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Part 12: Ending B-1

Corpse-Party has a total of seven endings. We saw the best ending last time, and over the next few updates we're going to quickly run through the other endings.

The first point where the ending can branch is in the science lab.

During the chase sequence, we let the model touch us, and it grabs Ayumi!

Music: Terror


We're put into control of Yoshiki here, and run the hell away.


Music: Crisis

Music: None

Haa, haa... Goddammit!! What the hell?!
WHAT HAVE I DONE? Damn, damn, goddammit all to heeeeeeeeeell!

We're put back into control of Yoshiki. At this point we're on the route to a bad ending and can leave the science lab, but if we re-enter we get a scene.

Music: The End

Forgive me...please... Forgive me...

And Yoshiki automatically rushes out of the room.

At this point the game continues normally (albeit with slightly altered dialog since Ayumi isn't here), until we meet up with Satoshi's group.

Music: Main Theme 2

Thank God! Wait, Kishinuma. Where's Shinozaki?

Music: None

I couldn't save her... I couldn't do a damn thing to help her!
I ran away! I ran away like a goddamned coward! Uuuwaaaagh!

Don't tell me... She's... dead?

Music: Main Theme 2

And then as if that scene never happened, Satoshi changes the subject and things proceed as normal for awhile.

The next place the ending can branch is here, when you decide who takes Yuka to the bathroom. For now, we still have Satoshi accompany her.

The ending can branch a second time at this scene, but we once again save Yuka instead of abandoning her.

Things continue as normal. We complete the toilet scene, switch to Yoshiki, explor by the incinerator and find the bloody 2-9, and return to class 2-9.

Then what's the deal with that bloody 2-9?
Did it mean this class or what?
Tell me... Shinozaki...

And again, Yoshiki is bathed in light and transported back to his classroom.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

My class-- this is my class!

I DID IT! I...made...

We're put into control of Yoshiki. If we walk by Ayumi's desk we can get a little bit of extra dialog.

Why did this happen!? Why...why did she have to die!?
Just a few hours ago... She was happily attendin' class...

That...was just a dream, right?
Yeah. No friggin' way that was... real.

At this point, the game proceeds as normal. We switch to Satoshi's group and switch back to Yoshiki.

This scene is more or less the same, but missing Ayumi's dialog and with some slight rewriting of Yoshiki's to fit her absence. Instead of being called back into the room by Ayumi's scream, Yoshiki hears a loud noise.

The girl in red explains her story to Yoshiki. He asks her to save Satoshi and the others, and she tells him she cannot, and he'll have to go dig up her body to save their lives.

...I don't recommend this. If you decide to head back, I cannot return you to your world a second time...
What choice do I got!? If I sit on my ass, Satoshi, Nakashima, and Yuka are toast!
Let's go!
Ever since I was small, if I didn't like somethin', I'd stick my head in the sand and pretend it never happened.
I think it's time I put that crap behind me.
I'm gonna move forward!
I won't let my old ways prevent me from protectin' those I care 'bout!

Take me back! I'm not givin' up on my friends! No way!
And don't think you're exempt! I'm savin' your ass, too!
...Are you sure? If you really want to, then I'll send you back...
Leave it to me! Let's hurry it up!
...Thank you. Thank you so much...

Music: Main Theme 3

Yoshiki returns to the school, and everything proceeds exactly as before, but without Ayumi.

Yoshiki gives Satoshi the marble statue, his group finds the principal's office and the piano key, and Yoshiki opens and travels into the incinerator.

Everyone meets up, and the scenes play out as before.

The ending sequence is the same, though we aren't allowed to choose Ayumi as a party member for the final boss.

We defeat the girl in red and escape the school.

The four survivors arrive safely in their own class. The brief segment of gameplay where we can talk to the others and get dialog is omitted. We go straight into the ending.

Music: The End

However... we all lost someone irreplaceable. The one who always sought out to scare us, the ghost story loving Shinozaki... has passed away... Why did it have to come to this...? Everyone was thinking the same thing... Yet dared not speak...

And that was the last anyone ever saw of him. Even though he swore to himself that he'd live in Ayumi's stead... Perhaps the guilt of fleeing in Ayumi's moment of need finally crushed him?

And the credits roll.

The ending screen displays the late Ayumi Shinozaki's portrait in grayscale.

And our rank this time is "B." There are multiple B rank endings, and this is the first. Ending B-2 isn't a variant of this ending though as you might assume from the similar name, it's just another ending where there's only one casualty.

Every ending in this game requires you to play the entire game from beginning to end. Seeing them all is very tiresome, though thankfully the game isn't long (I was averaging a bit less than 1 hour of playtime on my many playthroughs for recording this). Tune in next time for ending B-2!