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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 10: Chapter 2, Part 3

Video: Unusual Classroom

We head inside the classroom located in the northwest corner of the first floor.

Music: Fear

Ayumi kneels in the corner.

My splitting...
Are you... Are you okay?
We shouldn' here... We really...shouldn't be here...
It looks like there's something in here, though, in the back...

We start down the bizarre, hallway-like classroom.

Ack! Wh-What the hell?!

D-Don't scare me like that! Geez!
You absolutely, positively must NOT look into his eyes, okay?!

We head to the far end of the classroom, taking care not to look into the ghost's eyes. Looking into his eyes (facing north while directly south of him) or attempting to talk to him will net us a Wrong Ending.

Music: None
Background Sound: Wind


Sound Effect: Item

And with that, we head back out of the classroom. Once again, we avoid making eye contact with the ghost.

Background Sound: None
Music: First Floor

That was a little anticlimactic. We leave the classroom and head south.

Wh-What is it...?


Ayumi pushes past Yoshiki and charges to the south.

Hey! Shinozaki! Where are you going?!
...What the hell was that all about...?

We follow Ayumi south, into the entranceway.

Today is my daughter's birthday. She's turning seven. We're going out together to celebrate.

Music: None
Background Sound: Wind

Sh-Shinozaki... Hey...
Hmm? Kishinuma! What's wrong?
Uhh... You were saying some pretty weird stuff just now...
(Was she not aware...? Must be the pressure. Her nerves are probably shot all to hell by now...)
Uh, never mind. Probably just my imagination. Don't worry about it.

We head out of the entranceway.

Background Sound: None
Music: First Floor

And we turn right back around.

*pant* *wheeze* Don't... *pant* Don't let it touch you!

Video: Unusual Classroom ends here.

That ghost is really scary, so we head down to the corner of the room before going back out.

[Victim's Memoirs]

...a piece of a person's body. A piece of a person who was living and breathing only a short while ago. This body part used to be attached to her head. And now, I'm walking around the school with it.

I had no idea eyeballs were so heavy.

And I just keep squishing it in the palm of my hand, as if I'm testing its firmness. Squeeze, and release... Squeeze, and release...

The Victim's Memoirs appear in sequence. Part 2 does not appear until you read part 1.

We head back outside and confront the ghost. Looking into his eyes is no longer a problem, we just need to avoid coming into physical contact with him. Doing so results in an immediate Wrong Ending.

With the Power Crystal in hand, we're given a little bit of leeway. The first time we come in contact with the ghost (or look into his eyes, in the other room), the Power Stone will shatter and protect us from harm. The Power Stone isn't required for anything, it's just a safety net.

Skirting past the ghost, we head west and back upstairs. He will not follow us outside of the first floor hallway, so we're safe once we reach the stairs.

Music: Chapter 2's Theme

And we head back into the classroom where we started.

Use the Nail Puller?



Although successful in loosening every nail and opening the door, the rusted old nail puller broke apart in the process.

We head into the newly opened room.

First, we check the paper on the wall.

There's a piece of scrap paper pinned to the wall. You notice dark spots dotting the page, and realize they're tear stains.

...For in this world, there are some truths that simply must be known, no matter how disturbing... But curiosity can be deadly, and other truths are best left untold. Beware the messages of the dead, for there be curses among them. Curses that can crush even the strongest wills, demolishing all semblance of reason. If you wish to protect your sanity, take heed. Do not let your curiosity get the better of you.

Interesting advice.

Speaking of the Victim's Memoirs...

I've been searching every last corner of this school building, trying to find a way of escaping with her. But it's not happening. No matter how much we struggle, only further misery awaits us. I'm so unbearably hungry that it feels like my stomach is eating itself... And every moment, it gets worse. It's like a big, black mass in front of me that's slowly closing in. I can't keep ignoring it.

I've started talking to the eyeball in my hand, to help stay focused and maintain my sanity.

Stop looking at me like that! I swear, I'll find us a way out of here! I have to make sure I tell your family what you did for me...

And the last thing in this tiny room: a bizarre contraption hiding in the corner.

There's a lever jutting out from one side. Pull it?



Sound Effect: Crank

As the crank does its thing, we see a new platform appear back in the long classroom, making it possible to reach yet another crank.

We exit the classroom and head back down to the first floor.

Music: First Floor

The ghost is still wandering around down here.

The chase AI in this game is pretty bad, so it's easy to lure him up into that little outcropping, where he'll get super confused and stuck for awhile.

Music: Fear

After sneaking past the ghost, we head to the rear of the long classroom.

There's a lever jutting out from one side. Pull it?



Sound Effect: Crank

And a bridge forms back in the hallway, allowing us to reach the east end.

And so we head out of the classroom to go cross our new bridge.

oh jesus

Music: Peril

This is the hardest area to avoid the ghost, and probably where you'll end up spending your Power Stone. (I'm a pro though, so I didn't)

You have to lure him to the left, and then run around him in the little space you're provided.

He does follow us out of the classroom, but we have enough of a head start that he's not a threat.

We head south and cross the bridge.

After crossing, we check out that paper on the wall.

The cursed writings left behind by those who lost all reason must be read in the proper order. If one part is skipped, the next will never appear. If you insist upon reading such dangerous words, too, I pray you have a strong will and a sturdy mind...

There's nothing else between the note and the stairs. We head up to the east end of the second floor.

Music: Chapter 2's Theme

Upon our arrival, Ayumi splits off from Yoshiki.

What's wrong? You need to stop for a minute?
No... I just thought this seemed like a good spot for another candle.
No objections, I assume?
Go ahead.

Ayumi lights a candle and returns to Yoshiki's side.

I really like how when playing as Yoshiki and Ayumi, you create your own save points instead of finding them sitting around.

After placing the candle, we head into the infirmary.

Music: None
Background Sound: Wind

The infirmary is empty, and more or less identical to how it was in chapter 1, aside from one poster.

As such, it is highly recommended that the tongue be tagged or marked once detached. Their owners will be in no state to identify them, after all! Best to work quickly, too, before things get hectic. The patients' bare tongue-stumps will suffer post-partum swelling, resulting in a slow suffocation. You may wish to put the patients down once the inevitable squirming begins. It's kinder that way, and will free you to tag your trophies in peace.