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Part 36: Shangri-La, Extended Ending

After you've seen Shangri-La's true ending, there are some additional scenes added after Morishige meets Nari and Chihaya. If you saved after this point (since Book of Shadows lets you save at any time) and don't have any other saves from earlier on, you have to replay the entire chapter to see these scenes.

Music: The Dreadful Dark

Something hit me hard right in the back of the head. I began descending face-first toward the ground. It felt like I was falling in slow motion, though. The ground just kept coming. Yet for some reason, I couldn't even put my hands out to break the fall. It was like I was being slowly swept toward a wall by some giant wave. My glasses fell from my face, and I distinctly remember watching them roll around.


Mitsuki's panicked screams brought me back to reality. Suddenly, I remembered what was happening. She and I had pursued Emi Urabe from the pool back into the school building, and found her quickly enough.

Who could've done such a thing, we thought? And like it or not, it seemed I'd now learned the answer.

Mitsuki was inconsolable, understandably. But after some doing, I'd finally managed to drag her away from Urabe's remains. We'd just begun walking back toward the school entranceway when...well, when I got struck from behind and found myself careening toward the floor.

Ullggh...ggghh... Bas...tard...

I was losing focus, but could still make out the pool of blood spilling from my head, accompanied by a sound reminiscent of a leaky faucet. And unfortunately, I could also make out the vague form of a man standing over me, raising whatever he'd hit me with into the air for another strike.

Wait, sto--!

Sound Effect: Smash

I instinctively shielded my head with my right arm, and felt every nerve ending and every muscle in it twist unnaturally as the blunt object came down.

U-Uaagh, my...MY AAAAAAARM!!

Mitsuki's tomboyish face looked uncharacteristically wrinkled and puffy, with tears streaming down both cheeks. Or maybe it was just my blurry vision...

Sound Effect: Smash

Agh!! Ghh...hhhhhgh... Ru...un...
Noooo... NOOOOO!!

Mitsuki's sobbing screams and frantic footsteps began receding into the distance. This made me feel a little better. At least she'd be safe, I thought. It took only moments for my vision to go completely dark. But then, I had taken a hammer to the head...

Still, considering what I'd just been through, I'd expected to be unconscious by now. But I wasn't. I could feel every part of my body clearly. I kind of wished I couldn't, considering. But I was pretty sure I could still move, at least for the moment. So I decided to do my part. With my uncrushed left arm, I reached out blindly, felt my attacker's leg as he began turning to pursue Mitsuki, and grabbed on tight.

...I...won't let you...go after...Mi...tsuki...

Sound Effect: Smash

Video: Fukuroi

Music: None

Was I...still alive? I couldn't even count the number of broken bones I'd suffered. And I could still feel every one of them. My head, my arms, my ribs...every part of me was throbbing with agony. No one part of my body hurt more than another. Every injury was unbearable.

The owner of this voice is not identified in this scene. I recommend watching the video and listening to the voice over.

Someone was next to me. Down on one knee, head right at my ear, from the sound of it. A young man. Probably around my age.

???: Can you hear me? What happened?

I couldn't see a thing at this point. Not even vague shapes. But the voice addressing me sounded somehow familiar. I felt this was someone I could trust.

Ghhkh... Be...careful... Save...the...oth...ers...

???: The...others?

P...Please... Mitsuki...

???: All right. I can do that. I'll be certain to look out for her...

Even without seeing his face, I could tell he was sneering when he said this. Then, in the next instant, I felt something hot bore into my abdomen.


???: It's time for you to rest in peace. Though they say even when you die, your pain never goes away here.


???: What does it matter? You're going to die anyway.

...Hllrgh...ragghgh... ...R... Ru...

Mitsuki... Run!

Video: Fukuroi ends here.

Which way?

To the covered walkway

To the second floor

(Wait... Kurosaki! Kurosaki's in here somewhere too. I have to warn him!)

Kurosaki? Where are you? Kurosaki?!

I had no idea when that horrible, expressionless man would show up again with his giant hammer. Every little sound was making me cower in fear. What I needed...was a weapon. Something to defend myself with. There had to be something like that in here...right?

We immediately investigate the nearby shelf.

