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Part 23: Chapter 3, Wrong Endings

Chapter 3 - Wrong End 1

Music: Chapter 3's Theme

To get this Wrong Ending, you first have to decline Yuka's Scented Beads. Accepting them makes it impossible to get this wrong end.

I really appreciate the offer, Yuka, but I'd much rather you keep it. You're not the only one who's worried here, after all. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you know?

Video: Chapter 3 - Wrong End 1

After that, we just look into the ghost boy's eyes on the first floor. If you're holding the Scented Beads, he'll leave and never return. There's no other way to get rid of them, so you absolutely must not accept them from Yuka.

*: *hiss*

Music: Discomfort


Satoshi starts walking across the nearby floor beam.

Aah! Big brother, don't!
(My body... My legs... They're moving on their own!)

Big brother! Stop!

The spirit of the little boy stares at you with wide eyes and mouth agape...and he has no tongue.

Satoshi collapses, and...

Music: None

...he falls into the hole.

Sound Effect: Thud

It was only a few short seconds between the moment Satoshi fell and the moment he hit the ground. And there was really nothing he could do to prevent it. After all, he had no control when he inched his way toward certain doom, and he certainly had no control once gravity took over...

Without even time to gasp in grim realization, he impacted upon the uneven floorboards below, and could feel his innards exploding outward. Yet he remained conscious for somewhere between a couple seconds and a minute before his life officially came to an end.

Sound Effect: Thud

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 3 - Wrong End 1 ends here.

I like how this ending is already pretty bad, with Satoshi bleeding out in a hole, and then at the end they hit you again with "Yuka died too, by the way."

Chapter 3 - Wrong End 2

Video: Chapter 3 - Wrong End 2

To get this Wrong End, we have to let Yuka get grabbed by the ghoulie on the walkway. You can either do this as soon as the ghost appears, or you can go back out onto the walkway before joining up with Kizami, and she'll still be out there.


It...must be nighttime... I must have woken up in the middle of the night again... Probably drank too much juice before bed... *yawn* *stretch*
Since I'm up anyway, guess I'll go wake big brother and bug him a little before I go back to sleep.

Sound Effect: Snip

And maybe drink a nice, big glass of peach juice, too. Yeah...that sounds good!



Sound Effect: Snip

Music: Unrest



The spirit of a little girl appears right in front of Yuka's face, glowing a bluish white. Where the left eye should be, only a gaping, empty socket can be seen.


Background Sound: Scissors

It's a pair of sewing scissors, and she's brandishing them dangerously close to Yuka's face. The inner blades are dull, rusty and caked with blood. There's little doubt that the following events are going to be unimaginably excruciating.

The girl repeats her futile demand over and over again, bringing the blades closer and closer and closer each time...

(I...can't move...

Music: None

Background Sound: None


Background Sound: Yuka

Her vision runs red as waves of unbearable agony trigger unconscious screams of primal, nearly animalistic torment. She instinctively reaches up to pull the scissors out, but just touching them lightly causes new jolts of torturous misery to flow through her body. The sound of a foreign object scraping against her cranium echoes through her mind mercilessly -- not from her eardrums, but directly to her brain.

No other experience could possible have prepared her for this. It's all the suffering of the world, coalesced into a single moment. The pain grows exponentially worse with each heartbeat, yet the trauma of the experience makes the heart beat faster, creating an endless cycle.

It's not something you can adapt to. It's not something you can ignore. All you can do is thank Heaven when you finally die...

Background Sound: None

Sound Effect: Snip

Music: Unrest

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 3 - Wrong End 2 ends here.

This ending definitely horrifies me more than any of the ones we've seen so far. The description of the pain (and the knowledge that it will never end, for all eternity) is one thing, but those screams get to me the most...

