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Part 5

Hey...hey, isn't this?
Our class?

Suddenly, the screen flashes blue and we're forced out of the classroom.

Music: Main Theme

Attempting to re-enter just gets us another blue screen and pushes us away. Classroom 2-9 is sealed off to us now.

So we continue exploring the second floor.

Hey look who it is!

Let's ignore them and look at these cabinets.

-- Letter #01 --

"By the basement, there is an incinerator."
"There is? So what should we do?"

-- Letter #02 --

"On the wall, next to the poster, there is a secret button."
"...Next to the poster? What..."

There are ten of these letters in the game, and they all represent different pieces of a conversation between two people. Finding them all is not required to beat the game in the sense that if you're following a guide or know all the answers you aren't literally required to read them, but if you're playing without a guide for your first time, they are more or less necessary.

And now that we've done that, let's see if we can get those nerds' attention.

Mochida, are you unharmed?! Thank God you're all okay!
We're fit as can be!
I'm a bit scared, but...
...Did ya guys find an exit?
No. What about you?
...We didn't find anything either.
Come on! Let's get back to the search!

...Don't get too Mochida.
Huh? What are you trying to say?!

Smartly, Satoshi interrupts this awkward conversation with shit that actually matters.

For me?
They're shoes. When you wear them, the green ooze no longer harms you.
Whatcha mean?
The ooze drains humans of their life. But these shoes prevent that.
Sweet. Thanks, Satoshi.

And now our entire group is immune to green ooze, making it a complete non-issue. We haven't actually encountered green ooze as Yoshiki and Ayumi yet, but we could have. I just didn't see a reason to walk down to a dead end and then come back up here to get the shoes and go back.

But for now, we're going to switch control to Satoshi's group and head back downstairs.

And we head all the way south...

...And up the stairs here...

Then we continue south here, and round the corner.

And now we can cross this ooze. We could have awhile ago, but then we'd just have to backtrack to give the shoes to Yoshiki's group, so it's easier to save this for now instead of heading this way immediately.

This is actually the first pool of ooze we've encountered so far that's too big to cross without the shoes. The other ooze you can walk though as long as you have the HP for it.

The hallway with the ooze ends with this corner here, and we round it and continue south.

And we arrive in this little fork. We can continue east, or check the rooms to the west. But first...

In the bloody halls of music and dance, lies a family who lost their chance. The mother longs for her ensanguined child, the father his bones dripping with bile.

My spellcheck doesn't even recognize "ensanguined" as a word. (to stain or cover with blood)

After checking the poster, we head west to check out the doors.

As we head into the door on the right, it changes our sprite to Naomi's.

Music: Horror

Because this is the girl's lavatory! Of course Satoshi can't come in here, even though it's a horrible ghost school and no one cares which bathroom you go in.

There's not really much in here. The mirror on the right is just a mirror, this mirror is shattered, and all the stalls are locked (despite clearly having no one inside)

But the mirror on the left...

Your reflection isn't showing in the mirror...

I have a bad feeling about this.

That's the only thing of interest in the girl's lavatory, so we exit and regroup with Satoshi.

Another familiar bucket from the remake.

The boy's lavatory is empty. It doesn't even have any interesting flavor text.

Music: Main Theme

The area to the east is just a tiny dead end. No flavor text or anything. In the interest of time (my time, because I forgot to take a screenshot of it), we just ignore it and head back to the north.

As we walk through this narrow walkway, Yuka stops us.

Hm? What's up, Yuka?


Want me to go with her?

Leave Yuka to Naomi
I'll go with Yuka

No, I'm worried about her. I'll go.
Really? I don't mind, you know.
Thank you, big brother.
Jeez, how old are you again?
But I'm scared!

Our group automatically proceeds south to the lavatories.

Music: None

And Satoshi and Yuka automatically enter the girls' room, without it even being shown on-screen.

...Okay. Wait here.

Yuka makes her way over to the stalls.

