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Part 50: Tooth, PC Version

Today we'll be taking a look at Corpse Party: Blood Covered, the PC version of the first Corpse Party.

Included with Blood Covered is a special extra chapter, Extra Preview: Tooth.

Extra Preview: Tooth tells the same story as the seventh chapter of Book of Shadows, in the Blood Covered engine.

When playing this chapter, we get to see wonderful animations, such as Mitsuki kicking Fukuroi. (or two RPG Maker sprites rubbing against each other with a kicking sound effect)

Of course, transcribing this entire chapter would be pointless for a multitude of reasons. We just experienced the story this chapter tells, and most of the people reading this thread wouldn't be able to understand any of the dialog anyway.

So we're going to summarize the whole thing, paying special attention to things that are different in this version, or parts that are particularly interesting to see from a third person perspective.

As in the PSP version, Mitsuki and Fukuroi have a brief argument in the student council room, which is interrupted by Katayama and Ohkawa.

Afterwards, we cut to a conversation between Tohko and Kurosaki, about Kizami's dating life.

After Tohko meets up with Kizami and Emi in the hall, we get to see Mitsuki dragging Kurosaki to the student council room, which was glossed over on the PSP.

Shimada also appears in this scene, while on the PSP he wasn't mentioned until they were already in Heavenly Host.

Shortly later, we cut to the girls' room in Heavenly Host, where Tohko is puking her guts out.

Katayama's been badly injured. After a brief conversation, Tohko, Kizami and Shimada head out to look for an exit.

Music: Extra Preview

And the chapter begins.

Hey, remember how RPG Makery the first game was?

Ah, memories.

Before progressing, we go back upstairs and head for the boys' room.

...Can you all tell where this is going?

Anyway, we head down to the second floor, where things are immediately different. There's a ghost here, but it doesn't do anything important.

Heading west, we see a bloodstain on the floor. If we step over it...

Everyone takes 3 HP of damage!

Man, Katayama is a wimp. Just one of these things killed him, but we have to stumble into this trap ten times before we'll die.

Classroom 3-A is locked, by the way. So we head back to the spirit and head south.

There are more traps here, made a little bit harder to spot due to the darkness of the hallway.

We can't actually proceed down to the infirmary, though. The item on the floor is the key to room 3-A, so we head back up there and go inside.

There's a crank in here.

And it makes a bridge for us. We can't go out the classroom's rear door, so we head back to our bridge and cross to the infirmary.

As before, Shimada grabs the key from the door...

...and proceeds to make an ass out of himself, tossing it into the air and catching it, until eventually losing it.

We proceed down to the first floor and find the exit.

Shimada decides to leave by himself, hits on Tohko and drives her away, then shows Kizami his sweet hunting knife.

Afterwards, we're automatically brought back to the third floor, with Tohko complaining about Shimada the entire way.

Katayama's in a bad way, so Emi and Ohkawa help lift him onto Kizami's shoulders, while Tohko heads downstairs to search for Mitsuki.

In this version, there's an earthquake as Tohko heads down the stairs!

And as a result, classroom 3-A's rear door falls.

We head downstairs and cross through the classroom, into new territory.

As we approach the west hall, a bunch of bloodstains appear on the floor. The ones that were there from the start are traps, while the others can be safely crossed over.

Of course, you take such little damage from each trap, you can kind of brute force your way through without worrying about it.

Crossing the traps, we arrive in the stairway, where another crank resides.

It creates a bridge for us on the first floor, allowing us to reach the west side of the school.

But it also retracts the bridge near the infirmary, preventing us from heading down there.

The crank we used before won't move any more, so we're out of options.

We give up on Mitsuki and return to Kizami and the others.

Music: Emergency

But Ryou appears to impede our progress, so we head back downstairs.

And then Tokiko appears! Tokiko doesn't show up at all in the PSP version of Tooth, so this is a nice surprise.

She chases you around and is pretty easy to avoid, as the ghosts were in the first game.

Every time she makes contact with you, Tohko takes 3 HP of damage. That makes this the only point in either game when Tokiko can kill the player.

After triggering this chase, the lever in room 3-A becomes active again (this is demonstrated in a cutscene, so the player knows to try again)

Once again, it builds a bridge for us by the infirmary.

So with that, we slip by Tokiko once again and head to the first floor to cross the west bridge.

But Yuki is down here waiting for us!

She works as Tokiko did. 3 HP of damage each time you make contact.

And we head up to the second floor.

I can't read this text, but by comparing it to the bucket's description in the first chapter, I've determined that it's probably not full of pee. I'm fairly disappointed.

How Ingratiating! posted:

"The bucket is filled with a yellow liquid. The edge is lined with mold, and upon further inspection, the contents are swimming with a countless amount of small, thread-like worms..."

Surprise, it's still super-gross! Aren't you glad?

Sound Effect: Item

Music: Extra Preview

As we proceed north, we find the amethyst, and a crank.

The crank builds us a nice shortcut back, and the amethyst immediately wipes all ghosts from the map. So we don't have to worry about anything but the traps now.

Music: None


As before, Shimada shows up while Tohko and Emi are comforting each other.

And he's surrounded by ghosts. And interesting thing about this scene compared to the PSP version, is that it seems to imply Yuki (or I guess any of the ghosts, but she's the one standing in front of him) stabbed him, while it's more ambiguous on the PSP.

Sound Effect: Splort

The screen flashes red, and a stabbing sound is heard.

And Shimada falls over. Dead.

Kizami comes down and checks his pulse, confirming his death. Emi is hiding behind Tohko's portrait.

It's a g-g-g-g-g-g-ghost!

Everyone heads upstairs, leaving Tohko alone with the dead body. She hears Emi and Ohkawa arguing, and heads upstairs.

You all know how this scene goes. Emi runs down the stairs, followed shortly by Kizami.

And after Ohkawa flees, Kizami comes down and laughs at Katayama's body.

Emi and Tohko flee together, then get into an argument, and Emi leaves on her own.

Kizami shows up, and we ask if he's okay.

Video: Tooth (PC Version)
This video covers the remainder of the update

And he punches Tohko in the face, sending her flying into the wall.

She flees down the stairs, pursued by Kizami.

And she stumbles upon the key Shimada dropped earlier. She picks it up and charges past Kizami, to hide in the infirmary.

He eats the tooth in this version, too. Gross.

...?! What is Naho doing here???

Music: Elegy

Anyway, Tohko hides in the infirmary.

And like in the PSP version, we see the stairway scene from Kizami's perspective.

He kicks Katayama down the stairs, and tells Ohkawa to shape up.

Then Ohkawa goes running down the stairs, trips and breaks his arm.

For some reason, Kizami has a knife here. This is kind of a weird inconsistency, because the knife is clearly visible in Shimada's corpse after Kizami heads up the stairs, but the game makes it clear that there's only one knife; the one Shimada brought with him. So he either retrieved it when checking Shimada's pulse, and leaving the graphic for Shimada's corpse unchanged was an error, or he retrieved it after chasing Emi and Tohko down the stairs, and this graphic is an error.

Music: End of Chapter 4

After Kizami's final line of dialog in the above screenshot, the chapter is complete and the credits roll. I'm not really sure why the credits roll here, to be honest, but they sure do.

Tune in next time for the much anticipated chapter 8 of Book of Shadows!