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Part 7: Chapter 1, Wrong Endings

Chapter 1 has two Wrong Endings to get, which this update will be dedicated to. There's not a lot to show, so it'll be a short one.

Chapter 1 - Wrong End 1

To get this ending, we just have to play up through the infirmary scene without reading the newspaper in Classroom 3-A.


(In an utter panic, I began to run as fast as my feet would carry me. I was so out of sorts, I didn't even know where I was running! I kept calling Seiko's name, over and over... When I regained my senses, I found myself standing in the third floor hallway.)

Missing Classroom 3-A causes the game to skip Naomi and Seiko's argument, as well as the brief moment of control over Seiko.

From this point, things play out as usual for a while.

Video: Chapter 1 - Wrong End 1

Music: Horror

In the true ending, the game cuts to black here, Naomi monologues for a bit, and the chapter ends. This time, however...

Sound Effect: Laughter

?! Ullgh...

(Child spirits? ...! I can't move!)

(I'm scared... I'm scared! ...I'm really, really, really, really scared!)

Somehow or another, Naomi found herself with a large pair of sewing scissors in her hand. Her mouth was agape, and she was lowering the opened scissors into it as if intending to swallow them whole.

*gasp* *gurgle*

(I can feel the scissor blades clanging against my molars...and I can hear it, too...)

The ghosts vanish, and Naomi stands.

( I doing...? Why would I...try to swallow a pair of scissors...? ...?! My hand's moving on its own...!)

(No! Stop! Ahh!)


Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 1 - Wrong End 1 ends here

And there's our first Wrong End of the game. I really don't care for it, to be honest. There's no logical connection from "Not reading a newspaper" to "Ghosts show up and you swallow a pair of scissors." It's also entirely possible to go into the stairwell where you get the key for Classroom 3-A before the spirit appears, and then it wouldn't be odd to decide that there's nothing there and no reason to go back. I don't see why the spirit doesn't just appear there from the start.

But that's enough of that, on to Chapter 1's other Wrong End.

Chapter 1 - Wrong End 2

To get this ending, we simply have to let the shadow in the infirmary drain all of Naomi's HP.

Video: Chapter 1 - Wrong End 2
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: Danger ...No... Noo...!

Glgh...rrrg... *cough* *cough* ...What's...happe...ning...ggghg...

*gasp* *choke*


With vision darkening and consciousness fading...the last thing Naomi ever sees...

...Is the wildly grinning visage of a woman she's never seen before...

Music: Wrong End