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Part 56: Final Side Events (Part 2) - Gemini, Sagittarius + Summaries

Special Events V: Final Side Events (Part 2) - Gemini, Sagittarius + Summaries

Right… Lillie. And I do mean Lillie. Lillith will start us off, but this is a Lillie centric event. I guess it’s only fair. All the other CGs (and most of the main character events) are focused on Lillith.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Oh, Itsuki. May I ask you something?

Is there a reason you’re asking me so politely like that?

W-Well… I was nervous for some reason…

Well, I didn’t make any plans. I was kind of hoping to go with you, actually.

Th-That… makes me so happy to hear you say that…

Sure. But, well, I’d like to give you something you like… What would you prefer? Something cute?

Hahaha… That would be lovely. It would be nice to see something with cat patterns on it… But I would like anything you chose for me.

I’ve got some claw weapons for the Star Children that look like cat paws. That would be pretty sweet, right? I could dig a pair of those out for you.

Got it. I’ll come up with something. I’ll meet you over at the Great Star Tree, okay?

Yes, I will be waiting for you there. Goodbye for now.

~Great Star Tree~

She’s running a bit late. I hope she gets here before everyone starts going home…


Lillie? You came instead?

Lillith was trying to look for a present for you… But she was out of time and got frantic and ran. She slipped… And now, here I am.

You two really need to wear a helmet or something.

Oh, thanks. I wonder what it is…


…Why would you tell me that in advance?

She went everywhere, but ended up choosing some dumb socks. Hmph.

Oh, right. Here.

Yeah yeah. Some hat with cat patterns, I see. It’s super cheap. Hmph.

Itsuki, money is no longer a problem. Normally I am terribly defensive about our cash, but at this stage of every RPG, just go crazy. Except with Arie, who dislikes flashy/expensive things. Or Femiruna, who would probably just find it adorable that you were trying to impress her with cash. Also I guess Reone, who might be insulted at you flaunting wealth.

You know what, keep the purse strings tight.

That’s it for the gift exchange then. I’m going home.

Are you in a bad mood, Lillie?

Shut up. So what if I am? It’s cold, and I wanna go home. Why am I walking around at night anyway?

…You think we left you out, don’t you?

… …Look, I don’t have a problem with you or anything. You made a promise with Lillith, so just make sure she enjoys it. You should only think about her. I want you to do that.

I foresee that this will be an ongoing issue in an Itsuki/Lillith/Lillie relationship. From what the game has shown us, it seems like Lillith is at the helm most of the time. That kind of thing is gonna breed resentment eventually.

I don’t even care if there isn’t a present for me. I don’t care about that! But… I just… I don’t really know why… Dammit. I should have just smacked my head somewhere…

At what point did I say that I only had a gift for Lillith? You didn’t give me a chance to give it. Here.

…A hat?

It’s the same design as Lillith’s, but I picked one with a different color.

Th-Then hurry up and hand it over already!

Okay, I don’t like Lillie, but I’ll admit that this is still a sweet CG.

I’m glad you’re so eager to put it on, but why are you pulling it down like that?

Sh-Shut up! I don’t want to show you my face! Get away! Don’t look! D-Dammit… I really thought you forgot about me…

…Sorry, Itsuki. Don’t think anything of it. I was just going off on you without thinking.

See, this is a good start. If only you would break yourself of that bad habit for good. I’d like your character a lot more if you didn’t freak the fuck out at Itsuki all the time and act like a brat.

I threw the present Lillith chose for you… Sorry, Lillith…

And that’s exactly the shit I was talking about.

You seem a lot more honest with your feelings when you’re wearing that hat.

Shut up, shut up! I said don’t look at my face!

I can’t look at it, even if I wanted to, because you’re keeping that hat pulled over it.

I don’t wanna look at your face… If I looked at your face right now, I’d get this strange feeling…

What do you mean?

I-It’s embarrassing… I’m not confident I can look you in the eye… Just… gimme some time…

*After a fade to black*

I-It’s embarrassing. I’ll wear it some other day… Tch… I got so happy from this cheap hat… I don’t believe it. I want to give you something back, but I don’t have anything right now. Is there anything I can do for you?

What, you mean like lewd stuff?

The hell’re you talking about…?

He’s been spending too much time with Mana. Ignore it.

What’s the matter? You’re always joking about that stuff with me.

Shut up! You caught me off guard!

Thanks for coming out here, Lillie. You’re extra cute today.

