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Part 50: Chapter 5, Part 14

Music: Bomb Shelter

Upon seeing Yoshikazu drag Seiko's lifeless body around, Naomi flew into a rage and started chasing him, determined to stop him from desecrating her body any further.

Of course, all we have to do is follow the blood stains.

*pant* *pant* ...Huh?
The trail of blood...from Shinohara's body... It stops here...
*pant* *pant* ...?

Guess we'll head left, completely arbitrarily.

The path curves to the north. We follow it, and our perspective shifts...

Video: Corpse Disposal Room

Urrf... Wh-What the...?


Ayumi stands up and takes a look around.

AAGH!! Why... Why are there so many bodies?!
*sob* *gag*

No... Please, no... KIIISHIIINUUUMAAA!!

...No... No, he couldn't be... Is here with me after all...?

Ayumi approaches the blood pool.

Don't even think about...killing me off just yet! Oomph!

Yoshiki drops from the ceiling.

Before I realized it, I got stuck going down a different chute. Almost wound up in the pool!


Video: Corpse Disposal Room ends here.

Yoshiki is so great. "I almost wound up drowning in a stew of rotten corpses and blood. That would have been a pain in the ass."

Speaking of a rotten pool of corpses and blood, I like this room. The basement is the most unsettling place in the game, thanks to this and the dissection room. This room also has some of my favorite name tags.

Speaking of...

Sayaka Ooue Age: 17
Paulownia Academy High School, Class 2-1

Succumbed to darkening and faded while searching for companion, Naho.

Sayaka here is how Naho was able to get into Heavenly Host to search for Kibiki. You need at least two people to perform the charm, so Naho had to rope her poor friend into this whole mess.

Kotomi Nashimoto Age: 15
Hakuro #3 Junior High School, Class III-5

Slit wrists along with friends under pretense of preforming reincarnation ritual; bled out.

Masayuki Hayashi Age: 16
Tendo Senior High School, Class II-A

Caught in trap; bled out.

Another character from Corpse Party Zero.

Ken Fujii Age: 17
Misato Municipal Brotherhood High, Class 2-4

Stabbed with scissors by child spirit; bled out.

Tsutaya Azuma Age: 17
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

Drowned in pool of decomposing corpses.

Ryoto Kumakawa Age: 17
Shibagami Private Senior High School, Class 2-1

Took hit from blunt instrument for friend; died of injuries.

Hinata Ouin Age: 17
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

Died in sleep alongside beloved.

Kaori Hasegawa Age: 18
Tendo Senior High School, Class III-B

Blunt force trauma and multiple fractures; died from pain.

The last character from Corpse Party Zero.

Izuru Ohkami Age: 17
Shibagami Private Senior High School, Class 2-1

Withered away from dehydration.

Marina Okada Age: 17
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

Comforted friend with smiles and optimism until dying breath. Eventually withered away.

Yuki Sakakibara Age: 17
Shibagami Private Senior High School, Class 2-1

Believed in power of friendship until dying breath.
Eventually dehydrated.

This is my favorite name tag in the entire game.

We can't get any tags from the bodies in the pool, so we head out.

Video: Abandoned Bomb Shelter
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Yoshiki! And Shinozaki! *pant* *pant*
And Yuka too! Good to see you guys!
Uh-huh! *pant* *pant*
You two okay? You're out of breath...
*pant* *pant* Naomi... Naomi went after this monster that took Shinohara's body...and she got separated from us...
Nakashima is missing?!

Fade to black, everyone exchanges information.

It's... It's all my fault...

Those were Ms. Yui's last words.
So we have to do what she says, and get out of here alive, okay?! ...Right?
*sob* *sob*
Ms. Yui... You know... I can't even think of her with anything but a smile on her face...
No matter what we were going through, Ms. Yui's always been there for us. She's been rooting for us since the very start. I'm still in shock.
*sniffle* *hic*

And at last, our two parties regroup.

This is the proof that Satoshi is supposed to be the main character despite being completely worthless. When the real main characters, Ayumi and Yoshiki, join up with him, he becomes the overworld sprite. He's also the only one who's displayed in the menu now that we have too many characters to fit.

Satoshi et al. continues northward.

Music: None

I won't...let them...hurt you anymore...

Background Sound: Static

Naomi enters the room and looks around.

Background Sound: None

Ah! Yuki! You're here! Does this mean you still have control over your will?
Ayumi... Don't give in.


Background Sound: Terrible Hum

Whether or not you'll be able to return to your own world...depends entirely on her. Go. Quickly.

She's...fighting her own demons right now.

Ready to fight.
I still don't know what the hell is going on in this godforsaken place...but I've come way too far to back down now! I'm in this till the bitter end!
We understand. Come on, everyone... Let's do this.

Yuki vanishes.

Sachiko awaits us just beyond that door...