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Original Thread: chickencheese [vlp]



Let's Play the Cooking Mama series

Pictured: my feelings about food

Hello LP Subforum. Do you like food? Yeah I'll bet you do, I see you there, crying while watching videos, stuffing your face with Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos and Baja Blast. ("But they're so cheap!" you say between bites.) Don't worry! I am here to help. You see, in addition to doing Lets Plays, one of the other things I really enjoy doing is cooking. Being fortunate enough to have parents who knew how to cook and a grandmother who is quite literally one of the worst cooks on the planet earth (who the hell boils pasta for 30 minutes? the answer is my grandmother.), I learned very early on how important knowing how to cook is. When I moved out of my parents house, I found out that cooking is actually pretty fun.

I am here to teach you how to cook through the magic of Lets Play.

What better way to do it than through Cooking Mama, a series of games where more often than not, each recipe makes me want to scream because that's not how food works. Here's how this shit's gonna go down, alright? Each video will have two segments. The first segment, I will select a recipe from one of the Cooking Mama games. The second segment, and in this segment I may sometimes be assisted by my roommate Dalton, I cook the dish for real, the correct way. Or at least the way I do it. God I hope nobody from GWS comes in here and starts yelling at me.

Anyway, you can also expect a couple of bonus videos sometimes about various general knowledge topics, such as Food Safety and Cast Iron Seasoning + Care

But anyway, a few things to note:
1. I will NOT be doing Every Recpie from Every Game. I learned my lesson with regards to completionism with Mario Galaxy. Plus truth be told there are alot of foods I don't like that are in there, and the dishes I make aren't just for show, they're gonna be my dinner that day.
2. I will NOT be doing recipes in any particular order. You can feel free to suggest recipes (be sure to list what game they're from, there's alot of entries in this series.)
3. No I can't do a Babysitting Mama joke video, Gamefly doesn't have Babysitting Mama because they don't ship periphrerials (babies). Just imagine I gave the baby sunglasses, a pack of Camel Crush, and I'm blasting Skulls by The Misfits in the background.
4. I am currently undecided if I will do anything from any Non-Cooking Mama cooking games.
5. If you have followed any of my previous LP's you will know that my update schedule is absolutely horrible. I apologize in advance.


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Bonus Shit

Entrance Jew makes Huhn Käse

xoFcitcrA encapsulates shame into videogame cover art.
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