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Part 15: Ending C

Now we'll be going for Ending C. Ending C has the most new scenes out of any of the routes, so get ready for a long one.

First we make sure Yoshiki and Ayumi both escape from the model, and then we send Naomi with Yuka to the lavatory.

Big brother, wait for me. Okay?
Be careful, you two.

Naomi and Yuka enter the lavatory off-screen, and we're put into control of Satoshi.

Yeah, no. I don't think so.

We can't go into the bathroom and we can't really do much else, so we just do what Naomi did when she was the one out here.

Bloody halls...? Where could that be?

Wha? Another power outage?

Music: Emergency

Spirits appear around Satoshi, one by one.


I better call them... This is no time to act cool!

No way! Can't they hear me!?
...There is no reason to fear us.

Music: None too...been dragged down here? can talk!?
...Obviously so.
Y...yeah. We were dragged down here... I have no idea why...
Wh...what are you guys?
...What are we? That's a good question. To put it simply, we are no longer living.

...Then we'll tell you. *ahem* ...You have all been trapped down here by a female spirit.

Searching? What for?
...Hmm... perhaps...

Music: Horror

Who...who are you!?
...Didn't you want to know what I'm searching for? I'll let you in on a little secret... I'm seeking...REVENGE!...

Music: Eeriness

...Huh? I think I heard Yuka scream...

No good. I can't seem to get up. What's wrong with my body?


Music: None

And then we're automatically changed to Yoshiki and Ayumi.

Did I lose consciousness? Damn!

Upon switching back to Satoshi's party, we wake up in the dead end where we found Naomi on the other routes.

Music: Terror

We quickly run to the lavatories to check on Yuka and Naomi.

Big bro...ther...

*sobs* trapped... I couldn't save... Naomi...
Instead of me, she... she...
Settle down, Yuka. Let it all out slowly.
*hic* trapped inside the stall...
And then... even though I called for help... I couldn't...

I was so scared... I screamed...
All of a sudden, Naomi was next to me, and she threw me out...
Naomi told me, "Hurry! Run away!" She...she took my place and now she's trapped!

Naomi!? Are you okay?!
...Yes. I'm fine. Yuka's fine as well, I see. Let's get going.


And the scene is complete. Everyone got out unscathed; very nice.

The game proceeds as usual, until we're approaching the principal's office. Naomi's dialog is a bit more lifeless, but it's more or less the same.

Music: Main Theme

whoa hang on

We turn around.

But there's no one here, so we turn back around.

...What's wrong?

We proceed up the hall and into the principal's office.

Music: Horror

Which has already been wrecked, oddly enough.

What's wrong, Naomi?
...I have to check something. Bye.

Yeah, I wonder what's wrong...

We check out the note on the desk and grab the embryo statue, and then...

Music: Crisis


The walls!?

Um, big brother, should we check that note one more time?

Even though there are more important things to worry about, we check the note on the desk again.

What the hell!? Was the code before meaningless!?

I'm pretty sure the code on that note really is meaningless, unless it's a really obtuse solution to some puzzle that's easier to solve by intuition than figuring out what the diagram is supposed to represent.

Anyway, we charge out of the room.

Naomi!? Can you hear me!? Hey, Naomi! The walls are about to crush us!

There is no answer at the door...


This is my favorite dialog branch.


Sound Effect: Bash

Music: None


Music: Horror

Naomi! ...Huh?
She's not here... Where did she go?

We're put back in control, and proceed with the game.

Music: None

That looks like a piano key. I remember my teacher showing me one in music class.
A piano key?

After picking up the key, we head for the door, but Yuka interrupts us.

Big brother...
What's up?

Then the door slammed shut and we couldn't get out...
W-Who did it? Someone outside had to trap us.
You think... Naomi did it?
No! Naomi saved me back at the toilets!
Naomi could never do that to me.
Yeah. She'd never do that. She's never betray us like that. Never!

