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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 4: Chapter 1, Part 4

Music: Chapter 1's Theme

We head down the stairs to search for Yuka on the second floor.


Naomi trips and falls onto (but thankfully not down) the stairs.

Naomi! Are you okay?! ...That was a close one!
Nng... My leg... ...Thanks for lending me a hand.
No problem. I'm just glad you didn't fall in! Seems like you sprained your ankle really badly, though. We should find you someplace to sit down and rest!'re probably right...
Here, lean on my shoulder for the time being.
Thanks... I owe you one, Seiko.
Think nothing of it!

We continue down the stairs to the second floor, and turn left down the hall.

We go all the way down, cutting through classroom 2-A, and head up the other third floor stair case.

And a spirit has appeared.

Heaven's completely cut off. No paradise. No nirvana. Just eternal pain. ...Gah... Why...did I have to die like that...? Oooh......Oooooooaaaaaaaahhhh...

The spirit disappears, leaving behind an item.

Sound Effect: Item

This is super easy to miss. I believe the spirit shows up after the scene in classroom 2-A.

So...we'll feel the pain of death...forever...
B-Best not to think about that...

And back down the hall, we're able to unlock classroom 3-A with the Unknown Key.

Hmm? Naomi, what's wrong?
I...don't know. It's heart skipped a beat as soon as the key was turned. I have a really bad feeling about this room...
...Oh, trust me. It'll be just fine! I mean, it's a locked door! You know what that means, right? Booty! Behind every locked door lies a hidden treasure, just waiting to be claimed! Can't you hear it calling you?

Don't enter

Music: None

We start by investigating the body in the center of the room.

Ugh... Another dead body...

A message has been painstakingly scratched into the floor with fingernails:

I really think we should just leave this room. Something's...not right in here...
O-Okay... But I dunno. I'm really curious about that newspaper now. Can't we just take one little peek?

What could possibly go wrong?

The good name of Heavenly Host Elementary school has been stained in blood today as horrific details on the recent wave of disappearances are revealed. Over the past month, numerous children have gone missing within the town, and authorities quickly turned to kidnapping as the most likely explanation. Now investigators have located the whereabouts of these children, and their findings are far worse than anyone could've anticipated.

The bodies of the absconded youths were discovered within the Heavenly Host Elementary School building on September 18th, 1973 at around 7:00 PM. Authorities further revealed that a male instructor from the school was found with them, alive but near-catatonic, holding a pair of bloodied scissors.

(The page is torn at this point, and the bottom half of the article is nowhere to be found.)

I think I heard about this, though, once before...
Not me. But I guess it did happen long before we were born, so I shouldn't be too surprised.



Oh my.

We set about trying to find a way out of the room, by running back and forth and looking at everything in sight. First we check the paper again.

We've looked at everything in the room, but the door is still shut tight.

Ooooh... What do we do?
This is your fault, you know!
What? How?!
...Just...never mind!

And suddenly, the door opens.

But before we leave, we look at the corpse again.

Shin Aichi Age: 17
Misato Municipal Brotherhood High, Class 3-6

Trapped in classroom: staved to death.

And with that, we leave the room.

*panicked sigh*
...Hold up... Oh, no... No, it's gone!
What is?
The paper doll scrap I got from Ayumi!
Oh...the charm? Mine's still in my student ID holder...
Craaap... I put mine in my pocket. It must have fallen out somewhere...
That's why I keep telling you, you need to put things away before they get lost.

Yuka doesn't seem to be around, so we head back toward the south end of the area.

Music: Chapter 1's Theme



Eww, you did? ...H-Here. I've got some tissues. Maybe you can...wipe it off...
Ullgh, these...these are definitely somebody's guts! And when I stepped on...whatever part of their body I stepped made a squishy sound, like I'd just plopped my shoe into a juice pile of dog poo!
Oh God! That's WAY too much information! You're gonna make me puke...

We continue south, through the doorway just past the loose board we picked up before.

It takes us down to the first floor.

Immediately after the stairs, we come across yet another body.

Loose bones and scraps aof clothing are dangling from a hole in the ceiling above the body, suggesting she fell to her death from the second floor. Upon close inspection, there's a student ID name tag attached to what's left of her uniform.

