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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 31: Chapter 4, Part 8

Wow, get a load of this place... It's got showers and everything.

Ayumi drops to her knees and blood drips from her nose.

(Blood?) Shinozaki!

*sniffle* Uh-huh... *wince*
(Another nosebleed... If it's just her nose, it's fine, but if a blood vessel burst in her brain or something...)
Here, Shinozaki... Stuff some tissues up your nose to stop the bleeding.
*sniffle* Thanks. I have some of my own, but since you got yours out already...
Yeah, go ahead.

After the scene, we see a ghostly figure walk across the room and vanish upon reaching the lockers to the far right.

It's a new room, so let's look around!

I would imagine being stuck in this place would give anyone a couple extra wrinkles.

None of the showers work, either. All of them give you this same message, except for the one second from the left, oddly enough.

The second faucet from the left says:

The Handle seems rusted in place. It won't budge.

This school is gross.

None of the lockers have anything in them, except for this one the ghost pointed us to.

Takuya Arai Age: 18
Lexern Senior High School, Class 3-2

Died in pool, but is unaware of own demise.

And with that, we're done in the locker room.

Background Sound: Rain

Hell yeah, a pool!

No running by the pool

This school is full of good advice. I've learned the importance of using soap when washing your hands, I've learned not to run by the pool, and I've learned the best way to cut out soemone's tongue!

We continue exploring around the pool.

*shiver* *shudder*
(All right, here goes...)

You'll catch your death of cold out here. Go back inside. I can handle the search. You just wait for me in the locker room.
And what's going to happen if a ghost shows up again, hmm? You think you'll be able to handle it?!
Don't worry about me. If anything happens, I'll call you.

All right. Just...don't do anything stupid.

Ayumi heads back toward the locker room.

You say somethin'?

Ayumi wordlessly turns around and continues.

(I've got to try to lighten her load as much as possible. I don't think she can handle much more of this...)

And we continue circling around the pool, counter clockwise. It's mostly barren and uninteresting.

All I know is, I wouldn't be caught dead in this pool! (Of course, I can't really swim, so...)

We can see a note that somehow hasn't blown away in the wind. Unfortunately, there are pits on either side of it, so we can't get to it and read it. Instead we head down the stairs behind us.

The door is locked.

Well, I guess the pool was a bust. We head back around to the locker room.

Video: Pool

Odd. I don't remember seeing that when I came around the other way.


Sound Effect: Item

"Pump room," huh?


Sound Effect: Splash

We see ripples in the middle of the pool, and a timer starts ticking down from two minutes.

Music: Sinking

Come on, give me a break here!

The timer does not stop for dialog, nor when you open the menu.

We take a closer look into the pool. still in the locker room, right?

Maybe we could collect rain water in the pee bucket.

Wait, there are more important things to worry about right now!

We head into the locker room to check on Ayumi.

Background Sound: None

Dammit, she's not here. I guess that really was her, then...
What the hell is she thinking?!

We quickly leave the locker room.

Background Sound: Rain

This is all my fault! Goddammit!

We quickly run for the nearest ladder into the pool. (No, Yoshiki won't dive in. Are you crazy? He's gotta climb down the ladder.)

Now we have to find the exact spot we saw the ripples at before and dive. If you let all the voice overs play out like I did, you have about a minute to do this after entering the pool. This is actually kind of hard, because you're only shown the ripples for a second, and then you have to remember the spot while you run around before the game lets you get in the water.

Checking the wrong spot doesn't give you a wrong ending or anything, it just wastes your time.

It is
Maybe not

Yoshiki takes a breath and dives into the water.

...! (It's her! Don't worry, Shinozaki, I'm pulling you up!)

Yoshiki pulls Ayumi's head above the water and carries her out of the pool.

Music: None

Background Sound: None

Shinozaki! Shinozaki! (Good, at least she's still got a pulse...)

Come on! Breathe already, dammit! *phhw* *phhw* *phhw*

*hack* *sputter*
*cough* *cough* *cough* *gasp* *cough* *cough* *cough* *wheeze*

God, don't worry me like that!

Time passes. (Or the screen fades out and back in. I guess that represents the passage of time.)

So tell me, why the hell did you jump into the pool?!
*pant* *pant* You called me out there, didn't you?!
I heard your voice, so I ran outside...and after that...I don't remember much else...
The next thing I knew, my vision was all this sickening green color, and my mouth was full of water.
Goddammit. Was this the work of those ghosts again? Can't believe they can trick us so easily!
There's got to be something in that pool...
Ewlk... Ehte's somehink...tuck in my toof... Oh, God, it's like, algae or something! *spit*

Ayumi and Yoshiki try to turn on each and every faucet, one by one. And we get to watch them do it.

Finally, after trying the fifth and final faucet:

I can't get rid of this horrible taste...and I smell absolutely putrid! I hate this!

*whine* *sob*
(How does she think I feel?!)

Though I don't know how much help rainwater will be for getting that taste out of your mouth...
*sniffle* *hic* ...Okay...
All right, then. Let's go.
(After this, I guess we'll need to figure out how to dry our clothes...)

Video: Pool ends here.

We head back out to the pool.

Yoshiki expresses concern about drying their clothes, but this is never actually brought up again in the game. In the manga, they strip to their underwear and hang their clothes up to dry after finishing up outside. If you thought this game was bad with its fan service, don't read the manga.

Background Sound: Rain

Feeling better?
Yeah. Surprisingly, I was able to rinse out my mouth pretty thoroughly.
Were you? That's good.

I'll go with you.
That's probably for the best... All right, let's do it.

We circle around the pool and use that pump key we collected earlier.

The key was so rusted and brittle that it instantly snapped as soon as it was turned. Fortunately it had already done its job.

Background Sound: None

There's not much in here, aside from darkness.


Sound Effect: Drainage

Yoshiki turns the handle and we get a sound effect, but none of the usual dialog that describes the sound effect.

We head back out of the pump room.

Background Sound: Rain

Huh. I guess the drainage valve drained the pool. Who would have thought?

We climb down the nearby ladder into the pool.

Corpse time!

Kanzuki Saito Age: 9
Distant Futures Elementary School, Class 4-3

Lost footing around pool; hit head, fell in and drowned.

Mitsuki Kamijou Age: 16
Shibagami Private Senior High School, Class 1-A

Accosted from behind and thrown into pool.

Hirune Tanaka Age: 14
Aizome Junior High School, Class II-6

Drowned after friend was killed by child spirit.

Tsukasa Tsuruta Age: 13
Hakuro #3 Junior High School, Class I-4

Collapsed into pool while searching for big brother.

Finished with our corpse pool party, we climb out to read that note.

Hopefully, that'll keep anyone from finding the little "treasure" I left in the spigot. That little bitch killed my friends. She can spend eternity without a tongue, for all I care!


After poking around in the pool for a bit, we find something in here.

Try to fish it out?



What IS this thing?
Some kind of...handle?

Sound Effect: Item

It's obviously a rusted valve wheel, you guys. Jeez.

Background Sound: None

We head back into the pump room and attack the valve wheel to this water pump.

Well, let's hope that tiny bit is enough.

Background Sound: Rain

We head outside and climb back into the pool.

And it looks like something fell out of the faucet.

An elementary-schooler's student ID name tag is attached to it.

The bag appears to contain a severed human tongue.

It's a girl's name...

Sound Effect: Item