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Part 17: Demise, Wrong Endings, Part 2

Demise - Wrong End 5

Music: Escaping Samsara (A)

Before we get to the last two Wrong Endings of the chapter, we need to start the chapter over and do a couple things differently. We collect the rusty key as usual, but we don't enter classroom 1-C and collect the notebook.

We continue up to the third floor as usual, and Mayu decides she needs to return to the entranceway to examine the body inside once more.

When we do so, Mayu finds the bloody box cutter that was likely the murder weapon, but she does not find the student ID.

From this point, the chapter continues as usual. We switch perspectives to Yoshiki and Ayumi, then switch back and rescue Nana. The difference is that we're not holding the notebook or student ID.

By the way, those arrows in the corner of the above screenshot indicate that I'm using Book of Shadows' fantastic skip function, which fastforwards through all dialog at breakneck speed until unread text or a choice pops up. It's really nice for collecting Wrong Endings.

This is unrelated to the Wrong Endings, but a couple of scenes are changed if you aren't holding the student ID. The first is in the entranceway.

Music: None

Instead of a wad of tissue with fingers inside, we find a note.

"To Dad, to Mom, to my teachers and to everyone else at school, and to Mi, Tomo and Kana (my very best friends).

It's been about one week since I got sealed up here. I'm surrounded by the dead, and while I did come across a small number of people who were still alive, most of them have already died off. This is a bizarre place.

I had what was left of my lunch with me, so I ate that, but there's no other food to be found. Needless to say, I'm extremely hungry. I have almost no strength left, and my mind is starting to get hazy.

i thought abou t suicide but i was tol d t hat when you die here you feel the pa in you felt at deat h for the rest of eternntiy (told by a ghost) SO I want the easiest most pain-free death possible and have decided howI want   to   die.

I considered eating some of the dead bodies in here but de cided agianst it even tho i am very hungry. iam so hungry that my brain is shutting down and the pain   has   startedto dull.

i think i am very near death  so i have decided to write my last will and testament here be fore i can no longer form thouts


please forgive me for dying before you mom and dad"

That bit at the end looks like something that would count as a name tag, but Sawako Nara is not added to our list, and in fact, her name tag does not exist in either game.

Music: Escaping Samsara (A)

In the ID-less route through the chapter, the hole in this space still exists, but they don't notice the bottle inside. It's only purpose now is to bar our progress.

The event in room 1-C is different on this path as well. Instead of severed legs, we find...

There's a large bloodstain on the floor here. It's still wet, so whatever happened here must have happened within the last few hours at most. Lying nearby is a single shoe -- a girl's loafer, in the style typically worn as part of a school uniform.

Isn't that jumping the gun a bit? I mean, this kind of shoe is crazy common. Practically every house has at least one pair.
B-But...Nari always went for the shoes with fringes like this instead of the assigned school shoes...and it's her size, too!
Nana, it's best not to start thinking of worst case scenarios. All you have is a shoe, and that's not enough to form any conclusions...right?
I guess...

Continuing to explore the second floor, we're automatically stopped at this space.

Either way, it's no longer possible to continue down the hall from here.

Doesn't look that far. We should be able to jump it, don't you think?
I don't know what it's like for you boys, but us ladies wouldn't stand a chance. We'd need something to grab on to, at the very least.
So I guess if we had a long rope or something, I could go over first and help you two get across...

We know where to find a rope, but first we head up to the third floor and try to enter the reference room.

Use the rusty key
Walk away

Maybe it's just got too much rust on it to fit in the lock. Here, let me see it.
Okay, but what are you going to do with it?
I'm going to scrape it on the floor here and try to pry some of it off!

A fair point, but it still seems like too small a key for this keyhole.
Hmm? Look, there's something written on it! You can just barely make it out, but it's there...
Hey, you're right! There are letters carved right into it!

Kishinuma breaking the rust off of the key uncovered a label on its grip:

????? Didn't this key open a music box before???

Anyway, we head back down to the locker room and collect the bandages, making a rope out of them.

And we return to this hole.

How about the desk inside that classroom?
I don't know about that. You pull on the rope and that desk is totally going to move!
That's true. Maybe the teacher's podium? ...No, the rope wouldn't be long enough to stretch that far.
Umm... Couldn't we attach it to a desk, and move that desk right up against the classroom door? Then just close the door most of the way, leaving only a crack for the rope to slip through. That way, the door will keep the desk in place.
I see. As long as we double-loop the rope around the desk, then, it should hold...and with the door serving as a barrier... Yeah, this just might work!

The screen fades out while they prepare the rope.

Be careful, okay?
Heh. Don't worry. At this distance, it's child's play!

Sound Effect: Crack


H-Holy crap... That scared me.
A-Are you all right, Kishinuma?!
Yep. The floor boards on this side are just a little dicey, that's all. We'll all need to be real careful around them.

Nana, I'd like to go first. Will you be okay going after me?
Sure. I think I can do it.

What's wrong?!
I dropped my student ID. With the scrap of paper from the Sachiko charm still in it.
We can go downstairs later and get that! For now, just focus on getting across safely, okay?!

Got it.

Music: None

Wh-Who the hell is that?! I...don't think he's friendly!
Nana! Come on! Hurry!

Sound Effect: Smash


Then, the moment Nana's foot left the floor on the other end of the hole, there was an abrupt, almost exaggerated spray of blood. The back of the strange, bloody-eyed man's massive hammer had come down hard, roughly splitting through not only the rope, but both of Nana's legs as well.


More than anything, I wanted to look away. I wanted to look away from those desperate, tear-filled eyes...that shocked, pained expression...not to mention the sight of Nana's dangling torso, with nothing at all left below the thighs.

