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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 51: Chapter 5, Part 15

Video: Sachiko Ever After
This video covers the entire update.

Background Sound: Terrible Hum

Sachiko is waiting for us beyond here.

We pass through the door, ready to confront whatever may wait on the other side.


There's a rotting corpse hanging from the ceiling. It's Yoshikazu Yanagihori.

It looks like we have the right place...

Urgh... Big brother... My head hurts!
(It's pitch black... Is Sachiko in here?)

Background Sound: None

Sound Effect: Shovel


...Wh-What's that...?


Ah! Is that...Sachiko...?

Sachiko? Sachiko, please, listen! We--

Sachiko: Leave!

Please, believe me, we mean you no harm!

Sachiko: Leave now, or I'll kill you!


I've gotten separated from the boss, but I intend to do exactly as I promised him I would. I'll keep filming until the bitter end, no matter what happens. I won't miss a minute.

Sound Effect: Shriek

(It's coming from upstairs!)

*pant* *pant*

I need to stay out of sight... I hope I'm able to get this, whatever it is...

Music: Appeasal

Background Sound: Tone

Urgh... My body...!
We've been paralyzed! I can't move!
Oh, God... Is everybody all right?!
My ears... My ears!
Big brother... *hic* Save meee...

Sachiko steps forward and approaches Yuka.

...And raises a pair of scissors...

Sound Effect: Splort

Background Sound: None

Yuka...! (God, I can't even turn my body to LOOK at her! Are we all frozen like this?!)

Sachiko wordlessly raises her scissors once again.

Sound Effect: Splort

Yuka! What's happening?!

Sound Effect: Splort

Sachiko, you bitch! Leave her alone!

Get on with what? Appeasing her?!


...?! (Two girls. One's on a bucket with her hands tied behind her back...and a rope around her neck?!)
No... No, please... Naomi! Wake up!!

Naomi! Naomii!!

Sound Effect: Seiko

*gag* *choke* *squirm* Na...o... ...i...

Watching the video, Naomi wordlessly drops to her knees.

Aaaah... Gaaaaaaah...

Taguchi runs away from the lavatory.

Ahh... Ahhhh... Wh-What the hell did I just see?!



Open your eyes! Please!



Your mom's been suffering just as much as you have. The things you're doing aren't making her happy at all!



Where's my mommy? ...Where am I?
(I can move again... Does that mean it's working?)

Sachiko screams, and the whole place starts to shake.

During all this, Naomi runs into the room and joins our group.

Got it!
All right!

We go home! That's what charms really are... They represent our regards for other people! They're like microcosms of the soul, right? You and your mom both suffered such horrible fates...but all we want to do is free you from that suffering!

Don't chant

Don't chant

Don't chant

Don't chant

Don't chant

Don't chant

Music: None

*pant* *pant* *pant* ...You guys... Yuka... Naomi... Is everyone all right?!

Ayumi steps over to Yuka.

Ayumi... Thank you.
We...did it.

Naomi... I'm so glad you're okay. What happened with Shinohara?

Oh... Uh...okay...


You need to hurry and get outside the building before it closes. Complete the ritual. Once it closes, this nexus will return to the way it was, and you'll have lost your chance to get out.
What?! So...what's going to happen to all of you, then?

Right now, I'm free...but it's not going to last. Soon, I'll continue shaping this place, just as I always have.

Please...go. Get out of the building while you still can!

Music: Escape


Yuki disappears, and our group flees.

We have to run all the way back out of the abandoned bomb shelter. There's a time limit, but it's not displayed on screen.

Sound Effect: Bell

As time passes, bells toll. Time continues to pass in menus, as well.

Once the seventh bell tolls, your time is up.

These rooms are still full of traps, but this time you're not given the correct path in advance. The room they drop you into leads to the other side anyway, so it doesn't matter if you fall. It might even be faster to fall, I'm not sure.

This really silly room with the cranks and the bridges is really easy to get lost in during this panicked rush to escape. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire reason they put this room in here was to confuse you on your way out, because it was just busywork on the way in.

We keep running, past the heads.

And we go straight south. The basement door is open now, and we run back into the main school.

Sound Effect: Bell

We're not out of the woods yet, though. We have to get all the way out of the building.

We quickly run for the entranceway.

But it's a dead end! We quickly turn around and head the other way.

(That note doesn't say anything, by the way. You straight up cannot investigate it.)

The pit to the west of the custodian's closet is no longer here.

Sound Effect: Bell

We run down the long hallway...

And without a moment to spare, we run out onto the covered walkway.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

We made it! All we have to do now is climb over this fence, and we're home free!

(Please work, please work, please work...)