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Part 19: Chapter 3, Part 5

Music: Annex

The boys' room and the girls' room are both unusable. But since we're here in the second wing, we may as well take a look around. We start by heading east from the girls' lavatory, on the second floor.

The next room is mostly empty, aside from two notes.

Hope you're writing all these down.

Due to the reputation earned from repeated tragic incidents and accidents in and around this school, plans for its abolition have been finalized. There has been a sharp decline in registration and attendance since the initial incidents, indicating to the school board that our time is at an end. We sincerely regret to announce that Heavenly Host Elementary School will close its doors for the last time on November the 18th, 1975. It is through my own vices that this disdainful decision has come to pass, and for that, I must offer my deepest apologies to all who are affected.

After reading the note, we continue east.

The door lets out into a short hallway that splits in two. We start by heading north.

That's a little creepy, but it's really more goofy than anything.

Each step we take into the goo causes 4 HP of damage. We don't have enough HP to cross to the opposite end, so we have no choice but to turn back.

We continue south, carefully choosing to ignore the open door.

When we reach the south end of the hallway, it turns to the west and ends with a door.

On the other side of the door is another stairwell. This one doesn't go up to the third floor, only down to the first. On the landing between the first and second floors, we find a corpse.

Nao Takahashi Age: 17
Lexern Senior High School, Class 2-4

Withered away from dehydration.

We continue down to the first floor. Unlike the stairwell on the opposite end, we cannot go any lower.

There's a weird spot here on the first floor's east hall.

The PC version of the game had a lightning effect in the second wing, which was removed from the PSP version for whatever reason. In the PC version, whenever lightning strikes you can see a human-shaped shadow here (similar to the one we saw in the girls' lavatory in chapter 2), but it's absent in the PSP version, perhaps as a side effect of the removed lightning. You can still investigate it, though.

(Credit for the lightning gif goes to tooooooo bad)

I was going to transcribe that second text box, but then I realized I can't tell if those are Is or ls.

Background Sound: Piano (Quiet)

We can hear piano music coming from the music room, but the door is locked. We continue to the north.

And as we do, the door to the music room opens. We double back and head inside.

Background Sound: None

Music: Piano

This room sure has an interesting name.

The music room actually doesn't have anything in it, though, aside from this fallen cabinet.

Sound Effect: Piano Slam

Music: None

When we approach the piano, the pianist slams the keys and stops playing. Assuming there is a pianist. Maybe the piano was playing itself.

There's nothing else in this room, so we take our leave.

Music: Annex

Background Sound: Piano (Quiet)

When we leave, the music resumes. We continue north.

The closed door pictured above is the second entrance to the music room, which is locked.

Background Sound: None

And continuing north, to the end of the hall, we reach the locked staff room.

Heading west brings us back to the entranceway, completing the loop.

So we head back upstairs.

This time, we enter the room I arbitrarily ignored before.

Video: Art Room

Music: None

Isn't "Cursed Art Room" kind of redundant? This whole school is cursed, so it kind of goes without saying that the art room is cursed as well.

Or maybe the art room is double cursed?

As we approach the corner of the room, we're stopped.

Ah! Big brother...!
I-I see her... I don't recognize the shool uniform, but she looks like a living person, at least...
We should talk to her!
Y-Yeah, we should...

We approach the girl and strike up a conversation.

U-Umm... We're students from a school called Kisaragi Academy...and, uhh...we performed this weird ritual with some of my classmates, and lost consciousness...and when we woke up, we found ourselves trapped here. Was it the same for you?

...? (Her expression isn't changing at all. Something's wrong...)

The female student is staring intently at the corner of the room, opening and closing her mouth rapidly as if chanting an incantation.

Big brother!

*: These chicks who are nested within, never to be seen again...washed away by nothingness...rising and falling in a constant stream... Oh, I do appreciate Sachiko's kind gesture, but any more will only bring me sadness... Please, no more...

This is getting a little too weird for me. Let's get out of here.

Music: Annex

After leaving the room, a girl runs towards us from the north.

After looking around frantically, she runs down the hall to the west.

Big brother... It's somebody else...
I guess there are a lot of other people who were brought here, too...
Come on. Let's follow her.

We follow her down the hall and encounter her in the next room.

Ummm... Hello...
Sorry to approach you out of nowhere like this... We're students from a school called Kisaragi Academy, and... (...Huh?)

...? What's wrong?

The girl pushes Satoshi out of the way and runs out of the door to the west.


(...I guess it really isn't safe to stay in here for very long...)

Video: Art Room ends here.

We continue westward, to the stairwell.


The school shakes for a little while, and eventually slows to a stop.

It's okay. It's over. You handled that very well. Here. Can you stand?

After the quake, the nearby holes seal themselves.

...Could it be...?

Aha! The girls' room is accessible!

The entire surface is littered with protective paper charms.

[Spiritual Confinement] [Buddha's Guardianship] [Banishment of Malice] [Charm of Exorcism] [Metaphysical Barrier]

*shiver* *whimper*
Look, you really shouldn't hold it this long. It's bad for the bladder. Why don't you just go in the corner?
How about outside, then, in the woods along the walkway? That should be fine, right?

We head back downstairs to the entranceway, so Yuka can go pee outside.

You shouldn't have any trouble getting over the fence, right?
I think...I can do it.
If anything happens, yell really loud, and I'll come get you, okay?

Yuka heads outside.

Video: Number One
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

Yuka starts to hoist herself onto the fence.

There's a blue flash.

Yuka looks to the side, but there's nothing there. She returns her attention to the task at hand.

Music: Fear


The ghost chases Yuka back into the school.

Music: None

Background Sound: None

Big brother...?

Music: Unrest


Nooooooo... Big broootheeeer...!