S-Stop it! I’ll kill you! If you say any more… Argh! Dammit! I’m calling quits on this! Anyway, just forget about what I did today.

I’m going home. I’ll pass on the hat to Lillith for you. See ya.

Oh, hold on a second. Merry Christmas!

…What’s that?

It’s something we say on Sora. It’s an expression of celebration.

… …I’m not saying it back, jerk! Kekeke! I’ll wait for you in the usual spot. See ya.

…Not sure what she means by that. What’s the usual spot? Lillith’s fortune telling place?

So yeah, I admit that that event gives me a little bit of understanding for people that love Lillith/Lillie. Lillie was somewhat tolerable during that scene. I still don’t see why she’s popular enough to come in the Top 5 in a popularity poll, but I at least see a little of what people might like about her. I still hate Lillie overall, though.

Sue is the last one of our final CG Star Maidens. Let’s see where she’s going to take us.

~Star God Academy Field~

Yeah. I wanted to know if you would go to the festival with me.

…Uh… Sue? What’s wrong?

*And then Sue walks off screen*


*A fade to black as we wait for Sue to come back from wherever the hell she wandered off to*

There you are. Where did you go?

I was saying sorry to everyone.

Oh, right. Her animals.

Are you sure you’ll be okay leaving them behind?

That’s why I said sorry… They all forgave me. Everyone is staying home today. So… will you go to the festival with me?

Sue’s ending has to involve Itsuki staying in Granvania, right? Like, there’s no way the game would just have her ditch her animals to go to Sora and pretend like that’s a happy ending… right?

Of course.

You seem way more into this compared to the actual Autumn Festival event. Weird. Although I guess now she knows how fun it can be. The Autumn Festival event will always take precedence over this one, so you can’t see this event without already having done the Autumn Festival.

~Festival Venue~

Itsuki… thanks for waiting.

This is my attempt at wearing a yukata… I hope it doesn’t look weird.

In case you’re wondering, yes, they did actually model a yukata for her in the 3D graphics. We’ll get a better look once the CG disappears.

Don’t worry. I think it looks great.

I’m glad… I’m happy I went through the trouble to wear it. I’m not good at wearing these types of things.

Yeah, you were taking a long time. I wasn’t sure you were going to come back.

Yeah… Sorry I made you wait. But I’m happy you said it looks good on me.

Let’s go, Itsuki. The festival looks like fun.

Right. Let’s get to it.

*Fun times at the festival later*

The colour is different, but that could just be the lighting in the CG. I like the designs on her shoulder/chest. Sort of looks like the end of an arrow. I also like how she has a blue and white colour scheme.

I also like that it doesn’t involve sexy cat cosplay for no reason.

Hey, since we’re here, do you want to get something to eat?

…No, it’s okay.

…Okay, then what about games?

…No, it’s okay.

You’re suddenly being a real bummer about this, Sue.

Then… do you want to just walk around?

You can do that and also eat/play.

I feel the same.

…That’s great. It makes me happy that we’re on the same page.

Let’s go, Sue.

…Yeah. Can we hold hands?


*After some fun at the festival… where they walked around for a while*

Hey, Sue? Are you really having fun just walking around?

…Are you not?

No, it’s not that. I am having fun. I’m just wondering.

I don’t need to eat since I’m already full. And I’m already having fun. I don’t even need to talk. Just being with you makes me happy.

Do you want to stick closer together and be all lovey-dovey? Itsuki… what do you want to do right now?


I’m glad I managed to get the “correct” answer on my first try of this event. …I may have forgotten to save before triggering this and would have had to spend 5-10 minutes getting this to trigger again from my previous save (this event isn’t repeatable).

I just wanna be with you, Sue.

…Are you really happy just being together? Like me?

That’s what it feels like. I’m happy just being with you.

All your words make me so happy…

*Another fade to black*

Thanks for today. It was a ton of fun.

Same here. Thanks for going with me.

I have to hurry back to my animals.

What was that?

No, it’s nothing… I know it can’t be helped. It was fun walking around with you. Let’s do this again sometime. Walking with you makes me happy… Bye. See you later.

And that’s all for the Star Maidens with CGs. Now, let’s quickly run through all of the others.

Arie’s event is “Star Birthday Vows”. She asks Itsuki if he’s going to the Star Conception Festival and he asks her the same thing. Arie says she has to chaperone the children from the church, but she quickly says that she’ll ask the priest to chaperone in her place so that she can go with him.

