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Part 51: Day at the Beach Part 2 - Capricorn, Libra + Bottom 7 Summaries

Special Events IV: Day at the Beach Part 2 - Capricorn, Libra + Bottom 7 Summaries

~Star God Academy Classroom~

I wanna go somewhere when it’s this hot. Somewhere cooler…

We could go to the beach.

Oh, that seems to be pretty popular recently. That sounds like a good idea.



She sure is taking her time… Does it really take this long to get changed?

This looks pretty on point for Farun, what with the flashy colour and the tassels. Honestly, at first glance I actually thought she had just taken off the outer layer of her dancer outfit, but this is different. The under layer of her dancer costume doesn’t have that bow/knot in the middle.

There you are.

H-Hi, Itsuki… Sorry to keep ya waitin’. Don’t stare, ‘kay? I get embarrassed when ya look at me…

Why is that?

It’s barely different from your dancer attire. Well, except for the absurdly low cut bottom I mean.

Did you not go swimming during your travels?

I only swam in the rivers or ponds in the forests. I’d be takin’ a dip an’ go swimmin’ while I was at it.

…You were wearing a swimsuit during those times though… right?

W-Well, yeah, course. Even if no one is watchin’… C-Course I’d wear a swimsuit. Mostly.

What do you mean “mostly”?

… Sometimes, the moon an’ the river would be so beautiful to look at…

So you went skinny dipping?

O-Only when no one’s lookin’! I’d be alone! An’ it really ain’t all that often!

Still a bad idea though, especially when you think about all the apparently dangerous animals roaming through Granvania’s forest.

It’s not all the time, seriously! I ain’t always swimmin’ naked!

I didn’t say you would be! Just calm down, okay? People can hear you.

Oh… S-Sorry… I really am… I won’t be skinny dippin’… I really won’t…

Nobody said anything about you doing that today, Farun. Calm down.

…Did somebody just groan?

Sorry… if I ruined your dreams…

Ha! There’s one dude sitting on the beach nearby that’s just going “Shit! I was so excited there for a minute… Now my day is ruined…”

Forget about that. Let’s just go swimming.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s play around a ton today.

*Some fun time in the water later*

Ahhh… That was fun…

You looked like such a kid.

Hey, ya were enjoyin’ it, too. I saw ya havin’ fun, ya can’t fool me. Hehe.

Farun… don’t. We’ve seen that look before. Keep it in your pants for once.

…What do ya think of me in this swimsuit?

Wh-Why are you asking me that?

C-Cuz… I just wanna ask. Askin’ ya that all of a sudden would be embarrassin’…

Aren’t you doing that anyway? It’s not like you built up to it.

So… what do ya think?

You’re… uh… you’re really attractive…

You don’t need to apologize. It’s not like I haven’t been thinking it the entire time.

Hehe, I see… Oh, ya were starin’ just now, weren’t ya? I did ask for your opinion, but I didn’t give ya permission to stare, ya know.

Oh! S-Sorry… I’ll, look over there.

But… ya did compliment me, so… maybe just a li’l is fine…

…Ahaha! Just kiddin’! This is too embarrssin’!

I’m not quite sure what it is that Farun just did. I assume she booped Itsuki’s nose or something.

We’re done here! All over! Closin’ up shop for today!

Well, it is getting late. We should probably head back soon.

Oh, right… Yeah. …


I… I really like the settin’ sun over the ocean… …Hey, can we stay a li’l longer?

Sure. That should be fine.

Yay! Let’s go somewhere to eat later.

Man, this is a full on date, huh? Didn’t know we were going for an evening dine after this.

We can continue this fun summer day just a li’l longer. What do ya say?

That’s all for Farun. We’ve got one more to go and then we’ll hit the summaries.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Whew… Oh, it’s you, Itsuki.

Maybe you need a break. Do you want to check out the beach for a while?

I hear that’s quite popular right now. I would normally never go myself… I might be able to make some new discoveries, so I’ll go.

That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Usually Mirei has to have her arm twisted for this kind of thing.

Great. Let’s head out.


