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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 20: Chapter 3, Part 6

Music: Unrest

We begin the search for our missing big brother by heading west from the entranceway. We can't return to the main building, as the ghost is still on the walkway and it's too narrow to slip around her.

We climb up to the second floor and exit the stairwell.

Video: Searching for Satoshi

Sound Effect: Camera

As we pass the girls' room, we hear a camera shutter and see a flash.

Music: None

I swear, this place is going to drive us all batty. To think there'd be a corpse like this so close by... Hmm? You're shaking! What happened to Mochida?
Big brother's...gone away somewhere...
*sob* *sob*
... You poor thing. Come with me, I'll help you find him.

Music: Unrest

Morishige begins to approach Yuka, and she takes a step back.

oh god he's following us

Morishige will chase us through multiple rooms, but he's really really slow. Unless you dilly dally, you won't see him again after exiting the first room.

It doesn't really matter though, because...

This is what happens if he catches you. He asks why you're running and lets you go.

Morishige is happy to chase Yuka all over the building and repeatedly grab her and ask her why she's running, but he'll never actually hurt her no matter how many times you get caught.

Regardless of how non-violent he is, Morishige is a creep, so we keep running all the way down to the entranceway.

We keep running, hoping Morishige didn't think to turn around and go down the other stairs.

Sound Effect: Crash

When we pass the cabinet, it collapses behind us, blocking our only escape route.

We head for the west door.

Music: None

And run head first into an attractive man.


Big brother! You lied!
You lied to me! You said you wouldn't leave my by myse--eh?

(That's not my big brother...) I-I'm so sorry!
I'm... M-My name is Yuka Mochida.

Yuka, was it? Were you also spirited away here...after performing the forbidden Sachiko charm?
Uhh... I dunno...
I see. Given that you called me "big brother" a moment ago...I assume he's come here with you?
...Big brother...
Big brother...

Your little in here...? *sniffle*
She is.
If you'd like, you may accompany me. We'll look for your big brother along the way. In a place like this, after all, the living should stick together as much as possible. My poor sister is probably off somewhere crying right now, just as you are... I simply must find her. So what do you say? Will you join the hunt?

Help me find my big brother!
I will. Fear not. I'm certain we'll cross his path.

Music: Annex

Video: Searching for Satoshi ends here.

We're now in control of Kizami, accompanied by Yuka.

Yuuya Kizami is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. Sugita is also the toilet ghost from Exchap 1.


He just single-handedly lifted that cabinet off the floor with minimal effort. Kizami, you're so cool

On one of the shelves, you see a piece of floorboard that someone seems to have pried up. Take it?



Sound Effect: Item

You can't get this board until after the cabinet has fallen over. You can't even look through the glass and see the board inside before it falls over. It's stupid and hard to find and I'd hate it a lot more if the board wasn't used for the most optional thing possible.

Speaking of optional, the ghost is gone and we're able to return to the main building. We don't need to return here, but there's something we can only get with Kizami's amazing strength.

Music: Chapter 3's Theme

Remember this cabinet from before?


Sound Effect: Crash

The cabinet causes the floor beneath to collapse.

My... That was unexpected...

We cross over the cabinet and into the dark side of the hallway.

Akihiko Kagurazaka Age: 17
Misato Municipal Brotherhood High, Class 2-4

Suffered severe injury to abdomen; bled out.

We hit the north end of the hallway and head west.

There's a corpse over in the corner, on the other side of a small pit.

This is the only thing you can use that Loose Board for. It's just to get this one name tag, so it's not really that big of a deal that you would never find that stupid board without a guide.

"Daddy... I want to go back to Higansou..."

Kanau Sachimura Age: 9
Distant Futures Elementary School, Class 4-3

Withered away from dehydration.

There are even elementary-schoolers here? What a wretched fate... How on Earth did she get caught up in this mess?!

We go back to the fork and head east.

Hatto Sudo Age: 17
Misato Municipal Brotherhood High, Class 2-4

Took blow to head for friend; skull split open.

Yuuki Tsuruta Age: 15
Hakuro #3 Junior High School, Class III-5

Starved to death while searching for little sister.

Background Sound: Static

At the end of the hall, we find yet another corpse.

These are the remains of a female student who clearly suffered a blow to the head. Her skull is cracked open and there's dried blood everywhere. Her broken glasses, as well as a student ID name tag, are resting next to her mangled corpse.

Emi Urabe Age: 16
Byakudan Senior High School, Class 2-4

Skull cracked open with blunt instrument.

There's an erratic noise, like that of TV static, coming from within.

The north end of this hallway exists only for corpses and name tags. There is one more thing we can do in the main building before returning to the second wing, however. We return to classroom 1-A on the second floor.

Background Sound: None

Upon arriving, we investigate the teacher's desk.

Looking closely at the teacher's desk, something seems to have been written on its surface in pen.

"Somebody left some kind of hidden message over there on 3 old school flyers. Apparently, you have to lay them one on top of the other to read it. -Shinozaki"

After reading the extremely video gamey hint left by Ayumi, we return to the second wing.