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Part 38: Chapter 5, Part 2

Video: Sakutaro

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

How long have we been here? ...It must be the middle of the night by now...

Oh, Mayu... Don't you realize how very worried I am about you? How are you holding up right now, I wonder? What sorts of thoughts are swimming through your mind? You scare so easily...and you've such a fragile soul... You really do need me by your side.

Background Sound: Playing

Hmm... That's a good question. What IS wrong?
They're holding audtions for the lead, y'know!
Oh, I know. But...I just don't think I'm cut out for the role.
How come? I mean, I've seen how much you want it. You've been poring over that script for the last month! Not to mention practicing lines in the gym equipment room...

But you were so into it! I was actually just kinda happy to see you in your element like that.
*sigh* Well, either way, I'm giving up on that particular goal.
But why?! After all that study and practice...

Mayu... You're an upright, idealistic you're probably going to think I'm a bit of a spineless coward for this...but I refuse to attend an audition when I know it won't make a bit of difference.

...But...well, I guess it all comes down to the fact that I'm simply not well-liked.

You're a good actor, Shig. You shine in the spotlight. Really shine! And you look like you're enjoying it, too!

I mean, if you have to force yourself, then you're not having any fun at all, right? And what's the point in that?
Besides, at least I got to see it. Shig's secret Raskolnikov!

Chocolate bananas, man! They apparently have a new one on the menu, and I'm just itching to try it out! Heheh!

Background Sound: None

I'm well aware... If I'm not there for you, Mayu, it's plain to see how much danger you'll be in...

Heheh...but that's not the real reason I'm trying so hard to find you. No, nothing so noble. Every time I saw your face, and heard you greet me with that "Shig, bro!" you'd always say...

Don't...leave me all alone...

...And I am still sane...I am...

Background Sound: Wind

It's so weird. They're all real, honest-to-goodness corpses...but to me, they just look like fakes. Nothing but props. Realistic ones, granted. Much more detailed and lifelike than the cheap, fake bodies you see on television, and in movies... Heh... Hahaha... Hahahahahahaha...

Hmmm... This one is the flashiest by far. Utterly pulverised against the wall near the infirmary... Hoooo... Absolutely breathtaking. She's been reduced to nothing more than a chaotic jumble of flesh...but not long ago, all of it was connected. This was once a human being, walking and talking, with a mind of her own...

...she must be embarrassed to show her face there, with such a hideously disfigured appearance! I'd probably feel bad for her, if she weren't a complete stranger... Haha... *sigh* *deep breath*

Sound Effect: Ring

What's going on?! If I'm receiving a call, then why is the blasted thing still in photo view mode...? There's no message telling me who's calling, either. Just a ringtone. Maybe the OS is shot...

Morishige answers the phone.

Background Sound: None





Sound Effect: Swell


Video: Sakutaro ends here.

Music: Speculation

I think I may have seen her. Her ghost, anyway. When I was with one of the dark classrooms... She was crouched down on the ground, and...staring right at us...
I saw her too. In the shadows when Yuka and I were walking through the hall earlier.
It's like she's keeping an eye on us...
We also found an old newspaper article in the nurse's office, about the Heavenly Host kidnapping and murder case. There were photos of the four victims...and she was one of them.

But how is that possible? According to what we just saw, Sachiko wasn't killed. She survived... And if that's the case...shouldn't she have grown up into a proper adult by now? She'd have to look older than us, at the very least... Staying behind in a place like this, in child form, with the other victims...
...just...doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it?
Yeah. That part bothers me, too.

...Sachiko lost her life as well.
If we can somehow meet up with her spirit, maybe we can learn more about what happened. More than what was reported, at the very least.

...I'll take my chances with this school's curse, or whatever the hell it is. Once we find Yuka, what say we look for Sachiko as well?
Okay. ...Though I am worried. I haven't heard Yuka's voice at all since before you found me.
Yeah. We need to find some means of getting back to the other building...

Ulgh... What the hell?! This one feels completely different from any of the others!

The building continues to shake, and ceiling fixtures fall to the ground.

Oh, God! It's a big one!! The school can't possibly...aaaagh!!

Naomi falls over.

Don't let go.
I won't!

Naomi...! GLGH!!

(He's bleeding!) Satoshi? Satoshi! Speak to me! Are you okay?!
No... Satoshi!!

Music: None

Video: Ayumi and Yoshiki
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Make sure your volume isn't pumped way up when you watch this video.


Ayumi smacks Yoshiki and pushes him aside.

*gasp* *pant* *wheeze* *cough* *wheeze* *wheeze* *sputter* *cough*
Shinozaki... *urk* ...Are you all right?
*pant* *pant* *gulp* *sob* Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhh...

Uh, it's okay... Everything's okay...okay? Come on, Shinozaki. Everything's fine. You're safe.
*sob* *sniffle* *SNOOOOORK*

*pant* *pant* *gulp*

*hic* *whimper* *hic*
What...was it like? What did you see?

That's why the damned doll...wasn't enough... Repentance from...the killer...
We had the wrong person!
Wait, are you telling me... were actually there? Like, you saw the scene of the murders?!

Yoshiki turns to face Yuki.

...! Goddammit, you little piece of--
It's not her fault! I'm the one who wanted to know...

Her photo was in it. Along with her name.


How could she abduct other children her own age? And keep them prisoner, no less! I could believe it if it were that monster with the hammer... He seems fully capable of kidnapping and tying up little kids any day of the week...

When these children were killed by Sachiko...

...You...can't be serious...
I have no idea why he would've helped Sachiko in the first place, though...
We have to tell the others! Mochida, and Ms. Yui...
Y-Yeah, I guess...

If we don't hurry up and tell them, they'll be dead before they ever find out! If Sachiko catches them unaware, it could all be over!

Take us back to the closed spaces! We'll find a way to exorcise you, and all the other spirits trapped in Heavenly Host! I swear!
I...wouldn't recommend that. As a result of your interference, as well as the interference of your friends...those spaces are in a state of critical flux right now.
If I were to take you back...even if I kept this clarity of mind the whole time...

But...If we don't go back...everyone's going to die!

Let's go. Please? For our friends... Come on... For Mochida...

All right. We'll go back.
You outta your mind?!

(Fine, dammit. We'll go back. After all...)

What's that? What are you mumbling about?
Nothing. Nothing at all!

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

(I was hoping I could go see Miki just once more, but I guess I'll have to put that aside...)

The screen fades to black...

And so, Yoshiki and Ayumi have returned to hell.