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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 3: Chapter 1, Part 3

Music: Chapter 1 Theme

We've met a dead end on the first floor, so we head back up to re-explore the second.

As we cross our bridge...


A piece of the floor on the other side falls. We quickly pick the loose board back up and return it to our inventory.

We head to the northern end of the hall and place our board over the gap there.

We cross it and head north into another stairwell.

Huh? You say something, Seiko?
...It...wasn't you?
(I definitely felt a presence of some kind...)

We can't continue to the third floor, because some joker put a stack of chairs in our way. We head back down to the second floor.

The only place to go is the classroom right by the blocked stairs.

Video: Classroom 2-A

Music: None
Background Sound: Quiet Hum

We head inside, and...

Ow! What's wrong, Naomi?

L-Look! Over there! Aren't those...bones? Like, PEOPLE bones?

Seiko steps forward to get a better look.

Wh-what... Why... Why is there a dead person here?!
W-Wait. Let me look at them more closely. Maybe...they're not real...

We step forward and take another look at the bones.

They really are...somebody's bones...

Seiko takes off.



A gh-gh-ghost!
Wh-wh...who are you?
I was brought here against my will...and confined...just like you...

Where is "here"?

"Confined"? Do you mean...there's no way out...?
I'm afraid not. This school exists in a reality all its own, cut off from the world you know.
So why...have we been brought here?

Sinless innocents, one after another...

"Closed space"... Or perhaps, "closed spaces"... You, and we as well, are the unlucky victims of an inescapeable abduction...
Indeed. And it seems you two are not the only ones to have been brought here. I'm sensing numerous others...
(Does that mean...everybody here too? ...Are they...okay...I wonder...?)
So our friends...are in this school too?

They are definitely in this school.
Oh my God, that's SUCH good news! Naomi, they're here! We're not alone!
That means Mochida's here, too! I'll bet that makes you feel a lot better, right? cannot meet them.

If you wish to see your friends, you must find some means of entering their space, or bringing them into this space. ...Even then, escape is nigh impossible...but at least you'll be able to die together...
Oh... Oh God... Is there no way out of here, then?
You said we were brought here by vengeful spirits, right? Who are they? And why have they taken us?
...I don't know... Neither the motives of our captors... Nor a means of escaping this hell...

Two heads are better than one. Your chances, and your opportunities, are so much greater when working together... Do whatever you find a way out of here... Don't end us...

The camera pans to the door

And it opens.


The wisp vanishes.

Music: Fear
Background Sound: None

Naomi & Seiko: Eeek!!


As the girls flee, chalk drawings appear on the board.

Video: Classroom 2-A ends here

Music: None

Naomi and Seiko exit the classroom and collapse.

*pant* *pant*
*cough* A-Are you all right, Seiko?
Y-Yeah...but what the hell was that? A child... spirit?
It...did kind of...glow... I never believed in ghosts before...Is this really happening?

So you saw it too, right...?
Yeah...and we were talking to it...
I just...don't understand any of this! Except...that there's no easy way out for us... Like it or not...we're stuck in here...
...It-it'll be okay! Let's know...march on with our heads held high...or something!

There's nowhere else to go, so we head back into the room we just fled from.

I wouldn't last long in a horror movie.

Background Sound: Quiet Hum

The ghost is gone, so we take a look around, starting with the corpse.

. . . H e l p m e . . .
. . . H e l p m e . . .

Judging by the size, thse appear to be the remains of a junior or senior high school student. Closer inspection reveals a school ID name tag.

Misato Municipal Brotherhood Senior High School Class 3-4, [Yoshiyuki Shinohara]

Corpse Party has 84 collectible name tags. Whenever you find a body, you can investigate it to get a name tag (though not all bodies have them). All your name tags are then compiled in a handy list.

They aren't super important or anything, but sometimes people die in interesting ways. I'll be showing them all, of course.

I don't know. But it's...just a picture, right?

If we check the board again, we get a description of the picture.

We continue looking around the room, checking the cabinet next.

The shelves are filled to overflowing with long, black hairs.

The last thing in the room, aside from the save candle, is this printout on the wall.

[Heavenly Host Elementary - Notice to All Faculty and Students]

We've fully explored this room, so we head out.

Music: Chapter 1 Theme
Background Sound: None

Cutting through the classroom got us to the other side of that pit, allowing us to explore more of the school. Along the way, we check the printout on the wall.

No running in the halls. Any student caught running will be severely disciplined.

Continuing down the hall, we pass a locked classroom.

And where the hall splits, we find another note.

Admit it. You hate all your friends. Eventually, you'll kill one another.

Background Sound: Flies

After passing that note, we begin to hear the buzzing of flies.

There's a gap preventing us from going northward, so we head south.

Naomi and Seiko skirt around the corner to get a better look at the gory mess.

It's like...somebody was thrown from the other end of the superhuman speed...and just...splattered...everywhere... Ulgh, it smells so...meaty...

...! S-Sorry! Are you okay...Naomi?
I'm... I'm fine... Let's just...get away from here... *cough* *cough*

Background Sound: None

We proceed to the south, putting distance between us and the mess.

Along the way, we pass a locked door to the infirmary.

And at the end of the hall, we find another loose board. We pick it up and return to the gap at the north end.

Along the way, we try the door by the meat chunks. It doesn't seem like it'll be opening any time soon, though.

We build a bridge with our board and proceed through the door.

Video: Lavatories
This video covers the remainder of the update.

And we proceed up to the third floor.

We begin our exploration of the third floor by entering the closest door, immediately to our left. The note on the wall says:

BOYS ROOM to the left.
GIRLS ROOM at the end of the hall.

Music: None

We begin exploring the boy's lavatory. Starting from the door and investigating everything as we work our way to the back.

We open the first two stalls and find nothing. When we open the third one...

... That was either an actual voice, or an auditory hallucination.
And I really don't know which is more likely...

There's nothing else to do in this room. We go to check out the girl's lavatories instead.

This place is gross.

Inside the lavatory, we don't find anything of use. All the stalls are empty, although the second from the left is locked.

Finding nothing of use, we head back to the second floor.

Music: Chapter 1 Theme

H-Hey, Naomi?

What, again?!
Yep. My butt's been drier 'n a desert since we got here.
Well, I've got some antibacterial cream, if that'll work...

Seiko heads for the girl's lavatory.

...Do you have any shame at all?

While waiting for Seiko, we look around a bit.

...? Was that...Yuka...?

We quickly go into the girl's lavatory to get Seiko.

We can try to look for Yuka alone, but Naomi won't go down the stairs without going back for Seiko first.

Ah, nothing. Just checking to make sure you're here.

Seiko steps out of the stall second from the back.

Sorry for the wait! problem. ...Hey, wait! Was that stall open?
I thought that stall was locked when we were in here before...
Was it...? I didn't have any trouble getting in...
...Fine, I guess I'll let you off the hook. We have bigger things to worry about, after all. I actually just heard Yuka's voice out in the hallway. I think it was coming from downstairs.
Really?! Let's go check it out!

And so we leave the lavatories, to go search for Yuka.