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Part 58: Prince oh Prince, are you really sincere? That you one day aren't gonna disappear

Update XIX: Prince oh Prince, are you really sincere? That you one day aren't gonna disappear
Song Title Reference: My Oh My – By: Aqua

We’re back for a new update, although it’s not going to be especially long. The reason I separated this one into its own thing instead of just having it be “Update XVIII (Part 2)” is because of the break in story. There’s a little bit more main story coming up, but it’s buffered by some (partially story mandated) Maiden events.

Each Maiden has one of these events, except for Alfie (of course). These events do show up in the Database, but they are listed under “Main” instead of “Star Maiden” (like the Tri-Mating events were). I think you are required to see five of them before the game will let you proceed with the story. After I had used up all five Bonding Hearts for the day, the story kicked back in automatically.

I’m not sure if there are any conditions for this, like the Star Maiden having to be at Bond Level 3 or something (that is the maximum level at the point which this story segment is happening). However, in order to see all of them, you will need to reload a save twice. You can only see five of them before the story automatically progresses and once that finishes, the Maiden events you didn’t view won’t be available. It’s not a big deal. Just make sure you make a save during that small break we just got.

Anyway, we’ll get detailed versions of the Top 5 Maidens (since Alfie is left out of this). The events aren't super long, but I don’t have room for all 12 of them in detail plus the story stuff that comes after. Besides, these events are all pretty similar. They just involve Itsuki trying to reassure the Maidens who are worried he won’t come back while trying not to blurt out that he’s totally going to die. We’ll do summaries for the other Maidens.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

I wanted to check in with you before the ceremony. I thought you might be nervous about it. Were you doing your prayers again?

Yes. The labyrinth to be released is supposedly more dangerous than the others.

I’m not afraid of danger! …I’m afraid of how many floors that thing is going to have.

That’s why I was praying for your safety.

He’s always watching… from his recliner, where the remote fell on the floor a few thousand years ago and he’s like “Fuck it. That’s too far away.”

Thanks, Arie.

Maybe don’t use that phrase around Lillith, yeah? Also, that’s apparently a quote from James Russell Lowell. The full version is “Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.”

I’m not going to eng101 smiley that because it’s something I had to look up on Google. My concentration is British literature. I don’t know a damn thing about American poets. Personally, given what's about to happen in this game, I would have gone with:

”When the stars threw down their spears and water’d heaven with their tears: Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee?” Blake, motherfuckers!

What does that mean…?

It means Star God is an asshole.

It’s a saying from my world.

Oh, you were referring to Itsuki’s thing. How did Itsuki even come to learn of that quote? It’s not a “saying from my world”. Japanese teenagers don’t wander around quoting 19th century American poets. Hell, way back at the very start of the game Itsuki even says that he’s kind of crap at English.

Polsy, if you’re reading (and you can somehow track down this event from the PSP version), does Itsuki quote this as well, or is it something different?

It means I feel relieved having such strong allies by my side.

That does not sound right.

I’m glad to know you feel that way. But the 13th Phantom cannot be so easily defeated.

Yeah. That’s right. There’s just one tiny detail missing from that which you might not be stoked to learn of at the last second.

Um… I know it’s not proper for me to say this… But… I just have a bad feeling about it all. I feel as if I will never see you again… Oh, I’m sorry… What am I even saying…

HA! Also, just look at Arie right now. Even she doesn’t really believe in what she just said.

*Itsuki moves in for a comforting hug or something*

Arie, I’ll be okay. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to seal the 13th Phantom.

Yes… I believe in you, Itsuki.

I have to get going now. There’s some stuff I have to do to get ready.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Femiruna? Hey, are you sleeping?

Oh, you are awake. No, I don’t need anything in particular. I just wanted to check on you. You don’t seem nervous at all, though.


About the Unraveling Ceremony.

Ohoho… Did you think I would be nervous?

Oh. If that’s the case, then I’ll leave you to it. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

H-Hold on.

I mean, when she’s busy, no. I think it’s the courteous thing to do.

Well… I guess so.

Besides, I am worried for you as well. Even though you are fighting alongside the Star Children we created…

Do I have a Star Child with Femiruna as the mom? …Right. Polsy. I wonder if there are any Maidens that aren’t represented in the current teams? I don’t think Yuzuha, Tarua, Collette, or Ruka have any kids on the team. Can’t recall Mahiru having any either.