DON'T LET GO OF THE ROPE! WE'LL PULL YOU UP! Suzumoto! I need your help!
H-Her legs... Nana's legs...
Dumbass! She's still alive, and we can help keep her that way!
Rrnnng...nng... But even if we save her... Even if we pull her up...
Don't think about that right now, goddammit! If she needs legs, we'll lend her ours! I'll carry her on my back!

Nana!! ...W-We need to do stop the bleeding! Uhh...umm...
Move! I'll tie the rope tight around her thighs! ...Dammit... This is so messed up...

We need to get away from here, Suzumoto!
Mm... *sob* *hic* Okay.
You goddamned fucking asshole! If you think you can jump this gap with that zombie-ass body of yours, then why don't you just try it?!

We're automatically moved to this space.

She's still breathing. But she's passed out.
That's probably for the best. If she were conscious, think how much pain she'd be in...
Yeah, but if she's passed out, that can't be a good sign for her chances of survival. We've got to do something to save her...
What can we possibly do? We're not doctors! With a wound this bad, I wouldn't even know where to begin...
We can at least dress the wound with antiseptic and bandages! There's got to be some in the infirmary or the science lab or the staff room...or somewhere! Either way...we have to at least try.
Yeah... I're right.
For now, we should focus on finding someplace safe where she can rest.


Music: Oddity

It's...the same guy! How the hell did he get over here?!
I-I don't know, but we have to run!

It's a chase sequence from the first game, re-imagined in a visual novel format. We've got a minute and a half to find a safe place, or else we'll be caught.

First, we head for the infirmary.


Something struck the glass window from inside the room. It was a dull, red...palm print?! And it began slowly sliding down the window, leaving an oozing trail of blood in its wake.

???: "You have to look out for yourself." Isn't that what your friend told you? *giggle*

We cannot enter the infirmary.

Video: Demise - Wrong End 5

Well, I'm out of ideas and out of time.

Sound Effect: Smash

Music: Despair

...! ...Aaoouuggh...

The bloody-eyed man raised his right leg, then quickly brought it down onto Nana's stomach, pinning her to the ground and forcing blood from her wounds.

AAAGGGGHHHHHH!! *cough* *cough* *hack* *hack* *gag* *choke*

This didn't stop the man from continuing his stomping fit, however. He was putting his whole body weight into every blow. I could hear the sound of bones breaking. Nana's chances of survival were lessening with every passing moment...and they weren't good to begin with.

N-Nana... St-Stop it! STOP IT!!

What could I do? I wanted to save her, somehow...but I couldn't even move.



Kishinuma's attempt to save Nana was short-lived. The bloody-eyed man swatted him back like a fly, and he immediately fell through a hole in the floor.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It's your turn now.

Heya. Wanna play?
(Ahhh... I remember now. This... This is where I die!)

Music: Wrong End

Video: Demise - Wrong End 5 ends here.

We can also get a different Wrong End on this same path, by performing different actions during the chase.

Demise - Wrong End 6

Music: Oddity

We attempt to enter the lab.

Use the lab key
Walk away

It turned!
Good! Come on, let's get inside!

Video: Demise - Wrong End 6

Music: None

*sigh* I think we're safe...for now. But that damned pig's got a hammer like an axe, so before he busts through this door, we need to find something we can use to defend ourselves!
But, what about tending to Nana's wou-- Wait, wh-what...what's that smell?!

It's a dead body bound to a chair with wire by both its wrists and ankles. Based on height and uniform, this was most likely a junior high school girl. She seems to have had hot oil poured over her head, burning everything above her chest into a blackened, unidentifiable mess. The only discernible facial feature is a missing tongue, and that only because its stump is still faintly visible through her broken front teeth. The wire around her wrists and ankles seems to have really dug into the skin, too, suggesting she put up a hell of a gith before taking her final breath.

Look, there's a photo on her student ID. Musashigawa Girls' Middle School, class 1-6... Nari Amatoya.

Music: Despair

Ahh! You're awake?!
Nana! Don't look!
What...? Is this...Nari...? No... No...

Th-This... This can't be her! It has to be some kind of mistake! It has to be!
C-Calm down, Nana! there are... There are other people you need to find... Friends, and peers...right?

Let's play a game! Whaaaat's this?

It was a little girl with matted, oily black hair spilling down her shoulders and over her chest. And she was holding something under her arm. As she drew out the vowel in her sadistically playful question, she triumphantly flourished this object, revealing it to be...a human head. It was a girl's head, with a perfectly uniform bob framing her face. She looked like the quiet type. Her mouth was half-open, trails of blood stained onto her chin. And once again, the tongue was nowhere to be found.

Oh, so her name is Chihaya, is it? *giggle* She was calling for you right up until the end. Over and over again, she bleated out..."Naaana!"

The girl in the red dress thrust her hand up into Chihaya's neck and was moving her mouth up and down while saying this, like a ventriloquist with a dummy.

Aaahhh... No... NOOO! STOP IT! STOP IT!! GIVE HER BACK! GIVE HER BACK!! Give me friends... Chihaya... Nari...

As for me and Kishinuma, we knew the chase was over. There was nothing left to say. We just stood there, petrified at the thought of what was yet to come...

Music: Wrong End

Video: Demise - Wrong End 6 ends here.

During the Wrong Ending, Nari's name tag is added to our list. And it's...not quite right.

They not only mistook "Amatoya Nari" for "Amato Yanari," but they also mixed up her gender. Even though she's a student of Musashigawa Girls' Middle School.

While we're looking at Nari's name tag, let's take a look back at her name tag in the first game!

And of course, completing chapter 2 unlocked more Soulful Testimonies! Once again, these don't spoil anything we haven't already seen, so feel free to watch them.

Soulful Testimony - Yuuichi Nakamura

Soulful Testimony - Yuuka Nanri