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Part 25: Chapter 4, Part 2

Video: The Ladies' Room

Upon arriving on the third floor, we head for the girls' lavatory...

We follow the voices into the lavatory.

Note: None of the dialog in this scene is attributed to anyone. I'll be labelling each line based on the voice overs for reader convenience.


Satoshi takes a few more steps forward.

Hmm? What is it, what is it?

Bwaha! Seriously?! Hahaha... I like it, I like it!

Bwahahaha! Oh, dear I detect a hint of jealousy?
Maybe, maybe not. All I know is, right afterward, the two of them got into a huge fight.
Gahahaha! That's priceless! I wish I could've seen it!

Music: Unrest

I dunno... I have a feeling I would've enjoyed it anyway! *chuckle*
Boys are such idiots. ...Cute, though.
Heheh... Mochida in particular, right, Naomi?
I-Is someone in there?

Music: None

Satoshi turns around and begins to head for the entrance.

Sound Effect: Clang, Choke

We turn around and check the stall again.


Kick in the door
Walk away

Music: Distress

Naomi...! Dumbass! What the hell do you think you're doing?!

We take a step forward and try to help Naomi.

Find an object to stand on
Try to hold her up

(I need to do something to loosen that rope around her neck...)

Hoist her up on shoulders
Push her against the wall

Hold on!

Satoshi steps into the stall and hoists Naomi onto his shoulders.

*gasp* *pant*
(Good, she's breathing!) Naomi! Stay with me!
I'm going to loosen that rope!

Reach behind to unfasten
Stand on bucket at feet

While still supporting Naomi on his shoulders, with her upper body drooping between the back wall of the bathroom and his head...Satoshi reached behind and fiddled with the knots at the base of the noose. Somehow or another, he managed to loosen the rope's grip. Against all odds, it seemed that Naomi would live.

Music: None

...Naomi! Hey! You're all right now! Breathe!
*pant* *wheeze* *cough* *cough* *choke* *wheeze*
That's it. Easy, now. Just like that... Breathe in and breathe out, slow and steady...

Yeah, it's me. Are you all right? You really had me scared there for a minute...
*weep* *sob*
Wh-What... What's wrong? Are you in pain?

Naomi sits up and grabs onto Satoshi.

*sob* *weep* *moan* *hic* *sob*
Uh... Wh-What's...?

Wh-What's wrong with me? What am I doing?!

That wasn't like you.
No need to apologize.

There' need...
No apologize...

My neck? ...What was I doing, anyway? I fell down the stairs, and then...
...when I came to, you were here.
You don't remember anything?
I guess not. After I fell...I heard a snap in my leg, and figured I'd broken it...but it turned out it was just the splint that Seiko had used on my sprained ankle earlier.

Seiko... Seiko is...

Music: Sadness

That's impossible... I heard her voice... She spoke to me, just a few minutes ago!
Seiko... Seiko... *sob*
Let's get her down. I'd...feel bad leaving her like that...

We had a fight just before we parted ways. I was in the wrong...but I was too stubborn to admit it.
And the next time I saw her...Seiko...was already dead... It might have even been my fault. I said some pretty mean things to her...

Naomi... It's all right. It's not your fault.

I...did...? ...That's...not possible...
...But there is...a stinging pain...around me entire neck... Did I really...?
So you don't remember...

No matter how upset she was...she would never... She wasn't the type to give up...on anything...much less kill herself over it...
You... You're right. She wouldn't do that! (Probably not, anyway...)
...Actually...there was this spirit who came to talk to me... A girl about the same age as us... She said that anyone who's been touched by the curse of this school will have their mind taken over...and go crazy...
Their mind...taken over?

Music: Unrest

(Clearly, we need to get out of this school as soon as we possibly can. The longer we're here, the more danger we're in. If even Naomi and Shinohara, two of the strongest people I know, can wind up like this...then any one of us could be next, myself included. We'd better make sure nobody's left by themselves in here anymore.)

Yeah... That brings up something else, though. That girl spirit also said that this school was its own version of closed space...
...and that Seiko and I were the only living beings present.
So how did you get here, Satoshi?
...Now that you mention it...there is a different feeling in the air now than there was before...

Now go. Go to the one who occupies your thoughts...

Music: None

Shortly afterward, I lost consciousness, and woke up not far from here. I wonder who she was...?
I'm not sure. sounds like you somehow made the leap from one closed space to another...
(Closed space... That first ghost we saw said that if two people were in different spaces, it would be nearly impossible for them to meet...)

I-It's nothing. Uhh, Satoshi... I think I heard Yuka's voice on the second floor earlier...
You did?! The two of us got separated when I lost consciousness... She can't be by herself in a place like this... She'll never make it! Last I saw her, she was heading out onto the walkway between the two wings...

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Come on, Naomi. This way!

Satoshi takes a step back into the room.

Please, forgive me.
*sob* Seiko...

Video: Ladies' Room ends here.

Put back in control, we head down to the second floor to resume our search for Yuka.

A-Are you okay?!

(The damage to her neck and throat may have been worse than I assumed. It might have cut off oxygen to her brain or something...)
Sorry. I really dizzy...and tripped over my own feet...and now everything's...turning...white...

Naomi! ...Looks like she's lost consciousness...

Music: None

Satoshi carries Naomi to the infirmary and lays her in a bed. (all off-screen.)

Her breathing seems normal. I guess...she's okay... I need to go find Yuka. Naomi... You stay here and rest up.
I know it's dangerous for either of us to be by ourselves...but that goes for my little sister, too. I can't just ignore her. I'll be back real soon, I swear.

We're put in control of Satoshi and have a quick look around the infirmary.

Remember them and cry because we can't go home anymore.

You can come in here before finding Naomi and check this shelf for a hint that Satoshi leapt into her closed space, since Naomi's the only character who's removed anything from this cabinet.

Done looking around, we leave Naomi in the infirmary to go look for Yuka.

This whole situation feels kind of familiar, come to think of it.

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Before anything else, we head back up toward the third floor.

We can't access the west side of the second floor anymore. Sometime between the end of chapter 1 and now, the floor collapsed away.

We head back up to the third floor.

It's the body of Seiko Shinohara.

Her neck's been squeezed into an hourglass shape with a deep rope burn at its center.


What, no name tag?

There's nothing else on the second and third floors, so we head down to the first. We make a new friend on the stairs.

Yuuya Kumada Age: 17
Tendo Senior High School, Class II-A

Starved to death while searching for friend.

There's a story to this name tag!

During the ten year wait between the original PC98 Corpse Party and the mobile remake New Chapter, some fans used RPG Maker XP to create a prequel named Corpse Party Zero, which included a character named Yuuya Kumada. His name tag, along with the name tags of several other students from Corpse Party Zero's Tendo Senior High, can be found in Corpse Party. It's a really neat little nod to the fanbase.

After collecting Kumada's name tag, we continue down the stairs.

Well shit.

There was a whole other building... What the hell is going on?!