…I wonder what’s taking her so long?

…Yeah, that’s about right for Mirei. The big piece cut out of the middle is a little off though. I always pegged her as the type to wear one of those crazy Olympic swimmer outfits that’s all about ergonomics and cutting through the water and shit.

Itsuki, apologies for being late.

Do I look strange?

Not at all. They were staring because you look so good.

I’m not interested in swimsuits, so I purchased one the store clerk recommended. How do I look?

Damn, alternate reality Itsuki. “I’ve seen better”? Fucking harsh.

You look amazing.

I see. That’s good to hear.

I think that suits you really well. It really highlights your body.

Heheh. Then I should thank that store clerk.

Oh, right. Are you going to keep your glasses on?

Why would you even ask her that? You know she’s practically blind without them.

Naturally. I’ll take them off before I go swimming however.

*Speaking of, I guess swim time is right now because there’s a fade to black where Mirei takes her glasses off*

Itsuki, hold these for me… Agh…

*Mirei then proceeds to immediately trip*

Ugh… I twisted my ankle… Itsuki, support me.

Uh, right… Let me see… What about like this? Does this help?

Yes, I should be fine. I only need to rest a little… Hm… It’s difficult to see your face without my glasses.

…Mirei? Could you not stare like that? It’s embarrassing.

R-Right… Uh… So, how is your ankle feeling?

It’s fine now.

Do you think you’d be up for some swimming? Do you know how?

Heheh. I did research it. I know the theory behind the movements. Let’s go.

Hey, wait! Mirei, you can’t—Never mind… she tripped again… Hold on! I’m coming over!

*After some swimming, where Mirei manages to not drown*

Whew… It feels like we swam for quite some time.

I admit, I didn’t know how things would go at first, but you were really good.

Once I got the hang of it, I put the theory of the movements into practice.

This was a nice change of pace. Though, I do want to resume my research immediately upon returning… But, to be honest, I’m quite tired. I could even fall asleep right here.

Yeah, that’ll happen after spending a day at the beach.

Oh, really? Heheh… It seemed like a waste of time, but I don’t feel too bad about it.

No experiments that time, unfortunately. Oh well, can’t have that happening all the time. Now, what does everyone else have to offer?

Mahiru’s event has Itsuki looking for Mahiru, which I want to point out is something that happens a lot during Mahiru events. There’s always this pointless scene where Itsuki will be standing in the hallway going “I should find Mahiru to ask her something” and then we cut to a different location where Mahiru actually is.

Anyway, Itsuki finds her sweating to death because the AC is broken… which I guess is something else that Granvania inexplicably has. Itsuki suggests going to the beach and Mahiru doesn’t even get the chance to respond, we just go straight to black and fade back in at the beach.

I guess this fits Mahiru, although I personally think it’s a tiny bit childish for the “school idol” character. Although I guess it’s got a bit more to its design compared to characters like Ruka or Arie.

They get to the beach and Mahiru comments on how crowded it is and how many people are there wearing revealing swimsuits. Itsuki is completely spaced out, so Mahiru has to ask him if the heat has fried his brain or something. Itsuki just says that he was captivated by how cute Mahiru looks and this gets Mahiru all flustered. Mahiru says that it’s just a plain swimsuit that she uses for class, so she wasn’t expecting any compliments from him on it. Itsuki says that it looks pretty flashy to him and asks if that’s really the one that she uses for class, but Mahiru just ignores that and moves on by asking if Itsuki is hungry. They head to the clubhouse because they smell some roasted squid and want to get some, but the shopkeeper reveals that Granvania’s squid is a bit different.

Mahiru says that the squid legs are like 2 kilos (which is like ordering a 70 ounce steak). Mahiru says that she doubts she can even finish that and the shopkeeper suggests that her and Itsuki share it since they obviously have the hots for each other. They decide to go somewhere else to eat so that they don’t have to be teased. Itsuki decides to take a break in order to let the 2 pounds of squid he just ate settle. However, Mahiru is good to go and decides to head out for a swim. Itsuki ponders what the hell Mahiru’s stomach is made of since she ate just as much as him and is somehow totally fine to go for a swim right after.