The Ophiuchus Labyrinth is far more dangerous than the other labyrinths. And… the 13th Phantom cannot be so easily defeated. The only way to do so is to seal it with Mahiru.

Speaking of things that Femiruna’s route kind of glossed over. I’m disappointed that her route didn’t involve more of her feelings of powerlessness. They could have done something where going to the academy and being a Star Maiden made her feel like she was gaining more control over her life, but then those feelings come into conflict when she has that moment against the impurity where she realizes that she can’t do a thing against them. Maybe that could have dampened her newfound empowerment and caused her to fall back into resignation about--

Nevermind, I’m thinking of a nonexistent “better written” version of this game again.

Don’t feel that way. Without you, I wouldn’t have the Star Children to help me. I couldn’t have gotten this far without them.

If anything happened to you, I…

Femiruna…? It’s not like you to be this way.

No… I must get back to my mediation.

Oh, okay.

And the event stops there.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Is everything okay, Ruka? Are you worried about the ceremony?

I-I’m fine… Why would I be nervous about the Unraveling Ceremony?

Well, what else would you be mumbling about?

Shut up!

So? Do you guys only get one chance at it or something?

Anyone would be nervous!

So you are nervous then.

What do you want? You shouldn’t have time to talk to me right now.

Already done. Trust me.

I was worried about you. I wanted to check in. This is part of my preparation.

What? You were worried… about me? Wh-What are you plotting?


Th-Then why would you worry about me? Besides… You should just worry about yourself. What if you died…

That won’t happen.

If you die, I’ll never forgive you!


I-I’m not saying this because I’m worried about you or anything… Th-That’s right! If you died, then the world would end!

About time someone laid it out like that.

O-Of course you won’t…

”Can tell when you’re lying” my ass.

Otherwise, I’ll purposely make a mistake during the ceremony to have it fail…

And then everyone will die anyway? You do remember that part, right?

It’s okay, Ruka. I’ll be fine.


~Star God Academy Classroom~

Oh, Itsuki. Are ya here to see me?

So, what’s the occasion?

The Unraveling Ceremony is about to happen. I wanted to make sure you were doing okay.

What?! Ya think I’d be nervous about a li’l ceremony? C’mon, Itsuki. Are ya serious?

Ya think this would make me nervous? I’d hate to think that you’re lookin’ down on me. Well? Is that it?

Well, if you’re feeling totally fine, then I guess I’ll go and let you prepare.

Hold it! Just relax since you’re here. Yeah, that’s the right move! C’mon, sit on the chair over there!

…There are no chairs.

There are benches right there in the background Itsuki. Don’t be a pedantic asshole.

You’re definitely nervous.

No way! I swear to Star God I ain’t! Ugh, ask me one more time and we’re through!

Okay, okay. You’re not nervous.

Ya should be worrying ‘bout yourself. The next labyrinth’s really dangerous, right?

I’ll be okay. I have a lot of experience dealing with the labyrinths. Not to mention I’ve got really strong Star Children with me.

If you’re done here, get goin’! It’s almost time for the ceremony, right?

Hey, you’re the one that stopped me. Anyway… Farun, it’s going to be okay.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

I was just worried about you. The ceremony is about to happen and I heard that you’re going to be leading the others.

Yes. But there will be no problems. I thank you for your concern. Never mind me, Itsuki. How are you doing? The Impurity energy that comes from the Ophiuchus Labyrinth…

I’ll be okay, Mirei. I’ve already spent a lot of time in the labyrinths, battling all kinds of Impurities. Do you think I’m not good enough to pull it off?

I’m not saying that… But the Ophiuchus Labyrinth Impurity God is more powerful than anything else.

That’s the key phrase there, “relatively speaking”. Unless this thing is 10 times the strength of the past Impurity Gods, then I’m not worried.

I’ll be okay. I have the Star Children we made together with me.

I see… I cannot bear witness to the sealing of the 13th Phantom. Narcisstes wasn’t even told of the method.

Come on, you guys. Really? Couldn’t you have just made up some story about why they can’t be there to see the sealing? Of course the Star Maidens are going to be nervous when you tell them “No, you can’t see the 13th Phantom being sealed. Nobody is allowed to see what happens except for Itsuki. But don’t worry! He’s totally not going to die as a result of it.”

Something about this is strange… Itsuki, how will you go about this sealing ceremony?

Oh, they said that Mahiru and I have to do it together.

Lying through your teeth.

Tell me once you find out more details. But do keep it a secret from Narcisstes.

Of course.

You don’t sound too sure. Are you really going to be okay?