What do you mean "like"...?
Don't play dumb, tell me.
Umm... There is a boy...I my class.
Oh? Are you two already going out?
Big br-brother! I don't have to tell you something like that!
Besides... There's no way I can ask someone out. I'm way too shy...
Hahaha. Hang in there, Yuka. Just remember, all it takes is those three little words.

No matter what I do, all she does is yell at me...
But now... I don't care if she punches me in the face. I don't care if she tells me, "I'm SO sick of you!"...I don't even care if she rejects me.
Heh, she can be annoying, but...
Now that she's gone, I feel like curling up and dying.

Naomi is alive here somewhere. There's no way, absolutely no way she could have died.
Come on, let's go.
Big brother...

And after this scene, we head down to the piano.

In Naomi's absence, Yuka plays it.

The game proceeds as usual. Yoshiki and Ayumi's half remains completely unchanged.

We arrive in the underground passage and head south.

Naomi, you're okay?!
Thank God you're okay! I mean, I was fine. But Yuka just about had a heart attack!
... (Why is she silent?)
...? Naomi...?



Yuka... did you see that?
A... ghost...?
That...was what took over Naomi...
She had Naomi? saw... She killed her.
No! ...No!
Let's go, Yuka. I'm gonna tear her head off!

...You're wrong, Satoshi.
Yoshiki...? Shinozaki...?
You're...wrong. That ghost...didn't do a thing to Nakashima.
We did it. We're the one who killed her.

...What are you saying?

Music: Eeriness

I told her to back off! I told her to stay away from you!!
That condescending, little worm! She decided to cop an attitude! She got what was coming to her!
Shinozaki... you!?
Come on, let's do some house cleaning! Time to throw away this untidy pig like week-old trash!

Ayumi hefts Naomi's body over her head...

...and tosses it into the chasm.

What do you think you guys are doing?!
It's simple.
The answer to everything's simple. That ghost told us so. Some may call the deal "killer." We off you three, and we purchase our freedom.
Though she said, "just the two of us"...

KyiiiiiIIiiIIiiiIIiiiii!! Come on, Mochida. We can change the deal to just us two.

Are you... really Shinozaki?
Hm? Of course it's me, Ayumi.
Heeheehee... Aw, you frustrated? Sad your "little bunny" got slaughtered? Mortified that such an act was committed by a friiiiiend?!
Eheee~ I knew... I knew all about your little crush on Nakashima!

Even though you meant nothing to her!
So you killed her!? Because you're selfish?!

How DARE you...!

Music: None

Friends... don't do this to each other.
Please... open your eyes!
I... I'm...

Music: Elegy

Sound Effect: Bash
Sound Effect: Bash
Sound Effect: Bash

I believe this series of sound effects is meant to represent Satoshi stomping his feet.

...Tch...That girl... I almost made them sink into hatred and despair...

Huh? ...Where am I?
...? Mochida? ...Why am I?
Yay, Ayumi! You're no longer crazy!
Yuka? What's going on? Last thing I remember, I was entering the incinerator with Kishinuma.
Oh, Kishinuma! Where did he go?
Yoshiki, he...

Uhm, a spirit came out... It tried to kill you... and, uh, Yoshiki died protecting you... Yeah.
He...died for me? ...It's all my fault?
No! Impossible! NOOOOOOO!
Shinozaki! Woah, settle down!

...How 'bout you guys...

...Stop tryin' to kill me, huh?
Ow, goddamn. I think that's the second deepest hole I've fallen into today.
So... what happened here?
N-Nothing. We're doing fine.
Thank God... I'm so glad... *sniffles*
Heh. Guess my life does mean somethin' to ya.
I've had enough of this place. Let's move.

We head back north

And now it takes us here for some reason. The whole scene where Yuka gets attacked doesn't happen. It cuts straight to the part where the girl in red gives us her power.