At the Great Star Tree, Itsuki says he didn’t bring along a decoration for the tree and Arie tells him about how it’s very important to do because it deepens bonds and all that. It’s cool though, because Arie brought along a decoration for Itsuki. The two go about hanging their decorations as Arie asks if Itsuki has made a wish. Itsuki asks if he has to (Itsuki is being sort of an asshole in this event). Arie says that wishes made during the Star Conception Festival will always come true (I doubt that. That would require Star God to not be a dick). Itsuki then decides that he’ll wish to always be together with Arie. Arie gets embarrassed, and she also says that she’s ashamed of what she wished for after hearing Itsuki’s wish.

Itsuki says he can grant that wish right away, and pulls her in. Arie is happy and reminisces about how much time has passed since Itsuki came to the world, and how she’s changed. Itsuki says that she’s become a lot more honest with herself. Arie then gets a case of “bedroom eyes” as she talks about Itsuki making her this way, then she gives thanks for him getting to know her and that they were able to meet.

Farun’s event is “Faraway Fireworks”. Farun asks Itsuki about going to the Autumn Festival and he says yes, but the two agree to meet up there later since Itsuki is busy and Farun has class. At the festival, Itsuki has arrived late. Farun runs up and says that she had been looking everywhere for him, then gets a little down when she mentions wandering around the festival venue alone (Itsuki notices she had been crying as well). Farun asks to go somewhere where the two of them can be alone, because she has something to tell him.

In the forest, Farun talks about how she’s traveled so much and has always been an outsider looking on as everyone else had fun together, like at the festival. She says that she was fine with it and believed that loneliness was her friend. But now she’s starting to feel a pain in her heart when she’s alone. She mentions crying when she couldn’t find Itsuki at the festival earlier.

The fireworks start and Farun figures that Itsuki will want to go see them, but he tells her that he’s fine where he is because Farun is with him. Farun starts to talk about how she thinks the reason she’s feeling strange is because she’s with Itsuki, but she bails on it when a firework goes off. They watch the fireworks and go back to the festival where Farun thanks Itsuki for being with her and starts getting back to her usual personality. She tells him that the weird mode she was in was just for that one night and to forget about it. The event wraps up shortly after.

Mahiru’s event is titled “New Summer Memory”. It starts with Itsuki finding Mahiru carrying a big-ass plate of curry. Mahiru says that Star Maidens do a lot of physical work, so she needs to eat to regain her energy (what fucking “work” do they do? First we’re hearing about this). Itsuki asks if Mahiru wants to go to the beach, but she isn’t down for it because she hasn’t started her diet for the year and can’t fit into her swimsuit. Itsuki tries to reassure her by saying that her body looks great during Classmating (further muddling the waters of “Do they strip for Classmating or not?”). Mahiru eventually caves and just says she’ll wear last year’s swimsuit instead. They go to the beach.

Itsuki once again loses a swimming contest, although I’m a bit more forgiving of this because I think there’s some mention of Mahiru having been on the swim team or something. Itsuki concedes to suffering a “penalty game”, but also talks about how he’s gotten a lot stronger from fighting impurities. Mahiru mentions that he also looks tougher and even has abs now.

Mahiru tickles Itsuki, so he tickles her back. Mahiru tells him to go ahead and try because her “abs are actually rock solid. They won’t budge!” Mahiru then immediately breaks into laughter and taps out on the tickling. I think she eventually smacks him to get him to stop, which is followed by a fade to black that might just be a time skip. It’s hard to tell. Moving on to the penalty game, Mahiru buries Itsuki in the sand and then starts shaping a “sand body” for him (only his head is poking out). She starts talking about how wide his chest is and how long his arms are and how big his biceps are, which prompts Itsuki to ask why she’s going into such crazy detail. Mahiru tells him that she’s creating her “masterpiece”. Then she starts on the lower half and just asks Itsuki “How big is your thing here?” Itsuki asks what she means, since he can’t turn his head to see what she’s talking about (she’s talking about your dick, bro. What else?). Mahiru then just says screw it and declares that “It should normally be about this big. Haha, it’s cute.”

They’re cousins, by the way.

Mahiru snaps a picture of her work before Itsuki frees himself from his sandy prison and wrecks it in the process. The two then go for a swim. In the water, they float in the water and talk about swimming back in Sora. The event ends with them promising to go on a beach vacation next year, once they’ve returned to Sora.