Sound Effect: Item

Th-This...could be used as a weapon. I just hide somewhere... ...Dammit, stop shaking!

I carefully took the chisel into my quaking hands. I wasn't sure if I'd actually be able to fend off an attacker with it, but it was certainly better than nothing!

Video: The Second Wing

(It looks like the holes in the floors have been shifted around again. Which means I should be able to meet up with Kurosaki now...)
...Fukuroi... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry I ran without you... *sob* I was just... I was just so scared... and I...I panicked... You protected me up to the bitter end, Fukuroi. I'm such a coward...

(Somebody's coming! Who? Who is it?! If it's that man again, I...!)

???: Yamamoto. You okay?

Background Sound: Atmospheric Hum

*sigh* I've been looking all over for you.

Tall and handsome, but always just a little on edge... He never changed one bit. This was Yuuya Kizami, one of my classmates.

Kizami! Fukuroi was...and Emi... They were both...!

But...but...they were both killed! By that creepy-looking man! It was... It was horrible...
Yeah, I know. I...saw them too.
Hmm? What's that chisel you have there? Were you planning to fight him with it?
I-I...don't think I'd be able to do much...but I... didn't want to be killed without a fight, you know?
How silly. You don't need any such thing, Yamamoto.

He was so gentlemanly about it...his touch soft and caring.

Background Sound: None

I'll allay all your fears myself...forevermore.

Sound Effect: Swing

Music: Struggling Against Fate (B)

Ha! Nice reflexes. Now, don't move, Yamamoto...
Wh...What are you... No... Please, tell me you're just kidding around...
Do I look like I'm kidding? Though I guess I wouldn't look much different either way, really. Not about you dying, Yamamoto...

Sound Effect: Swing

What... Why...? No, please... Don't do this...
Regarding our dead friends, there is one fatal misconception you seem to have made. Fukuroi didn't die from the hammer wounds inflicted upon him.

Sound Effect: Swing

Nooo... NOOOOO!!

I want to mess around with everyone hold study smile and laugh... *hic* We were supposed to be friends forever... So why? Why has it come to this?! I don't get it! I just don't understand!

Video: The Second Wing ends here.

Music: None

At this point, we're put back into a familiar scene. Mitsuki meets Morishige on the stairway and freaks out, accusing Shig of being in league with "him." The encounter plays out as usual, and is followed up by another new scene.

Video: Chase
This video covers the remainder of the update.

(Upstairs! I'll run upstairs!)

Sound Effect: Swing

Without even a moment's hesitation, my classmate Kizami suddenly swung a giant chisel in my general direction, narrowly missing me.


Aahhh...ahhh... St-Stay back!
You're free to attempt an escape, but don't push too hard. You wouldn't want to overexert yourself, after all...
No! Nooooo...!

Mitsuki flees from Kizami once again.

...Are you okay?
*cough* *cough* *sniffle* Please...just stop...
Hmm? Stop what, exactly?
*sob* Stop being so cruel. I haven't done anything to you...
That's true. And I certainly couldn't take it back if I were do something like, say...this.

Sound Effect: Splort

AGH!! Owww...

A sudden burning pain shot through my body, shaking my whole field of vision. The fat, dull blade of the chisel had been forcibly plunged deep into my thigh, all the way up to the handle.

I see... So the sensation really is different with a woman than it is with a man...

There wasn't much I could do to resist. Not only had he knocked me over, but he was kneeling on the backs of my hands, holding me in place quite effectively.

It's time to go all the way now. With this.

Yuuya Kizami had a twisted grin on his face. He slowly brought his right hand into view -- and in it was a proper knife, glinting in the dull light.

Mmmmmmmrrrrnngg...aaaaahhhh... Wh-Why... How can this...?
Yamamoto. Here. going into your belly.

I could feel Yuuya Kizami reach up from under my skirt and press the cold blade of the knife against my abdomen.

Sound Effect: Splort

And then with one thrust, the knife was completely inside my body. My thoughts became jumbled. The pain was so intense, it felt like my brain was on fire. It took me a moment to process the sensation of a foreign body lodged unnaturally within me. I could feel all the blood gushing out from the wound.

