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Part 40: Chapter 5, Part 4

We join Satoshi and Naomi in the custodian's closet.

As they said, we can't carry the camera with us. If we find any more tapes we'll have to bring them back here.

"The safety of the confined stud_nts could not be guaranteed. Apologies to those who have alrea_y been confined. I pray for your continued good health."

There's nothing else of interest in here, so we head out.

Background Sound: Soft Hum

Wh-What... What's going on...?

Guess that wasn't just an earthquake after all...
Yeah. It's like we were feeling the building expand and contract around us...again.
Either way, we need to get moving. Come on.

You've got splinters all over your back.

Naomi starts brushing Satoshi's back off.

Background Sound: None

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

And now we're Ayumi and Yoshiki again.

Shiho Hasegawa Age: 16
Tendo Senior High School, Class II-A

Immobilized when tendons in leg were snipped; bled out.

Another character from Corpse Party Zero, as all Tendo Senior High students are.

After collecting the tag, we continue east.

Video: Reunion

Music: None

Background Sound: Soft Hum

Isn't that...?!
Satoshi! It's Satoshi and Nakashima!
Yeah! I guess the closed spaces really have started to break down! Come on!
Right behind you. Satoshiii!! Nakashimaaa!!

Class rep! Oh, thank God! I was hping we'd run into you!
Me too. I was beginning to wonder what I'd do without you guys!
Heh... Pretty sorry lot we've drawn, eh?

The screen fades to black, and information is exchanged.

And Shinohara...Still can't believe it.

Smiling and laughing... Why... Why?! Why is this happening to us?!
*pant* *pant* Nnng...

...let's make sure we don't lose anyone else. In fact, consider it an order from your class rep.
We're going to find Ms. Shishido, Morishige and Yuka...

Yeah... You bet we are.

Based on what we've been told by Naho and Yuki...if we can get Sachiko to express remorse for her actions...then the three victims she killed will be appeased...the field around this school building will be lifted...and we should, theoretically, be able to get out of here and go home.
Sachiko... The girl in the red dress... How do we get her to express remorse, though?
That is the question...

Not a lot, unfortunately. The reporter talked about some specific means of getting home...but he was cut off before he could explain it. He was looking for a blank tape, though, when it ended. So there's probably a continuation somewhere. Look for a label that says, "Kibiki Research Data."

Yes, that's right.
If we can figure out what sort of method he had in mind for getting out of here, we won't have to get mixed up with ghosts and curses anymore. It seems like it'd be a lot simpler did you put it? Appeasing the spirits?

Escaping by putting the spirits to rest... That's the method Naho explained to me. And I don't think it's the same thing as Kibiki's "way out." I'm guessing Naho wants us to put a stop to this once and for keep this curse from spreading any farther.
If we leave things the way they are, and just escape with our lives like you're suggesting...then countless innocent children are going to get pulled in here for God knows how many years to come, and they're all going to die horribly!
That may be true, but we're just high school students! How can you possibly expect us to set things right?!
There has to be a way to make Sachiko atone for her sins. There just has to be! And we're going to look for it! God, how can you just decide right off the bat that this plan has no chance of succeeding?!

What?! No! Of course not!

...and continue searching for Yuka, of course...while you two search for Ms. Yui?
Sounds good.
Once everyone's been found, we'll meet back here.

Don't know what it is, but that girl ghost we made friends with said to give it to you.

Ayumi turns around and starts to head down the hall.



Ayumi leaves.

Hey! Shinozaki!

What is it?


We can do that later. There's no hurry. Really, things are starting to look up! This is definitely not the time to mope.
I let my personal feelings cloud my judgment, and spoke harshly toward a classmate for no reason. And I'm the class representative, for God's sake!
Not here you aren't. Here, you're plain old Ayumi Shinozaki. And you were just being honest.


That...actually makes me feel a little better. Thanks.
Don't mention it.
Really, though, even if we did track down Sachiko, I don't have the slightest idea how we could possibly elicit any remorse from her. Let's just try to find Ms. Yui...and then even if we have to use that "way out"...let's get the hell out of here. All of us, together.
You bet!

Video: Reunion ends here.

Background Sound: None

A pentagram has appeared on the floor.

The game gives us a quick run-down on these pentagrams. The gist of it is, they're all over the place now, and stepping on them switches your control between Ayumi/Yoshiki and Satoshi/Naomi. Ayumi has access to the west side of the school, and Satoshi has access to the east side.

There's not actually much we can do as Ayumi right now, so we immediately switch parties.

The Marble Statue has been moved to Satoshi's inventory, by the way. It's pretty obvious from the cutscene, but they never actually specifically state that it was moved.

Background Sound: Rain

(In doing so, we found that the path leading to the second building had finally opened itself back up again.)

You weren't kidding. A whole other wing... It's kind of...terrifying...
Will you be all right in there, Naomi? I mean, I'm scared too, but still...
I'll be okay.
I'm sure everything's going to be fine. As long as the two of us stick together, we'll manage.
Yeah. We will.

(Seiko's last words still echoed in my ears as if I'd only just now heard them spoken.)

(Satoshi did everything he could to make me feel better...but it's obvious what happened. Her shoes were so neatly lined up in front of that stall... She knew what she was going. It was clearly suicide. And I drove her to it. My angry outburst resulted in my best friend killing herself. What else could it have been?)

If any of you are confused about "Seiko's last words," like having trouble remembering when she said them, that's because she never said that. She says it if you tell her to mind her own business during the argument in chapter 1, but we tried to apologize instead. If I had any sort of foresight, I would have chosen the other option to make this scene make more sense.

Background Sound: None

Music: Chapter 5 Annex

And we've arrived in the second wing once again.

We can't go east, because the cabinet fell when we were playing as Yuka.

There's nothing else in here, so we head west, deeper into the second wing.

Video: Return to the Annex
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: None

Ahh! Wh-What? What is it?!

H-He...looks like he was just killed. Like, JUST killed...
Yeah... He does...

And we automatically collect his name tag.

Kensuke Kurosaki Age: 16
Byakudan Senior High School, Class 2-4

Body repeatedly flayed with edged weapon.

...! Are those...?

Sound Effect: Item

...No... No, please...
There's no mistake. I see these every morning. These...are Yuka's shoes...
*gasp* My God...

Man, I understand why they're so concerned. Imagine walking around this place in your socks. There's blood and splintered wood and broken glass all over the floors, it'd be terrible.

Speaking of...

Nnngh... I'm all bloody... And...where are my shoes?


Sachiko appears in front of Yuka.

Wh-Who... are you...? Are you...the one who saved me? When I was running from the scary man?

Sachiko: *chortle* *cackle*



Sachiko: Will you listen to what I have to say?

Ummm...sure, I guess I can do that.