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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

by Hamsterlady

Part 42: Mire, Part 4

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Yuka is still in the bomb shelter, searching for Satoshi. She's currently being joined by the ghost of a cute little girl named Sachiko.

We start our renewed search by checking the body pool again.

It's scary? What's in there?
Ummm... It's something you're better off not seeing. I think it would frighten you. It would better if you didn't look.
Mm. If big sis says so, then okay.
(Thank God. I didn't want to see those dead bodies again either...)

We continue to the south, and take another look in the death room.

Music: None

I guess not.
Sachiko, have you seen anyone else in here besides me?

What's wrong? Are you hurt?
Big sis... I'm cold.

She nodded firmly, almost exaggeratedly.

(I guess that makes sense. If a ghost can feel pain, there's no reason she couldn't also feel changes in temperature. Poor girl...)

Hey, Sachiko... Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?
Uh-huh. You've been through so much already. I don't want you to have to go through anything else. So if I can help, just tell me.
In that case...
Can I...have those?

My socks?

This was the first time I noticed that Sachiko was walking aroung barefoot.


I was so busy worrying about myself, and about finding my big brother, that I'd completely failed to pay any attention to poor Sachiko's appearance.

It's all right.

Sachiko shook her head.

(If I'm supposed to be her big sister, I really need to be more observant. I need to pay more attention.)

If I were big brother, I would have noticed right away and given her my shoes. But it wasn't too late. I took off my shoes and socks and offered them to Sachiko. They were a little wet, but still better than walking on these cold dirt floors in bare feet. I didn't really like the idea of doing that myself, but just one look at this poor soul's shaking form convinced me I was doing the right thing.

Thank you, big sis.

Are you okay with only socks, Sachiko? You don't want to wear my shoes over them?
I'm okay. If I took both, then you'd be barefoot.

She flashed a gentle smile at me, which stayed on her face the whole time she slowly put on both of my socks.

I don't want my big sister Yuka to get hurt, after all.
Well, that's very thoughtful of you, Sachiko!

I patted her head, just like big brother always did to me.

I love you, big sis!

Her smile had grown. It now stretched from cheek to cheek, and I began to feel like I'd do anything at all to keep her happy. I wondered if this was how big brother felt when I smiled at him like that.

Let's do our best in here, Sachiko!

Despite the severity of the situation, I was in high spirits. I almost forgot just how horrible this place really was.

Do our best...?
Uh-huh! Let's do our best to find big brother!

Hmm? Sachiko? Did you say something?

I thought that was a giggle, but it sounded...different, somehow. Like her voice has changed to someone else's...or someone else was here.


Huh? What?
I didn't say anything...
Oh. Guess it was just my imagination, then...

What is it they usually say in movies? "Must have been the wind"? Not too likely in a stagnant underground bunker like this, but still...

(I think I'm just getting paranoid. I need to pull myself together. I'm her big sister, after all!)

I put on the bravest face I could manage and marched back out into the hall, pausing only to make sure Sachiko was still behind me.

Music: Chase

We head back up and enter the body pool. The only time we can come in here while in control of the game is between that scene in the death room and the next story scene.

Sachiko had come to a halt, and was grabbing loosely on the cuff of my skirt to stop me as well.

What's wrong?
I don't like this place. It feels scary.
Yeah, it does. I don't want to be here either. How about we go over there instead?

It's a half-decayed skeletal corpse. Age and gender are virtually impossible to determine from outer appearance alone. There is a student ID name tag, however, bearing a decidedly male name:

Yuuki Tanaka
Age: 13
Takine Municipal Middle School

Attacked with bladed weapon by unknown assailant; died of blood loss. Markings carved into body.

It's a half-decayed skeletal corpse. Age and gender are virtually impossible to determine from outer appearance alone. There is a student ID name tag, however, bearing a decidedly male name:

Tsuyoshi Kawasaki
Age: 17
Karasuyama High School

Suffocated after tongue severed by sharp object.

There's a rotting corpse here emitting a horrific odor. Age and gender are virtually impossible to determine from outer appearance alone. There is a student ID name tag, however, bearing a decidedly female name:

I guess the writer collapsed while writing this name tag. The full text for this name tag is available online, however:

Akiko Sekine Age: 13
Shobu University Middle School

Collapsed while searching for friends; starved to death.

It's a half-decayed skeletal corpse. Based on what's left of its clothing, it seems to have once been a schoolgirl -- though there's no way to tell age. There is a student ID name tag lodged inside the shoulder joint, however:

Asuka Mizuno
Age: 16
Komashiro Trade School

Newest member of the school newspaper club. Enthusiastic about her work, but never let it show outwardly.

