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Part 30: Chapter 4, Part 7

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Satoshi and Naomi have rejoined each other. Now that we have two people, there's something to be done on the first floor.

We go down to the first floor and enter Classroom 5-A, located in the northeast corner of the area.

Sure. No problem.

We enter and exit the room a couple of times and figure out where the blinking light will appear, then leave Naomi in that spot and loop back around. You know the drill by now.

Okay! Got it!

Sound Effect: Item

Oh, good. We can drop off our name tags now.

After collecting the key, Satoshi and Naomi automatically leave the classroom.

...In seemed totally unfazed. Did you figure out what we needed to do on your own or something?
Actually...I had to do something similar before...with Seiko...
Did you? Same here, but with Yuka...
Let's keep going. We'll find her. I know we will.

Background Sound: Static

At last, the mystery of what's on the other side of this door will be solved! We use the key and head inside.

Video: Custodian's Closet

Music: None

We're in here for about half a second, and then...

Background Sound: None

What the...? What's going on? Why is cold?
Ugh, something...really smells... And it's pitch black in here. Can you find a light switch anywhere?
I'll try. Uhh...hmm...
Found it!

Whew. Thanks.
Man, it does stink in here. And it's...not just mold, is it...
Probably not...
Huh. That's odd...
What is?

Alright, let's look around, then.

"Heave__ _Host E__menta__ __h_ol Confinement Tou_
-- Now taking applications! --"

The sheets of paper contain what appears to be a seemingly endless list of names. The lettering is worn, however, making it impossible to confirm exactly what's written.

Its batteries also seem to have run out, however, as the LCD display isn't turning on.

What is something this recent doing in a place this old?
Maybe it belonged to someone who was brought here, like us...
Yeah, that does make sense...
Unfortunately, there's no cord here to hook it up to the TV, and it's out of it doesn't look like we'll be able to get much out of it.

After checking the camcorder out, a note appears on the floor nearby.


Let's talk a bit more about Yoshikazu Yanagahori, beloved son of Heavenly Host Elementary's Principal Takamine Yanagahori.

The man was a born instructor, pure and simple. He took up the mantle as soon as he could, and performed his duties with peerless panache. But then the illness struck, and little by little, his winning personality gave way to pure instinct. He was slowly losing all sense of identity. Although the cause of this illness was unknown, its effects were anything but. Simply put, the good teacher had begun reverting to a childlike state. He began carrying an antique doll with him at all times -- a memento from a long-forgotten festival perhaps, given to him by his late mother. His behavior during class degraded quickly. More often than not, his lectures would cease before the period's end, and he'd begin wailing mournfully.

Finally, several months prior to the kidnapping and murder incident, Yoshikazu reached a point where he could no longer communicate his thoughts. Although he could still understand others, he became virtually incapable of forming words without intense focus. Given all the evidence mounted against him, Yoshikazu Yanagahori was arrested on multiple counts of kidnapping, murder and desecration of the dead. But due to his mental condition, he was never able to confess his involvement in these crimes, nor even properly discuss them with authorities.

In search of the truth behind the less scientific afflictions this incident spurned, I of course chose to follow the trail of this mysterious little girl. Those who have seen the infamous newspaper photos accompanying this story may remember Sachiko best as the girl with the strikingly unusual red dress.

It's hard not to feel sympathy for someone so young forced to watch other children her age being tortured and killed, one by one. And certainly, if I were to find Ms. Shinozaki and secure an interview, there would be some real moral concerns about digging up such painful memories...but then again, she's been a full-grown and (hopefully) well-adjusted adult for over ten years at this point.

*wheeze* *wheeze* *chatter*
I'm impressed, Shinozaki. You're far stronger than I thought. Totally fearless, in fact.
I was scared out of my mind! My brain is still struggling to make sense of all this!

Are... Are you all right?
You...should probably dry your tears and blow your nose, at least...

Ack! What the hell?! Not on my shirt!
Didn't I tell you before that you shouldn't say things like that?!
What are you, two?! ...Ulgh... That's really gross!

Video: Custodian's Closet ends here.

Stop standing on the bed, you uncultured buffoons.

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

Anyway, we head out of the infirmary and back down to the first floor.

Upon reaching the first floor, we head into the entranceway. It's kind of a random place to have to go, but we still can't go to the second wing or the third floor, so there aren't a lot of places to look before you stumble into it.

go   to   where   the   floor   collapsed
but   then   got   better

one   step   rooster
ten   paces   rat

We exit the entranceway and head to the west staircase.

Really, what was the point in making us go to the entranceway to get that message?

There's a crack in the floor here. It was previously a hole, but it got better.

From here, we take one step west rooster, and ten paces north rat.

Try to pull it out?




The heck is this? Doesn't look like it would fit any door I know...

Sound Effect: Item

With this winder, we head back into classroom 1-A.

And into the back room.

It did indeed slip into the device without any trouble...but nothing happened!

Oh, come on...

There's space for it to go down one more notch. Try forcing it?



Grrrrrraahh... Gah!

Sound Effect: Crank

Okay, that's pretty low on the list of things I would have expected this crank to do.

We head back down to the first floor.

And we enter the mystery door...