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Contra 4

by FreezingInferno

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Original Thread: The Hard Games Thread!



Two Screens And A Lot Of Guns: Let's Play Contra 4

The Contra madness continues! Here's Contra 4. It was released in 2007 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series, and developed by Wayforward. You know, those guys who made Shantae. And that Wendy The Witch game for Game Boy Color that was a Metal Storm clone for children. Yeah, those guys. Contra 4 was received very well upon release, and it's probably the best Contra game since Contra Hard Corps. It's also pretty damn difficult. Adding to that, I'll be playing it on Hard. Because that's just how you do these sorts of things.

Now let's blow up some aliens and keep our eyes on two screens at once.


In which we get a remix for playing no holds barred on Hard mode

In which the level name is somewhat misleading and we get the best weapon of the game

In which we discover that Crush Missiles would have broken Contra in 1988

In which Wayforward attempts to one-up Contra III, both in over-the-top action setpieces and devilish enemy placement

Trains are okay, but I like my jetski!

I'm not sure what's being built here, but I'm going to blow it up.

Swarms of enemies, dual screen focusing required, and some minibosses for the hell of it? I'm game.

I sure hope you've got your finger on the jump button, because those turrets are quick on the draw.

Thousands of people get eaten by a big alien ant and we go inside it. Also, the ultimate Contra 1 callback; the Spread gun is overpowered as hell.
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