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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 2

Music: Terror

Satoshi has woken up alone in a mysterious, dilapidated classroom.

Looking across the room, he notices a body.

N-Naomi? It's you, right?!

We're put into control of Satoshi. We have access to the classroom's south door and nothing else, so we head out.

The floor is pretty busted up, and there's nowhere to proceed except for back into the classroom via the north door.

We re-enter the classroom and head for Naomi's body.

Hey, Naomi! Hang in there!

Mm? Huh? Where...are we?
Who knows? I can't make heads or tails of what's going on.

Naomi gets up on her feet.

Ho-hold on!! Where ARE we!? What's going on!?!
I'd love an answer to that as well...

At this point, Yuka steps into the classroom.

...YUKA! Are you okay!?

*hic hic*
Hey now, dry those tears. Everything's going to be okay.

And now, Yoshiki and Ayumi enter the room.

Yeah! We're fine. Thank God, the gang's all here.
Yeah, but...
*hic* *sobs*
What's wrong?!
...Nothin'. I think she's just a bit scared.

The screen fades to black...

...And when it fades back in, our party has properly grouped up together, and time has passed.

Wha?! That makes no sense! Dammit!

Satoshi notices something on the wall, and sends Yuka over to read it.

Yuka reads the poster on the wall, then returns to the group.

It looks like a newspaper.
Oh? What's it say?

Music: None

Where are we?
No... This is all wrong! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!

Yeah... thanks...
That's right! We just gotta find an exit! Then we'll be able to go home and sleep in our own beds!
What the hell makes ya so damn sure?
Well, would you rather stand around here and stare at your shoes?

Music: Main Theme

We'll just comb the school inch by inch!
A window, a door, SOMETHING has to give!
Absolutely! I agree! ...How about everyone else?
I'm with Mochida.
Me too.

We should check up on each other every so often and update with any new details.
That's not a bad idea. What do you guys think?
Split up? ...I'm not so sure.
We'll be fine. We'll all be back soon!
...Are you really frightened, Miss Scary Story Lover? Get a hold of yourself! How do you think I feel?
Scary stories and scary situations are entirely different concepts!

Splitting up is always a good idea, in every horror story ever told.

Now there's a quick interlude where we're able to get character bios. Those are all available in the second post of the thread.

...I'm fine as long as I'm with my big brother.
Nakashima, you head on out with Satoshi. I'll take care of Shinozaki. I'm a bit worried 'bout her.

Just the two of us... Will we be safe?
Don't worry 'bout it.

And at last, the game truly begins. We're put into control of Satoshi's group. We're able to walk around the classroom and get NPC dialog by talking to Yoshiki and Ayumi.

Same goes for ya! Ya got two lovely ladies followin' ya!
See ya in 30 minutes.

Ayumi doesn't really have much to say.

Aside from Ayumi and Yoshiki, there's one other conspicuous thing in this room.

-- Take it? --



And we acquire our first item! It's made in RPG Maker, but I'd classify Corpse Party as an adventure game more than anything else. We collect various items throughout the game and use them to solve puzzles. There aren't any random encounters or anything, just wandering through scary hallways and solving puzzles.


This is just straight up the default menu from RPG Maker XP, more or less.

There's a Magic option in the menu, but we don't have any magic spells. Silly RPG Maker holdovers. The characters having HP actually does matter though, because there are traps around the school that can drain our health.

We're done in this classroom, so we head out. We can look at the poster in the room if we want, but it just says "September 24th, 1927." The book case is full of books, surprisingly enough.

Out in the hallway, we still can't really go north or south, due to holes in the floor. We take a few steps to the south and trigger yet another scene.

Huh? What's this?
It's my good luck charm. Please, take it.
Eh? Sorry, but you keep it. I can't take something so valuable from you.
Yuka, are you crying...?

It worries me...

Alright. I'll take it.
Thank you, Yuka.

Acquired [Yuka's Charm]

If we want to, we can refuse the charm, in which case it isn't added to our inventory.

After that scene, we walk to this narrow gap and investigate it.

Hey, how about that board we picked up earlier? Would that work?
...Ah, I get it!

-- Use the [Loose Board]? --



We put the board down and head up the stairs to the south.

And we proceed up the dark stairwell to the second floor.

The second floor is just as bad off as the first. We can't even continue up to the third floor, thanks to the completely ruined floor in front of the stairway.

We walk down the hall and enter the classroom.

This is Classroom 2-1, and it's empty. The lights go out after we enter the room, but that's the only thing of note in this room.

If we investigate the blackboard, it's dated with "X Month, X Day, Friday"

We exit the classroom and proceed down the hall.

...a conspicuous bucket.

What the heck is this? Pee?

...Moving on from that, we head into Classroom 2-2. It's also empty, but significantly more damaged than 2-1 was.

This room also has nothing but flavor text inside. The blackboard is dated "13th Month, 54th Day, 1949"

Exiting the classroom and continuing down the hall, we quickly run across another class.

We can't enter it though. We pass the room and continue down the hall.

At this point, we're actually forced to pass through the classroom to proceed down the hall.

Oh dear, what's that in the corner? We head close to investigate.

Music: Horror

I-It's bones... A-A human's...
Big brother, I'm scared!

Who, who's there!?

The...the talking...
...Do you all...understand where you are?...

Can you tell us!?
...To be honest, the "where" is irrelevant. It is hardly even worth asking; you wouldn't understand anyways...

Wha, what do you mean!?

...The one you are trapped in dates over 40 years back...Naturally, there is no way out. Be glad you are not alone. Stick together, that way at least you can be with your friends in the end...Unlike me...
W...why did we have to be dragged down here!?
...This ghost has a particularly strong bond to the real world...She calls anyone and everyone down here...even those unrelated to her death...
Wh...why the hell would she--
...I do not know. I don't even know how to escape my own plight...

...Try not to end me...

Now finished explaining the school to us, the skeleton has fulfilled its purpose and fades out of existence for some reason???

But we can go home, right!? It's all a lie, right!? Right!?
Big brother!? Listen to me, big brother! Hey! Hey!! HEY!! Come on, tell me! Tell me we can go back home!

It'll all be fine, Yuka. We'll be home soon.
Don't worry. Your big brother is here, right?
Big brooooother... *hic hic sobs*
Let it all out, Yuka. There, there.

...Is that so?
Come on, Yuka. I think we need to get out of here. It's not good for you.

...I'm okay...
Alright, come on. Let's head out!