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Part 37: Chapter 5, Part 1

Video: Chapter 5 Intro
This video covers the entire update, except for two name tags.

Music: Chapter 5 Intro

The deepest part of my brain had become thoroughly clouded over, and there were moments when I felt as though I could almost slip away...but the intense pain would always wrench me back to my senses before I could follow through. I would've welcomed even a momentary loss of consciousness with open arms, but any sort of respite from my suffering was plainly denied me. The only possible escape was death, and death was certainly at hand...but it was taking an eternity to reach me. I was like a shellfish removed from its shell. I knew my fate, but only the chef could make the end come...and she was savoring me torment.

Sound Effect: Snip

No... Noooo!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!


Sound Effect: Splort


Sound Effect: Splort

The third victim was stabbed in the left eye an indeterminate number of times...


Sound Effect: Splort

...until her eyeball became soup-like in consistency. She was eventually just left like that, slowly bleeding to death in horrible agony.

Uuuuunnngghh... *hack* *sputter* It hurts! It hurts!! me...

Sound Effect: Splort


*gurgle* *moan*



Strangely, it was only after these mutilations had already been inflicted that the killer went back and severed the victim's tongues.

Sachiko: Hmm, now open up and say, "AAAH"...

No... Noooo... Please, NOOOOOO!!

Music: None

My, you're really shaking. What's the matter?

(Stay silent)


We're now in control of Yuka, being followed by Kizami. We head west.


We head east instead, but Kizami stops us once again.

Ummm... M-May I ask...what your sister is like?

I-I see...

And as I recall, she was always...

Huh? ...What?
Hrrrrrrng... *gulp*

I'll look for my big brother by myself.
...What are you saying, Yuka?

And there's simply no way out of here. Everyone is going to die. So let's continue to be brother and sister until our dying breaths, for however long we may have...
U-Umm... Goodbye!

Yuka walks in the opposite direction.

Sound Effect: Snicker

Yuka runs through the door.

And down the stairs, to the first floor.

*cough* *hack* *sputter*

*pant* *wheeze* Wh-Who...are you...?
My name is Mochida. Umm... Y-Your bleeding really bad. I'll try to...find something to stop it...
*pant* *pant* *flinch* *groan*
My handkerchief...won't help for a wound this big. Come on, Yuka, think...think!

Ah! You... You need to...get away from here...right now! Hurry!
But...if I don't do something about your injuries, you're going to die!

No! Please, just...go! *hack* *sputter*

Yuka turns around to face Kizami.

Music: Kizami's Awakening


Sound Effect: Trickle

Yuka lies there in a puddle of her own urine, twitching.

Kizami! Stop this!

Kizami ignores Kurosaki and approaches Yuka.

Kizami continues to ignore Kurosaki.


I should have done more to stop you...when we were kids. I'm...your best friend, after all. But I never filled that role very well. I never did the things I should've...

I don't recall you ever standing up for me...not even one time!
Heh...yeah... I... *hack* I guess I...really haven't...been a very good friend...
Ha! Well, you won't be regretting that for long. But I must say...

Kizami kneels beside Kurosaki.

Oh, I dunno, maybe something like THIS?!

Kurosaki punches Kizami, and Kizami stumbles backwards.

Stop blaming other people for everything, you fucking coward! *hack* *sputter* *retch*
You son of a bitch...

Kizami draws his knife.

No one is conspiring against you! We're no threat! We're your friends!

Kizami steps toward Kurosaki, and the screen cuts to black.

Music: None

It...really hurts... Uuuggghh... Big...bro...ther...! *sob*

Yuka sits up.

Everything is just fine now. Your big brother will protect you.

Music: Kizami's Awakening

Your big, strong brother will make sure to keep you safe...
...! Aaaaaagh! Noooo!!

Kizami kneels down and picks something up from the ground beside Kurosaki's body.

What's this? A key? "Science Lab," it says. Heh. Guess you won't be needing this anymore, Kurosaki...

Music: None

Well, don't worry. I won't let them. No, I'll protect you from that horrible fate. of yours...

Music: Chase

Yuka spins and crawls through the door.

Ahahaha! Come on! No fair running! Wait for me!

In the entranceway, we immediately run to the front door.

Of course.

We turn around and head for the east exit.


We run past Kizami and into the previous room.

We keep running, while Kizami chases and shouts at us.

We run upstairs, to the second floor.

We run east through two rooms.

While we're here, we make a quick detour into the green goo. Yuka is still wearing the Blessed Shoes, so we're able to run through without taking damage.

Ayana Misono Age: 17
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class II-3

Died in sleep alongside beloved.

Toshimi Shinomiya Age: 15
Aizome Junior High School, Class III-3

Came to Heavenly Host for data collection. Left magnum opus for posterity. Died when cranium was split open with blunt instrument.

After grabbing the tags, we turn around.

And we run south through the halls, to the east staircase.

And we run down to the first floor.

We keep running, back to the entrance hall.

An item has appeared where the ghost was before.

It's the key to the front entrance. Take it?



Sound Effect: Item

With the key in hand, we run for the door.

Sound Effect: Crash

The cabinet falls back down when we pass it. If we tried to approach the ghost directly, the cabinet would have fallen and blocked us. Which is fine, but then when we went around to get the key, we would have to go all the way back around again.

We open the door and run through.

We run back to the main wing, with Kizami hot on our heels.

There's no time to rest. Kizami's still following us.

We follow the ghost, perhaps making the second stupidest decision possible, next to turning around and giving Kizami a big hug.

We run up the stairs, still being shouted at by Kizami.

We pass the infirmary door, and continue north.

Run, rabbit, run! Gahahaha!

Sound Effect: Smash

Kizami is knocked out cold.

And Yoshikazu drags him into the infirmary...

Since she did more than giggling in this update, I want to mention that Sachiko is voiced by Ikue Ootani. You're likely familiar with her past work as the voice of Pikachu.