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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 28: Purgatory, Part 4

The Death Room has been unlocked, so we head inside...

My only indication as to its size was the bloop, bloop sound of dripping water from somewhere inside. And based on the echo, it didn't seem toooooo big...

I was perfectly content to leave it at that, honestly...but I couldn't. Because I knew Naho might have been in there, seized with fear and panic. She usually kept a cool head, sure...but I'd just seen what she looked like when she didn't, and it worried the hell out of me. So I had to know.

No response. Not that I heard, anyway. That dripping wasn't very loud, but it echoed enough that it could conceivably obscure the sound of a person's voice. As long as I kept the door to this room open, though, the pale light of the corridor would filter in, and I'd be able to see the exit. It may not have illuminated much, but at least I'd be able to find my way out in a pinch. So... I swallowed my fear and walked into the darkness.

Ulgh... Gross! Hmm? What's that smell? It stinks to high heaven! Is something rotting in here?! Ugh!

Sound Effect: Clatter

Without thinking, I smacked my hand against my leg, as if trying to knock off whatever was stuck to it.

*gag* What is this?!

The metallic smell was so thick that I almost couldn't breathe. Was it...blood? Did I just wipe blood onto my hand?! No, it couldn't be...


I got a sudden itch on my thigh, so I impulsively reached down and scratched it. And in doing so, a small, rice-sized bead stuck to the ball of my finger. But in this all-consuming darkness, I had no way to tell what it was. It felt an awful lot like a grain of rice, though, even smushing and smearing like one when I kneaded it between my thumb and forefinger.

What is this thing? Skin? ...From my thigh?! Crap, I hope not...

Background Sound: Unpleasant Hum

Huh? The lights... *gasp* Oh, God! What is this place?!

The source of the horrible smell was suddenly clear. The room was absolutely drenched, from wall to wall and ceiling to floor, with blood and human viscera. How many gallons of blood must there have been to coat this entire room?! And the worst part was, none of it was dry. It was all wet. It was all 'fresh!' There were indistinguishable chunks of flesh and bone everywhere. Just what kinds of twisted things was this room being used for?!

Aah...! Huh?

I scratched my itching thigh again with my finger, then looked down at my legs. And all at once, my blood ran cold.

What?! Aaahhh...AAAHHHHH!!

That's what I'd squished between my fingers. But there were many, many more, and they were also on my skirt, on my socks...even inside my shoes!


I fell into a state of total panic. I threw off my shoes and began frantically brushing myself off with my arms. I grabbed the hem of my skirt and the collars of my socks and shook the hell out of them, too, trying to knock as many bugs off my body as I possibly could.

*pant* *pant* Aahh! Aaahhhh!

Stumbling around, I accidentally planted the heel of my sock into a murky puddle of red liquid. My mind went blank with disgust.

*pant* *gasp* *pant* I can't take this anymore!

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

Calm down, Sayaka. This was just a slaughterhouse. This was just a place where livestock was chopped up into meat. It was perfectly natural. There was nothing unusual about this room at all. The blood, the chunks of flesh and bone...probably all just from animals!

We take a quick look around the Death Room.

It's absolutely soaked with blood. There's no doubt that countless living things have been killed here.

It's an enormous standing closet with double doors. Someone my size could most likely fit inside, in a pinch.


Each one was stuffed with reddish-black globs of meat in quivering yellow and white liquid. In most of them, femur-like bones adorned the surface. But one of them seemed to be a far more horrid stew than the others.

Background Sound: None

Music: Dissection Room C


Screams are strange beasts, because they basically override all sense of logic and reason within a person's mind. Quite naturally, quite automatically in my shock, a scream forced its way out from inside my body... from the very pit of my stomach.


My stomach tightened, stopping the next scream in my throat.


I was sure of it. In the corridor just outside this room, someone or something was coming this way. And judging by sound, it sure wasn't Naho!

Aaaahhhh...! *whimper*

Whoever this was was getting closer and closer. I had to act. The hallway outside was just a straight shot, so escaping the room without being seen wasn't an option. Hiding was my only hope. But hiding where?

The footsteps were approaching fast. I ran over to the large cabinet on the other side of the room.

Please, open! ...!

The doors opened without difficulty, but they were the sort that automatically closed when left untended. Oh time for second-guessing now! I turned around and jammed myself end-first into the closet, grabbing the edges of the closing doors with my fingers and pulling them for all my worth.

Video: Death Room
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Shrinking my body into the cramped closet, I prayed silently for the footsteps to pass by this room. But then, the person making those footsteps was probably the same person who turned on the light in here, so I didn't honestly hold out much hope.