Nice, Yamamoto! That's the spirit! Let me hear those primal screams! Hahahahaha...

Sound Effect: Splort


I couldn't even describe it if I wanted to. The pain receptors in my body were off the charts. I couldn't comprehend the things I was feeling. But despite my confusion and agony, I knew one thing for certain: if I couldn't stop this from happening right now, I was going to die. Every part of me was in agreement on that. My nerve endings were screaming it, and my brain could focus on little else. I might as well have been on fire. It couldn't hurt any more than what I was experiencing.


No, it was too late for me. I could tell that the wounds inflicted were irreversible...irreparable. I had to accept it. I was going to die. I'd begun vomiting blood, and it was beginning to lodge itself in my respiratory tract. Breathing was becoming harder and harder with each passing moment. My abdomen had been completely minced at this point, and the pain was so intense that I wished I could just leave my body altogether. My arms and legs were cold and numb, and my sense of reality was beginning to waver. My last breath couldn't be far behind.

It was a distant, relaxed smile, as of someone looking up at the stars or smelling a rose. It was the smile of a psychopath. The smile of a person about to end my life. For no particular reason.

My, you've gotten awfully quiet. I'd love it if you'd howl for me again!

I couldn't believe those words were coming out of my mouth. I could barely speak through all the blood I was spewing...but I was standing my ground!

I will not...perform...for matter what...

For just a moment, Yuuya Kizami's psychotic grin turned into a bitter, scornful frown. But then, as quickly as it had vanished, the smile returned.

The hell is that? You trying to stand up to me? HAHAHAHA! Don't hold back on my account!

Sound Effect: Splort


Sound Effect: Splort

... ...ghk...

Sound Effect: Splort

Music: Relief (A)

You got nothing to say to me?! You don't want to cry?! Beg for your life, maybe?!
...*sniffle* Hhnk...

I was concentrating so hard on biting my lip and holding my mouth closed that I swear I'd forgotten how to breathe. I think I even broke my molars from the sheer force of my determination not to yield to Yuuya Kizami's twisted desires. And I didn't even care. I'd have no use for my teeth ever again anyway. I wouldn't be eating anything where I was going. I wouldn't scream for him to stop, I wouldn't call for help and I wouldn't beg for my life. My life was already over. All I had left was the knowledge that I'd go out quietly, without giving this sick freak any measure of satisfaction.

Sound Effect: Splort

He was beyond redemption. There was absolutely nothing I could say or do to help him. I could either waste away silently or feed his psychosis. I could never make him understand how I felt at that moment. I could never convey to him just what he'd done to me. Death was my best, and only, option...

Music: None

This was definitely the body of Mitsuki Yamamoto. Her stomach and abdomen had been stabbed dozens upon dozens of times and were practically liquefied. They looked a bit like gazpacho. Her body was still warm to the touch, too, meaning her death must have only just occurred.

How strange it feels to see a person dead after just speaking with her mere minutes ago. But...Yamamoto...
(You're beautiful. You're exquisite! The transformation is night and day.)

Music: The Onset of Demise

(Here you lie, fully exposed and unrestrained... but utterly helpless.)
Pff...hahahahaha! You don't mind, do you? If I take you with me, that is...

I withdrew my phone, flipped it open and switched over to camera mode, where I immediately set about framing her remains at just the right angle. I didn't mind if it was just her image on that tiny screen. To me, it was as good as having the real thing in my pocket. The appeal was identical. It was as if I could freeze time on this moment and preserve her just the way she was.

Sound Effect: Camera

Hahahahahahaha! It's exactly as I thought! I can see you, feel you, smell your wretched odor... all because I knew you! All because I saw you, and heard your voice and was moved by your plight when you were alive... *squee!* Just look at this! HAHAHAHAHA! Look at what a perfect shot this is! You shall forevermore be mine, and mine alone! HAHAHAHAHA!

Sound Effect: Camera

Getting me this excited...stirring my feelings...

Sound Effect: Camera

From this point on, the ending proceeds as normal.

I'm not really sure why these scenes are only on a second playthrough. I guess so there's a little bit of mystery about what exactly happened off-screen?