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Part 11: Chapter 2, Part 4

Music: Chapter 2's Theme

Now that we've read those sweet tongue removal tips, we exit the infirmary and head north.

The science lab is blocked off in this chapter, too.

Trying to enter Shishido's classroom from the opposite end is futile. We can't reach the door, and I'm sure it would be locked if we could.

And so, the only place left to investigate is the third floor.

Music: None

Ryosuke Katayama Age: 17
Byakudan Senior High School, Class 2-4

Pushed down stairs; suffered compound fracture and bled out.

...? Did you hear a voice right now...?
Yeah, I heard it. I wonder what happened to him... I get the feeling he was surprised. I think he died quickly, and suddenly...

I think he died quickly, suddenly, swiftly, and with haste.

We continue up to the third floor.

Ignoring all advice, we read the paper.

[Victim's Memoirs]

e person but i got hungry again really hungry like i was about to DIE so i    i  did something i shouldn't have done.

I promised myself I would stay sane, and promised myself I wouldn't do what I did, and I am so, so sorry, really, really sorry, really sorry but there is no excuse for what I did.  With my bloody hands, I took the thing that I've been squishing, and I put it in my mouth and i   swallowed  it.   iateit.

I don't know if this notice is meant to be different from the one in chapter 1, or if it's just a weird situation where the same poster got translated in two different ways.

While waiting for someone in the thread to inevitably point out the answer, we head into the boy's lavatory.

Ayumi stands here in the corner while we explore, clearly made uncomfortable by the sight of urinals.


She seems to be staring down at the floor and grinning wildly.

...What is it?
Uhh... Nothing... (Maybe I'm just seeing things...)

Aside from the mirror, there doesn't seem to be anything of interest in this room. The urinals are of no importance, and the stalls are all empty...

H-Hey... Did you hear that crazy voice?
I didn't hear anything...but we're definitely not alone in here... We should leave this room right now...

We leave the boy's room and head for the girl's.

Video: Girl's Lavatory

Background Sound: Quiet Hum


Almost looks like...a person...
Somebody... Somebody died here... I can hear her voice...
No... No, please... Don't...!
Wh-What's wro--

Background Sound: Opressive Hum

Sound Effect: Creak


Oh great, a panty shot. That's nice, Corpse Party. Very appropriate.

*pant* *gasp* *wheeze* *sputter*


Background Sound: None

Ayumi sprints out of the room.

Shinozaki! Dammit all! What the hell is going on around here?!

We chase after Ayumi.

Bring me more! You'll do whatever I ask of you!
I don't care if you're innocent! You're listed as "buried alive," aren't you?!
They're mine! I'm sure as hell not sharing with the likes of you!
Cleanup is a real pain in the ass, too, you know. Have   some   PITY!!


Fight it, Shinozaki!
Cut the crap!

OooooooooAAAAAAAaaaggggggghhh.... Ooooooooooooooollllllggghh...

Ayumi smacks Yoshiki.

Music: Unrest

I believed in you! Why doesn't anybody listen to me?!
What the hell are you talking about?
I don't understand a single word you're saying!

Yoshiki storms away.

Yoshiki keeps walking.

Video: Girl's Lavatory ends here.

A red spirit appears, and we talk to it.

Possession is a frightful thing. To have your thoughts pushed deep down into the pit of your soul, and someone else's take their place...

We go back and try to talk to Ayumi, awkwardly making our sprites overlap in the process. This message appears, and Ayumi cackles madly.

Fuck this, I'm out.

Wh-What the...?!

The Power Stone in Yoshiki's pocket suddenly and spontaneously shattered.

(I think...I just heard Ms. Yui's voice... "Don't leave her side," she said. Does that mean...?)

We go back to Ayumi's side. Note that the scene with the Power Stone is in no way required; it does not matter if you never found the Power Stone or lost it before this scene.

We try talking to Ayumi again, but nothing has changed, aside from me managing to talk to her while she's not standing inside Yoshiki.

Trying to talk to NPCs on a completely random movement path is really annoying.

