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Part 17: Chapter 3, Part 3

Music: Chapter 3's Theme

We arrive on the second floor and head north. The infirmary is locked, so we walk past it.

For some reason, the hallway by the science lab (the door to which is affixed to the wall like a model) is totally dark.

After reaching the other end of the hallway, the area lights up.

There's a dead end to the west, so we head upstairs.

Music: None

Megumi Sugii Age: 17
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

Starved to death after desperate search for friend.


Sound Effect: Item

With the unknown key in hand, we continue up the stairs.

Background Sound: Wind

We've finally arrived at the lavatories. I wonder what sort of horrible thing will happen here in this chapter.

Hmm? What's up?
I have to go potty.

Reminder: Yuka is fourteen.

O-Oh. Well, the sign says these are the lavatories, so go ahead. I'll wait for you here.

Gotcha. If anything happens, just yell real loud, okay?

While waiting for Yuka, we take a quick look around.

As we get close to the girl's room, Yuka comes out.

Hey. Done already?
Big brother... I couldn't go.

Satoshi enters the bathroom.


After seeing the state of the room, Satoshi returns to Yuka.

Can you hold it?
Be nice if the boys' room were an option, at least...

We return to the second floor.

Background Sound: None

The key we found fits the lock on the infirmary door, so we check out the inside.

Video: Infirmary

Like every other room, it's just like it was in the other chapters, but with holes in different places.

...? Naomi...?

We continue working our way around the room.

No tongue removal advice for us this time.

We approach the beds, and Yuka immediately flops onto one.

The bed's a lot less dusty than I would've imagined...
Uh-huh. Big brother... I'm tired.
You are? Do you want to take a quick rest before we go, then?

Yuka pulls Satoshi onto the bed beside her.

If you insist!
But I'm not tired...

If you insist! It certainly can't hurt to lie down for a bit... I'd be worried leaving you here by yourself anyway.

Yeah, me too.
I wonder what time it is... Feels like it's probably time for dinner with Mom...
I'm not sure. My watch stopped a while ago.
...I want to go home.
Don't worry, we'll get home. We'll find a way. Once we meet up with Naomi, Yoshiki and the others, I'm sure we'll come up with something. They're all probably looking into possible escape routes themselves right now. So we'd better keep up the search too, or else we'll look like slackers by the time they find us! Either way, it'll work out. I know it will.
Okay... If you really believe that...then...I'll believe it too.

(I basically just told her we can circumvent reality. Nothing but empty words, thin as paper... But I guess it's the hope of escape that gives us a reason to keep going. To keep living.)

Aaoohh, God, my pounding...

Sound Effect: Laughter

Ulgh... It'! Where the hell...did you take me?!

Where... Where's Shinozaki?!

*: Heeheehee...heehee... ...Ah!

The ghosts vanish.

*pant* *pant*

*pant* *pant* I can't stand up!

Sound Effect: Tone

Background Sound: Wind

(Damn... I nodded off... What am I doing? This is no time to be sleeping!)
Big brother...? *groan* *mutter*

*hic* *sob*
Don't cry, Yuka! It's only going to be a little longer, I promise.
*sob* *whine*
When we get back, I'll buy you some rock candy, okay?
...The green kind, with the sweet red bean flavor?
You bet. I know how much you've been craving it.
...Okay. I'll be good.
That a girl. (Food... It gets her every time!)

(She may be strong-willed, but she loses heart really quickly if no one's there to keep her grounded.)
Come on, Yuka. Let's go. You can stand, right?
U-huh. I'm okay now.
If you get tired again, we can always come back.

Video: Infirmary ends here.

We get out of bed, and a flame suddenly appears in the corner.

...Leaving a piece of paper behind.

[Heavenly Post]
"Four Children Abducted & Killed - Followup Report"

The brutal, shocking deaths of the recent kidnapped grade-schoolers have now been traced back to the hands of the instructor found in the room with them. A large pair of sewing scissors were found in his possession...and these were confirmed to be the tool used in removing the victims' tongues, ultimately leading to death through excessive bleeding or choking. One of the victims even had the majority of her head slowly and methodically removed. This cranial mass was found no the floor next to her body.

Of these childen, one was ___________ when investigators arrived at the scene of the crime. She was ________d, but somehow s____________________________________________________________________________________

(The newspaper is torn at this point. The bottom half of the article is missing.)

Big brother... The children in this picture...
Yeah... That's the girl in the red dress... And that boy wearing shorts... He's the one we saw earlier...

Someone seems to have made notes in the margins of the article using a red pen.

- Children with no tongues
- Girl with top of head missing
- Girl in red dress

We head out of the infirmary.

That was Shinozaki's voice! Come on, Yuka! Let's go!

Music: Chapter 3's Theme

...! it...?

The floor is stained with a sticky residue, as if something (or more likely, someone) were dragged down the hall.


Sound Effect: Item

Oh, I know just where to use this!

We head back up towards the third floor, stopping in the dark hallway along the way.

Huh. I wonder what that could be.

Disregarding Mayu that mysterious stain, we head to the third floor.

Music: None
Background Sound: Wind


Good... That's a relief...

Satoshi and Yuka head into the restroom, together for some reason.

...So what now...?

Well, if you can't hold it any longer...then how about I wait outside, and you do what you've gotta do?
No! ...I'll keep holding it...
Okay...but don't strain yourself. When you've gotta go, you've gotta go, after all.

This whole sub-plot about Yuka really needing to pee is kind of uncomfortable, but I do like how the school is actively fucking with them with these bathrooms.

Instead of leaving the bathroom, we head further into it.

Mitsuharu...really isn't anywhere to be found, is he? I guess it's true, I'll probably never see him again... But I may have figured out a way of getting in contact with him, at least! He left me a message on the teacher's desk in one of the classrooms. Looks like even when we're in different spaces, we can still communicate that way.

But it's not enough... There's no warmth to be felt from the written word alone. I also miss our fights...out impromptu wrestling matches. But it's not just the physical contact. What I want more than anything is to see his face again... I just want to be able to see him around, and make small talk. Ask him how he's been, and what he plans to do after school. Those simple, everyday interactions are some of my most precious memories now. What I wouldn't give to have those days back...