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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 8

Music: Main Theme 3

In control of Satoshi's group, we make our way back to the extending hallway. We technically could have done this a little while ago, but we'd just hit another immediate dead end anyway.

-- Use the [Iron Lever]? --



We use the iron lever to smash a hole in the wall. The lever is not removed from our inventory.

Music: None

And it takes us to the Music Hall of Rotten Flesh, which is an absolutely enormous room.

We start working our way around it, and we encounter a door. We head inside.

A strange room with strange statues.

The skeleton offers helpful advice and then ceases to exist.

After talking to it, we head over to investigate the statues.

-- Place [Marble Statue] in his arms? --



We did it. The other statue is female and also has a space in its arms for something, but we have nothing to put in them.

Our work here is done for now, so we head back out.

And we continue making our way along the Music Hall of Rotten Flesh.

Talking to the spirit shown in the above screenshot causes it to disappear wordlessly.

And at the end of the hall is a piano. If we try to approach it, however, a mysterious force pushes us back.

Since there's nothing else to do here, we loop back around and exit the music hall.

Music: Main Theme

And the hallway has expanded once again! We continue down the hall.

And at the end, we go around a corner and start heading north.

The hallway ends in a single door. We enter.

Music: Horror

And now we've arrived in the principal's office.

The general layout of this room and how you access it seems to have served as the inspiration for the chapter 5 infirmary in the remake.

Music: None

...Save me! ...SAVE ME!!...

...Stop it! STOP IT! It wasn't my fault! I didn't kill you! STOP TORTURING ME!...

There's a red flash, and...

Music: Terror

...The girl appears.

...Kyahahaha...How disgusting. How wretched. It's all you self-absorbed adults' fault!...How about I break you until you can't give any more empty apologies?...
...Please! F-Forgive me! I can't take it anymooooore!...
...Ahahahahaha! You fool!...

The principal's spirit dissipates and reforms, screaming in pain.

...You think you can apologize for what you did?! You pathetic puke stain! I will torment you for all eternity!...


Again, the principal's spirit dissipates and reforms.


...MORE, MORE...

...Pl-please... s-stop...

Music: None

...Stop what?...
Isn't he telling you to stop?!

The girl in red teleports across the room.

...You twerp. What gives you the right to tell me what to do!? I'll torment him as I please!...How about this? One time offer. You leave, and I let you live...

I'll MAKE you listen!
...How nice! The tiny worms think they're giants!...I'll kill you all!...

Music: Crisis

I don't think words are gonna work, Satoshi. We need to run. NOW!

Our party flees as the floor collapses behind them.

And we exit the room.

Music: Horror

It's pointless...
It's like all that existed was hatred...
Big brother, do you think we can really go back home?
No way we can win against something like that...

We're put back into control, and we re-enter the principal's office.

Some floor has been restored. Enough that we can reach the desk.

-- Open the drawer? --



Acquired [Embryo Statue]

I like the icon for the Embryo Statue. Cute little red baby.

Anyway, now that we have this statue we backtrack back to the Music Hall of Rotten Flesh.

Music: None

And go back up into this room.

Even though the [Marble Statue] was placed earlier, it's now rolling on the floor...

Acquired [Marble Statue]

I have no idea why they make us go through this effort again, but we place the Marble Statue a second time.

Like seriously, what is the point of dropping it on the floor and making you pick it back up and place it a second time?

And we give the female statue the embryo.

A door appears in this room!

Then both of the statues fly away and vanish because why not?

Predictably, the door leads us right across to the opposite side of the wall.

Acquired [Small Gold Key]

I think this is a piano key. We have one like this at home.
You own a piano?
What? Is that illegal?
N-Not at all. It's kinda surprising.
Let's go, Yuka.

Yuka and Satoshi go back through the door.

Is playing the piano so unlike me...?

Naomi's ability to play the piano is just not mentioned at all in the PSP games. I guess they dropped that character trait after this game because Naomi needed to be more boring.

Anyway, we head east and loop around the corner of the music hall.

And now we're able to approach and investigate the piano in the southeast corner.

A piano...
Why would anyone put a piano here?

Unfastened piano with [Small Gold Key]

Think I should play a bit?


You know how?
You don't believe me? I said I owned a piano!

Music: Elegy

Naomi starts to play the piano, and there's a bright flash of light...

...And a lot of spirits appear!

Don't tell me these are all...
Are they... souls of those who died here?
No way! That's awful.

There's another flash, and...

A line of spirits disappear, and the floor expands.

Are they... guiding us?

Walk down the path.
Turn back.

I think they're trying to help us.
Let's go!

Big brother! Wait for us!

Satoshi's group heads across the invisible walkway, and the screen fades to black...