Itsuki then sees Mahiru get hit by a big wave, although she seems fine afterwards. He sees her trying to call him over or something, so he heads out to see what’s up. When he gets closer, Mahiru starts telling him to stay back. Turns out that the wave ripped Mahiru’s top off. She pitches a washbowl at Itsuki’s face when he notices and starts to comment on it, which leads to a small gag of Itsuki asking where the hell she got her hands on that in the middle of the ocean. Anyway, Mahiru orders him to go get her a towel and he does so. The event wraps up shortly after with the two agreeing to do this again next year.

Yuzuha’s event has her commenting on the heat, Itsuki suggesting the beach, and Yuzuha mentioning that she doesn’t have a swimsuit. It starts very similarly to all the other beach events. Itsuki tells her to just buy a swimsuit, but Yuzuha says that she makes a point not to wear those because it’s too embarrassing.

They get to the beach, but Yuzuha is still in her regular outfit. Yuzuha says that the swimsuit was too embarrassing for her and that she’s fine just wearing her normal clothes. Itsuki asks why she bothered buying the swimsuit then and Yuzuha starts regretting going to the beach in the first place.

Kind of looks like Mahiru’s swimsuit a little bit. Also, holy shit does this really drive home just how pale Yuzuha is. That is pure white.

She still ends up changing though. She does a bit more of her usual self depreciation and Itsuki tries to reassure her that she looks good in the swimsuit. Itsuki then suggests they go for a swim and have a race, but Yuzuha points out that even though she’s the Pisces Star Maiden, she can’t swim. She says she’s more of an indoor activity kind of person.

I think this has been the only time in the game where the constellations are mentioned in this way.

Yuzuha says that Itsuki can go for a swim and she’ll just busy herself by collecting seashells and building sand castles. Itsuki tries to convince her to go for a swim by saying that it’s probably not that she can’t do it, but that she hasn’t tried before.

Itsuki eventually twists her arm into going into the water (or possibly just outright drags her in). In the water, something slimy brushes against Yuzuha’s thigh and she freaks out, but Itsuki says that it’s probably just a jellyfish. Yuzuha then mentions that she once wanted to own a jellyfish as a pet, but she decided against it because she felt it would be cruel to take it away from its home. After some time in the water, the event wraps up with Itsuki suggesting that they go drink some Ramune… which is something else that apparently exists in Granvania somehow. Probably because Star Energy. Or “a previous God’s Gift did it”.

In Reone’s event, she talks about heading to her office to get out of the heat, although she doesn’t like to go there on her days off because she’ll probably be roped into working while she’s there. Itsuki asks about going somewhere else and this time it’s Reone that suggests the beach. She bought a new swimsuit and wants to show it off. She’s also wondering if Itsuki would be interested in seeing it and obviously he’s down for that since he’s a teenaged guy. He even outright tells her that she has a nice body. Well, that’s what happens in the best choice anyway. You actually can have Itsuki respond with something like “Meh, swimsuits aren’t my thing.”

We’ve partially seen Reone’s swimsuit already, during that event where she got the shit kicked out of her while beating up the thugs. The style is definitely something she’d go for. Weird how she’s still wearing that thing on her head though.

Also, her Scorpio tattoo has disappeared completely. No, it’s not being covered by her top. If you overlay two shots of Reone in the same pose then you can see that the tattoo should be clearly visible. It’s a strange detail to leave out considering that it’s one of Reone’s major design elements.

At the beach, Reone asks what Itsuki thinks of her swimsuit and he says that it looks great, which prompts Reone to respond that he doesn’t look too bad himself. Reone suggests they go for a swim right away and that they can enjoy it later, although Itsuki isn’t sure what she means by “it”. She tells him not to play dumb and that they should hurry up and swim. Apparently Reone gets hit on a lot when she’s just standing around for too long.

They go for a swim, although Itsuki runs out of energy long before Reone does (yes, of course this is an excuse for Reone to tease him about “stamina”). After that, Reone has Itsuki rub sunblock all over her. The event wraps up shortly after that with the two of them agreeing to do this again sometime. Reone’s beach event is one of the shorter ones.

