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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 21: Chapter 3, Part 7

From the second wing's entranceway, we head east.

And we head into the music room.

Music: Piano


Kaori: Be very careful around the green goo spattered all over the floor. It can kill you. I ran into a spiritualist here, who left behind a pair of shoes blessed with holy water. If one person wears them, and all in attendance join hands, then -- and only then -- is it safe to traverse the accursed green goo.

Whenever I see the sorrowful bodies of those who died here, I feel as if I may go mad with worry. I beg of you, survive these ordeals. Live!


Sound Effect: Item

Sound Effect: Piano Slam
Music: None

When we obtain the Blessed Shoes, the piano stops.

Music: Annex

We head up to the second floor with our sweet new kicks, ready to cross the accursed green goo.

That's unusual.

Huh? (Wasn't this inside the art room before...?)
Hmm? What's the matter?
Uh, umm... N-Nothing. Probably just my imagination.

Well, let's go check out that art room, then.

Music: None

If we check the center of the room, where the bust once stood, there's now a note.

- 3. -

Okay, so I didn't quite do this in the right order, but here's the meaning of the notes. Ayumi's message back in classroom 1-A mentioned that you have to lay them on top of each other to understand the message.

It doesn't quite line up, but you can see it's a hint about the Blessed Shoes. So I guess the idea is that if you can't find the Blessed Shoes, you wander around until you find Ayumi's note, then you come write all these notes down over top of each other. Except finding the Blessed Shoes through brute force is easier than solving the notes, because once you lift the first cabinet you'll immediately go lift all the other ones and look around, and then you'll stumble across the shoes.

While we're in here, let's check on the crazy girl.

Oh well.

Music: Annex

With the Blessed Shoes in hand on foot, we step into the goo.

And they work! Fantastic.

There's something sparkling on the ground. Pick it up?



Sound Effect: Item

Hmm? What seems to be the problem, Yuka?
I...uh...really have to go to the bathroom.
Oh? Don't tell me you've been holding it in all this time, have you?
Uh-huh...I...ohh... Ooooooh...

The nearby door leads to the permanent records, and is affixed to the wall like a decoration.

The Crystal of Unsealing sounds like something that might remove seals, so we go check out the girls' lavatory.

We pass a body along the way.

She's not breathing. Her eyes have a hollow appearance to them, yet still retain a tiny echo of life -- and reflect a palpable sense of terror. It almost seems as if she could "snap out of it" at any moment, stand up and walk away. The corpse is so fresh, simply being in its presence is disquieting.

*gag* *retch*
A-Are you all right? ...This is...terrible...
*pant* *pant*
Yuka, have you seen the ghosts of the children?
Y-Yeah...I have...
I've been reading the school flyers and dying messages scattered throughout this school...and it seems the ghost of the man who killed those children is in here somewhere as well.

I've had a great many of my friends...many, many, many people...killed by that man and those wretched children!
...At any rate, it seems clear we should stick together, as there's simply no telling what may happen if we part ways.

(Big brother... I sure hope you're all right...)

We investigate the corpse a second time, to retrieve her name tag.

Mitsuki Yamamoto Age: 17
Byakudan Senior High School, Class 2-4

Back slashed open with edged weapon; bled out.

Back to something more important than corpses: urination.

Video: Toilet
Video covers remainder of the update

As we approach the door, the seals burn away.

The [Crystal of Unsealing] shattered.

This door may have been sealed for a reason. But what are the chances of something horrible happening in a bathroom in this game?

Music: None

Uh-huh... I-I'll be okay.
Get to it, then. I'll be waiting right here for you.

Yuka heads into the restroom.

...Kizami...? Kizami, is it really you?!
Kurosaki! You're alive!

I was at my wit's end just now, let me tell you. Outside of this school, there's nothing but trees, as far as the eye can see. I thought about braving the wilderness, but it seems like one of those "forests of the lost" you see in video games. Once you enter, you can never leave.
So what the hell is this place, anyway?! Damn it all... There are actual, honest-to-goodness ghosts in here, you know!

...Did you see...? the next room... She's...dead...
Yeah, I saw.
I just don't know how to handle this. I...feel like there's...a certain number...A certain number of dead bodies a person's expected to see within his lifetime...
And I swear, in the last hour alone, I think I've far surpassed my quota... Ahhhh...

So I sent her stupid text messages during class to cheer her up. She seemed mad about it during study hall...but then she sent me a "thank you" message the very next period. I think I was actually able to lift her spirits a little.
Now, though...she's gone. Killed by actual spirits. I guess it was those children...

Kizami... What...are you doing...?

Oolgh...nnnnnrrg...oaaahh... N-No...ooohh...ooooooOOOOAAAAAGGH!!

Sound Effect: Thud

Within these doesn't matter if you're killed by them or killed by me.