Just hurry it up, Yuka!

Yuka tries a couple of stalls, but they're locked.

Eventually she manages to find an unlocked stall, and heads inside.

If you check this stall prior to this scene, it is locked.

Why you...

And then our perspective shifts to Naomi, out in the hallway.


In the bloody halls of music and dance, lies a family who lost their chance. The mother longs for her ensanguined child, the father his bones dripping with bile.

Bloody halls...? I wonder where that could be?

Naomi steps away from the poster, and the lights go out.


And one by one, spirits appear around her...!

Music: Horror

...Yuuuka? Are you done yet?



We're put into control of Satoshi, and head over to the stall Yuka entered.

...You in there? Answer me!

...No response...

Music: None

...Geez. You perv.
Jeez, if you were there, say something. Made me think something happened, you know?

And with that stupid nonsense taken care of, Satoshi leaves his sister alone to finish up.

*gush gush gush*

Music: Emergency

Yuka?! What's wrong!?
The...water...! Water's flowing out of the blood!
It won't stop! It keeps flowing and flowing!

...! I can't open the door! Big brother! BIG BROTHER!!
Hold on!

Satoshi starts to approach Yuka's stall, and...


*gush gush gush gush gush!*

Big brooother! It won't stop! I-I'M GONNA DROWN!!

And we're put into control of Satoshi. As much as Naomi is more likeable than Yuka, it's probably best to deal with the immediate danger instead of running off to look for Naomi.

If we take a step to the left, a hole opens up in front of us. This doesn't really serve any purpose other than to increase the sense of panic.

It works pretty well, honestly! We walk around the hole and check the door

YUUUKA! ...This damn door!

Yuka, I'm gonna force this door open!

Sound Effect: Bash

Take this!

Sound Effect: Bash

You goddamned!!

Sound Effect: Bash



Satoshi is forcefully propelled away from the door.

...Aww, why are you kicking it? What'd the door ever do to you?...

Music: Horror

Wha...what the hell is going on!?
...Hyahahahaha......She's dead meat, that girl. And it will be MOST painful...

...I don't think I will. But, if you'd like, I won't stop you from leaving...

Once again, a force pushes Satoshi away from the door.

...Hehehe... How deliciously pointless... No matter how many times you kick, scream, and cry... that door only opens for me...


Please... please... open the door, I beg of you!
PLEASE! I'll do anything!

...If you die instead of her, I'll let her go free......Will you die?...


So, please, keep your end of the bargain... Save her!
...Pathetic. How boring...What transparent, whitewashed tripe...

...Everyone is looking out for number one. You want me to believe you're really such a saint?...Pretend she wasn't here...Would you still die for her?...


You twisted bitch! That's my sister!

Music: Crisis


Sound Effect: Bash

Satoshi just leapt onto the stall door and punched a ghost in the face. In this one scene, he was just six times cooler than he ever was in the PSP games.

Uuugh... *cough cough*
Take it easy!

Satoshi pulls Yuka out of the stall and lets her down on the floor.

I'm going to assume the girl in red was holding Yuka down with some sort of force, since logically she would have just floated to the top and could have climbed out of the stall herself.

There's a flash, and the girl in red disappears.

...Are you okay?

Music: None

Yuka runs to the sinks

*cough cough cough*

Big brother...

Hey now, I said everything would be fine from the start, didn't I?

Me too.

Satoshi takes a few steps towards the door.

I heard Naomi scream earlier.

This entire bathroom scene is not in the remake, but it is referenced at one point in chapter 5. There is a scene where Satoshi takes Yuka to the bathroom, and while she's in there she freaks out because "blood is flowing out of the toilet," but it stops on its own and nothing else of interest happens.

Also worth mentioning is that if you say "No, I won't die in her place," Satoshi just immediately leaps up and punches the girl in red in the face. It doesn't matter what you say, I just went down the path that had the most dialog.

Tune in next time, when we find out why Naomi screamed!