For the final boss, we cannot select Naomi, but everyone else is fine. Satoshi, Yoshiki, and either healer is probably the most effect group composition, so Naomi is not a big loss.

And we escape.

Music: None

...How is everyone?...
Naomi! You're alive?!
Yuka! Wait!!

...Everyone...should join me. I'

Music: Eeriness

...? Big brother, wait!

...Satoshi, please... come here... More, more...

...Kyihihihihi! Satoshi, come closer...just a bit closer, Satoshi! Kyahahaha!...

Music: None


As Yuka's engulfed, all the evil spirits disappear.


Yuka... Say something!

Music: Sadness

Yuka! You're awake!?
...Forgive me. It's all my fault.
Geez...big brother. You're such a blockhead.
Yuka... Your stomach!
...Don't worry. I'm fine.
If I died, big brother would be all alone... So, I'm...
*cough cough cough*
Yuka!? Please, save your breath!

Remember when I told you I liked a boy from class?
...Yeah, I remember.
Who I like... isn't from my classroom.
Don't you see...?

You never feelings...
Don't be silly, Yuka. Of course I love you. We're siblings.
No! You don't understand! Not as brother and sister! I really, really...


Yuka spewed forth a large pool of blood from her mouth...

Can't we do something!? DAMMIT!
Big brother...! ...Satoshi...
It's okay if you lie to me... Just love me too...

Yuka, we're siblings... I'm sorry...
Isn't our bond of blood stronger than that of lovers?
Through the good times and the bad, we're always there for each other and know how the other is feeling. ...Yuka. We know each other better than anyone.
...Big brother.
I love you, Yuka.
...Thank you. *sniffles*

Yuka closed her eyes slowly...and never opened them again. Her small body curled up, as if she were sleeping...and became cold. ...Yet she looked happy. As if she were being gently put to bed by a loving mother. When I think about it, I guess my life's goal was to be the best big brother I could ever be... It was always the thing at the forefront of my mind... But I lost both Naomi and Yuka. Now, I have to wonder... What the hell am I living for?

Polite of them to clean up Yuka's body and bloodstains before leaving even though there was a time limit.

As soon as we enter the door, the credits roll. There's no "run forward without looking back" segment, and no appearing in the classroom.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

Yuka... Yuka stopped by to drop off an umbrella, then went over to a friend's house to spend the night...

"Oh? That girl.. the least she could do is give her dear old mother a call! Jeez... We'll have to ground her when she gets home, won't we, Dad?"
"...Hm? Oh, oh yeah. But I'm sure she's fine."
"That's not the point! Kids can't just do whatever they want while their parents are having a heart attack!"


I went up to my room and plopped down on my bed. I stared at the ceiling. Wondering what the hell I was gonna do. I glanced over at my desk and saw a small wrapped up package there...

What's this?

I opened it up and a small note fell out... Only one line was written on it...

Music: None

Suddenly, I heard a knock from Yuka's room. Yuka's bedroom is attached to mine; you couldn't enter her room without going through mine. It was a quirk of this old house's design. So...there shouldn't be anyone knocking from there... I peeped into the keyhole... On the other side...was a familiar eye.


Background Sound: Rain

I try to run out of my room. With my hand on the doorknob, I start to open my door, but... The doorknob seems to be little more than decoration... And I hear that knock from Yuka's room again. I almost fall into panic, but...I recall Naomi's last appearance... I wonder how she felt...when she died instead of Yuka...?

I let go of the doorknob and collapse... How could I have been so selfish? I never put myself on the line...

Suddenly, the door opened... and the room filled with light. As I look up, I see a familiar figure. A figure that I'd recognize in an instant. And as I looked over my shoulder...


Background Sound: None

Sound Effect: Splort

Hoo boy, that was quite a sequence of events. It contains a lot of elements from chapter 5's alternate ending in the remake, as well as wrong ending 2 of the same chapter.

The D rank endings involve much less new content, so there won't be any more massive posts like this.