Chapter 3 - Wrong End 3

Once again, reading all five parts of the Victim's Memoirs gets you a wrong ending. As before, here are the previous parts in one handy place:

[Victim's Memoirs]

Ohtaki... Mitsuharu, I want to see you again. A ghost told me... Apparently, you were brought here too, but we're in different spaces. Even though we're in the same school, I can't see you. Why did this happen to us? I shouldn't be here! I should be in my Math I class at prep school! My sister's going to be really mad at me for skipping. I don't think she'd believe this excuse even if I told her, though!

I feel like if I can ever find you, I'll be able to get out of here alive, I don't know why...but if we really are in the same school, then I know there MUST be a way of getting in contact with you. And I'm going to find it!

[Victim's Memoirs]

I'm so cold... I feel like the heat is just oozing out of my body, bit by bit... And then there's that sound that just won't stop... What is it?! My ears hurt. I can't focus on anything. I feel like there's a thin film surrounding my entire brain.

I found a dying message next to one of the corpses earlier... It said there's a hallway somewhere in here that changes its size, appearing longer or shorter pretty much on a whim. I wonder where it is?

I hate that I don't feel anything when I see a human body anymore. It sickens me...

[Victim's Memoirs]

Mitsuharu...really isn't anywhere to be found, is he? I guess it's true, I'll probably never see him again... But I may have figured out a way of getting in contact with him, at least! He left me a message on the teacher's desk in one of the classrooms. Looks like even when we're in different spaces, we can still communicate that way.

But it's not enough... There's no warmth to be felt from the written word alone. I also miss our fights...out impromptu wrestling matches. But it's not just the physical contact. What I want more than anything is to see his face again... I just want to be able to see him around, and make small talk. Ask him how he's been, and what he plans to do after school. Those simple, everyday interactions are some of my most precious memories now. What I wouldn't give to have those days back...

...Funny what runs through your head when you're trying to make frostbitten fingers move without cracking off...

[Victim's Memoirs]






Video: Chapter 3 - Wrong End 3

The bleeding never stopped, and I'm getting colder and colder. I can barely see. In the end, we never did find one another here. And unless you magically pop out of the shadows real soon, we never will.

Mitsuharu... I've always idolized you. You constantly surpassed me in every day...always one step ahead, no matter what we were doing. I kept telling myself that at some point, I'd turn a corner and you'd be there.

If I should dream in death, though...then I know I'm going to see you when I turn the next corner, like I've been praying for all this time.

We can beat up on each other like we used to.

And I'll never have to be alone again...

Glgh... Oh, God... My head... Aaaaahh...

A wave of nausea and unbearable despair suddenly washed over Satoshi's entire body. The next thing he knew, he was standing in the corner of an extremely narrow, red room.

Music: Unrest

His movements weren't his own. It was as if his mind were disconnected from his body, with no perception of surface or gravity or motion. After a sudden dip jarred his senses, he realized he was moving purely on nerve impulses, with no direction or control.

Perhaps he's been taken in by the curse -- by the wave of negativity that permeated this space, far beyond the spectrum of human understanding. His shell of a body might as well have been a twig skipping across the ground in a windstorm.

Without warning, his very sense of self had been completely destroyed, leaving him in a virtually lobotomized state. It seems the remnants of a man's tormented soul are indeed a thing best left untouched...for this dying message, and the curse it carried, certainly had no trouble at all dismantling the essence of what was once a boy named Satoshi...

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 3 - Wrong End 3 ends here.

Honestly, this set of Victim's Memoirs feels kind of disappointing after the ones in chapter 2.

Chapter 3 - Wrong End 4

Video: Chapter 3 - Wrong End 4
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: Annex

For this ending, we just walk on the green goo until our HP hits 0.

The game is nice enough to give you this warning when your HP gets low. It even gives it when you're still close enough to safe ground to get back without dying.

We ignore the message and keep going until our HP hits 0, and the screen cuts to black.

Music: Wrong End

Yeah, that's it.

I guess they made it super short because if they put any detail into it, they would need three different versions. One for when you're controlling Satoshi, one for when you're controlling Yuka, and one for when you're controlling Kizami.