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Part 12: Chapter 2, Part 5

Video: Saenoki

Music: Chapter 2's Theme

We head back down to the east side of second floor, on our way back around to the classroom where Yoshiki and Ayumi started.

Oh. Well obviously following this ghost into the infirmary is the best course of action.

Music: None

Eheheh... Really?! Eheheh...


Music: Fear

...That's right. It's the same for me! I love my school. Eheheh.

Yoshiki and Ayumi run to the center of the room.

You need to run, quickly!
And my homeroom teacher's the best! But I guess you feel the same way about yours too, huh?

Suzumoto! Hey! Snap out of it!
Suzumoto, it's us, okay?

Can you stand? Come on, we're right here...
No, I'm okay. Believe it or not, these really aren't bad kids.
They've just been through some horrible experiences. Here, read this, and you'll see what I mean.

The brutal, shocking deaths of the recent kidnapped grade-schoolers have now been traced back to the hands of the instructor found in the room with them. The scissors he held are confirmed to have been used to cut out the victims' tongues, ultimately leading to death through excessive bleeding or choking. One of the victims even had the majority of her head slowly and methodically removed. This cranial mass was found on the floor next to her body. The Heavenly Host Elementary students pictured here are the four who were found in that basement room.

(The newspaper is torn at this point. The bottom half of the article is missing.)

These ghosts...have the same faces and the children in these photographs...
The ghosts that was chasing us on the first floor one of them, too...
I can't just ignore these poor souls. I'm...going to stay with them... *sob*
I don't think that's a good idea, Suzumoto. You really need to get out of this room.
*shiver* *whimper*
Suzumoto, you have to stop this! Don't let your emotions get the better of you!

Can't get enough of these completely appropriate upskirts.

...No! Stop!!
H-Hey, what's going on...?

There's another violent blue flash, and Ayumi is knocked off her feet.

Sound Effect: Barrier


We're put back in control. Of course, we immediately try to rescue Mayu.

Sound Effect: Barrier

It's totally impossible to represent in screenshots because of how minimalistic the animation is, but approaching them pushes us back.

We can't get close, so we're forced to retreat for now and consider our options.

Background Sound: Soft Hum

We can't even touch her, much less get her down...
So what the hell DO we do...?
I don't know...but we have to do something... We have to!
Wh-Whoa... Your nose is bleeding.
D-Don't tell me that! Geez...and you're so blunt about it, too...

Uhh, would you prefer if I didn't say anything, and just let it drip?


Music: Ominous Room

?! Sh-She's got eyes like a dead fish...
You've only just arrived at this school, have you not?
That's right. Were you brought here against your will, too? I can't say I recognize your uniform...
Actually, I died here quite a while ago. I came in search of someone very important to me, you see...
Umm...your name wouldn't happen to be Naho, would it?
...It is.
Who's that?

...I think...she was on TV receiving some kind of award last year. She's an author, right?
Yeah. She's also pretty well-known for communing with spirits, and has a popular homepage with lots of information on paranormal studies and accultism. I'm a big fan of yours, Ms. Saenoki. I'm on your website all the time!
That's very flattering. Though I'm afraid you won't be seeing any more updates from me...

I've been wondering what happened to you since then. I never imagined it was anything like this, though...
Hey, sorry to interrupt...but did you say you "came" here in search of someone?
So you cam here of your own volition? On purpose?! There's...a way to do that?

The greater concern right now is your friend.
...! That's right... Do you have any idea what we can do to save her?!
Before I died here...I searched high and low for any means of escape.

Victims of an incident that occurred thirty years before our time. Four children kidnapped, with broken bodies later found in this very building. Those children are the ones giving shape to this nexus.
The four kids pictures in that newspaper article...
It...sure seems like it...
Unfortunately, this place took its toll on me, and I died before I was able to make my escape.

Without all that sorrow and agony to sustain them, these closed spaces would start to break down... All this pointless suffering would come to an end, and we'd be released from this hell.
That' theory, anyway.
Yeah, but put them to rest? How the hell do we do that?!

The one who killed them? ...Are you saying...?!

...Seriously...? How are we supposed to get someone like that to express remorse? Where would we even begin?!

You need to do whatever you can, and do it quickly. If you don't, those two spirits are going to hurt your friend.
...We will. We'll think of something. I guess the first order of actually finding the killer...

Ayumi heads to the first floor.

H-Hey, Shinozaki, hold up!

Right now, I'm just grateful for any lead at all. So thanks.

Yoshiki leaves Naho and heads after Ayumi.

Music: None
Background Sound: None

H-Hey, you all right?
Y-Yeah, I'm okay... I thought I was going to throw up, but I didn't.
(She's acting normally, but I don't know... I think she's starting to snap under the pressure. Shinozaki... She needs to get out of this school, or she could be in real trouble. Dammit... Why is there no exit?!)

Video: Saenoki ends here.

For those curious, Naho Saenoki is voiced by Ayano Yamamoto.

Next we return to the first floor, in search of a way to obtain repentance from the killer.

Music: First Floor

We sneak past the ghost and enter the entranceway.

Upon entering, the exit begins to flash.

Dammit! I knew it couldn't be this easy!
Why won't you open?! Let us out, you worthless piece of--

Music: None

Even if it DID open, I'd be staying right where I am! You think I'm just going to abandon Ms. Yui and all our friends, and run away?!
...What's your problem? I never said that...
Wuss! Coward! Delinquent!
Now how about YOU shut the hell up?!
...Come on. Let's just go.

...! ...Rrng...

We head back out of the entranceway and to the west.

Music: Chapter 2's Theme

We go up to the second floor and go north, straight to the third.

That note is the final piece of the Victim's Memoir, but we won't be reading it just yet. We go straight past it onto the stairs.

Pick it up?



Wh-What the?! I hear a voice!
( body?)

Sound Effect: Item

After collecting the Antique Doll (Head), we head back to the first floor.

Music: First Floor

And on the first floor, we head to the north-east corner.

Pick it up?



Wh-What the?! I hear a voice!
(Give me head?)

Music: None

Sound Effect: Item

As the head and body of the antique doll are joined, it begins speaking more clearly and directly.

Video: GO ME N NA SA I
This video covers the remainder of the update.

With a high-pitched voice like that of a child, it slowly repeats several phrases in a cold, methodical and almost robotic monotone.

to   have   killed   children   so   brutally
i   was   not   in   my   right   mind

Music: Fear

i   did   not   want   them   to   die
i   was   scared   too
i   am   so   sorry
i   am   so   sorry
so   very   sorry

i   am   actually   a   good   person

i   am   so   sorry
i   am   so   sorry
so   very   sorry

Doesn't it kind of piss you off? Like, it's just playing around, and saying what we want to hear...

We don't need this thing!
Wait! Don't you might count as repentance from the murderer?

Sound Effect: Item