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Part 36: Chapter 4, Wrong Endings

Chapter 4 - Wrong End 1

Video: Chapter 4 - Wrong End 1

There are a few different ways to trigger this ending. The first is to look into Ryou's eyes when you don't have his tongue. You can also get it by refusing to show him or Yuki their tongues, by giving Tokiko's Tongue to Yuki, or by getting grabbed by Yuki without her tongue. Tokiko will chase you around if you refuse to give her back her tongue, but she'll never actually kill you. She's a nice girl.

Music: Misfortune


It begins slowly expanding in size. I...I can't...

The boy's iris continues to grow, slowly and methodically enveloping Ayumi until only blackness remains. The world vanishes into nothingness as the soulless muscle becomes an all-encompassing void, blotting out the whole of existence. Suddenly, in the distance, a tiny white face breaks through the darkness, shining with its own unnatural light.

...No... No, please... Please, no... I'm so scared... Please!

The face seems distorted, as if being viewed through water. Its expression shifts and wobbles for a bit until finally, with some effort, the image clears.


Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 4 - Wrong End 1 ends here.

As with all wrong endings that can be triggered multiple ways, this one is brief and generic. The bizarre focus on Ryou's left eye makes me think they originally wrote this specifically for Yuki, then altered it to fit Ryou.

The alternate version of the scene is barely any different, and not really worth the effort to write up.

Chapter 4 - Wrong End 2

When Satoshi finds Naomi's cell phone, we ignore it instead of answering it. There is an alternate way to trigger the wrong ending if you do pick up the phone, however.

Next, we have to fail to save Naomi and set ourselves on the path to the Extra End.

We continue as normal and meet Tohko.

After meeting Tohko, we head downstairs and check out the classroom with the jumping object. While we're down here, we do not pick up Seiko's phone. Once again, it's still possible to trigger the wrong end if you do pick up the phone.

Video: Chapter 4 - Wrong End 2

AHAHAHAHA! I won't let you!

*gasp* (She's got a pair of scissors!)

Once again, a woman's voice calls out to Satoshi, and Tohko charges across the room.

Ah...! I-I'm so sorry!

Background Sound: Loud Hum

Ulg... Damn... Can't...stop...bleeding... It...hurts... I artery...

I' I think...I'm...dying... Ulgh... So...cold... Coooold...


Background Sound: None

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 4 - Wrong End 2 ends here.

In order to avoid this wrong end, you have to collect both Naomi's and Seiko's phones, and then tell Tohko you won't kill her. If you have neither phone or only one of the two, Satoshi will die. In addition, Satoshi will always die if you tell Tohko you plan to kill her, even if you're holding both phones.

Chapter 4 - Wrong End 3

Video: Chapter 4 - Wrong End 3

Music: Sinking

Background Sound: Rain

Ayumi just leapt into the pool, and we've got two minutes to save her.

We've decided to ignore her, though.

We use the pump key right away and enter the pump room.

Background Sound: None


Music: None

Sound Effect: Drainage

Sound Effect: Clog

At this point, the timer stops and we head out of the pump room.

Background Sound: Rain

We climb down into the empty pool, and...

...No... Shinozaki... That's Shinozaki! Wh...Why... Why did this have to happen?! God, no... NO! SHINOZAKI, NO!


Background Sound: None

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 4 - Wrong End 3 ends here.

This is what happens when you don't follow the warning to vacate the pool before draining it, Yoshiki.

I actually got this wrong end on my first playthrough because I couldn't for the life of me remember where Ayumi fell in at, and tried draining the water in a fit of desperation. (She can't drown if there's no water! )

Chapter 4 - Wrong End 4

Video: Chapter 4 - Wrong End 4
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: Sinking

Background Sound: Rain

Another one from the pool. This time we just need to dick around for two minutes while the timer counts down.

Yeah, this seems right.


Did I pick the wrong spot?

This is the scene you get if you pick the wrong spot. Even if you hammer through the text as quickly as possible, it still wastes at least ten seconds.

And the timer hits zero.

Music: None

Background Sound: None

A few bubbles rise to the surface...

Music: Wrong End