I’m sure. Sorry if I’m making you worry about me. I’ll be fine.

It’s funny. I came here to cheer you up, but you’re the one making me feel better. …Thanks, Mirei. For everything.

There’s not much time until the ceremony. I need to get ready.

You get the idea of these events. They all involve Itsuki checking on the Star Maiden to see if she’s nervous, them claiming to not be, and then admitting that they secretly are. So let’s just summarize the rest of them in order to hit the highlights of each one.

Mahiru is concerned about being able to go home after the 13th Phantom is sealed. She heard about the seal and that the 13th Phantom can’t be defeated normally, so it’s got her worried. She mentions that her role is simple and that she’s just supposed to cast a spell when Narc gives the signal.

She asks what Itsuki will be doing during the ceremony, but he spaces out and looks bummed. Mahiru just thinks he was daydreaming and asks him not to make her worry so much about him. She then asks him what the first thing is he plans to do when they get home. Itsuki laughs it off by saying he can’t think of anything off the top of his head. Mahiru agrees and says that it’s their homework to figure out what they want to do. Mahiru then asks Itsuki to stop by and check on the other Star Maidens, in case they are nervous as well.

Yuzuha is concerned about whether or not she’ll be able to do the ceremony right. Itsuki tries to reassure her and she says that the other Star Maidens told her the same thing, but she’s worried about making a mistake and causing the entrance to not open. Itsuki tells her that he’ll give her a good luck charm to help her feel less nervous. He starts by asking her to draw a portrait of him, which she does. Afterward, she asks Itsuki what the charm he mentioned is and he asks her if she still feels nervous. When Yuzuha says no, Itsuki points out that the portrait was the charm.

He tells her to just concentrate on something she likes, and her worried will fade away.

Reone opens by asking if Itsuki is feeling well, since it looks like he has an upset tummy or something. Itsuki wants to check on her in case she was feeling nervous, but Reone points out that if he goes to them looking like he does, then the other Maidens will definitely tense up.

Reone starts teasing him a bit, but also tells him to confide in her if something is on his mind. Then Reone says she’s going to release the tension that’s on his mind, which causes Itsuki to back away a bit because Reone has those bedroom eyes going on. The two go off screen and Itsuki is grunting or something, but it turns out that she was just giving him a massage. She then tells him to go massage the other Star Maidens on her behalf. She also tells him that she’ll pick up where they left off after he seals the 13th Phantom.

Sue is more worried about the animals she’s leaving behind as opposed to the ceremony itself. She’s anxious to get this over with so she can get back to them. Sue then says that she’ll wait for Itsuki to return after he goes to seal the Phantom. She believes in him and that he’ll come back safe.

Then she gets a little more doubtful as she asks Itsuki to promise her that he’ll come back. She says that she knows he won’t lie, but she’s still uncertain about everything. She isn’t sure why she feels so worried though. Then Itsuki promises her that he’ll totally come back alive.

Collette’s event opens with her giving Itsuki some bread that she baked.

That’s not what cornbread is! You don’t bake normal bread and then just stuff it full of regular corn. You’re supposed to grind it into a powder that can be used to bake the bread. Listen, I’m fairly neutral on corn. I don’t love it, but I also don’t dislike it. But that? That looks gross to bite into. Not so much the little pieces scattered around, more the giant mass of corn in the center.

Collette says it’s important to bake right now more than ever, because it helps her concentrate. Itsuki thinks she doesn’t seem nervous at all, but Collette says that’s not entirely true. She thinks having a bit of tension can be a good thing. Then she says that that tension is probably not as bad as when he was kissing his first love. Itsuki asks her not to make up stories about him and Collette takes that to mean that he hasn’t had a first love yet. Then Collette gets shocked because she thinks Itsuki being here to see her means that she’s his first love. Itsuki tells her that maybe she shouldn’t be this carefree right now and Collette reveals that she’s actually pretty nervous and is just trying to keep it together. It ends with Collette telling him to be careful in the labyrinth.

Lillith starts the event with Itsuki finding her doing her fortune telling. She’s checking fortunes to see if the Unraveling Ceremony will turn out okay and says that it will go just fine. She then decides to tell Itsuki’s fortune, which results in a big enough shock that Lillie is brought out.

