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Part 13: Ending B-2

For our next ending, we once again start by letting Ayumi get caught by the anatomical model.

Music: Terror


This time, instead of fleeing after being given control of Yoshiki, we run to Ayumi's rescue.

The model effortlessly bats Yoshiki away, and we take 10HP of damage.

The model takes a step away from Ayumi, and we charge at it once again.

Asshole! I SAID LET HER GO!!

Yoshiki is shoved away again, and we take 10 more damage. We approach the model a third time.

That's enough, Kishinuma... Run...
Run! Please, run! RUN AWAY!
I'm...I'm gonna save ya!
BRING IT! I'm gonna smash that smug face of yours in!

Music: Crisis


Using the gas burner, Yoshiki sets fire to the anatomical model.

Music: None

...And it burns away to nothing.

Haa, haa... I did it...
Kishinuma, thank you. I-I don't know what to say.
Don't sweat it! It's enough that we're both safe.
...Right? Haha.
Wha? C'mon, how 'bout a smile?
Th-thank you... *sniffle sniffle*



There's a shrill laughter as Yoshiki staggers away from the model, and the model burns away to nothing.

Music: The End

Ayumi flees the science lab.


Music: None

And the game automatically switches us to Satoshi's party. This did not happen in the alternate scenario where Ayumi dies. I suppose the idea is that she's sitting there and crying for awhile.

Again, we can walk Ayumi back into the science lab for an optional scene.


Ayumi steps away from Yoshiki's body.


And she rushes out of the science lab.

Again, things proceed as usual until Ayumi meets up with Satoshi's group.

Music: Main Theme 2

Mochida! Everyone!
Thank God! Wait, Shinozaki. Where's Kishinuma?

Kishinuma... he saved me, and... *sniffle*
*sob sob*

Don't tell me... He's... dead?
No way...

And then, things proceed as usual. Of course, Ayumi doesn't do her "Stay away from Mochida" nonsense because it's surely the last thing on her mind at the moment.

Once again, we have Satoshi accompany Yuka to the restroom, and then save her from the girl in red.

We take Ayumi down to the incinerator and find the 2-9 message, and then backtrack to class 2-9.

So what was that bloody 2-9 about earlier?
Could it mean this classroom?
Tell me... Kishinuma...

And Ayumi is transported back to her class.

Music: None

Our classroom... It is our classroom!

I made it back!

We're put back into control, and leave the classroom and switch back to Satoshi's group, then switch back to Ayumi to proceed with the story.

And again, the girl in red tells us her story. Ayumi's reaction when she's alone is a little interesting, though.

...That is correct...
I'm sorry you suffered, but you're a terrible monster! YOU MURDERER!

The scene proceeds more or less as usual from here. The girl in red explains how Ayumi can save her friends.

Yoshiki died saving me. If he were here, he'd make sure everyone survived.
Even though I was so cold to him... he gave his life to protect me...
Please, send me! I'll save your soul!

And Ayumi returns to the haunted school. I like the detail of her calling Yoshiki by his first name in this scene.

Music: Main Theme 3

The game proceeds as normal, except without Yoshiki.

The final boss is no different, aside from not being allowed to choose Yoshiki for our battle party.

And the escape goes smoothly as well.

Music: The End

Once again, the ending immediately fades to black with no gameplay segment.

However... we all lost someone irreplaceable. The carefree, class-skipping Yoshiki... has passed away. Why did it have to come to this...? Everyone was thinking the same thing... Yet dared not speak...

However, her tears would never reach Yoshiki... She could hardly believe the boy, who had been there until yesterday, was truly dead...

And the credits roll.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

Ayumi goes to the bathroom to wash her face. When she looks up into the mirror, she freezes. On her a bruise in the shape of a hand. Ayumi intensely scrubs the bruise, but each time she washes it, it only spreads and darkens... Until the bruise becomes pitch black, and wraps around her neck as if strangling her.

Regardless of how much skin peeled away, the bruise was still there, layer after layer. The towel became mixed with soap and blood, the color starting to match the swollen, bloody neck it was scrubbing. The heat spreading across her neck started to become unbearable... But Ayumi wouldn't stop scrubbing... The towel was dripping with blood... It was impossible to determine the towel's original color at this point, but finally... Ayumi lost consciousness.

Her final thoughts were, "Whose voice is calling me...?"

This ending is also present in the PC version of the remake, as chapter 5's first wrong ending. Rather than immediately triggering a wrong ending as it does in the PSP version, getting caught by the anatomical model does not end the game in the PC version, and like in this game, either Ayumi or Yoshiki can die. An ending similar to this one occurs if Yoshiki dies.