Yuzuha Mikami
Age: 16
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class I-2

Ribcage smashed in with blunt instrument.

"We four musketeers begin today! Let's meet behind the main gate after school! -Koito"

"I'm in classroom 4-A. Everybody's fine. Yuzuha, come join us! -Asuka"

We continue down the hall to the west, crossing a note along the way.

"I told everyone...that I'd go with them... So why...have I been left behind...? ...It hurts... It hurts so much..."

...It'll work out for us, though. I'm sure of it! Eheh...

Our path turns to the north.

Note that the entranceway is on the opposite side of this pit.

If you wish to leave this must take heed of the messages left behind by the many other victims who've died here... Many victims have left their thoughts, or even their dying messages, on the scraps of paper that litter these walls...

We continue to the north.

The path splits, and we head west.

Music: None

Do not enter under any circumstances.
-Principal Takamine Yanagahori

Koito Fujiwara Age: 15
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class I-2

Skull cracked open with blunt instrument.

I can't take it. I can't take it. I can't take it! When we found Yuzuha's body, I saw a black shadow. But I didn't tell anyone about it. And now, it's killed them all. I'm so sorry everybody. I'm so sor--

(The lower half of the text is obscured by a thick layer of dried blood.)

The door to the nearby Classroom 4-A cannot be opened, so we head back to the east end of the hall.

Music: Chapter 1's Theme

We pass an open classroom, choosing to first explore the end of the hallway.

There's an erratic noise, like that of TV static, coming from within.

Note that no sound effect is actually played here.

Based on the gore-soaked remains of the uniform and the length of the hairs scattered around the head, it's safe to say this was a female student.

I'm a goner, sis. The tendons in my ankle have been cut really bad. The bleeding just won't stop! Please, don't give up. I want you to keep living for both of us. I'm going to document everything I've learned so far, in the hope that you can use this information to help keep yourself safe.

Naomi stops reading at this point, but if we investigate the note again...

Anything that doesn't lead outside the school, though -- like the hall windows in the classrooms -- can be affected to some extent or another.

Second: Just as some people are inherently good- or bad-natured, some of the ghosts in here are good, while others are quite nasty. The more kind and gentle spirits shed a pale blue light...while the less savory types appear in blood-red, and glow like fire.

Once again, Naomi stops reading, but we can get more by investigating the note again.

Having the tendons in the heels of your feet sliced out is so excruciating...I'd rather my feet be cut off altogether than have to bear this pain... My only knowing that when I'll stop hurting...but sis...before I go...I want to see you one more time...I want to hug you...I don't want to die alone, sis...I don't want to die at all...I'm scared... My dear sis____ __________ _______

(The increasingly-messy lettering on the paper becomes completely illegible at this point.)

That's a lie. We look at the paper one last time.

...I just be freed from this pain...

And that last bit just repeats every time we investigate the paper from now on.

We head into the nearby room, classroom 5-A.

Music: Ominous Room

A large gap in the floor forces us to leave the room and re-enter through the opposite door to move around. There's nothing back here, so we go around to the front side of the class to get that item.

...And now it's on the opposite side.

While we're here, there's a skeleton in the corner of the room.

The skeletal remains of a girl with a big hole in her skull are still sitting on the chair. Closer inspection reveals a student ID name tag.

Asuka Kato
Age: 16
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class I-2

Skull cracked open with blunt instrument.

"You're an idiot, Koito. If you don't believe with all your heart, then we'll never get rescued. I thought we were friends!"

On our way back around to the rear of the classroom, we pass a spirit.

...If you don't keep a close eye on it, that light's going to run away from you... Pay attention to its location. Find the exact spot where it once stood, and examine it thoroughly...

...So how about one of us waits for it over there?

We go back around to the front of the class. We can't leave someone to wait over on this side, we have to do it at the front.


We leave Seiko and go back around.

AHA! Gotcha! Naomi, I got it!
You did? Nice job!

Sound Effect: Item

Goes to show you what a little teamwork can do, eh?
Eheheh... We make a great team!