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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 46: Chapter 5, Part 10

Music: Chapter 5's Second Theme

It looks like the principal is at the center of all this. We leave the infirmary and head for the second wing, where his office is located.

Along the way, we notice an item on the floor.


Sound Effect: Item

After picking up the stuffed cat, we head down to the first floor.

And to the second wing...

Video: Covered Walkway

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

Sound Effect: Scream


A man drops from the roof and crashes to the ground.

Music: Sinking

Wh-What the hell did we just see?!

Sound Effect: Scream


The man falls to the ground once again.

Oh, God!
Yuka! Don't look!
Is it just...?

That's horrible!

Satoshi approaches the railing.

Looks like a key...
Yeah...but a key to what? ...I'm gonna go get it.
Don't! It's too dangerous!
I'll be all right. I'll wait for my chance, then rush in and take it.

Music: None

Satoshi climbs over the fence and waits for an opportunity to grab the key.

Sound Effect: Scream

Once again, the man falls from the roof, and Satoshi quickly springs into action before yet another man drops down on top of him.


Sound Effect: Item

Okay, you got it. Now get back here, Satoshi!

Satoshi returns to the walkway, with a new key in hand, and we head into the second wing.

Video: Walkway ends here.

Background Sound: None

Music: Chapter 5 Annex

I don't think I need to tell you where to use that key.

We head to the top of the west staircase, to the principal's locked door.

And we head inside...

Video: Principal's Office
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: None

Ooph... What is going on in this room?!

Takamine: It was just a temporary lapse in judgment. She's the one at fault. She clearly overreacted to the situation!

Look at all the papers on the walls in here... There's definitely something off about this place.
Well, they did say the principal suffered some sort of mental collapse before he died...

We set about exploring the office.

As we do, principal Yanagahori continues to be terrible.

We circle around and check the shiny spot on the desk.

There's a small hemp bag in the desk drawer, absolutely slathered with blood.

Big brother...
I have a bad feeling about this. Yuka, don't look.

*gasp* UWAAHH!!
What? What is it?!

Sound Effect: Shovel

Takamine: I deeply regret what I did. I can't even truly express how ashamed I am! But how much are you going to make me suffer for it?!

Takamine: Oh, I understand. I get it. You're not really dead! You're just pretending... Bwahahahaha...but think of the position you're putting me in! I can't allow you to tell another living soul about what I did to you...

Sound Effect: Tongue

Sound Effect: Desecration

Takamine: If I ever see you in my dreams again, I'll be back. I'll kill you as many times as it takes.

Big brother!

Yeah...I'm okay. I was just...watching some unpleasant memories unfold.

After the principal lost his mind, he decided he couldn't have Sachiko squealing on him to anyone...


Give Sachiko...?

Sound Effect: Item

Yuki's, Ryou's and Tokiko's tongue bags all share the same graphic, but Sachiko's is in a slightly nicer bag that's tied up at the top.

Next we check out this very conspicuous hole in the wall.

Big brother...!
I don't like it... It's got those charms of protection all over it...
Yeah, but that means the principal was deathly afraid of whatever's down here. ...We should check it out.
I'll go first. Naomi and Yuka, you come down afterward.
Big brother...
Be careful, Satoshi.