Rapidly, my thoughts grew darker. Worst case scenarios began flashing through my mind, one after another. I grasped my quivering mouth and violently shaking shoulders in a vain attempt to calm myself down. I clenched my eyes shut and willed myself to swallow any sounds that may otherwise have leaked out.

(Naho... Naho, please, help me!)

I peeked through the gap in the door, and my fears were confirmed: I was no longer alone in this room.


The 'thing' that was in here with me was horrible. He seemed not quite human...but not really anything else, either. And whatever he was, I was scared to death of him.

*pant* *pant*

On second thought, maybe he was human. He just had a grotesque face and an abnormally large body. Not to mention a zombie-like disposition. He was horrifying.

Uggghhh... Uggghhh... GRRRRRR...

He had the limp body of a girl tossed over his shoulder. He walked over to the blood-covered table at the center of the room and violently threw her down onto it.

Girl: Aoouugh! *cough* *cough*

Letting out a moan of agony, she came to. My God, she was still alive!

Girl: Aaahhh...! AhhhhhhhHHHHHHH!! It hurts! It hurts! It HURTS! IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS!!

*gasp* Her legs had been severed at the thigh. Like, completely cut off! How could anyone do something like that?!

Uggghhh... Uggghhh...

Girl: ...! NOOOOOOO!!

The man straddled the girl and tied both her arms into metal restraints attached to the table. No... What was he planning on doing to her?!

Uggghhh... Uggghhh...

No, no, no...please, no...

Haaaaah... Haaaaaaah... GRRRRRR...
*pant* *pant* *whimper*

Music: None

The man passed right by the standing closet, instead turning his attention toward the nearby corner of the room where he began rummaging through a toolbox. He was utterly careless about it, tossing aside any tools he didn't need. Hammers and drills were clanging on the ground, with some sliding under the table. Each time a tool fell, he'd bend down and scoop it up. If I had hidden under that table, I absolutely would have been found just now!

Before long, he pulled out a large pair of pliers. Returning to the girl's side, he once again stepped up onto the table and straddled her body.

Music: Torture

( he going to do with those, exactly...?)

Girl: Aaaahhh...!

Wordlessly, the enormous beast clamped down on the squirming girl's cheek and squeezed with all his might.

Girl: Ouuaggh...gghhh...hhh...

Then, as far as I was able to determine from my vantage point, he'd forced her mouth open and shoved the pliers inside.

Girl: Mmph!

He readjusted his grip on the handle, then skillfully began opening the two metal prongs while simultaneously pushing them down her throat.

Girl: Mmph... Nnnngg! Lllgggh...ghh...aauuuugh... Augh... Ghaaahh!

(...No! Stop!)

Girl: Aoouugh! Ahh...guaaah...

Girl: Augh...nnngh...ergh...mmph...!

I heard the sound of her mouth frothing over, and after a moment of squirming, all her movements ceased completely. That's when I lost it. Tears were streaming down my face and I began peeing myself uncontrollably. Urine was pooling along the bottom of the cabinet.

(Ahhh! No! Stop!)

I frantically contracted my stomach, forcing myself to stop peeing. If any of it leaked out from here and gave my position away, I'd be a goner for sure!


My stomach immediately fought this sudden denial with a painful cramp. Please, please don't do this now...

He grabbed the bucket containing the tongue and slowly disappeared from the room.

Music: None


Somebody...had just died out there. I was in shock. What I'd seen had literally scared the piss out of me. I didn't think that ever actually happened!

I had to get out of this room. If I stayed here until he came back, and if he found my hiding place, I could easily be the next one to die on that table.

Slowly and shakily, I opened the cabinet doors and re-emerged.


The girl was still as a board. She almost looked alive (albeit gravely wounded), but her mannequin-like lack of any motion whatsoever said it all. I stared at this fresh corpse, and just felt so many conflicting emotions welling up inside me.

I exited the room, fighting back more screams from the pit of my stomach that seemed insistent on coming out.

But I knew it wasn't a dream. I accepted that this place was real, even though it differed greatly from any reality I'd ever known before. My brain was quickly nearing its breaking point. A stupefying fog clouded my mind's circuits.

Naho... Naho! Help me, please!

Music: Indeterminate Form (B)

My cell phone battery ran out after a while, and my watch died too. I was lost, completely...but I never stopped looking for Naho.

Uggghhh... Uggghhh... BRRRGGHH...

Uggghhh... Uggghhh... BRRGH...
Na...ho... ...