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Part 10

We're put back into control of Satoshi's party now. We're surrounded by corpses, and I instinctively try to get nametags off of them, but there is no flavor text or anything for any of them.

Alas, the corpses are only for show.

We continue south out of the room.

And cross this very thin walkway, surrounded by yet more corpses.

And we arrive on the other end of the room Yoshiki and Ayumi entered last time. We enter.

We can't exit to the west, east, or south. We can only enter the hole in the center of the room.

And we arrive in a bizarre door maze.

The different doors take us to different rooms.

They're all visually distinct and the doors lead to different rooms, but it seems that no matter what route you choose, you eventually end up in the right spot. I did experiment with different routes on different playthroughs, and some are faster than others, but they all got me there eventually.

We arrive in an empty hallway, and head north.


Since the sound effect that plays is kind of unclear, at the end of the last update, the girl in red dropped the two of them into the basement.

Screw that. Didya find that damned body yet?
No, but somehow, I can feel it... It's definitely...close...

Yuka, what's up?
Big brother, my head has been aching since earlier...

Music: Eeriness

Big brother, it hurts! It feels like my head is splitting wide open!
Yuka, what's wrong?!

Sound Effect: Bash


Sound Effect: Bash

It huuurts!! Help me, big brooootheeeer!
Hang in there, Yuka! Hey! I'm right here! I'm right next to you!

Who!? Who's there!?

...What do you plan to do with my body!? Dig it up and show it off like it's some trophy!?...How dare you! Your deaths shall be blood covered!...

We've come this far! What will going back prove!?
...Ooh, how surprising. The dumb apes don't understand speech. How about this?...I'll share with you my recipe! Tete a la mode!...Be sure to watch carefully as this girl's skin is marinated with her own brain tissue!...

Sound Effect: Bash


Sound Effect: Bash


Sound Effect: Bash

Help meeee, big brooother!

Sound Effect: Bash

Music: None

Yuka starts to bleed and collapses onto the floor.

Music: Elegy

The friendly girl becomes a ball of flame and hurls herself at the less than friendly girl.

And they both disappear.

Big brother...?
Are, are you okay!?
I think so...

I think I can feel her presence...
She saved us... She saved Yuka.
But... I think that girl took great pains to even do that much...

It's that girl's spirit. Are you okay?
...I'm sorry. Her power has grown too great... I...can't stand against her any longer...That's why...before I
...No matter what, you all must keep living!...

The girl in red fades away.

At last, our full group is together, and we're ready to bring an end to this.

Since 5 people don't fit in an RPG Maker party, we are now Satoshi et al.

We continue north to...a dead end.

It's a dead end...

Suddenly, a hole opens up in the floor!

And it expands, I guess...?

I'm not really sure what this graphic is supposed to represent. Falling down a hole? Falling through a hole that drops us into a bigger hole into a bigger hole? I have no clue.

Eventually, a small red square starts to expand beneath us.

Music: Eeriness

And we land in a small red room. We're put into control of Satoshi, and can walk around and talk to our friends.

I feel something strange on this's all sticky...
...Are you alright, Satoshi?
Ugh...the floor was rotted... Speaking of rotted, what's that smell?

Finished talking to our buddies, we continue north through the one exit the room has.

Heeey! There's something over here!

Music: None

Sound Effect: Surprise!

We've arrived.

Music: Eeriness

Is that the ghost's body...?
I think so...
Ya think we gotta bury her?
Yeah. Don't suppose you brought a shovel with you?
I believe we should cremate her.
We can figure something out later. For now, let's just take her body.

Music: Sadness

...Did you think you were doing me a favor?! Did you think I was lonely?! You don't know anything!...I can never cross over! You ignorant worms!...
We know. We all know your sad story...
You...told us. The other you.
...Me? ...The

Your sorrow, your pain, your bitterness... I can understand it a little...
There is a time in our lives where we all will eventually lose someone precious to us. I can understand that.
But... there's no reason in making any more victims like you, right?

Shall we head back?

Music: None

...You all have not suffered nearly enough!...You think you can fix ME? Arrogant filth!...I won't let you!...

Music: Emergency

...AaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAh!...I... I will kill you alll...I will butcher you like sheep!...

Big brother, I'm scared!!
Yuka, stay close!

...I'm sorry! I can't control her at all! Please, run! I can't do anything against her!...

...There's no running! Only death! I'll tear you apart!...

Music: Vengeful Spirit
(listen to this)


Okay, it's not really "out of nowhere." Before we're thrust into battle, we're given a quick rundown of all our characters' individual abilities and we're asked to pick three. I picked the three who aren't the Mochida siblings.

Satoshi is a fighter. He has no magic skills, but he has the highest attack power.
Naomi is a mage. She casts offensive spells and has higher MP than the others.
Yuka is a healer. She has AOE healing spells, but lower MP than the others.
Yoshiki is a buffer. He can buff our party and debuff the girl in red.
Ayumi is also a healer. She has higher MP than Yuka, but no AOE heals. She has a revival spell, however.

Naomi has PSYCHIC WAVE and PSYCHIC SURGE which both sound super cool. Surge only deals about 70 damage, so using Psychic Wave four times is significantly better damage-wise, it just takes longer. We have her use Psychic Wave every turn she gets.

Yoshiki starts by lowering the vengeful spirit's strength. Doing this causes her physical attacks to deal 0 damage, so it's highly recommended. After that, I have him lower her defense and buff his own attack power, then switch to physical attacks.

Ayumi has a bunch of healing spells. When no one's hurt, she attacks.

The iron lever comes in handy for this fight. It's an item you can use repeatedly to deal 25 damage. It's stronger than Ayumi's regular attack, so I have her use it every turn she's free from needing to heal.

The Vengeful Spirit has a few skills.

Concentrate Evil, which restores 30 HP
Attack, which deals a small amount of damage (or 0 damage if you impede strength)
Evil Filament, which either deals 6 HP to the entire party, or 15 HP to the entire party. The damage dealt is determined at random.
Rotten Stench, which poisons a single party member
Faint, which instantly kills a single party member (usually misses)

As the battle wears on, someone will inevitably run out of MP. The game is also nice enough to provide us with some items before the battle. The items they select for you depends on the party you bring into battle. Since we have a lot of casters, we have two full MP restores, as well as a revive. If we brought neither Yuka nor Ayumi along, and thus had no healers, we'd have HP restorative items.

We continue plucking away at her as much as we can, with Yoshiki's physical attacks dealing the brunt of the damage.

Eventually, we are victorious.

0EXP, 0G

This whole thing is really bizarre and out of place, but it's honestly implemented pretty well. It requires you to think and strategize; you can't just mash attack and win, but it's not too hard or unfair, unless you get unlucky and she uses the 15 damage variant of Evil Filament twice in a row and kills you immediately (this happened to me once in 8 fights with her over the course of recording this LP.

I certainly understand why they didn't include this weird-ass RPG battle in the remake, because it's super out of place. It's not poorly done though, it's just weird.

And now that the vengeful spirit is defeated, we can enjoy the ending next time...