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Part 5: Chapter 1, Part 5

With our new Infirmary Key, we head back to the second floor and head inside.

Music: None
Background Sound: Wind

There's a lot to investigate in the infirmary.

Sound advice.

(What did they need all of THESE for...?)

A box of matches is on the ground next to it. Take them?


Sound Effect: Item

They are surprisingly clean. That's good, though! Now you can finally rest your weary bones, Naomi.
Yeah, I think I'm going to lie down for a bit.

Naomi climbs into the bed.

All tucked away in the corner like that?
I've always preferred nooks and corners. They just make me, I guess.
Ahaha... I know just what you mean! I'm the exact same way!
I wonder if there's anything in here we could use to soothe that ankle of yours. Sit tight, Naomi, I'm gonna take a look.
Okay... Thanks a bunch.
Don't thank me yet. I haven't done anything!

Naomi relaxes while Seiko looks around the room.

Ah, this will do nicely. I got me a makeshift splint and some bandages. That sprain's a goner! Now, hold still...

Seiko climbs up next to Naomi and gets to work.

All right, you're wrapped up tight! How's it feel?
Hmm, feels great! Seiko... Thank you.
Heehee! You're very welcome. I've sprained my ankle pretty badly before too, so I know just how you feel. I wish I had some ice or something to put on it, though...

Glad you agree! Hee hee hee...It's slumberland for me!
You really are an oddball, you know that?

This CG bothers me. Their heads are pointed the wrong way!

So, hey, Naomi?
If we find Mochida...have you thought about what you want to do with him?
Well, you know what they say! When two people are faced with...difficult situations, shall we say?... It often leads to love, sweet love! You should well up all your courage and confess your feelings to him! You get all girly with him in this creepy place, and your cuteness factor'll grow three sizes in his eyes, I bet!

Thanks for your...advice. I'll think about it.
Eheh. I hope we find him soon.
You kinda...don't, though, do you? You're thinking about how you wish he didn't have to be put through all of this. You want to see him, but you wish you could rest easy knowing he's safe and sound back home, rather than wandering around here. Am I right? Must be those maternal instincts of yours kicking in, huh? You're a deep one, to be sure...
(She may sound like an idiot, but she's right on all counts. Guess there's no fooling Seiko... I've been pretty curt with her since we got here. I'll have to make sure I apologize later.)

And what was that, exactly?

...You are so weird.

...That was Yuka again!
I heard it too. I'll go take a look.

I don't think that's such a good idea. I should go too.
I insist! Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just keep dat ass parked on dat bed, you got it?
Well, but...
Look, your ankle's all dressed and feeling better, right? Don't make it all for nothing!
...All right. I guess I'll stay here.

Seiko leaves the room.

(Hmm, my ankle really does feel a lot better. Seiko has a definite knack for caretaking.)
(Ms. Yui...and the others...Satoshi...I wonder what they're all doing right now...)

Video: Infirmary
Background Sound: Rain

What the hell is wrong with you, Satoshi?! Get ahold of yourself! ...And get off of me! That's my chest!
Ack! Sorry, sorry! I couldn't see where I was grabbing!

Background Sound: None


Why...did this have to happen...?

Naomi gets out of bed, and we head for the door.

Sound Effect: Locked

Upon closer inspection, there's no visible bolt keeping the door closed, not any other evidence that it's been locked at all.

What...? But if it's not locked...then why won't it open?!

Giving up on the door, we look around the room to see if we can find something useful.

Sound Effect: Laughter

...? Are those...children...?

Wh-who... What...?

At this point, the two posters in the room change.

"Hands" has changed to "blood" on this poster.

And the blood on this poster is oozing now.

Despite making a loop around the room, we've found nothing. We head back to the door.

Background Sound: Pen

(It sounds like a ball-point pen scribbling away on a sheet of paper...)

Once again, a poster has changed.

Next, insert a fixed metal object into the patient's mouth to impede jaw movement and keep the mouth locked in an open position. The patient may attempt to pull back or curl its tongue to impede your progress. No need to worry: The effect of this will prove negligible. Open your scissors all the way, then close them hard around the base of the tongue, as far back as you can manage. The patient will trash and scream, so it is recommended you apply as much pressure as possible and attempt to complete your task in one fell swoop.

After reading it, we approach the desk.

But an unseen force pushes us away.

There's a flash of red, and...

Background Sound: None

A shadowy figure appears at the desk!

Wh-What the...?!

Naomi backs away, and trips.

(...I need to get away!)

Music: Danger
Background Sound: Laughter

We run for the door, with the figure in hot pursuit.

The door is latticed with countless strands of black hair, rooting it in place.

Where did this hair come from?! God, help me...

Try using a match to burn the hair?