Lillie gets upset because Lillith was apparently very shocked. She asks what the fortune was, but I guess Lillith must have written it down because Itsuki doesn’t respond. He asks Lillie what the fortune said, but she tells him that she can’t say. Instead, she says that only she’s allowed to cause him pain. Itsuki doesn’t know what that means. Lillie just responds by saying that he has to come back alive, no matter what happens in the labyrinth. The event wraps up with Lillie saying that she doesn’t hate Itsuki, so he better not die out there.

Tarua asserts that she’s totally not nervous about the ceremony, but then changes her tune immediately after. She’s very worried about whether she can do it correctly or not. Tarua wonders how everyone else can learn it so fast and mentions that she’s terrible at spells. She also asks why there can’t be ceremonies that involve running. Tarua wishes she wasn’t a Star Maiden so that she could go into the labyrinths with Itsuki because she feels she’s much better at that stuff than being stuck in a classroom and learning spells. Itsuki tells her that he doesn’t want her in danger like that and that he’d rather she do her best as a Star Maiden. Tarua is still worried, so she wants him to pinky promise that he’ll come back okay. She says Mahiru taught her how to make pinky promises and that doing it makes everyone keep their promises. The two make a pinky promise, which is how the event wraps up.

All right, enough of that. Let’s get this sucker opened up. I’ve got quests to farm for.

~Star God Academy Field~

Itsuki, it’s time. Let’s head to the Ophiuchus Labyrinth!

Nothing else to do, so let’s head for Ophiuchus. As I’ve mentioned before, there is no “point of no return” here.

~Ophiuchus Labyrinth Entrance~

Itsuki, you’re here.

The screen is gently rumbling at the moment, by the way.

We will now begin the Unraveling Ceremony for the Ophiuchus Labyrinth.

This sequence is the same one that plays when the Maidens open the Stardust Labyrinths.

And the chains are off! Also, the Maidens apparently dropped like flies as soon as the door was opened.

H-Hey! What’s wrong?!

Don’t worry. They’re merely exhausted from the ceremony. They just need rest. Mana, please take them to the castle.

Itsuki, listen up!

Go! For the love of god, go now! If we get deep enough then she won’t be able to track us down.

Itsuki, before you head into the labyrinth, let me give you this.

Sweet pocket watch. Doesn’t look like it tells time all that well though.

It’s a magical tool called Grim Gate. It was created from Mirei’s research. Inside is a pressurized “dimensional distortion.” Using this will instantly bring the object back to its owner.

Okay… what help does that give us exactly?

If you encounter the 13th Phantom in the Ophiuchus Labyrinth… Use this to call Mahiru and the rest of us to you.

That is not what you just said!

Itsuki, the entrance is already open, but… As I said before, you should only go when you are prepared to.

There’s something I want to ask you first. Does Mahiru know about the Grand Star Offering? The truth about it, I mean.

We have no intention of letting her know until the ceremony is done.

He’s got a point.

And you think that I won’t tell her about it myself?

Itsuki, you wouldn’t. No, you can’t tell her. Even if you wanted to.

What do you mean?

I placed a Star Energy taboo on you so that you will not go back on your word.

Okay, so I guess that was the white light that flashed during that scene in the Palace between Itsuki, Narc, and Shang.

…Wait a second. What good will that do, Narc? You fucking dumbass, if Itsuki told Mahiru about this at the wrong moment, then he would pass out and you’d all be up shit creek! Not to mention, what kind of deterrent even is that? So he passes out for a while. Big deal. He still would have told whomever he was trying to tell. It’s a mild inconvenience at best.

I fucking hate this world and how unbelievably stupid and arrogant and shitty everyone in it is.

However, you haven’t told anyone so far, Itsuki. You are trustworthy.

Go fuck yourself, Narc.

I can’t believe you! To hell with you! What if I just decide not go into that Labyrinth, huh? Do you have some backup plan for that too?

We are prepared to do absolutely anything to defend our world. Mahiru is dear to you, if she not? Or would you say that her life is more important than yours?

I hope you and your world dies. At the very least, please tell me that Narcisstes and Shang get some form of comeuppance by the end of all this.

You bastard… I’m not going to go back on my word about stopping the 13th Phantom, that much is true. I said I would get Mahiru back home, and I intend to do that.

I knew you would say that. You truly are the Itsuki we need. The lifespan of the Grand Star Offering is linked to the will of God’s Gift.

THEN STOP FUCKING ANTAGONIZING HIM! How are you this fucking stupid, Narc? How is Shang this fucking stupid? If the lifespan of the offering is tied to the God’s Gift willingness to become it, then you should be devoting all your efforts to making God’s Gift feel attachment to this world! Instead you’re blackmailing him, threatening him, lying to him, and abusing innocent people. This is probably how this shithole of a world ended up with the 13th Phantom in the first place.