Music: None

Giving up on Ayumi for now, we head back into the girl's room and check out that stain.

(It almost feels like there's someone here... It's really giving me the creeps...)

On our way back out, Yoshiki stops.

Why is this happening to us...?


...! (Crap.)
What's all this smoke I see? ...Get the hell out of that stall, right this instant! Hitting the tobacco again, were we?

Didn't I warn you what would happen if I caught you smoking again? Expulsion, that's what!
I'm sorry...
You're a real problem child, you know that? Why do you even come to school in the first place?
Disowned by your parents... Living on your own... Got no friends... Never go to class... Just because you hate school doesn't give you the right to throw fits and raise a ruckus all the time, mister! You're clearly not having any fun here, right? So why don't you just drop out? I really don't get it! It's not like you're trying to get into college. With your home life as it is, the thought probably hasn't even crossed your mind!

Not since the very first parent-teacher conferences we ever held. Wonder if they'd be embarrassed!
Haha... My parents are not exactly proud of me, shall we say.
Ehh, that's not what I mean. I'm thinking of the big picture here. They're clearly just not good parents. If I had kids of my own, you'd better believe I wouldn't be half as lax with them as yours obviously are with you! The problem is, people are having kids when they're way too young. Before they've become proper adults, they're poppin' out babies of their own! And bad parents raise bad kids. That's why there are so many brats like you in this world!
(He's right about one thing... There's no reason for me to stay in this school. It really is pointless.)
(I should just beat the crap out of this jackass, then drop out...)
People think as long as they pay school taxes or tuition, they're good mommies and daddies. Well, news flash: They're not! Hahahaha... Hmm? What's with that look?
(I've never hit a teacher before. Ah, well... First time for everything...)

Hehh? ...Well, if it isn't the class rep. What's up?
The vice principal is looking for you. You're needed back at the staff room.

Always so clear and focused! Hahahahaha... We instructors like your kind best of all. You ever have a problem, you come talk to me about it, okay? Hahahahahaha...

The gym teacher leaves.

You're not really any better.
You were thinking about hitting him just now, weren't you?
What a sad fate it would be to get kicked out of school over a pathetic excuse for a teacher like him... And you're regret it later. You know you would. No matter how much of a pain in the ass it may be, and no matter how you think it'll turn out in the end...just stay in school, man! Bite your tongue, and make it to graduation!

...? Why...are you crying?
Ah... Sorry. Whenever I give an impassioned speech like that, I always find myself tearing up a little.
You're Kishinuma from class 1-5, right?
I'm Shinozaki from class 1-3. have butt in like that.
Uh, don't...worry about it...

Heehee. I was lying, of course.

Video: Ayumi
This video covers the remainder of the update.

(And...I swore to myself, as soon as I realized we were trapped here...)
(...that I'd protect her, no matter what happens.)

You can hear Ayumi make a weird yelp outside the room here.

(This must be a see if I really meant that "no matter what happens" part!)

Ayumi screams and runs into the room.


Please...come back to me...Shinozaki... We're going to find all our classmates and get out of this horrible place, okay? There's no reason for you to stay like this!
Urrrng... So...warm...

Shinozaki! You're...!

Ayumi pushes Yoshiki to the floor.

Huh? you...?


Music: Chapter 2's Theme

...So what you're saying...
Yeah. So far, all the corpses we've found in here...have been people we've never met before...

...And the next thing I knew...I was in your arms...and you were squeezing the life out of me...
(Couldn't she just say "hugging"...?)
Someone close to us, huh... I really hope that just this once...your intuition is wrong...

...and then I voided my bowels...and everything went dark... No matter how hard I struggled, my arms and my legs just wouldn't move. I wanted to yell out, "Help me!" ...but I had no voice.
I was scared...and the pain was so excruciating... *sob*

: *sniffle* I know...
...Well, we've searched the whole building. Ms. Yui really is nowhere to be found...
: Maybe we should...head back to the calssroom...?
Yeah, that's probably best. ...No Satoshi or the others, though, either...

We head back downstairs, starting the long walk back to the classroom in the west hall.