For Sue, we open with her being bummed out that the weather is so hot. She says she prefers when it’s colder because she can bundle up and cuddle up next to her animals for warmth. Itsuki asks her about going to the beach, but Sue says that she’s worried about not being able to swim, or accidentally swallowing seawater, or the beachgoers causing a commotion. Itsuki clarifies with her that she intended to bring her animals, which of course she was planning on doing. Itsuki convinces her to go with him by herself, framing it as a way to deepen their bond together. Sue is okay with that, so they get ready to go. Except…

Yeah, Sue is going to wear that cosplay swimsuit thing she was in. I guess it’s too much work for the developers to just delete the ears and tail portion in order to turn it into a regular swimsuit.

We’ve seen this from Sue before. I only censored it that last time because of the ass-first pose she was doing. Sue’s swimsuit is what you would expect. It has the animal-like fur on the top and also along the top edge of the bottom. The tail isn’t visible this time, but the ears are and they look out of place for the beach.

Sue mentions that this is the first time she’s gone to the beach with someone (she usually goes with her animals). She asks what people do at the beach and Itsuki suggests maybe playing in the sand. Sue grabs a stick and starts drawing something in the sand, leaving the screen momentarily before returning a little while later. Itsuki wonders what she drew, since it’s so large. Sue points out the ears and eyes and mouth, then says that she had drawn Itsuki. They do a bit more drawing in the sand, which leads to a time skip. It’s then time to head home, although Itsuki points out that they didn’t really go into the water. But Sue says she had fun, since she likes the quiet activities more. The event wraps there.

For Collette’s event, she’s the one that suggests going to the beach to escape the heat. Collette says that she’s interested in checking out the beach hut that just opened there. Itsuki asks her what happened to the work she had to do today, but she tells him that the Academy is too hot for classes so they were told to study from home. Collette says she’ll just do all the work later.

Collette’s swimsuit is a simple school/gym class style. Personally I’m grateful for that, because it means we don’t have to deal with quite possibly the youngest looking character in this game wearing something like Reone or Arie.

Collette mentions that she bought the swimsuit last year, but hasn’t had a chance to wear it until now. She’s wonders if it’s a little childish (which it is. But that’s the point. She’s a kid). Itsuki says that he’s glad it still fits, and Collette says the same. She says that she’s growing at a rapid pace, so this will be her only chance to wear it before it gets too small for her. Itsuki questions the “growing daily” part, since she doesn’t really look like she’s grown at all. Collette is leery of that comment, since she thinks he’s specifically talking about her chest. Itsuki then proceeds to dodge that topic by complimenting her on how she looks, and Collette just goes with it. Then they go to play in the water.

She says that, but we just dealt with a Pisces that couldn’t swim.

She assures Itsuki that she can swim and even challenges him to a competition where the loser has to buy lunch. She then mentions that she’s going to grab some floaties real quick. Itsuki has a reaction of “Wait… seriously?”, but Collette insists that they allow her to move faster and that they put her in competition mode.

You know how this goes down. Itsuki somehow gets his ass kicked (10 times!) in a swimming competition with a child using floaties. He’s not putting on an act for her either. His legs are so worn out that he immediately trips over himself and runs into Collette. Then there’s a typical scene for this game: Itsuki feels something soft, Collette slaps him away and tells him to watch where he’s grabbing, she says “that’s a maiden’s special place!” which implies her privates or something—

And then it’s revealed that it was something completely innocuous. After that, they go off to eat at the beach hut, where Collette says that they should order everything on the menu (she’s not paying after all, so what does she care?). There’s a time skip to when the sun is going down. Itsuki says they had a full day and that they should head home. Collette then pulls her “cute” act again to try and convince him to do this again sometime since it was so much fun (she says that it’s hard for her to get out here by herself).

For the twins, we start off with Lillith. It opens the same as most of the other beach events. Lillith is initially hesitant to go because she can’t swim, but Itsuki tells her that there are other fun things to do at the beach besides swimming, such as playing in the sand.

