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Part 14: Ending B-3

For our next ending, we ensure that both Yoshiki and Ayumi safely escape the anatomical model, and then have Satoshi accompany Yuka to the restroom.

Music: Emergency

...That scream?! Was that Naomi's!?

Big brooother! It won't stop! I-I'M GONNA DROWN!!

But instead of freeing Yuka from the flooding toilet stall, we abandon our sister and investigate Naomi's scream.

Music: Horror


The spirits push Naomi back further down the hall, and we chase after them.

Ah... Satoshi...?
What happened to you?
...Nothing. I was suddenly surrounded by spirits and...
Spirits!? Did...did they do something to you?!
No. They told me they were just like us... Forced down here against their will.
They told me that a spirit was calling people down here at random... as if searching for something...
...Something? Like what?

After that... everything went blank.
A girl's voice...?
Whose, I wonder?

Music: None

Yuka's trapped in the lavatory.
...!? You idiot! Why did you leave her!?
But... I heard you scream.
...Are you retarded!? That's not reason enough!
Come on, idiot. We gotta hurry!

We're automatically brought back to the girl's lavatory and walk over to check out the stall Yuka was in.


Was she sad? Was she in pain? What were the last things etched onto her face? Yuka's cold, lifeless body was like that of a doll.

...Was she angry? I immediately imagined her being angry in her final moments. I thought of how precious she was to me... And was wracked with regret and sorrow. My beloved sister... Why? Why did I kill her? Why did I do nothing to save her?

We're automatically brought out of the lavatory.


We're put into control of Satoshi, and start to leave.

You're a good guy, Satoshi.
So...don't beat yourself up.

Thank you, Naomi. But... I have to live with the fact that I...killed Yuka. In front of my very eyes.
You can't change what happened, Satoshi. We have to survive. For Yuka.'re right.

...Such flowery words...

Music: Eeriness

Why are you here!?
...Hyeheheheh...I stuffed your sister...full of a turkey...
...Kyahahahahahaha! Aww, you mad?...

Well, this worked well the first time. (this dialog branch doesn't actually change anything at all)

Satoshi! Behind you!!

Music: None

...Tch. How convenient...I'll enjoy killing you later!...

Are you okay, Satoshi?
Yeah... I'm fine.
Yuka...saved me.
Yeah, she did...

Music: Main Theme 2

The game automatically switches our party now.

The game proceeds as normal. Since both Yoshiki and Ayumi are alive, nothing at all is different in their scenario.

Mochida, are you unharmed?! Thank God you're all okay!

Mochida...where's Yuka?
...We'll explain later. For now, we just need to find a way outta here.

And then after that acknowledgement of Yuka's absence, the scene proceeds as usual.

And the game proceeds as usual. We head down the expanding hallway and do this scene in the principal's office. The only difference is Yuka's absence.

I think this is a piano key. We have one like this at home.
A piano key?

This scene is severely truncated without Yuka around. I suppose neither Satoshi nor Naomi are in the mood for small talk.

Another minor difference is that Naomi just automatically starts playing the Piano, instead of the player getting a yes/no choice.

And the next difference is in this scene, since Yuka was a major part of it.

Music: Eeriness

Naomi, what's up?
My head has been pounding... since earlier.

Ow! It...feels head is splitting!
It hurts! Help me, Saaatoshiiii!
Hang in there, Naomi! Hey! I'm right here! I'm right next to you!

Who!? Who's there!?

...How dare you! Your deaths shall be blood-covered!...

We must move forward!
I guess we'll go back...

We've come this far! What will going back prove!?
...Ooh, how surprising. The dumb apes don't understand speech. How about this?...I'll share with you my recipe! Tete a la mode!...Be sure to watch carefully as this girl's skin is marinated with her own brain tissue!...

...Oh? What was that?... hate!
...Shut up!...
The fact that you can'
...SHUT UP!...
...Is pitiable!


Music: None

And the rest of this scene is pretty much the same as it was with Yuka. The good spirit shows up and rescues Naomi, who gets back up and we continue onward.

And the final boss is the same, except Yuka isn't an available party member.

The escape plays out the same, until this point where we're ready to jump into the classroom.


Naomi approaches Yuka, but Satoshi stops her and takes her place.


Music: Sadness

Don't tell me... You came to say goodbye?

I'm...going to miss you...
I'm sorry that you had to die with such painful memories... I' sorry...

Yuka starts to cry, tears flow down her cheeks as she stares at Satoshi. It doesn't seem like death has changed her.

And then her spirit vanished...

Come on, Satoshi... We need to go.
...Yeah. I'm...sorry...
Satoshi... do you know what she was trying to say?


And with that, our party enters class 2-9.

We do the typical "don't turn back" sequence.

And we make it back home.

Music: Sadness

However... we all lost someone irreplaceable. The child-like, spoiled Yuka... has passed away... Why did it have to come to this...? No one dared speak. To think, she had only come to deliver an umbrella... She was only thinking of me... Although she was spoiled and sometimes bratty... her heart was in the right place...

Yuka is...dead... She's really...dead... My mind raced furiously... It was in total chaos, yet...those words were clear... And the tears flowed down my face without end...

Music: The End

And the credits roll.

And nothing of value was lost.

(Nah, Yuka is mostly fine in this game. She's really just an awful character in the remake)

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

Yuka... Yuka stopped by to drop off an umbrella, then went over to a friend's house to spend the night...

"Oh? That girl.. the least she could do is give her dear old mother a call! Jeez... We'll have to ground her when she gets home, won't we, Dad?"
"...Hm? Oh, oh yeah. But I'm sure she's fine."
"That's not the point! Kids can't just do whatever they want while their parents are having a heart attack!"


I went up to my room and plopped down on my bed. I stared at the ceiling. Wondering what the hell I was gonna do. I glanced over at my desk and saw a small wrapped up package there...

What's this?

I opened it up and a small note fell out... Only one line was written on it...

Background Sound: None

Suddenly, I heard a knock from Yuka's room. Yuka's bedroom is attached to mine; you couldn't enter her room without going through mine. It was a quirk of this old house's design. So...there shouldn't be anyone knocking from there... I peeped into the keyhole... On the other side...was a familiar eye.


And that's the last of the B rank endings. There's one C rank ending and two D rank endings left to get.

Parts of ending B-3 are present in the remake as the alternate ending to chapter 5; particularly the last bit where Yuka peers at Satoshi from her room.