The door is a no-go, so we turn around run back into the room.

Inadvertently stepping into the figure along the way.

The black mist begins to wrap itself around Naomi's body. There's no question that this is a malevolent force. If this continues, death is inevitable.

Naomi gets back on her feet and continues to run.

Every time we come into contact with the shadowy figure, Naomi's HP is drained by a bit (eight points, I believe). I don't think I need to tell you that letting it bring our HP to 0 is a bad idea.

As we cross over certain parts of the floor, holes open up, impeding both us and the shadow.

Trying our best to avoid the shadow, we make our way to the medicine cabinet in the corner.

Take the bottle of rubbing alcohol?


Sound Effect: Item

Note that unlike the matches, there's no prompt to pick up the alcohol until this scene.

As we cross the heater, a line of holes appears behind us. If you try to approach the cabinet from this direction, they'll open up in front of you and then you're pretty much screwed.

Background Sound: None


After hastily splashing alcohol all along the edges of the door, Naomi lit a match in an attempt to burn through the seemingly endless strands of hair.

With a sizeable whoosh and a waft of foul-smelling heat, the hair lit up, then hardened and fell away, freeing the door and allowing it to open.

The door opens, but note that you do have to manually cross through it. It's entirely possible to die after opening the door because you didn't exit quickly enough.

Music: None
Background Sound: Soft Hum

*cough* *cough* *wheeze*


Naomi turns and runs up the hall.

And she collapses at the end.

*gag* *retch*

Video: Infirmary ends here.

*patter* *patter*

Naomi! What happened? Are you okay?!

Sorry...for the mess...
What are you talking about? Don't apologize for barfing! Your poor girl...
Everything's okay. You'll feel better now that it's out of your system. You need me to rub your back?
Oof... I think I'll be fine. Thanks, though.

Huh-uh. Looks like we really are the only two people here. The only two living people, anyway.
This place is just way too quiet...

While I was resting, I was suddenly attacked by thing!
What?! Oh my God, are you all right?!
I think so... We should consider that room off-limits from here on out, though.
That's fine. I'm just glad you're okay...
I guess...we'd better keep moving, then! Can you stand?

Hmmm... Well...
We've already been pretty much everywhere we can go in this godforsaken school. And the only other people we've come across are all dead!
(Dammit... There I go again...)
It's hopeless. We're finished! ...And I'm so tired...
(I'm acting like a child again...)

Class 2-9ers never say die, right? We're invincible!
I've got a hairdresser's appointment first thing in the morning tomorrow, and I intend to keep it! And then in the afternoon, what say you and I go get our bikes fixed?
Sounds like a plan, right?
...If we make it back alive, sure...
(...This is Seiko! What am I doing?! I just can't seem to hold back...)
N-Naomi, are you, like, super-duper tired or something? This is so not like you! C'mon, raise that chin! The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

Background Sound: None

You just keep smiling and laughing...
D-Do I...?
Tell long is that going to last if it turns out we can never go home again?!

Music: Ominous Room

Have you given that any thought at all? "We'll figure something out"?! That's a crock, and you know it!

I thought I'd be keeping Seiko's spirits up till the bitter end...But just like that...I was berating her...abusing her... All I had running through my head was pain and sadness. I was like a baby throwing a hissy fit. I was crying out, irrationally, and couldn't stop. Venomous words were flowing from my mouth as if someone had turned on a spigot. All I could do was moan, complain and belittle. I really was behaving just like a spoiled little brat...

...are going to be really worried about us. They're going to search, and search...but they'll never find us. It'll be a terrible burden for them...
You're wrong.
How so?
About it being a burden. When you lose a loved cherish that person's memory. It's never a burden... You just...want to do whatever you can. Whatever you make her proud... You just want you do!
(What is wrong with me?! Seiko's mom disappeared several years ago. I know that! So why am I putting her through all this grief?!)
That' I think the people we leave behing are going to feel.
I don't know how it is for you and your family...
...but normal people don't work that way!

Seems like the most efficient plan of attack, don't you think?
Who says things like that?!
(I have to apologize...)
I want to get home just as much as you do! Back to my dad, and Yuu, and everybody else! And I sure as hell don't want to make them worry about me!
(This is all my fault. I have to apologize!)
But most of all...I don't want you, of all speak to me like that...

S-Seiko... I-I...I'm...I'm so...
...I'm sorry's okay. If that's what you think we should do, then let's split up.
I'll go this way.

Naomi heads north, opposite of Seiko.

...In this nexus of closed spaces, where humans are scattered and imprisoned and killed...two friends who should have been thankful just for the small favor of being trapped together in this unforgiving place...were quickly and easily divided. My petty obstinacy toward Seiko would come to be the biggest regret of my life, as the consequences of that heated exchange...