Goddammit… this game. I like CII’s ending better. At least in CII all the world’s problems didn’t just get magically fixed forever because of Wake. There was still that warning at the end that if people didn’t change their ways then this would all happen again and Star God might not be as willing to come to the rescue a second time. This game looks like it’s just going to end with everyone on this stupid planet being free forever to continue being douchebags.

Just remember the promise that Shangri-La made. If I defeat the 13th Phantom, then Mahiru gets to go back home. Immediately.

All right. I promise you.

If you don’t keep it, then I’ll find a way to use the 13th Phantom to come after you. Don’t forget that I have to keep it sealed for 1,200 years in order to finish it.

Mirei will signal everyone when you enter the Ophiuchus Labyrinth. During that time, we will make sure everything is prepared.



I’m going to do this. I’m going to save everyone I care about.

*Mana enters as Narc leaves*

What’s up with Nar? He seemed to be in a rush. Anyway, the Star Maidens have been escorted to the castle by our soldiers. Itsuki, it’s finally time to go into the Ophiuchus Labyrinth!

~Ophiuchus Labyrinth~

At least the hallways look a little different than the other Labyrinths.

It’s a labyrinth that was created 2,400 years ago. It’s such an eerie place… The Impurity Energy is strong. I’m getting goose bumps.

Come on. The 13th Phantom must be in the deepest part.

Tread carefully.

Which we will be doing immediately. I still have to go kill the Pisces boss.

~Palace Laboratory~

Have you recovered already, Mirei?

Don’t underestimate me. Who do you think I am? …Are you hiding something from us?

Of course he is.

Why would you assume that?

…Mirei, what do you think of this passage:

Oh, you dirty fucker.

What’s that?

It was written in the last part of the ancient texts.

Well, it can be taken quite literally. Itsuki’s and our hearts are one. Does that not mean the 13th Phantom can be sealed?

When the 13th Phantom is sealed…

How odd for you to become so sentimental all of a sudden.

Oh, really? I never thought of myself as being cold or distant.

Heh… Please continue following Itsuki’s tracks.

All right. I’ll excuse myself then.

*Mirei takes her leave*

”When Star Maiden and God’s Gift souls merge, the phantom will forever vanish.”

Ugh. So, here’s what I interpreted from that. I could be wrong, but it sounds like Narc was hiding that passage because it’s meaning is that Mahiru and Itsuki are both going to be sacrificed. It says “When Star Maiden and God’s Gift souls merge”. Mahiru is the only Star Maiden that can create the Grand Star Offering, because she’s also a God’s Gift. So when their “souls merge” and “the phantom will forever vanish”, it sounds like they are referring to the Grand Star Offering. But if they merge, then wouldn’t that result in Mahiru becoming part of the Offering as well?

It’s also possible that all of the Star Maidens will be converted into the offering with only Mahiru remaining (thus letting Shang and Narc keep their “promise”).

Whatever the case, that little passage doesn’t sound good.

Anyway, at this point we’re free to back out of Ophiuchus and return to whatever the hell we still have left to do. Despite what Shang said, there is no time limit. As proof, keep in mind that this story segment triggered after I cleared the Leo labyrinth, which was the fourth dungeon that we got to see (I was switching seasonal labyrinths after each one, as Mana herself suggested at the beginning of the game). Since these events happened, we’ve cleared 7 more Star Labyrinths and I think I’ve skipped through about 3 or 4 years worth of in-game time in order to line up specific side events.

So what’s left?

Well, in terms of stuff I can do, there are a bunch of the generic version bosses that I haven’t found yet. There’s also a stupid amount of quests that I haven’t even unlocked, but I think that’s because some of the currently available quests can only be completed by going to Ophiuchus, which I have yet to do. Oh, and I should quickly mention that Ophiuchus is (mercifully) only 5 floors. That’s a major relief for me.

You know what’s not a relief? Episodes 7-9 of the anime. Yeah, I’ve resigned myself to going back to it. I don’t like ditching something halfway through after saying that I would do it. If I managed to suffer through the stupid minigames in World of Final Fantasy for the sake of a 10 second optional scene or a stupid gem that just changes the character’s appearance, then I can put up with this. That said, I will not be going into as great a detail on these episodes. I can’t bring myself to fill another 47,000 character update with that garbage.