At the beach, Lillith is hiding away somewhere because she says that swimsuits are too embarrassing, but Itsuki tells her that everyone here is wearing one so it’s no big deal. This draws her out to reveal—

Come on, what did you expect? They aren’t going to change her model for this.

Lillith gets embarrassed when Itsuki compliments her on being cute, because she’s not sure how to respond to stuff like that. Lillith goes to grab a parasol and the two decide to just relax on the beach. There’s a brief time skip, and when we come back we find that Lillith and Itsuki are playing some kind of word association game. Lillith says “Whale”, but then Itsuki says “Eagle” and blows it because he apparently had already used that one. Itsuki’s punishment for losing is getting tickled by Lillith, which she does. Lillith is enjoying it, but then gets shy when she realizes how close she’s getting to Itsuki.

Being partially naked is normal for you, Lillith.

Lillith is still embarrassed and quickly says that she needs to run to the restroom. This is just an excuse for Lillith to wander off and smack her head off of something in order to bring out—

This is the swimsuit that they are wearing. …It’s somehow more modest than their normal clothing.

Lillie says that Lillith saw a sea louse and tripped, which is why Lillie is here now. Lillie is stoked about being at the beach because Lillith normally refuses to go. Lillie immediately starts planning on Lillie things.

A time skip happens to the end of the day at the beach. Lillie and Itsuki both had fun, Lillie tries to get Itsuki to answer which one was more fun (being with her or being with Lillith), to which Itsuki just answers that both of them were equally fun to play with. Lillie is satisfied with that answer. Lillie says the only downside to the trip was the swimsuit that Lillith picked out. Lillie says that Lillith always picks out really plain stuff. Lillie says she would have picked out a much sexier one if she had been in control. Lillie then gets a little shy and offers Itsuki a closer look at her swimsuit as she moves in close. Then she pulls back and throws kelp at him as a prank because that’s her character. Lillie then runs off laughing as Itsuki starts to give chase.

And now we come to Tarua. Any bets on what her beach event will involve?

Tarua’s event starts with her complaining about the heat. She says that it’s making the tip of her nose dry out. She then tells Itsuki that she always does her letter delivery earlier when the weather is hot in order to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Itsuki suggests that they go to the beach and Tarua is excited about that. She says that swimming is the best during hot days and mentions that sometimes she’ll just jump in the river in the middle of her deliveries.

Not sure what to make of this. It sort of looks sporty, which is Tarua’s whole thing. That’s about the only thing that seems to match with her though.

Itsuki is relieved that Tarua actually came out wearing a swimsuit (I guess he figured she might be the type to just run out buck naked or something). Tarua says that she doesn’t like wearing it, but people always make her do it. Either way, she’s pumped about the beach and starts cheering. Itsuki joins in, which makes Tarua very happy because she says that Itsuki doesn’t usually go along with her cheering and unchained excitement for stuff. Tarua starts losing her damn mind, talking about how pretty the ocean is, how she sees jellyfish, how she sees a wave, how fun the beach is, and how happy she is. She then bolts, but returns a few seconds later saying that her foot cramped up.

Itsuki tells Tarua that swimming is different from running and that she should take it easy. He helps her uncramp her foot and then there’s a time skip to the end of the beach trip. Tarua had fun and wants to go to the beach again, but she’s also tired out and feeling a little sleepy. The event ends there.

Yes, 90% of Tarua’s beach event was her talking about how fun it is to be at the beach.

And that’s all for the Japan Events! I think the only event update we have left is that special “Final Side Event” one that I didn’t originally plan on. Going to have to figure out a good time for that one. I thought about doing it after the next dungeon, but I think we could all use a break from Not-Bonding Events considering we just did all of the Final Bonding, plus Flower Viewing, plus Beach Day.

Unfortunately (for me), there’s only one thing we can do other than that special event…

...Yeah, it’s time to go back to the anime again for Episodes 4-6. But first, Dungeon time! I can buy myself one more update of procrastination!