe Shang. Shang is probably down to party. Not Mana, though. We’ll never willingly spend time with Mana.

If you’re hot, then why not go with me to get some shaved ice?

No way I’m going. I have to scout out the location for the next field trip. There’s a beach resort there, so I want to take a dip to cool off.

Hold on a second, since when does Granvania have beach resorts? “A day at the beach” was basically a foreign concept until Mana mentioned it to Shang after hearing about it from Mahiru/Itsuki. Narc had to set up a Star Energy barrier around the one that we go to.

If these things already existed, then why in the fuck did Mana do that whole scene where she asked Itsuki about it and we had to bring it up with Shang?

You can eat your shaved ice in the meantime.

Well, okay then. I guess I’ll just grab some from the clubhouse.

Why don’t you find a shop close by? It’s like you’re coming with me already.

We all know that we will be. So let’s just hurry up with this whole song and dance.

Well I can’t let you go by yourself. What if a bunch of guys start hitting on you or harassing you? It’s partly my duty to protect you guys.

…Just do what you want. I’ll do my own thing.

Then let’s drop by my place first. I want to grab my swimsuit.

You said you want to protect me, but you just want to play around. You promised me that, so follow through with it, okay?

That’s so true. Can you imagine? What guy trawling the beach to pick up girls would pay you any mind? You’re flawless skin, jet black hair, and supermodel body are enough to make any man puke. Plus the ability to read minds? Horrifying.

This whole “people stigmatize Ruka because she’s a Tsukuyomi” thing is really poorly implemented.

Anyway, let’s go. If you’re dropping by the inn, we have to hurry. It’s a bit out of the way, but I’ll go with you…


There you are. Did you scout out the location for the field trip?

I’m pretty sure we’ve already seen Ruka’s swimsuit from that “walking in while changing” event. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I also can’t find much to say. At least it is somewhat more modest than Arie’s. Ruka is a character that I envision as having one of those beach outfits where she has one of those really light fabrics tied around her waist as a skirt, a big straw hat, and maybe a light shirt over her top. She’s definitely not the kind of character that I think wanders around the beach like what we see here.

…Wh-What are you staring at? Do you have something to say to me? Why don’t you just hurry up and say it?

I was just going to say that it’s nice to see you wearing something new.

R-Really…? It’s somewhat hot out, so it’s a nice change of pace. I’ll have you know, I didn’t wear this for you… A-Anyway, stop staring at me.

Yeah, I know. Do you still want to get some shaved ice though?

Shaved ice already…? Well, it is pretty hot right now. All right.

I’ll go and get some for us. What kind do you want?

Hmm… There’s so many of them. Speaking of which, you have these clubhouses in your own world, right? Oh, I’ve never seen a blue syrup before. What does that taste like?

Hold the fuck on, “Blue Hawaii”? I’m going to heavily assume that Itsuki is just referencing the name of the flavour in his world and not reading off a menu, because I don’t believe for a goddamn second that Granvania has any idea what a “Hawaii” is.

That’s not descriptive at all. I may as well try it out myself. Which one are you getting?

Actually, I wouldn’t mind getting the same thing.

I don’t mind, but don’t you have your own preferences? If mine doesn’t taste good… I was planning on trading with yours… Oh well.

Just get the damn saved ice, Ruka. It all tastes the same in the end: like sugar.

…Okay, I’ll have one in the Blue Hawaii flavor.

It’s really cheap, you know. I don’t mind just buying yours for you.

We’re loaded, Ruka. I think we can afford 1 dollar.

No way. I don’t want to owe you anything. I hate treating and being treated by anyone. …Oh, I forgot my wallet.

Where would she even carry a wallet?

N-No… Why would I want to do that?! F-Fine. Not eating shaved ice isn’t going to kill me. I’m going to go swim.

*And Ruka walks off*

…I might have made her angry. I better just get some shaved ice for both of us and go find her.

You’re bad at this Itsuki, but dammit if it doesn’t somehow manage to work regardless.

Ahhh… H-Hey, don’t come near me!

Was that Ruka? …What? How did she get all the way over there so fast?

*A quick black wipe to Ruka*

Thank god, they didn’t make unique sprites for this rando unimportant NPC.

I don’t feel well right now. If you get any closer, I can read all of your ulterior motives.

[Beach Guy A]: Wooo, she’s a spirited one. Hear that? She’ll read our minds. What do you say?

[Beach Guy B]: Really? Then why not give it a shot!

Why? It’s not like it’s leaving very much to the imagination.


Hey, Ruka!

Wh-What were you doing?! You’re late!

[Beach Guy A]: Tch… She’s got a man.

[Beach Guy B]: She’s too good for that little twerp. Let’s pound him down.

Try it. You won’t be laying a finger on her, I promise you.


Yeah, they are pretty bad. Itsuki’s heroic dialogue needs work.

[Beach Guy A]: Shut up. You may be a kid, but I’ll still crush you if you get in our way.

I-I’ll have you all know, he’s God’s Gift.

That’s literally all you ever have to say, Itsuki. If “This is God’s Gift” is enough to make the Granvanian Mafia shit their pants, then just about any jerk you run into is going to respond in the same way.

If you’re still prepared to fight him, then by all means.

[Beach Guy B]: Ugh… S-Seriously? If that’s true, then this is gonna be trouble…

[Beach Guy A]: Tch… What a waste… Let’s split.

A lot of this could be prevented if you just had the Star Children following you around. Seriously, why are the Star Children not a larger part of these games?

It’s over now. Just try and relax.

I-I’m fine. I could have taken care of them easily without your help!

I was just trying to make sure you were okay. Listen, if you want to go for a swim, then I’ll go with you. There are a lot of jerks like that around.

I-If you want to swim, then I won’t stop you! L-Let’s go then.


H-Hmph. I-I’m not saying I’m happy because you helped me or anything.

*After some fun in the water*

Ah… That was great. We swam a lot. It’s getting late though. The sun is about to go down.

Yeah. We should go home. …Y-You don’t lie to me, and you seem like the type to keep your promises.

Hm? What do you mean? Did I promise something?

A-About protecting me! Did you forget already?!

Oh, that. I would have done that either way.

O-Oh, right… I guess you would… Then maybe I didn’t need to thank you. Let’s just go home. You better protect me until we’re back.

And that’s all for Ruka. That’s about what I expected, to be honest.