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Original Thread: You know what's scary? Hobos. Condemned: Criminal Origins [Sub VLP]


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Condemned is a FPS horror game by Monolith, the same people who made FEAR. While FEAR focuses more on gunplay, Condemned builds on atmosphere and some surprisingly fun melee combat. This is also a game that doubles as a hobo murder simulator. If you've ever wanted to murder a hobo, then this is the game for you.

Please don't spoil the (albeit silly) plot of this game.

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Videos come in both HD and SD, just in case your computer is slow and can't handle HD video.

Episode 1: Path of Righteousness C&I  
Episode 2: Malcolm Vanhorn C&I  
Episode 3: Puke C&I  
Episode 4: Subway Surfing C&I C&I Uncut
Episode 5: Blue Men C&I  
Episode 6: 4 in the Eyes, 4 in the Nostrils C&I C&I Uncut
Episode 7: Merry Christmas C&I  
House Youtube  
First Report C&I  
Episode 8: Dumpster Ride C&I  
know C&I  
Episode 9: Foreshadowing C&I  
bob C&I  
Episode 10: "T" C&I  
Episode 11: Skinner Sucks C&I  
thank you Youtube  
Episode 12: A Spooky Farm C&I  
Episode 13: What Even Happened C&I  
The Reveal Youtube  
Bonus #1 Youtube  
Bonus #2 Youtube  
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