It's a partially decomposed corpse. Since it's half submerged, it's impossible to determine age or gender from appearance. The deceased's student ID name tag is floating on the surface, however, and bears a female name:

Satomi Mizorogi
Age: 18
Reuben's Academy Senior High School

Died of loneliness.

When picking this name tag up, it refers to her as "Satomi Koorogi," but the name "Satomi Mizorogi" is used on the name tag list. I'm guessing they're just two different ways to read the kanji in her name and weren't left consistent by mistake.

Finished in the body pool, we head to the far south and attempt to enter the room near where Yuka initially woke up.

No, it doesn't. I wonder what big brothe would do at a time like this...
...Do you miss your big brother?
Uh-huh. I miss him a lot!
...I hope we can get this door open.

Next, we head west to the girls' bathroom.

What is it? Is something wrong?
It's my feet. My feet hurt.
Your feet?

The soles of Sachiko's feet seemed to be bothering her quite a bit. As we stood there, I noticed she was fidgeting in place, trying not to stand on them.


She said nothing else. She just stared at my feet. She seemed to want my shoes now, but didn't want to say anything since I offered them earlier and she turned them down. So I just smiled and decided I'd offer them again.

Is that okay?
Of course. We wouldn't want you getting hurt anymore, now, would we?
What about you, big sis?
I'm...your big sister, so I'll be just fine.

I wouldn't accept any objections. I just took off my shoes and handed them to Sachiko, without another word. Cheerfully, she slipped them on over my socks. They were a little big on her, but I knew she'd feel better just having them.

Let's get going, then, okay?

Are you all right? Here, you can take my hand.
Okay. Big sister Yuka, I love you!
Hee hee...

Oh, really...?

Music: None

We're automatically moved away from the restrooms.

Let's go this way.

Sachiko was pointing down the hall, toward the spot where the earthquake had dropped me.

This way? Is there something over there?
...I don't know. But come on!

Sound Effect: Unlock

What was that sound...?

In there? But that room is locked...
It just made a sound like it unlocked.
Is there something in there?
Please? I want to go in.
Well...all right. Let's see what's inside, then.

Sachiko nodded firmly, then practically dragged me by the hand over to the door near my entry point in this underground maze.

Once again, we're automatically moved.

Over there.

Energetic as can be, Sachiko pulled me farther into the darkened room.

Sachiko, wait!

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the sole of my foot and looked down to see what I'd stepped in.

The floor here was actually kind of a mess. It was bumpy and uneven, and there were all kinds of tiny, sharp-looking objects scattered everywhere. Not just old rusty nails, but bits of glass, loose wooden boards with jagged edges and splinters all over them...and plenty else I couldn't even identify.

I-I'm bleeding...


Huh? You're...over there?
(So what was that voice I just heard...?)

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

We're put into control, and immediately investigate the corpse in the corner.

There are a set of bleach-white bones in a heap against the wall.

Oh, yeah. Sachiko, how old are you?
How old am I?
Yeah. Like, what age are you? You're in elementary school, right?
I don't know. I can't remember.
I'm sorry.

It seemed safe to assume that she probably didn't have any memories from when she was alive at all.

No, no. I'm sorry I asked! Don't worry about it, please.
...Okay. Sorry.

Yukari Sekiya Age: 12
Renaissance Elementary School

Died gradually of massive blood loss.

Next, we examine the pile of futons stacked up in the corner.

It's a stack of folded-up Japanese-style futons.

It, uh, looks old instant camera?

Sachiko had found an old, oversized instant camera lying around somewhere, and was holding it triumphantly in her hands.

Sound Effect: Camera

Mngyah! Bright!
Ahhh... That startled me. Looks like it still works.
May I have it?
Hmm? Sure, but...isn't it heavy?
That's okay. I'm happy!

Smiling from ear to ear, Sachiko carefully examined every inch of that camera. She was an innocent little girl with a brand new toy...

Do you want to take a quick nap on these futons?

Carefully tiptoeing across the litter-strewn floor, nursing my sort and bloodied foot the whole time, I snaked my way over to the futons. I didn't much like the idea of sleeping in the same room as a dead child, but I had to admit I was pretty exhausted too.

I'm so sleepy...
Okay. I'm laying yours out right now.

Yaaaay, futon!

Just seeing this innocent little girl joyously stretching out to take a nap was enough to lift my spirits and renew my hope.

Thank you, big sis.
Thank you too, Sachiko. I don't know what I would do if you weren't here with me.

She really must have been tired. She was out like a light the second her head touched the bedding.

(I should sleep too. I've been walking a lot. I hope that when I wake up...I'm back at home.)