Yuzuha’s event is “Season of Awakenings”. It starts with them quickly agreeing to go flower viewing. At the flower viewing spot, Yuzuha talks about the weather being nice enough to fall asleep standing up. Yuzuha asks Itsuki for a favour. She wants to sleep on his lap. I want to remind everyone that sleeping shortens Yuzuha’s lifespan. This event is treating “sleep” in a lighthearted manner, which would normally be fine, but that detail about Yuzuha makes it seem a bit tonally inconsistent.

They go somewhere quiet and Yuzuha has a nap on Itsuki’s lap. Yuzuha asks Itsuki to lower his head so she can brush of all the flower petals that fell on him while she was sleeping.

It’s just an excuse for Yuzuha to go in for a kiss, though. She says it’s thanks for the “lap pillow” and the event wraps up shortly after with Itsuki saying that he’ll be glad to do it again for her. It’s a very short event.

Reone’s event is “Festival Sickness”. She asks if he has any plans for the Star Conception Festival, and if not, she wants to know if he’ll go with her. Itsuki takes it a step further by asking if she wants to get dinner on top of that, which Reone finds pretty bold of him. Reone mentions that even though it’s winter, she feels really hot. She then asks to go to a café before the Great Star Tree because she needs something cold to drink.

Itsuki is concerned that she might have caught a cold, but Reone brushes it off. At the Great Star Tree, Itsuki says that her face is getting redder and goes to check her temperature. She’s definitely running a fever, but Reone insists on staying with him instead of going home. Reone says she’ll leave immediately if it continues to get worse and Itsuki relents, letting her stay. Itsuki asks about exchanging gifts, but Reone says she didn’t bring one for him since she never thought he would invite her in the first place. Itsuki gives her the gift he brought for her anyway, which she feels guilty about, but still accepts. Itsuki got her a pair of mugs, which he says she can use however she wants (he suggests that she place one next to her brother’s picture). Instead, Reone asks Itsuki to put his name on one of the mugs. She says that she knows it’s cheesy, but she wants this to be her gift to him. Itsuki says that that isn’t what he intended them for, but Reone says that it’s okay. She accepts that her brother isn’t here anymore and states that “These should be used by the living.” She plans to kiss the mug before giving hers to Itsuki, but is concerned about infecting him.

Note: While this is romantic, DO NOT DO THIS. Seriously, we’ve got that whole pandemic thing going on right now, so this is extra appropriate advice at time of writing.

Reone gives him a kiss for that comment, although she forces herself to kiss his cheek out of caution. Itsuki mentions that he wished for Reone’s cold to go away, but Reone asks if she can keep what she wished for a secret. She mentions that, if it’s granted, Itsuki will be the first one to know what it was anyway. Reone then asks to be carried back home, since the cold has pushed her to her limit.

In Collette’s event (“Give Me Memories”), Itsuki mentions that the Autumn Festival is going on, then Collette runs into him in a hurry. She says she has to meet someone at the shopping center. Itsuki says he was going to invite her to the festival, which Collette gets excited about. She says she’ll finish her work quickly so that she can go. At the festival, Collette manages to make it, although she’s late. Itsuki pretends to have just arrived in order to not make her feel guilty, which it’s suggested she picks up on but is thankful for.

They have fun at the festival and once everything starts closing down, Collette notes that all the couples are walking arm in arm. She asks to do the same, which Itsuki agrees to. Collette is happy, but then quickly starts getting embarrassed by it.

Collette is a bit bummed that things didn’t go her way during the day, but she’s happy that she managed to make a memory with Itsuki that will last. She then asks him to keep making memories with her.

Tarua’s is a summer event called “Embarrassing Swimsuits”. Tarua wants to go somewhere with Itsuki because she has some free time. Itsuki suggests the beach, but Tarua isn’t totally down for that. Why?

Itsuki tells her that she has to wear one if they go to the beach, since she can’t just go naked. Tarua complains that swimsuits are so thin and she feels weird about them now, whereas she was totally fine before even when she was swimming naked. Itsuki starts to call the trip off, but Tarua insists on going. At the beach, Tarua is embarrassed and won’t move (which Itsuki says is weird for her), so Itsuki says he will stay there with her instead of going to swim by himself.

Tarua goes fishing for a compliment on her swimsuit. Once Itsuki tells her she looks cute in it, she’s back to her usual self and wants to go swimming right away. Then she states that they will swim until the sun goes down and tears off across the beach.

And that’s all! No more events, I promise. Next update, we’re going to clear the 11th Star Labyrinth and then get back to the main story content where bad stuff will certainly happen because the Ophiuchus Labyrinth has been sitting on the world map for months now.