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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 29: Chapter 4, Part 6

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Dammit... ANOTHER earthquake?! You've gotta be kidding me!

The quake slowly comes to a stop.

I won't get anywhere by wallowing in self-pity here.
Yuka... I swear I'll protect you. Please, wait for me.
...First things first, though, I need to go check on Naomi...

Satoshi turns and heads for the stairs.

(...Girl in the red dress...) Hey! Hey, you! Wait!

The girl leaves, and we give chase!

We can't reach the west end, since this is the same space as the one from chapter 1. We head north.

As we head up the hallway, we hear the voice of a young girl.

Upon reaching the end of the hall, we head west.

Hidemasa Kojima Age: 17
Amazaki West Senior Private School, Class 2-4

Attempted to drink own blood; bled to death.

The shakiness of the lettering and the contents of the memorandum suggest that its writer was on the verge of death well before pen touched paper.

I need water so badly... I'm hungry, sure, but I can deal with the hunger. It's the thirst I can't stand. The other guy I was with, Satoshi Matsubara... He tried drinking that filthy tap water from the sink in the bathroom. But he threw it all up almost immediately, and it burned his chest and his throat so badly that he wound up dying.

I've tried to think outside the box, even going so far as to drink my own spit...but needless to say, it didn't help matters one bit. My tongue's so swollen at this point that I can't even talk. Ironically, it's been pouring outside since we got here. If only I could've found a way to gather some of that rain water, Satoshi might still be alive. It's almost as if someone's playing a cruel joke on me -- showing me more water than I've ever seen before, but putting it just outside my reach.

Somebody wrote that there's a whole other wing at this school, accessed through an outdoor walkway...but I never found it.

My name is Hidemasa Kojima. I'm an 11th-grader in class 2-4 at Amazaki West High. If anyone reading this ever makes it out of here alive...please, tell my family -- tell my father what happened to me. I don't want to be a missing person for the rest of his life. I hate the idea of him always wondering where I went, or if I'm even still alive...

It seems to continue, but the rest of it is completely drenched in blood, rendering it totally illegible.

Satoshi Matsubara Age: 16
Amazaki West Senior Private School, Class 2-4

Drank contaminated water; died vomiting.

There's nothing else down this way. The door at the far end is sealed as usual, and the classroom door is affixed to the wall like a decoration.

We turn around and head down the opposite hallway, entering the classroom along the way.

There's nothing on this end, but it looks like there's something on the other side. We loop around to get it.

With the light jumping back and forth like that, I'll never be able to get the object by myself. Someone else will have to lend me a hand...

Giving up on that object for now, we exit and continue to the end of the hall.

Background Sound: Static

No name tag for this corpse.

It hurts so much... I hate you...Sister...

The custodian's closet is locked as usual, but there's an item on the ground in front of it.


Sound Effect: Item Shinohara's, isn't it...

Seiko seemed to have been in the middle of texting someone when she dropped her phone. The text entry window is still open. While confirming the phone's owner, Satoshi wound up inadvertently reading the whole thing.

(I'm sorry, Shinohara. I really didn't mean to...)

Satoshi stands up.

We've fully explored this floor, and the ghost is nowhere to be seen.

Background Sound: None

We head back down to the southeast corner of the room, and head back upstairs.

Video: Dream

Music: Dream

Seiko... I can't...stop the bleeding from your chest...
*shallow breathing* Whoa... Everything's going white...all around me... Naomi? When I die...will you be sad?
Of course I'll be sad! Don't you dare die on me!

If you die, Seiko...I...I don't think...
It'll be okay. You have Mochida. Even if I'm not around...he'll take care of you.
What are you saying?! *sob* You're an...idiot...
Ahhh, look at you... Your nose is all runny... I'll bet nobody else in class has ever seen you with so much snot before...
What is wrong with you?!

All right already! Don't worry about me. Relax...
...I'm cold...

Will you...kiss me, Naomi?
Huh? S-Seriously...?
I just want to know what it feels like...
D-Don't be stupid...
It'll be okay. It's between us girls. You won't have to count it as your first kiss.
That's not the poin--

Kiss her
Don't kiss her

Heheh... I got...kissed by Naomi...
Your lips are a lot softer than I thought they'd be...
Same here.
... ...Seiko... Are you...crying...?

...! Seiko...!
*hic* *hic* *sniffle* No... I...I... ...I don' die...

Seiko... Seiko...! *sob*

Music: None

*pant* *pant* *pant* ...It was all...a dream...? What the hell kind of dream was that?!

Video: Dream ends here.

And now we're back with Satoshi. We head north to the infirmary.

Music: Dream

Satoshi... Please, don't leave me alone in here like that!
Sorry. I was out looking for Yuka.
Oh, okay... That makes sense. ...Did you find her?
No. The corridor that leads to where I saw her last went back to being a wall. I can't find any way of getting to the other building anymore.

Looks like the school Yuka, Morishige and I were in is different from this one. We need to find some way of travelling from one space to another.
That would be ideal, yeah.

I was attacked in there earlier. By some kind, shadowy mist. So I was...a little scared to be in there. Afraid it might attack me again.
You serious?! I'm...really sorry about that, then...
Don't worry about it. But...there's something in there, for sure. I think we should keep our distance.
No objections here.

Satoshi begins to head for the second floor, but turns around and looks back at Naomi.

Naomi, you seem spacey... Are you all right?

Oh! ...Oh...
Seiko...must have really suffered...

Naomi... Don't let it get to you...please...

The dream sequence is completely optional. To see it you have to:

1. Pick up Naomi's phone
2. Check on Seiko's corpse after leaving Naomi in the infirmary
3. Pick up Seiko's phone before returning to the second floor

If you don't see the dream, Naomi doesn't mention it to Satoshi, either.